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5 best petrol augers available online

Auger is a tool that is used for drilling into a surface. The surface that I am referring here could be the earth or wood. Based on the purpose they are broadly classified as earth augers and wood augers. As the name indicates, the earth auger is used to dig post holes into the ground. They may also be referred to as post hole digger, soil auger, or power earth drill. These gadgets can be turned manually, or run on power generated by a petrol engine of a vehicle such as a tractor. Handheld augers can be used for making holes to place the plant saplings. Wood augers are used to pierce holes into the wood. The design of a wood auger is significantly different from that of an earth auger. A wood auger usually has a screw to pull it into the wood and a cutting tip that slices out the lower portion of the hole. It essentially acts like a corkscrew. Irrespective of whether the auger is a handheld or powered by an engine and irrespective of the size of the auger the basic function and the underlying design remains the same. Typically it has a helical screw blade that enables boring through a surface while being able to remove the displaced stuff out through the hole.

Best petrol augers for price and power (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

52cc Petrol Earth Auger / Fence Post Hole Borer from ParkerBrand

  • Proven 52cc Two Stroke Engine
  • 2.2KW @ 7500RPM
  • 3 Auger Pieces & Extension Bar
  • Includes Two Stroke Oil & Tool Kit
  • Easy Starter Mechanism & Easy to Grip Design

4.1/5 from 65 reviews

T-Mech garden post hole earth auger

  • 52cc petrol earth auger with 1.2 litre tank capacity
  • Perfect for individual projects with 3 drills in diameters 4 & and 8 inch and a 58 cm extension...
  • Using 2 Stroke Oil Mix
  • Includes FREE 12 month warranty and full instruction manual.
  • FREE next working day UK mainland delivery when ordered by 2pm (excluding Scottish Highlands)...

3.7/5 from 21 reviews

Dirty Pro Tools petrol earth auger with 52cc motor

  • Petrol Earth Auger 3HP
  • Engine: Single Cylinder, 2-stroke
  • Drill Bits : 4" 100mm
  • Now with a 30cms extension bar making the unit far easier to use...
  • Easy starting system (cord starter)

5/5 from 7 reviews

Hyundai HYEA5080 50.8cc 2-stroke petrol earth auger / borer / drill

  • Powered by the Hyundai 50.8 cc two-stroke petrol engine for easy starting
  • Easy control due to its low weight but high power to weight ratio...
  • Fitted with Easy-Start technology
  • Supplied with three auger drill attachments (100
  • Variable head speed settings and tough robust gear drive transmission; all Hyundai power equipment is covered with a 3...

4.6/5 from 5 reviews

There are many models available online for you to order. In this article, we will take a look at the augers that are powered by engines that use petrol as the fuel. Petrol augers are quite common and used aplenty for construction purposes. We will focus on the ones used to drill holes into the earth.

1. 52cc Petrol Earth Auger / Fence Post Hole Borer from ParkerBrand

52cc Petrol Earth Auger / Fence Post Hole Borer + 3 Auger Bits + Extension Bit + More
4.1 out of 5 stars ( 65 customer reviews )

The first petrol auger that we are going to take a look at is a petrol earth auger. This is a multipurpose auger that is powered by a 52 cc petrol engine and can be used in a variety of ways such as tree planting, post hole boring, or even hedge laying. It is designed to be easy to use such that even a first time user can operate it without any difficulty. Let us take a look at some of its key features:

Powerful engine: This petrol earth auger is powered by a proven 52 cc petrol two stroke Parker brand internal combustion air cooled engine that generates 2.95 HP (2.2 KW) of power at 7500 rpm. It for sure is going to give you all the power to drill through the thick soil. The two stroke engine generates enough torque that you may need to be careful not to overbore assuming that it is going to take time to drill a deep hole.

Easy to use: As mentioned earlier, this auger is quite easy to use. It has an easy starter mechanism that ensures you to start the operation with ease while the easy to grip design makes it very easy to hold this earth auger and maneuver it. When you hit a stone while drilling through the soil, please remove it with a spade and then continue drilling.

In the pack, you get three auger pieces and an extension bar that you can put to good use in order to get the best out of this petrol auger. What more, you also get a two stroke oil and a tool kit. The overall set measures 83.2 x 57.4 x 28 cm and weighs 18.8 kilos.

This is yet another petrol earth auger that boasts of possessing a powerful engine that is capable of boring holes for posts, plants, and fences. Let us take a look at the key aspects of his petrol auger:

Powerful engine: Powered by a 52 cc petrol engine that generates 3.2 HP (2.38 KW) power, this is also equipped with a Walbo carburettor and Bosch spark plug. All these ensure that you get the best in terms of reliability, quality, and power output. This engine is quite powerful that this auger would continue drilling deeper holes than you expect.

It will continue to drill even when it comes in contact with a hard surface such as a rock.

Ease of use: This petrol powered auger is equipped with a trigger to control the speed as well as a clutch.

Upgrade availability: You get fuel mixing bottle tools and three drill bits, one each of 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm. Besides the drill bits included, you can also upgrade by purchasing 250 mm or 300 mm drill bits separately from a store.

With an overall dimension measuring 83 x 57 x 28 cm this petrol auger by XXX power tools is an all metal assembly and weighs about 20 kilos. The torquey engine will make light of your task of drilling holes for posts as well as fences.

This petrol earth auger from Dirty Pro tools comes bundled with a slew of accessories that are quite high in terms of their utility value. The Dirty Pro Tools petrol earth auger is a practical choice for most users due to its powerful engine and the included accessories. The user does not have to go searching for the accessories needed. Let us dwell into the details of the key reasons why one would buy this product.

Powerful engine: As is the norm with petrol earth auger of this standard, the Dirty Pro Tools petrol earth auger is powered by a 52 cc single cylinder air cooled internal combustion petrol engine. This engine generates a power of up to 3 HP (2.24 KW) at 8500 rpm. This is ideal for quick drilling into the earth. This petrol earth auger is best suited for poles, fence posts, planting shrubs, trees etc.

Ease of use: The Dirty Pro Tools petrol earth auger 52cc 3HP is provided with an anti-vibration handle, an easy starting system with cord starting feature and a centrifugal clutch. Ignition is electronic through capacitor discharge ignition (CDI). There is a bit lock safety feature as well.

Accessories: Drill bits included in the pack are 4″ (100mm), 6″ (150 mm) and 8″ (200 mm). The drill length stands at 72 cm. In addition, you also get a 30 cm extension bar.
This powerful earth auger is quite useful for drilling into the soil, no matter what kind it is. However, it would be a wise choice to have a second person along with you when drilling through surfaces where you may encounter a hard rock underneath as this petrol auger is not going to stop at any point. So someone else will have to intervene to stop it.

The next petrol earth auger in the list is the T-Mech garden post hole earth auger, digger, and borer with a 52cc petrol engine. This is a highly powerful auger that is best suited for individual projects where you would like to quickly drill to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres. This is ideal for gardeners too who would prefer to use it for drilling holes in the soil to plant shrubs and trees as well as to set fences and poles. Let us now venture into the key features of this petrol earth auger and understand if it suits your requirements.

Powerful motor: The T-Mech garden post hole earth auger is powered by a 52 cc petrol engine that produces a maximum power of up to 3 HP (2.24 KW) at 9000 RPM. The fuel tank capacity is 1.2 litres. To ensure that the engine gives you a long service use 2 stroke oil mix – 40/1.

Ease of use: It is very easy to use this petrol earth auger. To start this gadget all you need is a short strong pull. It is also easy to change the attachments to the T-Mech garden post hole earth auger. It takes about 30 seconds to change each part. A fuel mixing container is provided to mix the two stroke fuel correctly. This gadget is CE certificate and is compliant with E11 specification.

A lot of accessories: When you buy the T-Mech garden post hole earth auger what you get is much more than just a petrol earth auger. Besides the 3 drills with diameters of 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches you also get a 58 cm extension pole. The fuel mixing container, fuel funnel, and a tool kit are also included so that you do not have to go looking for all these accessories. If this was not enough, you also get a pair of safety gear gloves, a pair of safety glasses and ear protectors as well. Let us not ignore the 3 bolts and 3 split pins that are included with the package.

5. Hyundai HYEA5080 50.8cc 2-stroke petrol earth auger / borer / drill

The next petrol earth auger that we are going to take a look at has a relatively lower capacity engine but from an engine manufacturer that has a global reputation. It is the Hyundai HYEA5080 50.8cc 2-stroke Petrol earth auger / borer / drill. This earth auger is tailor made to give the user comfort while operating it. There is a small sacrifice made on the engine capacity to reduce the weight, but it does the job quite well.

Powerful and reliable engine: The Hyundai HYEA5080 petrol earth auger is powered by the renowned Hyundai 50.8 cc two-stroke petrol engine. The Hyundai engine ensures easy starting while keeping the emission levels low. It is built to be reliable and operates under all weather conditions. This petrol earth auger comes with variable head speed settings as well as a tough and robust gear drive transmission. The engine has a remarkable mid range torque that generates enough drilling power that you would not have to rev it up to the maximum rpm. This ensures less noise, less pollution and better fuel efficiency.

Ease of use: The Hyundai HYEA5080 is very easy to use, thanks to the easy control due to its low weight. The high power to weight ratio ensures optimal power while being less heavy. It can be used by either one user or two people. The engine is equipped with Easy-Start technology that makes it easier to pull and quick to start. This also has a fully enclosed anti-vibration system that is designed to reduce stress and fatigue on the operator’s hands and back. This ensures that it can be used for extended periods.

With an overall dimension of 83.6 x 58.2 x 28.8 cm, this auger weighs only 19.2 kilos. This is supplied with three auger drill attachments (100, 150 and 200 mm diameter) to drill multiple size holes. If reliability and lightweight are what you are looking for, this would be the right choice.