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The best lawn roller will significantly improve the amount of seeds that germinate if you sow directly in soil. One of the best ways to guarantee a good crop and ensure the seeds are well bedded is a lawn roller. The best lawn rollers are heavy enough that they can insure seeds are well bedded, but not so heavy that you struggle to use it. Ideally they are built from galvanised metal enabling them to last for many years to come. They work really well, especially when you’ve just laid grass seed.

So here is my review of the best lawn rollers for your garden

The best lawn rollers make a beautiful garden (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

Garden Gear Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Lawn Roller

  • Large capacity; 30 litre capacity that can be filled with water or sand...
  • Durable; Made from high quality galvanised steel
  • Extra wide; 42cm wide roller
  • Easy to store; Removal handle ensures easy storage
  • 12-month guarantee

4.3/5 from 219 reviews

Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden

Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden

  • 50cm (20") Working width
  • 42cm (16") Diameter drum complete with drain plug
  • Weight 120kg filled with sand
  • Full width scraper
  • Soft feel folding handlebar

4.3/5 from 231 reviews

Oypla Galvanised Garden Steel Lawn Roller

  • Official Oypla Branded Product
  • 30cm Wide Drum Can Be Filled With Water Or Sand (Not Included)...
  • Folding Handles For Easy Storage
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction for Durability

4/5 from 264 reviews

Christow Heavy-Duty Garden Lawn Roller

  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION WITH SOFT-FEEL HANDLEBAR: 16" wide barrel made from heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish for rust-resistance....
  • FILL WITH UP TO 30 LITRES OF WATER OR SAND: Removable plug allows you to easily fill the barrel...
  • FULL-WIDTH SCRAPER BAR TO COLLECT DEBRIS: Designed with a full-width scraper bar which collects loose grass and removes debris...
  • COMPACT & FOLDABLE FOR EASY STORAGE: Remove the bolts to easily fold up the handlebar...

3.9/5 from 17 reviews

Outsunny 30 Litre Heavy Duty Water Or Sand Filled Garden Steel Lawn Roller

  • This steel roller has a 30cm diameter drum
  • It comes complete with a scraper bar to clean off loose debris and not roll back on to your...
  • This item has a 30-litre capacity and weighs 6.7kg when empty.
  • When filled with water it weighs 36kg (approx.) and when filled with sand it weighs 60kg (approx.)....
  • Drum: 42 x

3.4/5 from 17 reviews

DURHAND Garden Lawn Roller

  • ✅ROLLS GARDEN EFFECTIVELY: Great for freshly sowed lawns and uneven patches caused by frost and moles....
  • ✅QUALITY STEEL QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Extremely sturdy and durable
  • ✅HOLDS UP TO 38 LITRES: Allows you to have control on how heavy you want it to roll....
  • ✅'U' SHAPED HANDLE: Allows you to operate comfortably.
  • ✅PUSH AND PULL: Can go back and forth over tougher spots with ease...

4/5 from 3 reviews

We all love to keep our garden in the best shape and keeping the grass trimmed and clean is the first thing in line. Having a good lawn roller can save your day and that too for the best. Let us take a look at some of the best lawn rollers available in the market, shall we?

  • It is manufactured with completely galvanised steel to ensure better durability without any sort of compromise whatsoever
  • Comes with 30 cm wide drum which can either be filled with water or even sand, depending on the requirements and the state of the lawn
  • It also does come with foldable handles which further makes it easy to store around because of how compact it becomes and is an added bonus
  • It is comparatively a lot lightweight and easy to use and handle in comparison to the other available models in the market

  • It is one of the best brands which is manufactured with good quality steel to ensure better durability and value for money for your investment on the lawn roller
  • The steel used in this roller is extremely good quality and sturdy that ensures to get the job done without any issues whatsoever
  • It has a capacity of 38 litres which you can adjust based on your requirements and the needs around without any issues
  • It is quite perfect for the sowed lawns and even the holes around the lawns that need to fill around for the best impact in levelling the lawn
  • It comes with a U shaped handle to help you handle this a little bit better without any kind of issues with the huge roller
  • It is very easy to glide through and doesn’t get stuck and makes it easier for you to operate it with ease

3. Outsunny 30 Litre Heavy Duty Water Or Sand Filled Garden Steel Lawn Roller

  • Next on the list is the one from Outsunny which comes with the standard 30 cm drum which can be filled with either water or sand, depending on the requirements around on the lawn
  • The best part of this is the fact that it comes with a scraper bar which proves beneficial in cleaning off any kind of loose debris that helps ensure that the same doesn’t fall back into the lawn while you are rolling it
  • It is a bit heavy to move around, so that can be a bit of a problem because it weighs 6.7 kg when it is empty and can even weigh up to 60 kg when you fill it with sand
  • It is manufactured from steel, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about the problems associated with rusting or such
  • It is long-lasting and quite durable, so that is an added bonus

  • Much the other ones on the list, even this one comes with 30 litres capacity which can be filled with both sand and even water, based on what kind of condition your lawn is in.
  • It is very durable and sturdy, mainly because of the high quality galvanised steel which is manufactured from
  • Unlike the other lawn rollers, this comes with a wider drum of 42 cms in diameter which is pretty amazing if you have a big lawn
  • It comes with removable handles which makes the storage of this lawn roller a lot easier to store around
  • It also comes with a 12-month guarantee as well which is an added bonus

5. Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden

  • The Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden is made out of one of the best quality materials which ensure the maximum longevity without any kind of issues whatsoever
  • It comes with a 42 cm diameter drum which covers a wider area without causing any kind of issues in terms of the problems with the roller altogether
  • It is not the lightest lawn roller available, so that can be a bit of a problem for some people but it still is one of the best
  • It is quite versatile as it can be filled with sand, water or even about anything that your lawn needs at the moment
  • It comes with a full-width scraper as well to further ensure that your lawn isn’t bugged with the debris along the way
  • It comes with the soft feel handlebar which further helps ensure that you don’t have to struggle with the pain and the discomfort

  • If you are on the lookout for some heavy-duty work, this is the one which is manufactured with rust-resistant steel that provides a smooth and clean surface without any issues at all
  • Apart from the heavy-duty steel, it comes with soft bar handlebar to ensure you have a smooth and pliable grip
  • It has a capacity of 30 litres which is pretty amazing and can be filled with both water and sand, whatever you need
  • Comes with a full-width scraper to collect the debris along the way as well
  • It is also quite compact and foldable that further ensures that you can store it around with ease
  • We hope this list provides a better idea of the best available models of lawn roller in the market,

I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the best lawn rollers. You probably want to consider a lawn scarifier and lawn feed too as that’ll help keep your lawn in tip top condition. If you feel we’ve missed any good rollers please feel free to pop us a message so we can update the post accordingly.