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Best Artificial Grass [UK]: Top reviews for artificial luxury grass for all the family

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On the plus side a natural grass lawn with a stripe looks stunning and feels amazing on the feet, on the downside it costs a fortune in money or time to make that happen. So if you don’t have either of those to spare then the best artificial grass does a pretty decent job of mimicking a quality lawn.

Let’s face it, keeping your garden grass healthy is just a pain and can get really annoying. Grass that doesn’t shine green can be really off-putting and just leave an underwhelming feel when you walk into the back garden, or look on from your bbq. You want that feel good factor whenever you are lucky enough to get into the garden!

Not just that, a superb bi product of artificial grass that I noticed was just how much better the surface was for our garden badminton set as well as the golf net and kids football nets. A garden became much much more useable area from doing away with a traditional grass (which we just didn’t look after right anyway). Hardly surprising with three crazy kids to look after! Unquestionably though, the biggest benefit was when we picked up the garden swimming pool to see a nice green lush looking lawn rather than a nasty dead earthy patch with worms and bugs wriggling everywhere!

Best artificial grass

It’s no argument that maintaining grass is work, so this is where the best artificial grass is a great alternative to spending big in time or cash. It might not be natural, but it certainly looks like it. Artificial grass is typically made from a light material and has evolved over the past 20 years to look realistic and authentic. If you get artificial grass right, your visitors wouldn’t know the difference!

Artificial grass requires no maintenance and will last a long time if you follow the top picks in this guide and even the most expensive option that looks great is CHEAP. If you’re not convinced by that opinion then head over and get yourself some lawn weed and feed, some more grass seed, get yourself a scarifier, a lawn aerator, and you probably want to get a new lawn mower too. Oh, it’s not finished there !? You’ll want some lawn fertiliser, and then some edging shears as well as a few hours a week minimum to keep up after the big one off purge you need every year 😀 You can see why we made the change 🙂

You also don’t have to worry about seasonal changes either, as artificial grass will stay in the same condition all year round. It’s great for kids and pets too, so you’re really getting all the benefits without the maintenance. To help you out with what artificial grass to buy, we’ve reviewed the best artificial grass products on the market based on how authentic it looks, how it feels under foot, price per metre, ease of fitting, longevity, and how it can be used in alternative spaces like the side of a house for example:

artificial grass can be used in many garden and home settings

Whilst they’re all fairly similar, the price does vary and so does size. For this review, we will stick with the prices for 2m x 2m products, as it’s a bit easier to compare pricing. There are also some important aspects to look for when it comes to artificial grass but don’t worry, we’ll talk you through it.

Enough said let’s take a look!

Top reviews for best artificial grass

Comparison table: Best Artificial Grass [UK]: Top reviews for artificial luxury grass for all the family

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Tuda Grass Direct Luxury 30mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

  • Free Samples Available - Just E-mail us
  • No More Mowing, Watering or Feeding
  • Water Resistant Latex Backing with drainage holes
  • Easy To Cut & Shape
  • Child & Pet Friendly

Quickgrass Stratford Luxury Pile Artificial Grass

  • Super soft 100% polyethylene
  • Comfortable & soft, child & pet friendly
  • Optional sand infill, natural looking
  • No mud no mess
  • Heavy dense stitch 15 per 10cm

Simpa Quality Non-Fade Artificial Grass Pile Roll

  • Enjoy the benefits of a lush green lawn without the hassle of maintenance with our Simpa artificial grass....
  • These grass pile rolls will bring your garden to life giving you a healthy green non-fading lawn all year...
  • Each Roll measures 1m (W) x 4M (L) with a 20mm pile height....
  • No water logging and tested to extreme temperatures.
  • Our grass is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and available individually or in qty’s of 1...

Windsor 20mm Pile Height Realistic Artificial Grass

  • This Windsor 20mm Artificial Grass is composed of a mix of 4 different colours including a light brown curled...
  • The fibres are made from stain and UV resistant material so it won't fade in the sum and will...
  • Built in drainage holes which allow rain water to drain through
  • Perfect for many uses including Landscaping
  • Child and pet friendly

Brooklyn 7mm Artificial Grass

  • This Brookyln 7mm artificial grass is the perfect budget option
  • Built in drainage holes which allow rain water to drain through making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor...
  • Perfect for many uses including Landscaping
  • Child and pet friendly 100% UV resistant
  • Made from 100% Polypropylene

247Floors Doveridge 30mm Realistic Artificial Grass

  • Pile Height: 28mm
  • Total Thickness: 30mm
  • Pile Weight: 0.8 kg/m²
  • Total Weight: 1.77 kg/m²
  • Water Permeable Backing with Drainage Holes

No, it’s not the official artificial grass for the royal family, but it’s still the best out there. For a 2m x 2m roll at 20mm high the current price is £35.96, which is one of the lowest on our list, so you’re getting great value for money. With hundreds of ratings all over the internet, this product has been praised for its natural look and durable qualities and so it’s not just my opinion that this is the best artificial grass overall.

The product is primarily made from polypropylene, a chemically safe material that’s commonly used in other plastic garden products. Polypropylene also doesn’t heat up to really high temperatures, so even on a sunny day, you won’t feel it on your feet. This makes it perfect for the kids and any pets, as it’s perfectly safe for them to run about.

The grass is 100% UV resistant, so it shouldn’t wear down over time in the sun, meaning it should last you a while. The fibres are also meant to be stain resistant, so any spillages or mess shouldn’t make a lasting mark. These qualities mean that once you’ve set it up, the product should look the same all year round.

As for the appearance, a really great feature about this particular product is that the grass consists of 4 different coloured fibres. They range from bright green to light brown, so your grass looks more realistic and your garden will have a more natural feel to it. Even though it’s not too obvious that there are different colours involved, it’s definitely noticeable, so it really is a great additional feature to the product.

Once purchased, it’s easy to set up and really just needs some good scissors and a ruler. It’s quite thin and easy to cut, but this also means you’re going to need some strong adhesive to stick it down, especially smaller pieces. This is a bit of a pain, but it’s a common feature for most artificial grass products as thick artificial grass looks a bit odd, so this is expected.

It’s easy to maintain too, and a good wash down every now and then will help it look its best. It might be stain resistant, but come on, everything’s better with a clean. A hosepipe should do the job, and that’s about it really, so you don’t have to worry about it. The drainage holes work perfectly and aren’t visible, so you don’t have to worry about your garden flooding.

Reviews don’t report any major problems or many problems in general for that matter. A couple of customers have noted that it’s not the exact size it should be by a few mm, so perhaps don’t expect it to be exactly 2m x 2m. As well as this, some reported it’s not exactly 20mm high, which you might not be happy with. These issues aren’t a deal breaker though.

Overall, this product has everything you need when it comes to artificial grass. It’s perfectly safe, easy to maintain and easy to set up. For the low price it is, you’re already getting great value for money, but the additional features (4 types of grass, targeted drainage holes, temperature limitation) gives it the first place spot as they’ve really thought this through and tried to deliver a working, lasting artificial grass for your home.

Windsor 20mm Pile Height Realistic Artificial Grass

Coming in second place is the Simpa non-fade roll, a great candidate for your garden. Priced well, it’s cheaper than the Windsor roll taking first place, so it’s definitely the best budget option on this list. Just note that this product only offers rolls measuring 1m x 4m, but either way, you’re still getting the same area amount as a 2m x 2m roll.

These rolls have a 20mm pile height and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. No material is specified in the product description, however, it has been tested in extreme weather conditions that concludes it resists warming at high temperatures. This will make it safe for kids and pets, which has been noted by buyers in the reviews.

It has suitable drainage qualities and guarantees no waterlogging, as well as being maintenance-free and easy to clean, as noted by buyers. It’s also easy to install, so it should be up in no time. Buyers have noted that it does have the natural feel as described, but others have said it does look more like AstroTurf, so it won’t look as natural as the Windsor roll.

Either way, for its price and the fact it has everything you need to create a great artificial grass feature, it deserves its spot in second place. It also received an average of 4 and a half stars for over 500 reviews, so this reassures you that you will get the quality you need. No series issues or many minor issues were reported either.

Simpa Quality Non-Fade Artificial Grass Pile Roll

It might be in third place, but the Tuda grass direct artificial grass is one of the best artificial grass products on the market. At mid range money, it’s gone down great with customers, as seen by the 4 and a half star average rating across thousands of online reviews. It comes in 47 different sizes too, so you can pick the size which is right for your garden easily.

It has a 30mm pile height, so it’s 10mm longer than the products in first and second place. If you want your grass to look a bit longer without looking overgrown, then 30mm is a good size. There is variation in size though, meaning not all fibres are 30mm, which makes it look more natural.

The grass is water-resistant with drainage holes, so it works just as well inside as it does outside. It’s marked as child and pet friendly too, and whilst the material isn’t stated, it’s still tested to be safe. Its UV resistance also ensures this product is of high quality and is suitable for outdoor use.

Reviews have praised its natural-looking qualities, even the bad ones, so you can have confidence that it will look good in your garden. The few bad reviews only really talk about customer service being poor and some fibres falling out occasionally. Whilst this isn’t ideal, artificial grass is made from thousands of fibres, so you can expect some to fall out no matter what product you buy. The only other comments focus on pile height not being 30mm, but as already said, this is expected since not all fibres are 30mm.

Overall, a fantastic choice, but it’s just a little too expensive to make it the best option on this list!

With an average rating of 5 stars all over the internet, this is a high-quality product, which is a given since it has the word luxury in its title. It’s not overly common, however, as it’s only got a hundred or so reviews, but this is no reason to think badly of it. The main features which customers have praised are its realistic look and how it’s easy to place, so it seems like a great option for your garden.

The rolls are made from polyethylene, a more commonly used plastic than polypropylene, but it’s still safe and is resistant to high heat absorption at high temperatures. You can be reassured of this through the product description stating its child and pet-friendly, UV friendly and safe for all weathers. You also have a range of colours to choose from, so you can pick the colour that looks more natural in your garden.

A beneficial quality of this product is that it is heavier than typical artificial grass, so you’re unlikely going to need adhesive for it to stay down. However, more weight could mean more chance of waterlogging, but since this product is approved to be waterproof with drainage holes, this shouldn’t be an issue.

It has a pile height of 30mm and is stated as rot-proof, so it should last you over time. It also has an optional sand infill, which might be good for you if it suits your garden. It’s a great product but really on a similar level to the other products, but it’s well up there price wise, so this is only for you if you’re not on a budget.

It’s not as much of a luxurious product, but it still gets the job done and its astonishingly cheap. It has more of an astroturf look, which is preferred to a natural look by some families, but it’s all about preference. Therefore, it’s not a bad thing that it doesn’t look as natural, as it might fit your needs better.

Either way, it’s got everything you need. It has built-in drainage holes to prevent waterlogging, it’s UV resistant and is made from polypropylene, an ideal material for artificial grass. Since it’s polypropylene and has been tested in all weather conditions, you can be reassured that it’s definitely safe enough for the kids and your pets.

The pile height is only 7mm so it’s a lot shorter than usual, but this might suit you better. It’s also quite thin, which is what the few negative reviews mention the most, but again, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. It does mean however that you will definitely need adhesive to keep it down.

In addition to this, it isn’t as comfortable on the feet compared to the luxury options in this list, but it’s not unpleasant in any way either. Its 7mm pile height means that any loose fibres are less likely to get everywhere too, which is a bonus. Overall, it’s not deserving of a top spot, but it’s the best option if you’re really on a budget and need something quick, durable and reliable.

The final option on our list is a great product and has all you need, but it’s a little on the expensive side and doesn’t have any features that the other products on this list don’t have. It’s priced mid range and will get the job done, but it only has a few reviews online, so it’s not a commonly bought item.

Either way, it’s still a great choice! It has a natural look to it and has the right features to make it reliable. It’s got suitable drainage holes to prevent waterlogging but also has additional water permeable backing, so you have that extra reassurance. It’s made from cadmium and lead-free materials, so it’s non-toxic and therefore safe for the kids. Not much is said on material, however, so its heat resistance abilities are uncertain.

Nevertheless, it has a 28mm pile height and is easy to install and maintain, so it’s a useful product and should get the job done nicely. It has some colour variation too, meaning it does have a more natural feel to it and alongside its pile height, will look more realistic. It might need some adhesive to stick down too.

It’s a good option, but we just don’t know if it’s got the same heat resistance abilities as other products on this list. For mid range money, this sort of information should really be available. As well as this, it isn’t commonly bought either, so there are better options for customers than this product.

Either way, we’d still suggest it! It will be a reliable product and as we’ve said, will get the job done.

Artificial Grass – Buyers guide

Now you know what artificial grass products in the market place might be best for you, it should help you decide. They all seem similar really, but some features do distinguish how reliable they are and how they look. As well as this, how they look is really important, especially as different artificial grass products are better for different settings (garden, patio, etc).

It’s already been mentioned, but the size of the roll you need is always important. Before you buy, measure the area you’re planning on replacing with artificial grass. Convert this to metres and round it up to the nearest metre. You could calculate the area, but really all you need is the length and width of the area you’re planning to renovate. This will then help you decide what size is best to make sure you don’t overstock. It’s also best to buy 1m (width and length) above the size you need, just so you have spare in case it doesn’t quite fit exactly.

That’s the key thing to consider when buying artificial grass, but there are a couple more aspects to look for within the products themselves. Don’t worry though, it’s explained below!


Now, you might not be an expert on polymers and synthetic industrial plastics, but you really don’t have to be either. Most plastic products, particularly garden products, are made out of polymers such as polypropylene or polyethylene. These are durable, long-lasting materials that aren’t too costly.

Now, polyethylene is a bit more expensive than polypropylene, and this is usually reflected in the price. However, when it comes to artificial grass for your garden, polypropylene is usually a better (and cheaper!) material. This is because it actually has a lower static charge than polyethylene, which in science terms basically means it attracts things (such as dirt, mess) less.

However, the main thing is that polypropylene has a high thermal expansion coefficient which, once again in science terms, means that it can only absorb so much heat and is limited as to how hot it gets. That makes it perfect for artificial grass and is the reason why it’s just that bit better than polyethylene.

Either way, both materials are useful, so either is good for your artificial grass. The main thing to check for when it comes to the material is that it will not only stay in good condition but that it’s safe and non-toxic for your kids and pets.

Thickness of material 

Another odd one, but the thickness of the artificial grass affects a few things. The thinner it is, the easier it will be to place and the more flexible it is when it comes to arranging it in your garden. However, it will need some adhesive such as glue to keep it down, which can be a pain.

If it’s thick, then it will be a pain arranging and can definitely be a strain on the back for you. That said, it will stay down a lot easier and once it’s placed, it’s placed. If it’s thick then it won’t absorb heat too much either, but it might be more at risk of water logging (water can seep into the non-polar plastics). This shouldn’t be a problem, however, as most artificial grasses have suitable drainage systems.

It’s up to you really, but just consider these points about thickness when buying.

They’re the two main things to look for, as properties such as UV resistance and drainage are fundamental aspects of artificial grass, so most products have them anyway. Thickness and material can vary, however, and it’s good to consider both aspects before purchasing.

Happy buying!

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