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Lawn Mowers
Shelly Smith
“Fancy earning yourself a few quid by cutting my grass?” I remember my elderly neighbour’s…
Pressure Washers
Shelly Smith
The origins of the pressure washer go all the way back to 1927 when an…
Garden Leaf Blowers & Vacuums
Shelly Smith
Last year late autumn I found myself getting really interested in leaf blowers. It was…
Strimmers & Brushcutters
Shelly Smith
Overgrown grass can be the stuff of nightmares for a lot of folks. It’s not…

Tool Reviews

5 Best Biscuit Joiners Reviewed
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Biscuit Joiners are used for joining two pieces of wood together. This particular system was…
5 Best Gardening Gloves Reviewed
Shelly Smith
If you are spending a decent amount of time in the garden tending to your…
5 Best Belt Sanders Reviewed
Shelly Smith
A belt sander is made up of an electric motor that turns a loop of…
5 Best Band saws Reviewed
Shelly Smith
Most workshops, metal fabrication shops and lumberyards have some type of band saw. They are…

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