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So, you’ve just been to war armed with your lawnmower, hedge trimmer, etc. and you’ve finally got the garden looking halfway respectable. Thing is, you’ve now got a huge pile of garden waste to get rid of. Your options are either spend a lifetime queuing in your car at the local skip, or burning it right there at home. If you opt for the latter, as many people tend to do, your best bet is to purchase a special bin made specifically for just that purpose; a.k.a. a garden incinerator. Owning the best garden incinerator will give you a safe and efficient way of disposing of all your garden waste, and best of all; they won’t have to cost a lot of money to do so.

On this page you will find our reviews of the best garden incinerator products, in addition to a short, but informative, buyers guide. Let’s begin with the top rated incinerators out there-

Best Garden Incinerators Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy, here are a few things we think you should know about buying and using a garden incinerator.

Always keep safety in mind

Whenever you are dealing with open flames, you need to be extra careful, as it is so easy to cause injury to yourself and others, or damage to property. Get yourself a good pair of gloves, thick ones like what welders use, and safety goggles too, as ash and other things can blow out of the incinerator. Always make sure that you are using the incinerator away from anything else that can catch fire easily, and keep taking a look around while using the fire bin to check that nothing has caught fire.

Bricks can come in handy

Most of these products come with legs and so are raised off the ground. This is important because they have holes in the bottom for proper airflow. However, some larger products like the 20-litre bin, don’t have legs, so for best results, you should set it up so that it stands on bricks or something similar.

Take your time

It can be tempting to throw all your waste in your new incinerator all at once, but this is not a great idea. Doing so will probably just result in your fire becoming smothered and therefore will be counterproductive. It will take a while for you to get used to your new garden incinerator and know what the optimum amount of waste to burn is, so just take it easy at first. Also, make sure the fire is burning well and that there is a good heat in the bin before adding any waste.

Best Garden Incinerators Reviewed


Comparison table: Best garden incinerators large and small 2021

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

SAIT Garden incinerator bin

  • Garden incinerator bin
  • Made from strong steel
  • Refurbished heavy duty food drum
  • Perfect for garden waste / wood / cardboard / paper / branches / twigs / leaves / weeds
  • Made from 100% recycled materials

Denny International FIRE INCINERATOR 90L

  • 90 Litre Capacity MADE IN THE U.K
  • burns general garden waste
  • 18" Diameter X 32" Height including legs and lid.

CrazyGadget Galvanised Metal Incinerator

  • CrazyGadget Small Medium Large Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator Fire Burning Bin with Special Locking Lid...
  • SPECIAL LOCKING securing lid on the handle (Excl
  • Features a sturdy, three-legged base
  • Great for a range of different uses for burning different rubbish.
  • Unit can be easily relocated when cold using side handles

Mini Garden Incinerator Small Fire Bin

Mini Garden Incinerator Small Fire Bin Galvanised 15 Litre Burning Wood Leaves Paper Made in UK by Keto Plastics

  • Metal legs and strong riveted handles
  • Ideal for burning paper
  • Capacity: 15 Litre, Size: W33cm x H48cm (Including handles
  • Constructed from durable galvanised steel

Metal Galvanised Garden Incinerator Fire Bin

  • Small Medium Large 15L 60L 90L Litre Metal Galvanised Garden Incinerator Fire Bin Burning Leaves Paper Wood Rubbish Dustbin...
  • Small Medium Large 15L 60L 90L Garden Fire Bin Incinerator Constructed From British High Quality Durable Galvanised Steel Metal...
  • Ideal for Clear All That Unwanted Waste (Leaves
  • Complete With Chimney Lid
  • Available Three Different Sizes Small 15 Litre

Usually available in either a traditional round shape, or square one(although covid-19 seems to have caused some restrictions with this recently), the Denny International fire incinerator is one of, if not THE best out there for the price.

Standing on its three legs, it is 32 inches high and 18 inches in diameter and has a maximum capacity of 90 litres, which is plenty of space for the amount of garden waste the average person has to deal with.

To ensure a fast burning action, the galvanized body of this garden incinerator has air holes all the way from the base to the top, and the lid also features a built in chimney to channel the smoke out.

Zinc plated handles fitted onto the side make moving the weight of the empty incinerator nice and easy, and there is also another handle situated on the lid. These handles are all metal, and will get extremely hot, so make sure you’ve got a good pair of gloves on when using it.

Made in last right here in the UK, and requiring very little assembly (you just need to screw the legs on), the Denny International fire incinerator is a well-made, good-sized product that has a very attractive price tag attached to it.

Like the Denney garden incinerator, this offering from Crazy Gadget is another well-priced, and solidly made, fire bin. With a galvanized steel body, lid, legs, and handles, it is certainly durable, and stands very stable even when filled to capacity. That capacity can vary, as this garden incinerator is available in 15, 18, 40, 60, 90, and a whopping 120 litre sizes.

It is not just more space you get with the larger versions though; any size other than the two smallest also features a very handy, lockable lid. Apart from that though, all sizes are fairly identical.

Assembly was a piece of cake, and only required the legs to be fitted on. All the screws needed were supplied with the incinerator, and they were decent enough quality to do the job.

The Crazy Gadget garden waste burner features two rows of holes around the base of the body, but they don’t go all the way to the top like with the Denny model. Having said that, I didn’t notice a massive difference in how hot they got, or how quickly they burned through waste.

To be honest, there isn’t much difference between the Denny and Crazy Gadget garden incinerators. They are both very good value for money, and you’ll be happy with either.

Not everyone needs a huge fore bin to burn their waste in, and if you count yourself as one of those folk who don’t, you could save yourself a few quid by buying this mini garden incinerator, brought to us by Keto Plastics. Don’t be alarmed by the brand’s name, this isn’t a plastic product, it is made completely of strong galvanized steel just like most of these products, and as such; it is actually quite durable despite its smaller size.

From the top of its chimney, down to the bottom of its metal leg, the Keto plastics mini garden incinerator measures 48cm, and has a diameter of 33cm. This equates to a maximum capacity of 15 litres, which is still more than adequate for people with smaller gardens, or who don’t get that much waste.

At only 1 kilogram empty, it is very lightweight and so is easy to move around the garden; certainly, easier than having to move armfuls of debris around, that’s for sure. However, I wouldn’t leave it empty, out in the open, in times of strong winds. Thankfully, its small dimensions and lack of weight make it easy to store away in the shed.

Featuring two rows of ventilation holes in the side, just like the Crazy Gadget model, this little burner soon gets up to a good heat, and keeps the flames going until all the waste has gone.

For just over ten pounds, this is a cracking little garden incinerator for smaller gardens. Lightweight and mobile, yet robust and practical.

From the smallest, to the largest garden incinerator now with this product from SAIT. Priced at under forty pounds, it offers you very good value for money if you need a big bin to burn through a lot of waste.

Made from recycled materials (a refurbished food drum to be exact), the SAIT garden incinerator bin can be filled with up to 200 litres of leaves, paper, twigs, and just about anything else you need to get rid of.

The four columns of holes lining the sides reach up about halfway up the sizable drum, and along with the other holes in the bottom of the incinerator, keep the fire burning nice and hot, even in the absence of a lid.

Unlike most products featured here today, this one isn’t made from galvanized steel, and so may discolour faster than some of the others (the paint will start to burn off immediately, but that’s not important), however, the steel is very thick and heavy duty, and I have no doubts of its durability.

The only real downside to this excellent garden waste burner, is that there is no lid, and so you have to improvise if you’re going to leave it out in all weather, or you’ll end up with it full of rainwater. Apart from that, I have zero complaints about this and recommend it to anyone with a lot of debris to get rid of in a hurry.

A great little incinerator for smaller gardens, this product from Easy Shopping comes with a couple of nice little extras that might entice a few buyers.

This 15 litre fire bin is made in the UK from galvanized steel, and features pretty much the same design as the Keto Plastics mini garden incinerator. It features the same double rows of ventilation holes around and in the base, and also the same type of lid with a large chimney in the centre of it.

So, what do you get for the extra few pounds? Well, along with the garden incinerator itself, you also get a well-made poker for helping to keep those flames burning, and although it’s a little bit short to reach down through the top of the incinerator, it does fit nicely through the holes in the side.

The second extra, is a shovel that comes in very handy when clearing out the ashes from the bottom of the bin after all the burning is done. The shovel has quite deep sides, and can hold a fair bit of ash on there.

This product is also available without the extras for a reduced price, and you can choose to go with a larger size too, if needs be. Whatever you go for, I’m sure it’ll stand you well.

That concludes our reviews of the best garden incinerators. There are plenty to choose from and with the prices being so favourable it makes sense to grab ourselves one. If you feel like we’ve missed any garden incinerators then please do pop us a quick message and we will be glad to add them to the list for you.

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