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Cordless garden leaf blowers are a real asset these days, they make getting around the garden super easy as well as being pretty powerful. We have taken a look at the best cordless garden leaf blowers and thrown in a couple of corded versions just so that you can see how much cheaper they are when compared. A cordless leaf blower should be well built and have a battery that lasts long enough to get round a normal sized garden. They need enough power to suck up leaves that are stuck to the ground and generally make the job of a hand leaf collector redundant!

So here is my review of the best cordless garden leaf blowers

Cordless Garden Leaf Blowers Reviews

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

Ryobi OBL1820S ONE+ Cordless Blower

  • Ideal for hard surface sweeping
  • High speed nozzle provides airflow of 245 km/h
  • Lightweight design with ultimate cordless convenience makes quick work of clearing jobs...
  • Overmould for comfort over extended use
  • Includes high speed nozzle

4.6/5 from 68 reviews

Makita DUB182Z 18 volt leaf blower

  • Maximum air pressure 5.4 kPa
  • Maximum air volume 2.3 cubic m/minutes
  • Ergonomically designed handle with rubberised soft grip fits your hand perfectly to provide maximum control and comfort...
  • Anti-static electricity for comfortable operation
  • Three air volume settings: Low

4.6/5 from 117 reviews


  • Boost mode to tackle more stubborn debris
  • Max blow speed 209 km/h for effortless cleaning of debris
  • Soft grip handle
  • Lightweight (only 1.7kg) for easy manoeuvrability and control
  • Low noise design allows quiet operation

3.2/5 from 16 reviews

Compact Cordless Dust Leaf Blower

  • Quiet compact leaf blower that is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Effectively clears away leaves and debris in the garden
  • Eco-friendly garden tool that helps to reduce carbon footprint
  • Innovative design ensures maximum efficiency and airflow
  • Use the 20V Lithium-Ion Battery on multiple other garden tools

3.6/5 from 4 reviews

Wireless Blower Garden Farm Leaves Electric Rechargeable Lithium Hair Dryer

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use the 18V
  • orange colourways, the leaf blower is fully compatible with all other products in the 18V Range....
  • Electric rechargeable lithium hair dryer car computer dust collector soot blower blowing high power wireless blower....
  • The cordless, ergonomic design with soft grip rubber handle offers complete mobility and comfortable operation...
  • Lightweight with a 1 hour charge time
Not enough reviews to accurately rate this product.

CX Best Garden blower

  • A VARIETY OF USE OCCASIONS:computer dust
  • PURE COPPER MOTOR:full copper wound rotor
  • OTHER FUNCTIONS:Turbo cyclone technology
  • ULTRA-HIGH POWER:1180W, 950W, 750W650W
Not enough reviews to accurately rate this product.


BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless Blower + Boost Mode with 2.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery
3.2 out of 5 stars ( 16 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 24 hours

  • This is a versatile instrument which can be operated throughout the year to extract waste from courtyards, decks, sidewalks, drives and carriages.
  • Driven with 18V2.0Ah Lithium-Ions Battery, it allows user to manoeuvre without complaining about extensions and reach all corners of the park.
  • It provides maximum speeds of 209 km/h and offers the Speed boost, which allows you to readily remove stubborn waste.
  • The versatile and compact structure guarantees the convenience, control and capacity of the user to manoeuvre the hose without impacting the arms and shoulders.
  • A smooth handle also offers additional convenience during operation.
  • It could also be operated to clean grass cuts or dropped flowers and to clear rinses and light snow.
  • With the power enhancement button, reducing more stubborn waste can then be performed faster.

NOTE: this is a corded leaf blower and for cost comparison purposes so that you can see just what an amazing deal it is.

  • Its strong 3000W engine blows, hovers and paws make it a recycling material.
  • Its compact design puts this leaf blower in a large, zipped 35-litre bag of shredded capacities of 10:1, which implies less time to empty your sack and a longer time to clean and maintain your garden.
  • It provides optimal effectiveness and guarantees that your garden looks clean and clean in no moment.
  • This involves the armrest and gears for long periods of convenience, a 10 m power cord and a heat pull-out safe function.
  • 2 Annual Warranty included Manufacturer
  • Very strong, yet simple to perform machine! Blower operates very well; the suction hose unbelievably nice, in the variable garden operates very well.

  • This storage-ion battery and quick charger Cordless Leaf Blower has already produced its reputation one of today’s best charging leaf blowers.
  • Without sound, fumes and rhythms, you will achieve all the output of a petrol leaf blower in this leaf blower.
  • With a weight of just 2.6 kg, you won’t be tired of using the blower for a long time.
  • This is an excellent choice for house owners to decrease their carbon footprint and prevent messy motors from fiddling
  • Innovative design guarantees maximum airflow and effectiveness
  • It removes stubborn debris and leaves the back garden clean and keeps your property in a fantastic condition easily.
  • This is the adequate size for gardens of various sizes and if you have storage problems at your place, you shouldn’t be concerned because the this Leaf Blower can be stuck safely, taking too little space
  • This also requires much less maintenance, which is that kind of news everybody wants to receive

4. Ryobi OBL1820S ONE+ Cordless Blower

  • This leaf blower is perfect on decks, yards and driveway for sweeping difficult surfaces
  • It comes with a high-speed pump that is suitable for removing leaves and garden waste, with a 245 km / h airflow
  • The compact, ultimately cordless structure allows fast clearing of employment and also its ‘over mould’ handle offers comfort for long-lasting applications.
  • Ideal for sweeping difficult surfaces like decks, yards and entrances
  • Lightweight structure with ultimate cable comfort which completes clearing job fast
  • Its battery is suitable with all cordless home and garden instruments
  • It’s an absolute deal for less than £ 40 too as the leaves and acorns are cleared through easily.

  • Vacuuming and blowing; both features for easy collection of the blades
  • In the same moment, you can decrease a lot of trouble with a big scrap bag which is exclusively added with this blower.
  • This is an ideal companion for you while travelling as this comes with a full wound rotor, the excellent heat dissipation, the powerful energy and it also ensures the safety of elevated temperatures
  • This leaf blower is indeed a proficient choice as this is equipped with a porous technology for heat dissipation
  • Can be utilised in distinct settings (yards or gardens…) by separate consumers (professional or amateur gardeners…) for various uses.

6. Makita DUB182Z 18V Body only Cordless Li-ion Blower

Makita DUB182Z 18V Body only Cordless Li-ion Blower
4.6 out of 5 stars ( 117 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 24 hours

  • The leaf blower can be used as a vacuum which comes with a dust bag equipped with low and high air density settings.
  • It also features a low-static power mechanism for convenient use.
  • Ergonomic handle with rubberised smooth grip that perfectly suits your grip to ensure maximum command and comfort.
  • Its engine speed generates 80 m / s (180 mph) of peak air velocity.
  • Zero emissions containing less concentrations of noise, perfect usage in delicate working and home settings

7. WORX WG505E 3000W Trivac Garden Blower

WORX WG505E 3000W Trivac Garden Blower Mulcher & Vacuum, Black
3.8 out of 5 stars ( 302 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 24 hours

NOTE: this is a corded leaf blower and for cost comparison purposes so that you can see just what an amazing deal it is. There are many more electric garden leaf blowers at the link provided if this interests you.

  • With only the tilt of a switch, this blade is versatile in changing between employments and thus is an all-rounder portable device.
  • This power engine operates at approximately 70 decibels, which considerably reduces sound pollution and does not have any of the gasoline-powered emissions.
  • The changeable air control system reduces air density when operating with sensitive plants and also does prevent pollution
  • The adjustable air control system enables you to decrease air flow in sensitive crops and prevent dust spills.
  • This product is also equipped with an efficient power consumption feature which will help the user to relax over the charging issue of the leaf blower.
  • This blower vacuums your external waste so that your leaves and grass can be quickly cleaned.
  • The mulching function reduces even your garden residual by 16:1
  • Now built using a unique metal impeller which makes the lightweight machine more robust.

8. Wireless Blower Garden Farm Leaves Electric Rechargeable Lithium Hair Dryer

  • This 18V model is compact, light and user friendly. This cordless Blower removes the leaves and scrap quickly
  • The leaf blower is completely compliant with all other goods of the 18V range, with orange colours.
  • The ergonomic, cordless design with smooth handle provides full mobility and convenient operation.
  • Compact for easy storage and also, the blower tube can be removed.
  • Speed control is also available, making the job method simple to control.

I hope you enjoyed our review of the best cordless garden leaf blowers. We have many more leaf blowers if you didn’t find anything you like here. If you think we missed any of the best cordless garden leaf blowers then please feel free to drop us a note and we will look at it for you.