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Pump Accessories & Hoses

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Pump Accessories & Hoses For Hassle-Free Pumping

You know that in addition to selecting the right appliance, it is equally important to choose the right accessory. Yes, it holds true for pumps as well. Irrespective of the type of pump you own in your house like booster pump, surface pump or even a submersible pump, you know that it is equally important to choose the fitting accessory in case, there is a repair and your pump does not function properly. In addition to selecting the right accessories, you know that hoses should also be selected in the right manner, such that you will get the intended benefit from the pump you have installed in your house.

Comparison table: Pump Accessories & Hoses

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

PK Green 8mm Clear Tubing for Water Fountain Pumps | Plastic PVC 1m Pipe | Transparent Tube For Small Fountain Pumps, Waterfalls, Garden Water Features, Solar Fountains | Fountain Accessory Spare Part

  • Clear plastic tubing for small water fountain pumps
  • Transparent PVC pipe. Inner diameter: 8mm
  • Use for small fountain pumps
  • Use to transform fountains into waterfalls and water features
  • Larger size for bigger fountain kits also available

Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Drying Rack Ideal for Bottles, Teats, Cups, Pump Parts and Accessories

  • Ideal for bottles, teats
  • Reservoir collects excess water to keep countertops dry
  • Posts keep straws upright for thorough drying
  • Pegs fold flat for easy storage
  • Holds up to eight bottles and sealing discs plus a Munchkin Bottle Brush...

All Pond Solutions Uni Tap 3 Way Y Distributor Pond Hose Pipework Adaptor Connector, Large

  • It is all purpose 'Y' shaped three way pond hose connection
  • Perfect for diverting water in required directions when needed
  • Included taps allow you to shut off one or both outlets giving you complete control over water flow...
  • Inlet outlet fits 25-32-38 mm hose
  • Measures 41.2cm length by 27.8cm width

Hozelock 1758 Flow Control Valve

Hozelock 1758 Flow Control Valve

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient flow adjustment
  • Fitted with 25mm, 32mm and 40mm Multi hosetails

PietyPet Five Way Air Flow Control Water Pump Splitter Distributor Lever Adapter with Standard Airline Tubing, Check Valves, Connectors, Suction Cups for Fish Tank Pumps

  • Air pump accessories: 1 x 5-way air flow pump splitter control valve
  • 5-Way air valve distributors
  • Airline tubing: 5 m/ 196 inches in length
  • Non return check valve is small and compact
  • Fit for all aquariums

Qii lu Water Pump Repair Accessories Water Pump Repair Impeller Kit For Johnson Evinrude 20/25/30/35hp Outboard Motors 393630

  • 【Application】This water pump rebuild or repair kit specially designed for Johnson Evinrude 20/25/30/35hp outboard motors...
  • 【Durable and quality】Made of high quality metal and plastic
  • 【Covenient Complete kit】Comes with needed tools including impeller
  • 【Premium Impeller】Impeller elastomers provide improved flexibility across broad temperature ranges throughout the boating season...
  • 【Top performance】This impeller kit is developed for top performance

What to consider when shopping for Pump Accessories & Hoses?

As you are on the verge of shopping for the pump accessories and hoses for your pump, you will have to consider different factors. Here are some of them for your consideration:
Brand of the accessory: Some accessory manufacturers produce accessories for all brands of pumps, while some produce only for some specific brands. So, make sure with this before you shop for any accessory.

  • Suitability for your pump: This is even more important than the brand. Even, you might go for unbranded accessories. But, the important thing is that the accessory should suit your pump. Only then, you can get your pump back to working condition property.
  • Quality: Only quality accessories can withstand the force from your pump. So, in addition to suitability, it is better to make sure that you choose quality accessories for your water pump, irrespective of the type of pump you have in your house.
  • Longevity: It is better to make sure that the brand of accessory you choose has been making accessories for pumps for long and can rightly meet the quality standards for the specific brand and type of pump you own.
  • What are the parts of the pack? In general, pump accessories come as a group of accessories in a pack. When you are shopping for such a product, do make sure that the product has every accessory that is essential to bring back your pump to the proper working condition.
  • Material: When you plan to shop for pump accessories and hose, do consider the material used in the making of these accessories. Better material can withstand for long as you can judge.
  • Customer rating: Thanks to the customer rating facility offered by online stores that sell pump accessories and hoses. You can get to know the level of satisfaction gained by customers who shopped for the product.

So, consider these things before you shop for the pump accessories and hoses to make sure that you will end up with the right product. But, nothing to worry if you have shopped for a wrong accessory as there is return policy these days when you shop from a trustworthy seller online. However, if you shop for a wrong accessory, there will be a delay in getting back your pump to proper working condition.

Top picks:

1. Uni Tap 3 Way Y Distributor From All Pond Solutions Pond Hose Pipework Adaptor Connector:

This accessory for a water pump is designed as suitable for in-aquarium water pumps. It is “Y” shaped to make sure that you can get water directed from the pump in three different directions. It is a perfect accessory for averting water in the direction as per your need. This accessory comes with taps to make sure that you can shut-off the other outlets when you need water to come out only from one of the outlets. It means that you can gain complete control over the flow of water with this accessory connected to your pump. The inlet in this accessory rightly fits 25, 32 and 38 mm hose. This product has been identified as the “Best Seller” in this category at Amazon with the following set of features:

  • The size of the inlet and outlet pipes in this accessory makes it suitable for hoses of three different diameters.
  • Included taps in all three outlets make sure that the user can gain complete control over the water flow
  • Three-way hose pond connection
  • Suitable for averting water in the required direction

This water pump repair kit accessory toolkit is for Johnson Evinrude outboard motors. Made using high-quality plastic and metal, the accessories in this kit are made durable, water-resistant and sturdy to make sure that it can be used for a longer period in saltwater without letting the saltwater to erode. This product comes with all the required tools as a set including installing bolts, water pump gasket, insert cup, wear plate, impeller, etc. In addition, to ensure utmost protection, it encompasses housing. The impeller associated with this accessory can provide better flexibility across broad temperature ranges all through the boating season. The main purpose of this impeller kit is top performance and it is designed for providing better flow rates and cooling flour for safeguarding the engine. The key features include:

  • Quality and durability
  • Top performance
  • Premium impeller
  • Convenient complete kit
  • Quality and durability
This Amazon’s Choice product from PK Green is designed for water foundation pumps irrespective of the make and model. This plastic PVC pipe is of 1m length and it is ideal for small fountain pumps. The transparent tube gives clear visibility of the water passing by. It will suit a pump outlet of 7mm external diameter. The inner diameter of this tube is 8mm and the outer diameter is 10 mm. It can be used for transforming fountains into waterfalls and water features. It is suitable both for solar and for battery-operated fountain pumps. This product also comes with a replacement spare pipe tubing for broken or misplaced pipe and the product has the following features:

  • Ideal for small fountain pumps
  • It can be used as a decorative water pipe as it is transparent
  • Clear plastic tubing
  • Looks attractive
  • 5-Star customer rating
This product from Munchkin will be of great help to owners of surface pumps. The reason is that they will have to completely dry the pump parts before they decide to prepare the pump for the forthcoming freezing temperature. Even though this product is a bottle dryer, it will help with drying pump parts and accessories as well. The reservoir in this product will dry the excess water in such a way that the countertops get dry completely. To ensure thorough drying, there are posts in this dryer and even the pegs in this dryer can be folded for easy storage. The good thing about this product is that it has been rated as a best seller in the category of Baby Bottle Drying Racks at Amazon. The rack does not require any assembling and the easy-to-grasp handles permit easy drifting. The features of this unit include:

  • Bottle dryer useful in drying water pump parts effectively
  • To keep the pump dry, there is a reservoir to collect the excess water
  • To ensure easy storage, the pegs in this unit fold
  • Posts keep straws upright to ensure complete drying
  • The best seller in the Baby Bottle Drying Racks category
This product is designed for fish tank pumps and it is actually a set with many pump accessories and even an attached airline tubing. This set encompasses a 5-way airflow pump splitter control valve. In addition, this set has a couple of t-connectors, a couple of I-Connectors, a couple of L-Connectors, 12 suction cup clips, five check valves and the airline tubing in this unit is a 5 m standard tubing. The 5-way air valve distributor in this set helps with manually controlling the flow of water. The airline tubing in this set is dirt resistant and it is also easy to clean. The set also has a non-return check valve in compact and small size. This will help with protecting your air pump by avoiding the aquarium water from getting back in the event of a power outage. This set will be suitable for all aquariums like commercial air pumps, heavy-duty professional pumps and fish tank to name a few. The key features of this unit include:

  • The air tube in this set is made out of flexible and clear plastic and resistant to kink and wear.
  • The tube can handle fresh or salty water
  • It will not affect the pH level of the water passing through in any way.
  • As the unit comes with 5 individually controlled splitters, the air pump in which this accessory is used can be connected with a few aquariums.
  • The suction cups holder in this unit is made using plastic and rubber and it will stay firmly on the surface of the aquarium or fish tank.
  • The check valves in this unit can be attached to the airline tube between the air pump and aquarium water for the prevention of water back into the air pump.
  • The L-Connectors and I-Connectors will help with extending or mending air hose.
  • The couple of T-Connectors can be combined to create a single output.

6. Hozelock 1758 Flow Control Valve:

This product from Hozelock Limited as the name implies can effectively control the water flow. So, if you need controlled water flow from a water pump, you can attach this valve to the outlet of the pump to make sure that you will get a controlled flow of water. The good thing about this product is that it is simple to install and most importantly it is easy to use. Moreover, you can conveniently adjust the water flow and it can be fitted with 25, 32 and 40 mm multi hose-tails as per the convenience of the user. The unit comes with a couple of multi-stage hose tail adapters that permit connection to 25 to 40 mm flex hose. The key features of this pump accessory include the following:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to control water flow
  • Convenient adjustment of water flow
  • Can be fitted with hose tails of 25 to 40 mm without any hassle.


As mentioned earlier, not just the right pump, selecting the right accessory is equally important. Understanding your requirement, we have listed some of the best products to meet your demand. Just choose one of those mentioned above after completely analysing your requirements and make your water pump usage even easier and enjoyable for several years to follow.

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