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Best electric log splitters

When it comes to deciding on buying a log splitter, one has to first make up his or her mind on going for a manual or an electric log splitter. Given the fact that nowadays almost every gadget runs on electricity, the log splitter is no exception. The log splitters electric are available from different manufacturers. Hence, buying an electric log splitter can be sometimes confusing. The best electric log splitters can set you back by some extra pounds when compared to the manual ones. However, what you stand to gain in the bargain is far more flexibility when compared to the manual log splitter.

Best electric log splitters (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

Forest Master FM10 5t Electric Duocut Log Splitter Complete Set - Orange/black

  • Forest Master FM10 electric duocut log splitter complete with duocut blade
  • Duocut blade optimises splitting capacity by using two splitting blades rather than one producing similar results to a 10...
  • Powerful 2200 watt motor
  • Fully adjustable cycle (with ramstop) to match log lengths for quick log splitting...
  • Produces 5T force that splits logs with a Max Log Diameter of 500mm with Duocut blade...

4.4/5 from 164 reviews

Mitox LS40 Select Horizontal Electric Log Splitter, Red

  • Split logs up to 37cm long and 25cm wide
  • Safe two handed operation
  • Compact dimensions for easy transporting and storage
  • 4 tonnes of splitting force.
  • Powerful 1500W electric motor

5/5 from 4 reviews

Are electric log splitters any good? The answer is a definite “YES”. The electric log splitters make the job much easier. While using manual splitters you have to put all the force needed or use the hydraulic lever to cut the log. But in the case of electric log splitters, the machine will do all the work without you having to break a sweat. Not only that, the manoeuvrability is also better since most of the models come with a wheel. When compared to other log splitter types electric log splitters do not make much noise. So you can use these splitters outdoor without causing any serious noise pollution in your neighbourhood. Adding to that, most of the electric splitters can be raised to a comfortable position for you to stand and work. The electric log splitters reviews that are given below will definitely help you in deciding which model suits your needs.

The best electric log splitters for sale UK

1. Forest Master’s electric hydraulic log splitter

Different people have different needs. Not everyone needs a very powerful log splitter. Some may be just trying an electric log splitter or even any kind of log splitter for the first time. For beginners, the “Fast lightweight 5 Ton 2200 watt electric hydraulic log splitter” would be an ideal choice. Now let us take a look at the key features of this electric log splitter:

  • Best suited for beginners or small to medium wood burner
  • Ideal for splitting softwood or green wood
  • Powered by a 2200 Watt motor that produces a maximum of 5 TONS of force
  • Amazingly fast cycle time of just 9 seconds
  • Weighing just 32 kg, this would come under the lightweight category of log splitter
  • Since it is low weight it is easy to move
  • Compact design making it both easy to move around as well as less space consuming to store

The input power is through a corded electric mode. This electric log splitter can cut through logs of wood that are 300 mm or 12 inches long. Though this is not a thing to boast about, it does its job quite decently without any reason to complain. In fact, beginners, especially women would love to buy this compact and light weight log splitter as it is easy to operate while being very effective.

2. Forest Master’s FM10 electric duocut log splitter

This is another electric log splitter from Forest Master but is more powerful than the FM5 model. It comes with a duocut blade. Duocut blade comes with blades at both ends of the splitter. Let us see the key features of this heavy-duty log splitter.

  • Heavy-Duty and powerful – The motor uses 220 – 240 V power and it can generate 5 tones of force. However, since the duocut heavy duty blade is used the force generated is equal to 10 tones.
  • More capacity – It can cut the logs that are even 45 centimetres long – longer than some of the electric log splitters in the market. The diameter of the wood piece can go up to 50 centimetres.
  • Easy to work with – The height of the splitter can be brought up to 84 centimetres. So the user can work in a comfortable position and height.

The FM10 model also has a three pin plug to ensure the safety of the user. This is one of the products that got the best electric log splitter ratings among the customers.

3. Logmaster 7 ton hydraulic log splitter machine

Having discussed quite a bit on the compact and heavy-duty log splitters let us move on to the more powerful ones. The first that comes to my mind is the Logmaster 7 ton hydraulic log splitter machine. This wonderful piece of machinery enables you to prepare, dry out as well as store logs of wood at any time during the year. Without any fuss, this highly efficient and time-saving gadget turns the time consuming and risky task of splitting logs into a quick, simple, and automatic task.Now let us take a look at the features of the Logmaster 7 ton log splitter:

  • Efficient functioning – It is capable of splitting up to 100 logs per hour.
  • Powerful – capable of generating a maximum ram pressure force of 7 tones. This should be enough to split logs of wood without any issues
  • Ease of operation – The design of the Logmaster 7 ton splitter is such that it ensures safer; faster, and relatively quiet operation.
  • Multi-purpose – This log splitter can be used to split both green and hardwood with ease.
  • Easy to move around – the wheels at the bottom of these electric log splitters UK facilitates the movement of the splitter.
  • Automatic return – the motor is powered by 230 V input and the hydraulic ram is incorporated with a self-lubricating mechanism.
  • Flexibility – You can adjust the height of these log splitters electric with the help of the mount that comes with the package.
The electric log splitters reviews would have mentioned about powerful and compact electric log splitters. Eberth electric log splitter is a little bit different from other brands.This is a recumbent model and you cannot work on this in a standing position. Now let us see the features of this particular electric log splitter one by one.

  • Robust build – This LS2-5T37 hydraulic log splitter is compact and you will not expect it can generate a striking force of 5 tons. The electric motor of this log splitter gives out 1500 w power for that.
  • Log specifications – the maximum length of the log that can be cut using this splitter is 37 centimetres and the diameter is 25 centimetre.
  • Ease of operation – This is one of the horizontal electric log splitters for sale UK. EBERTH log splitter is designed in a way that it can be operated by a single person.
  • Automatic operation – This log splitter is automatic and is two-hand design. This is to ensure the safety of the operator. If the person takes one hand off the machine the log splitter will stop the work automatically.
  • Easy to transport and store – There are two wheels to this splitter and a handle that is made of plastic. These two options make it portable.

Weighing about 40 KG this is the best option for someone who is just beginning to cut the firewood.

5. Mitox LS40 horizontal electric log splitter

In this list of best electric log splitters UK websites sell, the next one is a horizontal log splitter from Mitox. This company also manufactures splitters that are both vertical and horizontal. The log splitter that we are going to discuss here is a compact one that delivers 4 tons of force. This is less when compared to other models in the market. Without wasting time let us see the features.

  • Firewood cutting made easy – Using this LS40 log splitter is easy because you just have to press one control button and a lever. The button is on the motor and the lever is at the other end of the wedge.
  • Portability – The big wheels make it easy to carry around this 35 KG log splitter.
  • Safety first – This has a two-hand operation and these two areas are away from the wood cutting area of the splitter. There are guards also to increase safety.
  • Push block gives enough force – The block that is used to push the wood forward is robust and reliable.
  • Powerful motor – The motor delivers a force of 1500 W and the motor works on the power of 230 V.

The maximum length of the wood that can be split using this log splitter is 37 centimetre. Even though the number of the best electric log splitter ratings is less for this model, all the customers are satisfied with this small log splitter.

The electric log splitters that are listed above will help you to make the splitting easy. Once you buy one of these machines, you will come to know that cutting the firewood is fun also. You would be wondering why you did not buy one of these earlier. Considering all the important features (power, manoeuvrability, force, safety, and ease of operation) you can decide on the model you need.