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Bike Handle Petrol Brush Cutters

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A Review of 5 Best Bike Handle Petrol Brush Cutters

Comparison table: Bike Handle Petrol Brush Cutters

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

AOSOME 52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Garden Heavy Duty Brush Cutter 2 stroke 2.2kw 3HP Easy Starter

  • Engine: 52cc, 2 stroke
  • Cutting device: 3 teeth blade and trimmer head
  • Features: Easy starter system/Own designed joint connector
  • Various Accessories: comfortable double shoulder harness
  • After Sales Service: 1 year warranty for the engine main spare parts and professional After Sales Team...

Einhell GC-BC 31-4 S 31 cc 4 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer Engine – Red

  • High-grade, contemporary and low-vibration four stroke engine
  • Adjustable second (aluminium bike) handle for easy/precise working
  • Handle with all control elements
  • Long handle made of aluminium tube for tireless working
  • With split shaft for easy transport and space-saving storage

Efco Stark 2500S 25.4 cc Petrol Brush Cutter

Efco Stark 2500S 25.4 cc Petrol Brush Cutter

  • Light and easy-to-handle
  • Vibrations kept to a minimum due to self-lubricating bushings fitted on the transmission shaft...
  • Forged steel drive shaft and connecting rod guarantee dependable performance and long life...
  • Centrifugal clutch with shoes of sintered material ensures resistance to stress and durability...
  • Equipped with a primer that fills the carburetor with fuel mixture to ensure easy starting with a limited number...


Specification: Warranty: 1 year, Engine Type: 2 Stroke, Power output: 0.8kW / 1.1hp, Speed: 8600rpm, Weight: ‎5.2kg

  • Once again, Stihl brings to you one of the most advanced, cutting edge products in the market: the Stihl FS56C – E Petrol Brush Cutter.
  • It is an extremely light weight, compact petrol brush cutter that is truly the next generation in the world of gardening tools.
  • This brush cutter comes with a straight shaft and a bike handle. It also has the
  • ErgoStart feature making it very comfortable to operate.
  • It has a significantly modern look and a practical and super simple starting process. Unlike older models, this machine can be started with a surprisingly less number of steps, saving quite a lot of time and allowing efficient operation.
  • You will not have to worry about a flooded engine with this brush cutter. Its brand new 2- stroke petrol engine has stratified charge which gives way for quick acceleration, decreased consumption of fuel and significantly lesser emissions.
  • The bike handle of the brush cutter is fully adjustable along with the AutoCut line head. It ensures you can trim at different angles without breaking a sweat or straining your wrists.
  • This brush cutter weighs a mere 5.2 kg, making it easy to handle, store and transport.

2. Efco Stark 2500S 25.4 cc Petrol Brush Cutter

Specification: Warranty: 1 year, Engine Type: 2 Stroke, Power output: 0.8kW / 1.0hp, Speed: 8500rpm, Weight: ‎ 5.6kg

  • The Efco Stark Petrol Brush Cutter is highly light weight and subsequently easy to operate.
  • It vibrates very less when turned on, due to separation of the engine from the grip and the transmission shaft equipped with self – greasing bushings.
  • The forged steel drive shaft and connecting rod ensure your instrument remains handy and performs well for a long time.
  • The machine is designed to work well even under stress and to remain strong and durable under whatever conditions it is used in.
  • It starts with a lesser amount of pulls than what other brush cutters in the market need to start.
  • It is very compact which makes it easy to transport and store.

3. Draper Expert 45576 32 cc Petrol Brush Cutter and Line Trimmer

Specification: Warranty: 1 year, Engine Type: 2 Stroke, Power output: 0.9kW, Speed: 8500rpm, Weight: 4.5kg

A family run company, Drapers Tools has been selling premium grade tools and accessories for nearly a century. They now present a brush cutter not only useful for the passionate DIY – worker, but also for the professional worker.

Passing all the rigorous quality tests and meeting a number of high standards for power tools, the Draper Expert 45576 32 cc Petrol Brush Cutter is the brush cutter to meet all your gardening needs.

With a 32 cc two – stroke petrol engine, it is incredibly easy to start and runs for long pockets of time without stopping.

It features an on / off switch along with a safety throttle lever. It has choke for easy, minimal effort starting and a lock on feature at start.

Its expert design includes a one – piece single shaft for better manoeuvrability. It has comfortable, soft grip bike handles that allow you to hold on to them for a long time.

It also has shoulder harness which works on advanced quick – release mechanism for double safety. This, along with the hip support pad ensures that you don’t suffer from any back pain / wrist ache while trimming your hedges.

The accessories that come along with the brush cutter are :

  • 8 m tap ‘n’ go double line spool
  • 4 and 5 mm hexagon keys
  • 4 tooth brush cutting blades
  • 8/10 mm spanner
  • 1.5-litre 2-stroke mixing bottle
  • 17/19 mm box spanner

This incredibly affordable brush cutter gives you a great and solid performance for a long time.
Draper Tools backs this product with a standard guarantee for quality and performance.

4. Einhell GC-BC 31-4 S 31 cc 4 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer Engine – Red

Specification: Warranty: 1 year, Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Power output: 0.7kW, Speed: 7000rpm, Weight: ‎ 8.2kg

  • The GC-BC 31-4 S petrol scythe is the one power tool that any DIY – er or master landscapist needs to trim and contain tough growth areas in the garden. It allows you to effortlessly and efficiently regain control over excess growth, even at weird angles.
  • The machine boasts of premium grade, modern and decreased – vibration four stroke engines.
  • The brush cutter’s controls are easily reachable and can be adjusted according to preference. The aluminium two hand bike handle can also be positioned according to the operator’s needs.
  • It is highly user friendly as all its elements are controllable and adjustable.
  • It has a soft, yet durable and wear resistant carrying strap that goes easy on your shoulders and wrists.
  • Its handle is long and sturdy, made with premium aluminium which can handle incredible amounts of pressure and stress.
  • It is equipped with a quick start system, which means you can start the brush cutter fairly quickly after a long period of not using it.
  • The brush cutter is equipped with a split shaft to enable easy transportation and hassle – free, compact storage.
  • It comes with an Einhell guarantee backing up its functions.

5. AOSOME 52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Garden Heavy Duty Brush Cutter 2 stroke 2.2kw 3HP Easy Starter

Specification: Warranty: 1 year, Engine Type: 2 Stroke, Power output: 2.2kW / 3.0hp, Speed: 9000rpm, Weight: ‎ 7.4kg

  • This cutting and trimming device consists of a trimmer head and a 3 teeth blade.
  • With a powerful 52cc, 2 stroke engine, this brush cutter can easily take on heavy loads without stoppages or interruptions.
  • It has a deceptively simple starter system. It comes with a uniquely designed joint connector and an easily assembled split shaft.
  • The split shaft enables you to quickly and efficiently transport and store your brush cutter when not in use.
  • The blade guard is one of the most advanced in the market to ensure complete safety. It requires little time to assemble.
  • The product comes with several accessories like: high quality mixing bottle, comfortable double shoulder harness, instruction manual, box content card, tool kit and a feedback card.

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