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Some of the best garden vacuum leaf collectors in the market

Having a beautiful garden in front of your house, be it small or big is indeed a refreshing sight. However, what many do not realise is that maintaining it can be quite a hefty task at times. If you do not have the essential garden tools, removing the fallen leaves, weeds, and unwanted plants can become a tedious job. There are many such tools for these tasks in the market. Each tool comes with different kinds and has different modes to operate them. While some can be run on petrol others may be operated with electricity as the power source. There are models that are cordless since they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Whatever it is, the decision solely depends on the customer based on the size of the garden, the availability of the power source, and the ergonomic requirements.

Comparison table: Garden Vacuum Leaf Collectors (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Surreal 2500W Electric Garden Leaf Vacuum, Blower & Mulcher

  • Rated Voltage: 230-240V~ 50Hz with Rated Power: 2500W
  • Mulching Ratio of 10:1 with a 30 litre Collection Bag Capacity
  • Comprises of a 6m cable and shoulder Strap to distribute weight.
  • Vacuum rate of 13m
  • Must Read Product Description for Safety measures.

VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower - 3000W Garden Vacuum & Mulcher


  • Unrivalled value for money in the UK
  • 3000 Watt motor delivers the power for sure
  • Leaf shredding ratio of 10:1
  • Nylon bag capacity is 35L
  • The debris bag comes with a strap for easy holding
  • Two year warranty
  • Now a trusted brand on Amazon
  • Very light for the power


  • A few fail quicker than expected - QC needs work

Flymo Scirocco 3000 W electric Garden Blower

  • 45 L collection bag
  • 12 m mains cable
  • 10:1 shredding ratio
  • 200 km/hr blowing speed

Einhell 3433600 Power X-Change Cordless Leaf Blower, Red

  • Suitable for the Einhell power x-change battery system
  • Supplied without battery and charger (available separately
  • Electronic speed control
  • Suction and blowing function
  • 45 litre collection bag

So, here we are going to talk about garden leaf collectors that use vacuum technology. There are mainly two methods used by the leaf collector/blower to get rid of the leaves in your messy garden. From the name itself, you would have understood the difference. One uses the wind force to remove the leaves or grass debris. This has to be collected into a bag later to make your garden tidy. However, the collector works with the help of suction force which will collect all the leaves into a bag. You do not need to collect it separately and works just like the vacuum cleaner you use indoors. But unlike leaf blower, small twigs or branches cannot be removed easily with the vacuum leaf collectors.

In this article, we are going to review some of the top rated garden vacuum leaf collectors.

The first garden vacuum leaf collector cum blower that we are going to review is the VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower – 3000W garden vacuum and mulcher. As the name suggests this is a vacuum leaf collector and blower. So it sucks up the debris and leaves which will be collected in a bag. Without further explanation on what a vacuum blower is, let us go ahead and look at some of the key features of this leaf blower.Easy to use: Weighing just about 3.5 kilos, the VonHaus 3 in 1 leaf blower – 3000W garden vacuum & mulcher is both compact and lightweight. It also has a shoulder strap and wheels to ensure that it is also easy to transport. Working long hours with a leaf blower has never been this easy. It is also one of the easiest to assemble. The only tool that you would require to assemble this is a screw-driver.

Powerful performance: This leaf blower is powered by a 3000 W motor that blows as well as vacuums with great force. It is also capable of mulching leaves so that they can be used as compost. This powerful motor ensures optimal efficiency in giving your garden that neat and tidy look you always wanted. This is well suited for clearing up lawns, driveways, patios etc.

Mulching feature: This garden leaf blower collects the leaves in a collection bag that has a capacity of 35 litres that comes with a zip fastener. The shredding ratio of 10:1 reduces the size of the leaves that are collected in the bag drastically. This makes sure that you spend less time emptying the bag and fewer visits to the compost heap.

Electrically powered: The VonHaus 3 in 1 leaf blower – 3000W garden vacuum & mulcher is electrically powered with a maximum power of 3000 W, an operating voltage of 240 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. A 10 metre power cable ensures better range and the thermal cut-out safety feature gives peace of mind.

If you have a medium sized garden and are looking for an electrically operated one, this should definitely be on your shopping list.

2. Q Garden QGBV2500 leaf blower vacuum

The second one on the list is a vacuum leaf collector cum leaf blower from Q Garden. The function of this is similar to the first one. The QGBV2500 model can blow, vacuum, and shred leaves. This is an electric model which comes with a 10 metre long power cable. Since this is an electric model you need a plug point in the reachable distance. Because of that, the QGBV2500 model is suitable for small or medium sized domestic gardens. This cannot be used for bigger gardens. The electric motor has a power of 2500 watt. The Q Garden QGBV2500 leaf blower cum vacuum leaf collector comes with a bag that has a capacity of 45 litres. You just have to collect the leaves and deposit it in the compost pit (if you have one).Other than vacuum leaf collection the Q Garden QGBV2500 leaf blower cum vacuum leaf collector comes with the option to shred the collected leaves or debris into small pieces which in turn reduces the number of trips to the compost pit. The mulching ratio of this garden tool is 10:1. Even though this weighs only 4.2 KGs, it can be tiresome to carry it around for a long time. The company is considerate of this. So, they have included a shoulder strap so that the user can carry it around for a longer duration.

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact vacuum leaf collector this is one of the best machines in the market. The company also gives a warranty of one year.

3. Einhell 3433600 power X-change cordless leaf blower and vacuum collector

The first two were electric models and they needed a powerpoint to run. But the 3433600 power X-change (model: GE-CL 36 Li) vacuum collector from Einhell is cordless. This means you do not need to have a plug point nearby and you can use it for lawns that are bigger in size. You just have to recharge the batteries. There is an option to put two batteries and combined they can provide up to 36 V. If you buy the battery and charger system from the same manufacturer you can use it for their other garden tools also.The machine is electronically controlled. The speed of the machine can be controlled using a small rotating switch. To clean your garden you have to first blow and collect the leaf at one place. This machine can blow the leaves at a speed of 210 km/h. Since the motor used is brushless the durability and power increases. It needs little or zero maintenance. Even changing the function from leaf blower to vacuum leaf collector is very easy in this; you just need to turn a switch. When it comes to the suction this has a maximum power of 720 m3/h. The shredder has a working ratio of 10:1.

This is blower cum vacuum collector weighs just 3.38 KGs. Still, you can see a wheel attached to the nozzle of the blower so that you can control the weight of the tool easily. The collection bag here has a transparent portion through which you can see whether the bag is full or not. This bag can collect up to 45 litres of mulched leaves. This cordless vacuum leaf collector has another plus point. It comes with an additional handle along with the standard one which can be adjusted according to the user’s convenience. Battery and charger are not included.

These days most of the leaf blowers come as 3 in 1 product. The multipurpose leaf blower acts as a blower, shredder, mulcher and of course a vacuum collector. While the leaf blower lets out the wind the leaf collector uses the suction method to draw things into itself. All the vacuum blower products come with a collection bag so that the debris or leaves can be collected and discarded easily. Next one on this list is a model from Surreal. This is a compact one that is suitable for small gardens. This Surreal 3 in 1 garden tool powered using electric main and the power cord that is 6 metres long should do the job. It can take a minimum of 230 V and a maximum of 240 V voltage range.The motor is capable of generating a power of 2500 Watt. With this power, the blower can blow the leaves with an air speed of 270 km/h. The suction power of the vacuum leaf collector is 780 m3/minute and the shredding ratio is 10:1. The collection bag for this model can take up to 30 litres of debris at one go. So, in effect, you can store almost 300 litres of debris in the collection bag, thanks to the efficient shredding ratio. Some of the leaf blowers in the market can even clean up damp leaves. But the machine from Surreal should be used only on dry leaves. Damp leaves may cause problems to the shredder. A shoulder strap to carry the tool and wheels at the end of the nozzle make the job a lot easier. It ensures that this leaf blower is easy to move around.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a small garden to tidy up, this vacuum leaf blower would suit your requirements perfectly. It has got enough power and the range to fulfil the requirements.

The Flymo Scirocco electric garden blower vacuum is yet another among the collection of multipurpose garden vacuum leaf collectors. This 3 in 1 blower does the role of blowing the air, vacuum collector and shredder. The mode at which it has to function can be controlled using a simple lever. This vacuum leaf blower can suck up both dry and wet leaves making your job of clearing your garden easy. The Flymo Scirocco garden blower is powered by a 3000 W motor that offers a blow speed of 200 Kmph while the suction capacity is 180 L/S. As with most vacuum collectors, there is a collection bag to store the shredded debris before it gets emptied into the compost heap. You get a collection bag with a whopping 45 litre capacity. Add to that the 10:1 shredding ratio and the Flymo Scirocco electric garden blower vacuum is good to effectively store 450 litres of debris.This garden blower comes with a 12 metre mains cable. Most garden blowers of this range come with a 10 m cable. With the extra 2 metres to play with the Flymo Scirocco electric garden blower vacuum can be comfortably used for a medium sized garden. Weighing around 6 kilos, this gadget measures 89.6 x 29 x 25.8 cm. It is quite powerful for its size though not the lightest one you will find. Its biggest value is in being able to shred both dry as well as wet leaves and offering a 12 m power cable.

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