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Best shed alarms to keep you protected (2021 Updated Review)

This article was last updated on September 25th, 2021 at 4:25 am

It’s a shame that we are searching for the best shed alarms but I’m afraid thats the reality of the times we find ourselves in. You’re probably just securing a cordless lawn mower, a hedge trimmer, and your grass trimmers as well as a whole host of tools. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need a shed alarm but seeing as we do I have put together a list of the best shed alarms based on ability to detect an intruder, how well the batteries last, the noise output, and from my personal perspective, a shed alarm should not throw out false positives. The last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night because the cat set the shed alarm off!

What is a shed alarm?

Shed alarm is an umbrella term used to describe devices that are designed to alert you to intruders in your shed, but there are quite a few variations.

Some shed alarms are, I suppose, what you would think of as a more traditional alarm, and will make a loud noise to let you know that there’s a problem. Although these can be annoying for you and neighbours if you get a faulty one that triggers over nothing all the time, the noise can help to startle burglars and make them flee before they grab anything valuable.

These days, there are shed alarms that make use of the latest technology, and some of them won’t make a loud alarm sound for everyone to hear, and will instead alert you via your mobile phone. Just like with the type of alarm we talked about above, this has its pros and cons too.

You also have a choice of alarms that are triggered by motion, and ones that are triggered by sound, breaking of contact, or vibration. All of these can work well if installed correctly and in an appropriate place, and all can be set off accidentally if set up wrong.

Other things to decide upon are whether you want a wired alarm or a wireless one, and if to go with an alarm that is connected to the mains or a battery powered model. Then there are small security cameras that have built-in alarms too.

So, you can see that there is no shortage of options available, but as already mentioned, each variation has its positive and negative traits. In this next section we’ll take a look at few.

Potential problems with shed alarms

One of the biggest problems with all types of shed alarms is that they can be accidentally triggered by things other than sticky-fingered thieves.

For example, motion sensors can pick up movement from animals such as cats, rats, hedgehogs, etc. and then have you running downstairs in your Y-fronts armed with your garden spade ready to take on the burglars, all for nothing. There are ways to stop this happening though, as I’ll explain in a little while.

It’s not just motion sensors that have this kind of problem either. Alarms that react to vibration can work really well if set up on the windows of your shed, as they will alert you if the glass is broken or tampered with. The thing is, we get some pretty strong winds here from time to time, and this can rattle those windows and set the alarm off.

We can say the same thing for sound detecting alarms and ones that work off the break of contact too, so there isn’t a definitive type of shed alarm that is foolproof.

Other things that can go wrong are people forgetting to replace the batteries in their alarms, rendering them pretty much useless, or in the case of alarms that are connected to the mains supply, leaving the power cable exposed and easy for thieves to cut. Some shed alarms will have a backup system that will alert you if the mains supply is cut, so look for one of these if you don’t like the idea of changing batteries.

Most modern shed alarms come with remote controls, and while this is generally a very good thing, allowing you to arm and disarm the alarm from a distance, it can sometimes cause problems. Try to look for a remote that has buttons that sit quite flush into the casing, or even better, one that has a sliding cover, as this will stop you from accidentally pushing buttons when the remote is in your pocket.

Example of using a shed alarm

I love tools, I really do, and so I end up spending more money than I should on them (well according to the wife, that is). I’ve been this way for years, and so I have used shed alarms since the low-tech days of yesteryear, and I’ve had my share of problems with them.

Setting up shed alarms to work effectively used to be all about trial and error, but luckily for you guys there are now wonderful sites on the internet, like this one, that tell you everything you need to know.

I mentioned motion sensors being triggered by animals in the section above this one, as I have been through the false alarms caused by them. At first, I thought it was because my alarm was too sensitive, so I bought a new one that had more control over the sensitivity and this helped to lower the number of times I jumped out of bed to defend my lawnmower.

I also sealed off my shed properly, so that it was very difficult for any scurrying little rodents or other unwanted members of the animal kingdom to get in there, and as I said there was an improvement, but every now and then the alarm would still trip.

After giving it a lot of thought, I realised that the sensor was aimed at the door and window of the shed, and on windy nights the shed door would move and bang, and the tree next to the window would blow and move around, and this was triggering the alarm.

So, the next alarm I bought was an infra-red model that would pick up heat signatures, and wouldn’t be set off by movement alone. This worked wonders, once I’d tweaked the sensitivity, and since then I haven’t had to impersonate a football streaker in the middle of the night. Something I’m sure the neighbours are happy about.

So, my advice is, if you’re going to get a motion sensor alarm, make sure it is one that has a PIR sensor, or get used to a lot of false alarms.

Best Shed Alarms for your garden

Specification: Loud Siren: 130db, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 1 AAA, Remote control range: 50ft

This product is great for setting up on your shed door or windows, and can also be utilised on bedroom doors and other entrances.

This is a contact alarm, and how it works is that you place one part of the alarm on your door frame, and the other on the door. The two parts must be very close to each other, almost touching, and this creates a magnetic connection between them. If the door is opened while the alarm is armed, this connection is broken, and it will trigger the alarm.

The Lacoramo alarm can produce a siren that hits 130 decibels, which is about 20 decibels more than your average car horn. It isn’t the loudest thing in the world, but it is enough to shock intruders.

Along with the alarm come two identical remote controls, and this can come in very handy if you’ve got more than one person who wants to access the shed, or older children sharing the house who come home after you’ve gone to bed. All they have to do is press the disarm button to enter the shed or house without disturbing you too much.

Altogether, there are four buttons on the remote: the aforementioned disable, the button for arming the alarm, a welcome mode, and an SOS mode. The welcome mode makes the alarm act like a doorbell, and will give a little chime when the door is opened to let you know someone has entered or left. The SOS function can be useful for emergencies, such as if you’ve had an accident and you can’t reach the phone.

Energy efficiency is always important, and the lacoramo alarm doesn’t disappoint in that department. You can run the alarm for up to a year using the same two AA batteries, and when the batteries finally do start to get low on power, the device will let you know, via a beeping noise, that it’s time to change them.

What I like about this alarm is that it is so easy to set up. There are no wires or anything like that, you simply pop the batteries in, and then use some double-sided tape to fix the device in place. It only takes a few moments to complete the whole installation, and then you’re ready to get on with your day.

In addition to the easy setup, this type of alarm is less likely to give you problems with false alarms, as it does not get triggered by motion, sound, or vibration, in the same way as other shed security products.

The only real problem that I see people having with this alarm is with the remotes. You see, the buttons are raised up and easy to press accidentally. So, if you have the alarm in your pocket and sit down or bump into something, you might suddenly set off the SOS siren by accident. You can also accidentally disarm the device after activating it, leaving it useless.

Still, if you are careful with the remotes, this is an excellent product that does what it’s supposed to. What’s more, it is reasonably priced, very easy to install, will not burn through batteries, and quite well-made too. What more could you want in a shed alarm?

Specification: Loud Siren: 115dB, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 2 12V batteries, Remote control range: 250ft,

The Kerui wireless alarm system is a kit that offers your shed two different types of protection from would-be thieves, all for the price you’d pay for just one of those alarms from some companies.

Let me be clear, there is only one siren that comes with this kit, although the modular nature of this system means you can buy and add more if needed. You do, however, get multiple ways to trigger that siren which I’ll talk about now.

The first one is a PIR sensor, which will pick up motion and also body heat signatures and set off the siren speaker. You can set up the PIR sensor as far away as 50 metres or so from the siren speaker if the area is open, so you can choose to have the noise closer to the house to wake you, or closer to the shed to scare the thieves.

Also in the box are two contact alarms that you can set up on your doors and windows, and to remote controls that have a decent range considering the low price of this set. The remotes have the same four buttons as many similar alarms; arm, disarm, welcome, and SOS/panic mode, and are easy to use. To stop accidentally arming or disarming the device, there is a sliding cover for the buttons too.

There is no need for any wifi connection with this product and installation is as easy as you get. You only need to slip in the supplied batteries, pick the spot for your PIR sensor, and stick the contact sensors on your doors and you’re pretty much ready to go. The only other thing is to plug the siren into a wall socket.

At 115 decibels the siren is loud enough to wake people up, so keep this in mind when deciding where to place it. The speaker is very simple and there is no way to adjust the volume, nor is there a silent arm and disarm function, so you might find your neighbours getting annoyed with you if you are playing with the device early in the morning or late at night.

Another annoying thing about the Kerui alarm set, is that there is no automatic reset. So, if you accidentally trigger the alarm, you have to remove the batteries from the sensor and then unplug the siren itself. Then there is a waiting period of about a quarter of an hour until you can set it up again. It’s hardly the most convenient design.

The power cable on the power adapter for the siren speaker is on the short side too, so you’ll either have to get an extension lead, or set it up near a wall socket. This is not the worst thing in the world, but it’s still something worth knowing before you buy.

So, yes, this alarm kit has its flaws, but overall, it is a good product for the price and will give your shed a lot of security coverage. A PIR sensor, two contact door sensors, 2 remotes, and a siren, all for under 30 quid at the moment. That’s not too shabby in my book.

Specification: Loud Siren: 100dB, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 4x AA batteries , Remote control range: 12 m

This article reviews some of the best shed alarms available in the market. These are ideal if you are looking to purchase something to protect your garden sheds, garages, caravans or outbuildings. Securing buildings outside of your home is as important as securing your home. The Yale Wireless shed and garage alarm enables you to keep an eye on any unnecessary movement or intrusion.

The product components include 1 Yale shed and garage alarm, 1 fixing instructions and 1 fixing pack.

The Yale shed and garage alarm has the following features:

  • You need to set a confidential 4 digit pin code, which should only be shared with your family.
  • The Yale shed and garage alarm has a very strong motion detection sensor.
  • An alarm will alert you 10 seconds after a motion is detected, if the 4 digit pin code is not entered.
  • The alarm comes with a loud siren of around 100 db so that when an unnecessary motion is detected, the user is alerted even if he is a little far from the shed.
  • The shed alarm offers a great range of 12 meters, which is suitable for protecting buildings like sheds and garages outside of your home.
  • It is wireless and hence there is no hassle of cables, as a result of which it can be mounted anywhere on any wall.
  • The shed alarm runs on 4 AA batteries, and the shed alarm displays a red indicator if the battery is running low and needs a replacement.

2. Tech Traders Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm with 2 Remote Controls for Shed, Garage and Caravan

Specification: Loud Siren: 105 dB, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 4 x AA batteries, Remote control range: 110° scanning area (8 m)

The Tech Traders remote controlled mini shed alarm with infrared ray remote control is the perfect solution to your shed security problems. It comes equipped with a loud and clear 105db siren which expands the detection range to 8 long meters. The Tech Traders shed alarm has an inbuilt passive infrared sensor to detect movement and has a built in PIR motion sensor. The scanning area can reach up to 110 degrees. The wireless shed alarm runs on 4 AA batteries and comes complete with 2 remote controls.

The Tech Traders shed and garage alarm has the following features:

  • Strong motion sensor alarm to protect your front door, back door, garage shed, caravans etc.
  • Inbuilt PIR motion sensor to detect any intruder movement
  • Easy to install and no hassles of wires or cable
  • Comes with 2 remote controls
  • Loud 105db alarm and a scanning area of 110 degrees

Specification: Loud Siren: 105dB, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 4 x AA batteries, Remote control range: 110° scanning area

This shed alarm, sold by Top-Vigor, comes with:

  • 1 alarm sensor
  • 1 mount bracket
  • 2 remote controls

Some of the features of the alarm system are:

  • The alarm’s inbuilt PIR motion sensor – this helps detect the movement of any intruder.
  • The shed alarm has a scanning range of 110 degrees and a loud siren of 105 db – to alert the owner in case of any unusual activity.
  • The shed alarm also comes with its own adjustable wall mounting bracket – this makes it simple to install anywhere.
  • It is wireless – saves the owner from the hassles of wires and cables.
  • The shed alarm runs on 4 AA batteries.

Specification: Loud Siren: 105dB, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 4 x AA batteries, Remote control range: 110° scanning area (8ft)

Looking for a shed alarm to provide crime prevention security at home, office, garage or shed? Invest in the WER wireless shed alarm which comes with an adjustable wall mounting bracket and 2 remote controls. The new wireless design makes it very easy to install.

The WER Wireless Shed alarm comes with the following unique features:

  • Very loud siren of up to 105 db to alert the owner of any unnecessary intruder movement.
  • Inbuilt PIR Motion sensor
  • Large scanning area covering 110 degree
  • 45 days money back guarantee and 24 month warranty period.

The shed alarm requires 4 AA batteries (not included in the pack) and 2 LR44 batteries for remote control (included in the pack).

Specification: Loud Siren: 125db, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 3 x AA batteries, Remote control range: 328ft/100m

This multipurpose wireless alarm, with infrared PIR motion Detector technology is great for securing your homes, offices, sheds, caravans or garages. It is completely wireless and hence comes with its own mounting material.

Some of the top features of the CPVAN Motion Sensor alarm include:

  • Communication range of up to 100 m
  • The infrared sensor can detect any intruder movement of up to 5 to 8 meters
  • Loud siren alert system at 125 db
  • Inbuilt Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to detect any unnecessary movement in the detection range.
  • 90 days guarantee

The CPVAN Motion sensor alarm is very easy to install and runs on 3 AAA batteries which are included in the pack. The box comes with 1 motion sensor alarm, 1 remote control, all batteries, mounting base and an user manual.

Specification: Loud Siren: 110-130db, Battery Type: ‎Alkaline 3 x AA batteries, Remote control range: N/A

Defender range of products has made its own unique place in the security products category as they are regularly recommended by the UK Police, Local Councils and neighbour hood watch groups due to their reliability and quality factor. Any unnecessary motion is detected by the shed alarm and its loud siren of 110 db alerts the owner of the motion. The Defender alarm is perfect for use in sheds, garages etc. To protect your property against unwanted criminals and security breaches. It is very easy to install, and one just needs to set a combination code for entry into the area.

Key features of the Defender Shed alarm include:

  • Shock sensor technology and magnetic contact alarm
  • It caters to a 15 second entry or exit delay
  • The alarm unit has a small solar panel attached to it which extends the battery life by around 18 months.

The Defender shed alarm comes with its own set of 3 AAA batteries, screws, adhesive stickers and instruction manual.

Comparison table: Best shed alarms to keep you protected (2021 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Yale SAA5015 Wireless Alarm

  • Motion detection - Alarm will sound 10 seconds after motion is detected if pin code is not entered....
  • Loud siren - 100dB siren is loud enough to alert you when motion is detected....
  • Range - 12m detection range suitable for protecting sheds
  • Versatile - can be wall-mounted or free standing
  • Battery operated - requires 4x AA batteries (not included) and a red light indicator will warn you when batteries...

Defender Wireless Shed Alarm

Defender Wireless Shed Alarm - Garage Alarm - Burglar Alarm for Sheds Garages - Wireless Alarm For Doors - Alarm With Keypad (Black)


CPVAN Motion Sensor Alarm with Siren and Remote Control

  • ✅Multipurpose - A complete stand-alone motion sensor based alarm system for homes...
  • ✅MORE SECURE DESIGN - Communication range of up to 328ft/100m (Sound range in open place) and detection range of...
  • ✅EASY INSTALLATION - Just paste it in the right place
  • ✅EXPANDABLE - Expand this A1 PIR motion sensor with further CPVAN Home Alarm System accessories...

Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm PIR Infrared Battery Powered with 2 Remote Controls

  • Remote Control : With portable remote controls on key chains
  • PIR motion sensor: Built in PIR motion sensor that will activate the alarm if any movement is detected...
  • Easy to install: Simple to fit and wireless to connect
  • Wide Application: Suitable for protecting your property against unwelcome intruders
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)

Tech Traders Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm with 2 Remote Controls for Shed, Garage and Caravan

  • Tech Traders loud 105 dB alarm
  • Built in PIR motion sensor
  • 110° scanning area
  • Adjustable wall mounting bracket
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)

WER Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm with 2 remote controls – 2 pack

  • 👍VERY LOUD : 105 Db alarm
  • 👍NEW WIRELESS DESIGN : Built in PIR motion sensor...
  • 👍LARGE SCAN AREA : 110° scanning area
  • 👍SIMPLE INSTALLATION : adjustable wall mounting bracket
  • 👍SAFE QUALITY ASSURANCE : Backed by 45 days money-back and 24 month worry-free warranty....

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