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We have carefully reviewed the best loop handle petrol brush cutters and thrown in the odd bike handle petrol brush cutter for price comparison purposes. Loop handle brush cutters are considerably easier on the arms and more notably wrists. Loop handle petrol bush cutters should be safe and easy to operate as well as being economical to run. Being petrol, they’ll provide all the power you need to get the job done….

So here is my review the best loop handle petrol brush cutters

Comparison table: Loop Handle Petrol Brush Cutters (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool

  • Powerful Engine - AOSOME Petrol Engine(Fuel Oil Ratio-40:1)
  • Multi Function - Brush Cutter(3 Teeth Blade)/Long Reach Chainsaw Pruner(12"*3/8P*0.050"*44 Teeth)/Grass Trimmer(Auto-feed Trimmer Head with Φ2.4mm*4M Nylon Thread Spool)/Hedge...
  • Safety Guarantee - TUV Approved GS
  • Quality Warranty - The manufacturer offers one year quality warranty
  • Comfortable Use - Easy Starter

4.4/5 from 20 reviews

Mitox 450UX Premium plus Petrol Brush Cutter, Red

Mitox 450UX Premium plus Petrol Brushcutter, Red

  • Easy to start 42.7cc engine
  • Heavy duty gearbox for high performance in tough working environments
  • Full Anti-Vibration System - The handles are fully isolated from the shaft of the brushcutter miming vibrations transmitted through...
  • Extra padded twin shoulder harness ensures optimum user comfort.

5/5 from 1 reviews

Makita EX2650LHM 25.4cc 4-Stroke MM4 Split Shaft with Brush Cutter Attachment

Makita EX2650LHM 25.4cc 4-Stroke MM4 Split Shaft with Brush Cutter Attachment

  • Makita mini four-stroke engine (MM4) is cleaner and more efficient than the alternatives...
  • Multi-positional engine
  • Easy to transport from location to location due to unique spilt shaft design...
  • Ergonomically designed loop handle with rubberised soft grip

5/5 from 1 reviews

Stihl FS55 Petrol strimmer

Stihl FS 55 R 27.2cc Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer

Stihl have delivered once again with their Stihl FS 55 petrol strimmer. If reliability and longevity are at the top of your list of requirements when buying a petrol strimmer, then look no further. Although one of the more expensive products featured here today, there is a reason why Stihl is the brand of choice for those in the know, and I personally think that it's worth paying a little more to find out why that is.

4.5/5 from 2 reviews

CHIKURA Multi Lawn mower Backpack GX35 Long Reach Pole Chainsaw Petrol Brush Cutter Pruner tree

  • brush cutter brushcutter chainsaw pruner lawn mower gasoline saw extend pole

4/5 from 2 reviews

1. Stihl FS 55 R 27.2cc Petrol Brush Cutter/Strimmer

  • Stihl is a leading name in the gardening tools and accessories industry. The Stihl FS 55 R Petrol Brushcutter is a uniquely designed brush cutter here to make your gardening experience one of a kind.
  • It has a 27.2cc petrol engine and is highly low weight and compact to enable ease of handling.
  • It has a control handle that can be used for a lot of purposes. It is thumb operated, meaning the user’s hand can comfortably rest while not leaving the handle.The loop handle comes handy when the brush cutter is being used in difficult terrain or harsh conditions.
  • The brush cutter is equipped with an AutoCut line head C 25 – 2 and a simple single strap harness to use with looped handle machines.
The electronic ignition module makes sure that the machine starts reliably and runs without interruptions or trouble. The ignition system is completely protected from dust and damp.
  • Its fool proof encapsulation ensures that it does not get damaged by mold or dirt.
  • It has a manual fuel pump or a purger that feeds fuel into the carburettor at the press of a button. This decreases the number of strokes required to start the machine after periods of inactivity in operation.
  • The Stihl FS 55 R Petrol Brushcutter has an advanced modern design that provides it strength, durability and great balance.
  • The machine is ideal for use in limited spaces like when you are trimming in between hedges. It is quite popular among landscaping and gardening professionals.

2. AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool - Hedge Trimmer, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw Pruner, Grass Trimmer & Extension Pole - 2 Stroke Petrol Engine 52CC/2.2KW/3HP

  • The Aosome Multi Function Garden Tool works as a Brush Cutter/ Long Reach
  • Chainsaw Pruner / Grass Trimmer/ Hedge Trimmer / Extension Pole with Shaft
  • Connector – all rolled into one useful device.
  • It has a strong, powerful engine that is 2 – stroke and air cooled. It provides speed and efficiency in the operation of this tool.
  • This tool has many functions and yet it does not get plagued by interruptions or stoppages. It can be used comfortably for long periods of time.
  • It comes with a safety guarantee and a warranty for quality. Aosome ensures all its products meet high standards and the safety protocols in place.

3. Mitox 450UX Premium plus Petrol Brush Cutter, Red

  • With a 42.7cc engine that is incredibly easy to start, the Mitox 450UX Petrol Brush
  • Cutter is a premium grade clearing saw / strimmer.
    It comes equipped with a heavy duty gearbox to help ease working and provide optimum performance even in harsh environments.
  • The 450 UX Brush Cutter has a fully professional Anti – Vibration System. Its handles are completely separated from the brush cutter’s shaft that mimes the vibrations travelling through the handles to your hands.
  • It has been designed with the operator’s ease of use in mind. With the most advanced technology and the highest grade of materials, the 450 UX Brush Cutter provides a long lasting, excellent experience to users.
  • With its Soft Start system and Auto – On ignition along with its Auto – Choke system, this product is one of the powerful gardening tools in the market.
  • Despite this, it is also one of the simplest to start, requiring minute effort.
  • Even if you plan to use this brush cutter for the entire day, you need not worry for your back / wrists. It comes with an extra padded double shoulder harness to evenly spread the stress across your shoulders.
  • The minimal vibration, with extra comfort while working with the most powerful brush cutter makes this product an ideal choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

4. Makita EX2650LHM 25.4cc 4-Stroke MM4 Split Shaft with Brush Cutter Attachment

  • This product contains 1Makita EX2650LH Brush Cutter, 1 harness, 2 hex wrenches, 1 socket wrench, 1 oil set, and 1 accessory bag.
  • This machine is equipped with one of the most technologically advanced engines.
  • The multi positional, mini four – stroke engine is relatively cleaner and more productive than the alternatives available. It is, in fact, even more efficient, with its running costs being nearly 60 % lower than that of the competition.
  • It has a unique lubrication system that allows the operator to use this brush cutter at all kinds of slopes and angles.
  • It is light weight and its unique spilt shaft design allows it to be transported easily from one location to another. It is half the length of a regular brush cutter.
  • It has a loop handle that is designed specifically to ease pressure on the operator’s wrist and hands. It has a comfortable and soft rubber grip which allows it to be held for long periods of time.
  • The Makita Brush Cutter boasts of a multi – tool system consisting of the power head, and other attachments that can be added or removed as required.
  • Some of the attachments available that can be used with the product are line trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer, edging tool etc.
  • Makita’s expertise in professional power tools means that the Makita EX2650LH Brush Cutter can be used in forestry and construction sites without suffering any damage and lasting quite a long time.

5. CHIKURA Multi Lawn mower Backpack GX35 Long Reach Pole Chainsaw Petrol Brush Cutter Pruner tree

  • The Chikura Multi Lawn Mower is one of the fastest brush cutters in the market. It has a 38cm cutting swath for completing the cutting job quickly and efficiently even over large areas.
  • The brushless motor is housed in metal motor housing which gives it a longer working life, more strength, durability and sturdiness.
  • With its air cooled, 4 – stroke, GX35 engine, it powerfully and quickly gets your work done for you.
  • This 10 – in – 1 set can be used as a brush cutter, lawn mower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, strimmer and more, as needed by the operator. AMAZING!
  • It is made with the highest quality materials that are not only strong and sturdy, but also immensely durable and have a long running life.
  • It has a comfortable, ergonomic grip to enable you to hold it for long periods of time.

I hope you enjoyed our review of the best loop handle petrol brush cutters and please do let us know if you think that we might of missed any of the better brush cutters. We would be more than happy to include them in this review.

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