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What are solar garden lights?

Garden solar lights are designed to enhance the mood and setting of your garden and comparably use the same technology as LED torches, as well as flood lights which are extremely bright so do not feel you will be buying into an underpowered product!

Solar garden lights should enhance the way you feel about your garden. It should promote interesting spaces and concepts, create depths and layers that you only normally achieve from high end thought process and design. Whilst giving your garden the extra aesthetics, solar garden lights should also be practical and affordable proving good value to the ambience of your home, for that reason I have chosen the garden lighting for this article that I feel will enhance your garden much like solar water features when you compare the mood it’ll create.

Comparison table: Best solar garden lights [UK]: Top unusual and modern garden solar lights

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

OMERIL Solar Garden Lights

  • 【Solar String Lights for Indoor & Outdoor】Built-in 1800MAH rechargeable Ni-MH battery...
  • 【Upgrade USB Powered Design】Compared with other string lights
  • 【50 LEDs & 8 Lighting Modes】50 high quality LEDs crystal ball with 26ft/8m length line make this solar fairy...
  • 【IP65 Waterproof & Durable】This IP65 waterproof solar string lights could withstand light rain or water spills...
  • 【Easy To Install & 24 Months Warranty】No Electric Wires/Tools needed

iPosible 100 LED Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor

  • 🔥【270º Novel Appearance of Solar Lights】 💓Warranty:36 months warranty and 24 hours professional after-sale by email...
  • 🔥【Solar lights with 3 Intelligent Modes】The 100 LED Solar Lights with motion sensor 120º wide angle design have 3...
  • 🔥【IP65 Waterproof Solar Lamp】 Made of high quality ABS...
  • 🔥【2200 mAh Solar Lights Efficient Solar Panel】 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that efficiently recharges with solar energy...
  • 🔥【Install of Solar Security Light】 No necessary wiring

Tencoz Solar Lantern Light

  • 【AUTOMATIC POWER ON / OFF】 Turn on the switch for the first use...
  • 【LONG LIGHTING & EASY TO USE】This garden lantern is equipped with polycrystalline silicon solar panel and ni-mh battery...
  • 【WATERPROOF & DURABLE】The solar outdoor lantern for has a iron frame and is waterproof to IP44.You won't have to...
  • 【ENERGY SAVING AND SAFETY】 The full energy of the solar garden lamp comes from the sun...
  • 【BEAUTIFUL & BEST APPLICATION】 A night lighting to decorate atmosphere

Ground Solar Garden Lights From Biblt

  • 【LED Upgrade Version】Any solar lights has 18 LED(12 warm white + 6RGB)using the most advanced...
  • 【Light Sensor】If some objects streak across the range of 15cm directly above the lamp...
  • 【IP67 Waterproof】Transparent lampshade adopts PC
  • 【Simple Installation 】Floor lamp light No need extra wire
  • 【Suitable for Outdoor Use】For Outdoor Terrain Landscape Staircase Roads

You might have heard about solar lighting a great deal. They are gaining popularity almost everywhere and solar garden lights are no exception to the rule driven by the idea of solar panels and renewable energy. The most important reason for the popularity of these lights is that they will help with saving a lot of electricity and reducing wiring costs. Until recently, the last decade or so, solar lights emitted a dim illumination and have not reliable or the battery storage wasn’t up to scratch. But, this trend has changed considerably with the help of the introduction of LED lights into the arena.

The good thing about LED lights is that they generate illumination without the heat generated by normal bulbs as well as for a fraction of the electric consumed. Even though they bring bright illumination, they need far less electricity. When you go for solar garden lights with LED bulbs, you can save on the electricity as these lights are plenty bright enough without the need for mains electricity. You will be happy with these lights in your garden.

How do solar garden lights work?

The photovoltaic cells in the solar panels tend to absorb sunlight in the day to charge the batteries and then start working when it is dark at night. The only problem with these lights is that as they are powered by the sun, you should place these lights in areas that get the full sunlight during the day or purchase the type of light that has a removable solar panel and power lead that can be placed anywhere in the garden, much like solar powered water pumps. It would be ideal to make sure that they are installed in the places where they can get maximum exposure to the sun daily.

Is there anything you can do if you cannot get direct sun?

You know that all areas of your garden do not get the same amount of sunlight. In this case, you might be wondering whether it is not possible to use solar garden lights. The reality is that you can with the best solar garden lights. Nowadays, there is an option called the remote photovoltaic panel, which can be placed in your roof or any other sunny area in your back garden. It can pass on the solar power through simple wiring to the lights that you install in preferred areas of your garden, much in the same way you put your solar panels in a sunny area and run a power lead when using a solar water pump and even a solar rodent repeller such as the MASO brand.

Even if you live in an area in the United Kingdom that does not get much sunlight, you can still install the best solar garden lights and get favourable results, mainly due to LED light technology so you can maximise the light from the power you are using.

What to consider and compare when shopping for the best solar garden lights?

As you plan to invest in the best solar garden lights that will improve the attractiveness and safety of your garden, you will have to consider some of the factors listed below when shopping for these lights:

  • The size of the solar panel – some have very low Watt ratings and cannot product the same power understandably. You normally get what you pay for with solar so be weary of anything too cheap
  • Battery life – much the same as the size of the solar panel, when you compare battery life it’ll boil down to the quality of the product in question. So for example a good quality garden solar light is an in-built 2200mAh battery from Cinoton Solar Garden Lights.
  • Is pre-charging required?
  • Dust till dawn sensors – Nothing worse than lights that come on at night. If you look at flood lights they always have these whatever model you compare.
  • IP Rating – this refers to wether they can be used outdoors, or outdoors undercover. As I explained in the flood light article, IP65 can be used anywhere outdoors but IP44 should be covered if outdoors. You even get IP67 which is a higher rating still.
  • Clear installation instructions
  • Warranty

So, make sure that you check each of the above-mentioned options to make sure that you end up the best lights for your garden.

The right picks:

As you are looking to choose the best solar garden lights, we are here to help you with identifying the top choices available at Amazon:

The. OMERIL Solar Garden Lights are a stunning addition to any garden and not only that, the quality of light you can expect from this product compares superbly with any of the top pick bright LED garden solar lights available in the UK. At first glance it’s almost impossible NOT to find a place for these lights in your garden. You could envisage them almost anywhere. It wouldn’t matter if it was around your bbq shelter area or the garden swimming pool. The patio would benefit from the different tones in light these will create too and being low Watts they are a super safe idea for around water too assuming you use the batteries from the solar. I wouldn’t do so if plugged into the mains!

In fact, it’s easier to ask yourself where you wouldn’t put these in your garden they are that versatile and sexy looking. So for that reason these are my best solar garden lights. These lights some with the super useful addition of being able to operate from the mains power too which is a real bonus when compared to other garden solar light products.

The big positives are these will improve the mood in the garden for not much money at all!

The good thing about this solar garden light set from Cinoton is that you can use it in three different ways. You have the option to wall-mount it, you can use it as a hand torch and even place it on a desktop. It has dusk-to-dawn photocell functionality and it also has got IP65 waterproofing. Without the need of any electricity and wiring, this light will add attractiveness to your garden. It consists of 96 LED lights and each of these lights will flicker warm yellow lights to bring realistic dancing flames. It can be an excellent decorative lighting solution, not just for your garden, but, also for other outdoor areas of your home. The unit has an in-built 2200mAh battery. It can last for up to 12 hours when fully charged which is certain to be adequate for any evening party or early morning pathways you may wish to light up. It is convenient and safe to use around kids and pets due to the low voltage. The product comes with a one-year warranty with the following list of features:

  • Flickering dancing light
  • 2200mAh battery with solar power charging capacity
  • Three different ways to use
  • Automated dusk-to-dawn functionality
  • No wiring needed
  • No electricity needed
  • 5-star customer rating

As the name implies, these are ground lights to be placed in the ground to bring colourful illumination in 7 different colours to help make your garden look at its best. Each light in a set of 7 Farben LED lights functions in a couple of modes. As these lights have IP67 waterproof certification, it can withstand extreme conditions. The lights in this set are Stainless Steel 100LM landscape lights with the ability to sense darkness. The built-in 800 mAh battery in this unit will gather power from the sun in the morning and will glow at nights for about 8 to 10 hours. If a person passes by this lamp in the range of above 15 cm, it will turn the colour from white light mode to 7 colours mode, a nice touch. Again, it will switch back to warm white light mode automatically after 15 seconds. As these lights are placed on the floor, a concern might be people standing on them, so place them in the darkest areas for maximum illumination.

Further, this unit comes with IP67 waterproofing and so it can handle both water and fog with ease. Without requiring any wiring, you can easily install these lights in the ground. You will find that each of the 7 lights in this set comes with 4 spikes and you can simply press the plastic posts to the ground in any area of the garden you see fit.

That’s it, the installation is complete that easily.

It will automatically switch when it is dark and will switch off when morning light arrives. Also, not just in your garden, you can float these lights in your swimming pool as well due to its waterproof mechanism. Here is the list of essential features you should know:

  • Simple installation
  • IP67 Waterproof light
  • Automatically glows in night and switches off in the dawn
  • Upgraded LED version
  • Built-in 800 mAh battery
  • 5-star user rating

If you’re looking for a solar light in your garden that you can install on your own, that doesn’t require much in the way of tools, you can go for this light from iPosible. With 100 LED lights in a single unit, this light will bring excellent lighting and illumination to your garden, as solar garden lights go, this is one of the best ones.

Without requiring any wiring and with a flat surface, you can easily glue this light to the wall as it comes with double-sided tape. You have the option to screw the light if you prefer fixed mounting. Just place it or screw it in the right place that gets sunlight. The best height at which you can install this light is around 1.7 to 2 metres. It has been designed perfectly for outdoor use on exterior walls, stairs, patio, balconies and of course, in the garden. The light comes with an associated 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gathers energy from the sun during day times. The associated solar panel in this light is more efficient in changing the sunlight into battery charging power. It has a conversion rate of around 20% which is pretty. The body of this light is made of high-quality ABS plastic so will last well when faced with the elements in your garden. It is designed as a heat-resistant light; even in extreme weather conditions, this light can function at its best with the professional IP65 waterproof feature.

  • Easy installation
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • IP65 Waterproof solar lamp
  • Solar light with three intelligent modes
  • 2700 Novel Appearance of solar lights
  • 100 LEDs
  • 5-star customer rating

This solar garden light from Tencoz is designed like a lantern. It is not essential that you hang it; you can place it as decorative lighting in your garden for the best illumination. With automatic on and off features, it will automatically glow at nights and will turn off in the morning automatically for your convenience. All you have to do is switch to the “On” mode for the first time; the light will take care of the rest. It will charge for 6 hours from direct sunlight and can glow for 6-8 hours after a single charge. This lantern light is equipped with ni-mh battery and polycrystalline silicon solar panel making it one of the best solar garden lights.

Because this solar garden light is freestanding, you can keep it in a sunny location during day time for charging and can change the placement at night as you see fit. With waterproof IP44, this light has an iron frame. With its sensitive sensor, it will sense the illumination and can adjust its own illumination accordingly to keep a constant brightness. The good thing about this light is that it has the essential RoHS, FCC and CE Certifications which is great news for safety. It is ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications in addition to garden lighting. The key features include:

  • Wide applications
  • Energy-saving and safety aspects
  • Durability and waterproof
  • Easy to use and long illumination
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • 5-star customer rating

If you’re looking for a decorative light and if you need a unique illumination for your garden, this light from Womdee is available in different designs and can be a good choice for many. You can choose one or more from the 5 different designs in which this light is designed. To make sure that light distributes evenly, this light comes inlaid with a PS optical crackle glass globe lampshade. The light has a built-in 2V 35 mAh solar panels that recharge automatically during the day and turns on automatically at night for 6-8 hours. The installation is extremely easy. All you have to do is just press the associated garden stake-stand into the soil. Without requiring any wiring and without the requirement of electricity supply, this light can bring you comfortable illumination with ease. With IP44 waterproofing, this light can stand up to any weather conditions. The seller assures 100% customer satisfaction for this user-friendly light with the following features:

  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • User-friendly illumination
  • Easy installation
  • Solar-powered
  • 5-star customer rating


Garden illumination from solar garden lights is something important not just for a decorative aspect, but also from the safety aspect. So, consider selecting one of the above-mentioned lights and ensure both these things achieved. In addition to the choices mentioned above, you will come across many other models at Amazon. So, you can choose one that rightly meets your illumination & lighting requirements.

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