Written by Terry Smith

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UK’s best patio heaters rated on price, power, style, and safety.

This article was last updated on April 23rd, 2022 at 5:37 am

When you have an inviting outdoor area, you would want to spend some time in the evenings or at night out there. But, as the weather changes and becomes chilly or the night draws on from an afternoon barbecue, it seems almost impossible to stay outdoors on your patio with friends or family due to the freezing temperature. That’s where patio heaters step in.

Image credit: BU-KO Outdoor Patio Gas Heater

A patio heater really comes into its own on a long evening in the garden, we’ve been enjoying a lovely barbecue throughout the afternoon and we want to continue the fun. There’s only so many wonderful evenings in the UK, and a patio heater helps us take full advantage of those lovely times in combination with a gazebo for when it’s not quite so perfect too! In this article I am reviewing for you, what I believe to be the best patio heaters available at the moment, in terms of price and quality so whether you need seriously powerful, of economic, and perhaps something in between – this article has the lot:

Best patio heater overall: Glow warm 13kw Gas Patio Heater – based on astounding value, aesthetics, build quality, and heat output. Superb.
Best gas patio heater: Glow Warm 13kw Gas Patio Heater
Best electric patio heater: Heatlab Patio Heater
Best wall mounted patio heater: FUTURA wall mounted patio heater
Best table top patio heater; electric – Firefly 2.1kW Table Top Patio Heater and gas – Kingfisher Outdoor Table Top Patio Heater
Best free standing patio heater: BU-KO Outdoor Patio Gas Heater – the pyramid design is superb in the wind vs traditional and looks superb!
Best parasol patio heater: Firefly 2kW IP34 Electric Quartz Bulb Parasol Patio Heater
Best hanging patio heater: La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Heater

They allow you to enjoy your space outdoors until late at night. Patio heaters are a reasonably sensible source of heat and they keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather conditions. With the increasing trend of patio heaters, there are a lot of different brands and products available in the market. With different style and fuel options, it becomes difficult to narrow down and choose the best one for your outdoor space which provides you both warmth as well as adds style to your outdoors so let’s take a look at the different options.

Before we dive into that, let’s have a look at different types and fuel choices of patio heaters.

What types of patio heater are there?

Patio heaters come in various forms such as table top, free-standing and wall-mounted patio heaters. Each of these has different sizes, prices, styles, and BTU (British thermal unit: indicates the level of heat). The higher the BTU, the more heat, that simple. These have different purposes entirely. Here is a look at each type of patio heater and the kind of BTU output:

Table top patio heaters

Tabletop patio heaters are the most stylish and refreshing out of all heaters along with hanging heaters – they become the focus of attention. They will greatly serve to improve the décor of any garden setup. Generally, they are smaller in size which means a lower BTU (heat output) but as a result of infrared heater technology, the electric ones really pack a punch, normally around 7000 BTU and that applies to the propane heaters as well that can boot out 13,000 BTU, the bio ethanol is generally the weakest heat in this category with as little as 2000 BTU. Being portable has its advantages – they are usually placed on tables or above ground surfaces, they can be kept close to where you are sitting to get the best bang for your buck.

Free standing patio heaters

For people who have a big family and a big area to heat up, freestanding patio heaters are the best option – the gas powered type offer 37,000 BTU and more in some cases! They can fit in small places quite easily as they are very compact and narrow for the amount of heat they output. It’s just a matter of knowing if you have any height restrictions – some over over 6 foot tall. These used to be quite boring to look at – a tall shaft with an umbrella if you like but now they are making some exquisite designs too:

Free standing patio heaters are really starting to look the part!

Free standing patio heaters can be fuelled with propane, natural gas, and electricity. So in the event you like the style of them over something sat in the middle of the table or hanging above, there are plenty of choices.

Hanging, parasol, and wall mounted patio heaters

If you do not want a patio heater to take up any floor area, hanging and wall-mounted patio heaters are the best option to consider. They are normally very easy to install and you can be up and running in less than ten minutes in some cases. These are generally electric and come higher than 10,000 BTU – the most common is 7000 BTU but there are larger models.

Wall mounted patio heaters – some can blend in nicely offering decent aesthetics

The drawback with wall mounted is the lack of portability, but the clear, clear advantage is the safety. No power lead trailing, and it can’t be knocked over. This is definitely a favourite choice for families with young children

Hanging heaters are super as the heat is directed exactly where you’re sitting – I even hang mine in a pop up gazebo. They are super quick to take down – the draw back is you almost always need a cable extension.

Parasol heaters clamp around your shade pole, they can also normally clamp onto some part of a gazebo as well:

Firefly 2kW IP34 Electric Quartz Bulb Parasol Patio Heater with 3 power settings (Folds Down)

Pyramid patio heaters

Pyramid patio heaters are tall, beautiful and elegant patio heaters that enhance your outdoor space with their stylish and modern designs. Their flickering flames add a beautiful counterpoint to the chilly weather and outdoor beauty. They are safe and secure as all the pyramid patio heaters work on propane and LPG gas. This means they are highly portable and manoeuvrable.

Pyramid heater looks elegant and fits in rustic and contemporary gardens

Pyramid patio heaters are a great choice for those who love to spend most of their time in the outdoors and have frequent gatherings, parties, and dinners. There are a variety of pyramid patio heaters for sale at the moment. They come in different sizes and styles and are generally stainless steel to make them last longer and prevent rusting. Most are tall units between 2.1-2.4m – they have a huge 44,000 BTU.

Pyramid heater suits contemporary setup too

What fuel options are there and which is cheapest?


Electric patio heaters are the easiest one to fuel and use. Almost all the homes have electric connections in their outdoor space. However, make sure the power source is safe from moisture so that there are no electrical hazards – the patio heaters will normally come with an outdoor rating (IP rating) but the connection must not get wet.

For the enclosed patios that do not have sensible ventilation required in case of natural gas and propane patio heaters, electric patio heaters are the most recommended option that and bio ethanol but they are no the best for serious heat out put as we’ve already discussed.

One thing to keep in mind is that electric patio heaters emit less amount of heat as compared to natural gas and halogen patio heaters. So, it is best to consider electric patio heaters for smaller areas – generally up to 5 metres in diameter tops.

Propane gas

Propane is the most common kind of fuel source for patio heaters whereby the owner needs a large amount of heat to enjoy the outdoor area. Even the small 13k BTU table top gas heater will give more than enough heat for four people around a table. A 13kg bottle will last about 40 hours on full tilt and seeing as that costs around £40 at the moment, that’s about £1 an hour – by contrast the infrareds are running at about 60p for the 3kW but that’s not giving off as much heat.

These tanks are normally green or red:

Green propane gas bottle

Or red bottle:

Red propane gas bottle

Propane tanks are hidden in the bases of patio heaters in most cases unless the table top variety. They give out maximum heat to warm up your area in minutes. Propane heaters are the ones that are portable, manoeuvrable and can be easily fit and fixed but are more often used as workshop heaters due to the huge BTU (hundreds of thousands on the larger models), but there’s nothing to stop you using one if you like – they just don’t look all that aesthetically pleasing.

So, propane patio heaters are the best choice to invest in if you need a lot of heat and want best value for money in terms of heating – that simple.

Bio Ethanol

Bio ethanol produces some great looking heaters and they are lovely to put on a table. The glass frames they come with stop accidents but I still wouldn’t want my child around one – they are definitely a lovely heater for a group of adults.

The drawback is the lack of burn power – whilst it burns clean which is a massive plus, it doesn’t burn hard. Most units only put out about 2000 BTU which is by far the least powerful of all heaters for a patio.

What to consider when buying a patio heater?


BTU is the measure of energy output from any specific electric equipment but you’ll often see these quoted as Watts too so it can be confusing. Let’s clear the difference between BTU and Watts UP. There are 3.41 BTU per watt. The lowest BTU output in this review is advertised as 2000 Watts. So the lowest BTU output is the Heatlab at 6820 BTU. By contrast, the largest Glow warm and the BU-KO Outdoor Patio Gas Heater are kicking out 13000 Watts or in BTU 44,000 plus. So you can see there’s a huge void between the two. A happy medium is probably the Kingfisher which is 4000 Watts or 13500 BTU.

Safety features

Safety is an important factor in buying a patio heater – it’s not a joke to go online and read horror stories about those who have literally burnt down their garden pergolas and gazebos! So the first thing you want to remember is don’t leave these on when you go to bed or leave the garden for any length of time.

After that you want to see electrical tip over cut out safety like you get on the Firefly 2kW. You also want your heater to have a nice guard around the bulb or heating element. Make sure you keep the base well grounded and if it doesn’t feel sturdy – weigh it down, many have lost their tall patio heaters to a harsh gust of wind! I particularly like the pyramid design as these are great for wind:

Propane gas heater – the pyramid style is particularly good for windy conditions


Something to consider carefully when buying a patio heater is where you’ll actually put it? Down the end of the garden and no electrical power? Ok the conversation ends there – you’re going to Propane or risk running a power lead long distance.

The other thing to consider is weight – some units are really easy to move like the table to Kingfisherand this then applies to all electric units which are lightweight too – except the wall mounted of course!

Specification: Power Rating: 2000W, Heat Settings: 650W / 1350W / 2000W, Remote Control: no, Cable Length: 1.8m

When I first reviewed the Heatlab free standing patio heater, it was just starting out. I identified it as a complete bargain back then and had you bought it was considerably cheaper. However, at the current price, it’s still one of the top bargains to be has in the UK – they now sell them in a pack of 2 as well which gives better economy :). If you only want one – follow this link: Heatlab 2KW

And what’s better it has a two year warranty – most unknown brands disappear into the sunset – this one has been honouring their warranty and deserves to be one of the top picks.

Heatlab 2kW patio heaters

It is one of the most popular patio heaters made from stainless steel. It comes with an adjustment function that allows you to change the angle of your patio heater up to 45 degrees. It also comes with three power settings i.e. 650W, 1350W and 2000W so about 7000 BTU tops. This makes it very convenient to use. If there is a big gathering, the power can be increased and if there are fewer people on your patio, power can be set accordingly.Also, it works efficiently in different weathers. If the weather is not very chilly, power can be kept low. Accordingly, if the weather is extremely cold, the power can be increased to 2000W. These options make it a perfect choice.

It has a 1.8m cable – too short in my opinion but the rules were changed to no longer than 1.9m. What most people

Due to its slim and smart design, it takes very less space on the floor. The pole can be adjusted to any height you want. This makes it ideal for both commercial and domestic use. It is environmentally friendly as it uses Quartz infrared heating elements to emit medium and efficient heat waves.

A handy bonus is the middle pole can be removed to make this a table top heater for a more direct heat – you can also wall hang it. All in all it definitely deserves to be best electric patio heater.

It’s is water resistant with an IPX4 rating (can be rained on) leaving it out on your patio won’t be a problem.

This is one of the best free standing patio heaters and has clearly proven the test of time.


  • It has a slim and smart design.
  • Two year warranty
  • It is pretty cost-effective when compared to alternatives
  • It can be turned into a tabletop patio heater when required as opposed to free standing on the floor
  • It is water resistant and good to go in all weather.


  • It has a simple design and is not very stylish.
  • Power lead needs to be longer.

I have to tell you, I really really like the Glow Warm 13kW gas patio heater. That translates to a huge 44,000 BTU – Obviously we are talking about keeping a reasonably large patio and group of people warm – if you don’t mind the cost. You’re probably looking at burning an 11kg green leisure bottle in about 10-12 hours on full tilt. You’ll normally get four or five evenings on the highest setting out of one bottle.

It sounds expensive but remember we are comparing chalk and cheese – if we take the top electric pick – it has nowhere near this power output at just 7000 BTU.

The design speaks for itself, there’s not a contemporary garden setup this wouldn’t fit in – whether you pick stainless or black, you’re covered. The base is nice and sturdy – I wouldn’t mind having this unit going with the kids playing in the garden – a wayward ball won’t knock it over and there’s no glass to damage – a 13kg bottle of gas keeps this upright in wind. The wheels are easily fitted to move it about – a couple of bolts through the base with the holes that are already drilled for you.

There’s a couple of points to consider on this unit to avoid disappointment when it arrives – firstly, make sure you have a 27mm connector. Secondly, it should come with AAA batteries but it never hurts to have a couple of those laying around. You’ll need a screwdriver to undo the ignition switch, insert the battery, and then refit. After that, this is a truly rare 5 star product that is almost certainly under priced at the moment – how long that remains for I have no idea. It definitely deserves pick for best patio heater and gas patio heater overall.


  • Superb value for money
  • Aesthetically super
  • Ignition switch is easy


  • Costly to run for just a couple of people – need a gathering to get value.

3. FUTURA Deluxe Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Outdoor Garden Patio, Bathroom Heater 2000W, Waterproof, Remote Control Included

Coming straight from our top wall mounted heater article you have the FUTURA wall mounted patio heater. There’s little point going into huge detail here – if you take a look at the FUTURA Deluxe Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Outdoor Garden Patio link here you can see a complete review and how this is better than all other wall mounted heaters in depth. But to recap:

Installation is a breeze – you need a powerpoint that’s waterproof or run your cable inside, and then a couple of wall plugs if installing into brick (so will need a decent drill or impact driver). Otherwise if wood, just screw it straight on.

You’ve got three sensible power settings: 750,1000,2000W and takes advantage of infrared heating technology so you’re getting heated up directly – not the atmosphere. This results in far less wasted heat so long as you’re in direct line of sight with the heater.

The warm red glow is nicer in my mind than the sharp bright light some have. Futura claim it runs at 20p an hour – I have to say based on current electric prices I’m looking at about 40p so they are obviously stating the lowest setting which is useless in cold conditions – you need full blast for a few people sat around a table.

It comes with a lovely remote control – it’s nice not to have to reach up. I’ll be honest – you need to be careful with the remote – it will break if dropped hard and that’s pretty much it’s only weakness in my opinion along with the usual lack of power lead length you get from all electric units.


  • Pretty cheap to run
  • The unit can get wet no problem
  • Remote control a bonus


  • Power lead length

4. Firefly 2.1kW Table Top Electric Infrared Halogen Garden Outdoor Patio Heater with Brown Rattan Base and 3 Heat Settings

For the best table top patio heater, at least in electric, it has to be the Firefly’s 2.1kW. It’s stylish and definitely can be the focal point of any gathering – it looks expensive, sharp and quality. This is a recent upgrade – to read the full review please check this link: Firefly 2.1kW Table Top Electric Infrared Halogen Garden Outdoor Patio Heater. There’s little point writing the same thing twice so I’l just recap it here:

It has a brown rattan weave, cone shaped base, with a lovely stainless steel shaft and heater frame. There’s no question this really look the part on any contemporary setup.

It’s constructed from anodised extruded aluminium alloy. What this means in real terms is it’s pretty much bullet proof in any UK garden setup. Being Aluminium, it’s light weight too.

You’ve got three settings – on any cold evening in the UK you’re going to use the highest 2100 watt setting. In my opinion the lower settings don’t make much sense at all but I do like to keep warm.

It’s a quality unit – you can expect 5k hours from it according to manufacturer and nothing I’ve seen so far makes me believe otherwise. The light’s not too bright – it’s like the FUTURA but not a dull red, more vibrant but not to the point you have to look away and squint – some are like this. And where it beats the Futura in my mind is the length of power lead 3 metres is a big deal with regards to outdoor electrical heating.

Where this gets beaten only, is by the sheer heat output of the Kingfisher which is the best pick for gas table top patio heaters.

The Kingfisher Table Top Patio Heater was my top pick for this category a couple of years ago and nothing I’ve seen has changed my mind – they nailed it with this model. I recently updated my review of the Kingfisher PH300 so rather than re-writing the same thing again, it’s better to read the full review and compare against the other top table top models however here’s a decent summary:

The Kingfisher PH300 uses any regular propane or butane tank(runs better on propane more on that soon) and has a 6ft long hose that comes with the heater so you can tuck your tank away in most cases – not necessarily under the table. It’s worth knowing you’ll need to buy your adaptor separate: the gas red regulator is the standard one and all you need. I’ve run my one off both propane and butane but what I’ve noticed is it runs far better on your green bottle or red bottle gas – the heat is far more intense and seeing as it’s just a small table top heater – it really kicks heat out. Of the dozens of patio heaters I’ve tested over the years, for table tops, this is the best one if used properly and is all of the 13000 BTU it’s supposed to be – some claim it’s under power – they need to switch to propane to get the full effect from this unit.

Kingfisher PH300 Garden Outdoor Table Top Patio Heater

At under 90cm tall and 5kg it’s light weight to move about (and can go on all tables without causing damage). The gas connector as you know is easy to remove so definitely a light weight and portable solution – this sit lovely under a gazebo or in the corner or a patio. It’s equally as good for four people out in the open and will enhance a chilly evening.

The stainless steel lasts well – not much in the way of corrosion or rust.

The biggest complaint with this unit is the heat – run it on propane and watch the magic.


  • Nice price for a quality table top unit
  • Well built – runs on propane and butane
  • 6ft hose included keeps things tidy.


  • Runs a bit rough on butane
  • Need gas connector (standard red)

At first I wasn’t a fan of the pyramid style heaters – they’ve grown on my now though and I see the massive design advantage these have in terms of stability, especially in the wind over the traditional shape patio heaters. The BU-KO Outdoor Patio Gas Heater is almost certainly the top pick for free standing patio heater at the moment. It looks really expensive, until you see the price tag and think wow – I can have my own contemporary garden setup for just a couple of hundred quid on the heating side. This would probably be top pick if not for the ridiculous value and quality of the Glow Warm at the moment.

The one thing that initially bothered me with this design is the worry you lose too much heat straight up. But to be fair, I feel no difference in heat between this and the Glow Warm that’s also rated 13kW or roughly 44,000 BTU if you prefer that measure. The metal frame helps to radiate heat away so all in all not much loss there.

The heating element is pretty simple, you can adjust the flame up or down, and of course, the flame right to the top as you can see in the picture is the highest setting.

Now the downside which is pretty limited – you’ve also got an option for a bluetooth speaker to sync to your phone for some entertainment – I have to say it’s a bit gimmicky and otherwise spoils a quality unit – get your own speaker if needs be, and this one I don’t think is value – just stick with the bog standard pyramid that comes with the necessary hoses and adaptor (red one for propane).


  • One word – beautiful
  • Belts out tons of heat
  • Can adjust the heat as required
  • Pretty sensible setup and good guide


  • Avoid the bluetooth version.

There were two parasol heaters that really deserved top spot, this and the La HaciendaSo I’ve included both and given you a rundown of what I think to help you make your mind up. Rather than regurgitating the entire review of best parasol heaters, it’ll be better to have a look at the full Firefly 2kW IP34 Electric Quartz Bulb Parasol Patio Heater review at the link provided, but to sum it up if you want a quicker read:

I picked this unit over the Hacienda for best parasol heater on the tip over safety cut out on tip over which I feel is a crucial part of the setup when considering buying an infrared type heater.

The Firefly is a doddle to setup – the clamp slots around the pole and tightens up. Make sure your pule is no more than 68mm and you’ll be fine. It’s 5kg so needs a substantial base and pole – or gazebo – some choose to turn this into a hanging heater as you can see from the image below:

Firefly parasol heater


There’s three heat settings but as usual with these my only setting is full blast which in this unit’s case is just slightly short of 7k BTU.

The foldaway arms make striking the unit down easy, if you want to remove parasol or gazebo then it’s only a clamp and won’t hinder the process – just make sure you give it a little time for the bulbs to cool. The unit is rated for a bit of wet but that’s not the plug – please keep that dry. Realistically this will give the 5k hours you get from most of these electric units so no problem on quality from that perspective.

There’s only two real complaints one is occasionally one breaks down failure and then no spares for a fix, however that’s over thousands of sales! A long cable would be nice too.


  • Nice looking design
  • Foldable arms useful
  • 3 heat settings


  • No spares if bulb goes
  • 2 metre cable – needs more

Some say the La Hacienda Parasol Electric Heater is better than the Firefly – In some respects I agree and it really is a tight tight race. I’ve written a full review of the La Hacienda Parasol Electric Heater in case you’re interested so won’t break it down entirely, a summary instead then:

The four bulbs gives you slightly better coverage than the Firefly but comes with the drawback that each bulb is lower powered – so if you’ve got four people sitting around a table it may make more sense. The tight compact design also saves unfolding arms each time, just bring down your parasol. And it’s not like you can forget to turn it off with the light it puts out, so no safety issue on that…

As with all these lovely units you get a 5k hour bulb lifetime expectancy and install is super easy – just slide it up the pole or open one screw on the unit and fit it around. You’re talking about less than 5 minutes and it’s up and running:

La Hacienda parasol heater – super easy to install

A seriously good hack for anything 2kW and under is a kettle lead 5m extension as it’s that fitting, or just use cable extension reel as the cable that comes with it just isn’t long enough for my liking.

This is not a highly powered unit – I want to realistically manage your expectations on this. At full tilt it’ll take the chill off for four people sat round a table but don’t expect to get up and feel it from far away – you’ll need propane for that..


  • Don’t need to fold parasol down
  • Easy to install
  • Bulbs are replaceable
  • Fits any parasol pole practically – 1-2 inches


  • Power lead could be longer
  • Not the most powerful

As you’ve seen from the review before these guys make lovely quality equipment and the La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Heater is no different – if you follow the link it’ll put you through to a fuller review of hanging heaters as well as expand on what I write here:

What separates the La Hacienda silver series is in the quality and reliability when compared to other hanging heaters for patios – if you follow the link you’ll start to get a far more rounded picture of that! I personally have a La Hacienda infrared light and can vouch for the quality – I have no problems leaving it out and a bit of moisture won’t harm it either.

I’d say it’s more powerful than the smaller bulb La Hacienda review in the previous position – I was impressed by the amount of warmth that this 2100W heater produces and the desgin pretty much ensures heat is spread equally around the room.


  • Longevity and reliability guaranteed
  • 5k hours for the bulb
  • Stylish and well built


  • You definitely have to pay up for the style

9. Sahara 13kW Heat Focus free standing patio heater

Specification: Warranty: 5 years, Power Rating: 13000W, Gas Type : Propane, Gas Hose: 1m

This Sahara patio heater operates on gas and comes with some exceptional features. It is made up of steel and comes in charcoal colour. It includes a large aluminium reflector for efficient and better heat distribution.It comes with revolutionary ‘Heat Focus’ feature that allows you to direct all the heat exactly where you want it by using the heat focus handle. With a 13kW heat focus feature, the heat intensity increases to 300% and instantly heats up the area. Then, you can turn off the gas supply and save gas consumption.

Its instant ignition system uses electricity to light up a large spark that is always in the right spot. Also, with its variable heat control system, you can adjust settings according to your particular needs so that the area is enough warmed for a big get together or just a meet up of two.

In case of flame failure, it has a switch that automatically powers it off. This feature makes sure the gas does not keep emitting and makes it safe. It has a weighted base that provides extra stability. Also, it is quite durable as it has an oven baked powder coating.

For easy mobility, it has fit-in wheels. This means you can easily move it here and there without scratching your floor.

With dimensions of 865mm diameter and 2250mm height, it is one of the most stylish patio heaters out there.

One of the interesting features it has is that it does not require gas supply from a source. It functions on gas cylinders that are stored in the storage area built in its base. This large storage area with clasps let you hide the cylinders giving off a sleek look and smart shape to this patio heater.


  • It has a new Heat Focus feature.
  • Its 13kW power makes it incredibly efficient.
  • It comes with the instant ignition system.
  • It greatly saves gas consumption.
  • It is safe to use and easy to move.


  • It is a bit pricy as compared to others.

Specification: Warranty: 5 years, Power Rating: 4000W, Gas Type : Propane, Gas Hose: 1m

This Sahara tabletop patio heater operates on gas. Its burner is made up of stainless steel. With a 520mm diameter and 960mm height, it has a stylish and slim design that looks great when placed on a table in your patio. It is designed to go well with any décor you have in your outdoor.The reflector and emitter are fully guarded to ensure complete safety. So if you keep it on your table while you have dinner right by, there is no need to worry about anything.

It has an anti-tilt and flame failure cut-off switch. This makes sure that no extra gas is consumed or wasted. Also, it has fast piezo ignition so that there is no pilot blockage. With this variable heat control system, you are completely in charge of your patio heater. You are always free to adjust the settings according to the weather and the number of people in your outdoor.

Not only outdoors, but it is equally effective to use in the indoors as well. It comes with a weighted base to ensure stability. It has hose fitted in for easy snap and connect, or disconnect it to the cylinder or gas source. This makes it easy to use and fit.

Also, the length of cable that connects it to the source depends on you which means the portability of this patio heater is totally in your hands. Whether you want to keep it close to the source or not completely depends on you.


  • It is safely guarded with stainless steel.
  • It is very portable yet stable.
  • It comes with a fitted hose for easy connection/disconnection from source supply.
  • Its variable heat control system is very efficient.


  • The cable wire/gas pipe can be of a problem at times.
  • It is a little bit pricy.

Specification: Warranty: Yes, Power Rating: 13000W, Gas Type : Propane, Gas Hose: 1m

This Sahara gas outdoor patio heater is made up of stainless steel and comes in silver colour. It has a large, adjustable and aluminium heat focusing reflector which directs heat exactly where it is needed.With its variable heat control system, you can adjust settings according to the setup and weather requirements. Its instant ignition system uses electricity to light up a large spark that is always in the right spot.

In case of flame failure and anti-tilt, it has a switch that automatically powers it off. This feature makes sure the gas does not get wasted and makes it safe. It has a weighted base that provides extra stability. Stainless steel makes it very durable.

For easily moving around, it has fit-in wheels. This means you can move it here and there, conveniently without scratching your floor and making any noise.

It features 13kW power which is perfect for keeping your outdoor warm in the evenings and at nights. It has a storage space that keeps gas cylinders so that they are not visible.

Same features are available in the above mentioned Sahara 13kW Heat Focus free standing patio heater. The only difference is that it is made of stainless steel and comes in silver colour. If you are very décor conscious and silver colour goes with your patio/outdoor, you are good to go with this model. Otherwise, Sahara 13kW Heat Focus free standing patio heater is the ideal option.


  • It includes the new Heat Focus option.
  • Its 13kW power makes it incredibly efficient.
  • Its Instant ignition system is a plus.
  • It highly saves gas consumption.
  • It is quite safe and easy to move


  • It is very expensive compared to others.

Specification: Warranty: 5 years, Power Rating: 15000W, Gas Type : Propane, Gas Hose: 1m

This patio heater by Sahara comes in a crisp white colour with some really exceptional features. As seen, Heat Focus is a specialty of almost all the patio heaters of Sahara, and this one includes it as well. With the Heat Focus system, the reflector can be directed to a single point of focus and the increasing heat intensity helps in instant heating up. It allows you to turn down the heat when needed and so, uses less gas.It also includes fast piezo ignition as pilot ignition is no more included in Sahara patio heaters. For safety purposes, it comes with anti-tilt and flame failure cut off switch so no energy is wasted or gets over-consumed.

It comes with extra wide and strong wheels to easily move it here and there without making noise and putting in the extra effort. With a dimension of 980mm diameter and 2440mm height, it can be easily placed anywhere required.

With 15kW power, it is one of the most powerful and an ultimate choice for Patio Heater. It includes a durable double wall burner that helps with the better heat output and heat intensity. This burner also helps with wind protection that ultimately increases the efficiency of this patio heater.

It has an extra-large reflector of 980mm which helps in better heat distribution and Heat Focus system complements it.

With its variable heat control system, you are completely in charge of your patio heater. The handle, reflector, intensity, and ignition can all be utilised according to requirements and weather conditions.

Moreover, it has a flat top elbow height cylinder that can be used as a drinks table and easily fits in 6-7 glasses.


  • Extra-large reflector for optimum heat distribution.
  • 15kW output capacity works wonders.
  • Fast piezo ignition.
  • Heat Focus system.
  • Flat top elbow height cylinder can be used as a drinks table.
  • It is an excellent choice for extreme chilly weather.


  • It can be a little heavier on budget – it’s costly.

Specification: Power Consumption: 13000W, Weight: 22kg, Height: 227cm, Width: 53cm

This is one of the most budget-friendly pyramid patio heaters by Marco and costs , it delivers great specs and an efficient output. It is built from solid stainless steel that makes it rust resistant.It also includes a quartz glass tube to add real effects that warm up your outdoor space quickly. This quartz glass tube is surrounded by steel safety grills to ensure no injuries happen.

Its dimensions are: 227cm height, 73cm width and 73cm diameter. With a 65 by 65cm reflector, it distributes heat to a larger than average area. So, you are surely going to enjoy your dinners in the outdoors with even a single Marko pyramid patio heater.

It weighs only 22kg which means it is easily manoeuvrable. Even a single person can move it around and set it up. Wheels add up to the convenience.

It comes with a push button ignition system that helps it start in a second. The built-in anti-tilt system is designed to provide maximum safety. In case it tilts or falls, the fuel supply automatically turns off to prevent any injuries and damage.

It has a storage area in its base part where propane cylinder or a canister can be easily stored. Also, it comes with a hose and regulator for propane. For butane, you need to buy a separate regulator, however.

This floor standing pyramid patio heater is designed very professionally to be sleek. It is built to take care of all your weather needs. With a 13kW output, the performance is exceptionally great. You will not regret investing in this pyramid patio heater.

It is not at all difficult to assemble and does not require any professional assistant. Once fully assembled, it is very easy to operate and manoeuvre. This makes it best for both commercial and domestic use. Also, it has lower upfront and running costs that make it a great investment.


  • Has a solid heating area.
  • Comes with hose and regulator.
  • Very easy to assemble and does not take much time.
  • Highly rated to be the best pyramid heater.


  • It has sharp edges so it needs to be assembled carefully.
  • Glass Quartz tube is very fragile so make sure to keep it safe.

9. Lifestyle Tahiti LED Pyramid Patio Heater - 13kW

Specification: Power Consumption: 13000W, Weight: ‎10kg, Height: 220cm, Width: 53cm

Lifestyle Tahiti is one of the most well-known brands when patio heaters and especially pyramid patio heaters are discussed. This LED pyramid patio heater is made up of stainless steel. It offers resistance against rust and terrible weather conditions.Its dimensions are: 220cm height, 53cm width and 53cm diameter. Its reflector is also 53 by 53cm for equal heat distribution in the entire area. It weighs 26kg only which makes it very manoeuvrable. Also, it has built-in wheels that help in moving without screeching.

Its 13kW output makes it perfect for the colder evenings and chilly winter nights. It comes with a reinforced Perspex cylinder tube that makes the heat glow inside the patio heater. When not in use, its gas bottle can be stored in the lower carriage of this patio heater. This lower/undercarriage has a tendency to store up to 13kg propane canister/bottle.

The unique feature of this patio heater is the 12 built-in LED lights it features in its lower area. They come in four different colours which include white, blue, green and red. They can be operated in four different styles such as strobe, flash, smooth and fade. It can put to function with a remote and any customised setting can be done according to the environment.

It comes with a hose and regulator propane fuel. For butane or any other fuel, separate regulator will be needed to purchase.

As is the case with every other pyramid patio heater, Lifestyle Tahiti pyramid patio heater needs to be assembled as well. However, it is very easy to assemble and does not take more than 30-40 minutes if done properly.

With flame screen and cylinder bottle straps, the grills are powder coated to prevent any sort of injuries. It comes with electronic ignition, giving off very quick and efficient start.

It further includes anti-tilt safety system that makes sure that fuel supply is cut if the patio heater tilts or falls. It keeps the patio heater as well as objects around it safe and secure.

Although it is made up of stainless steel, we still recommend purchasing a weather cover for complete protection as it does not come with one. More protection means higher durability.


  • Constructed with high-grade stainless steel.
  • 12 built-in LEDs are a great spec.
  • Very solid construction.
  • Both water and rust resistant.
  • Large heat reflector is an exception.
  • It comes with free hose and regulator.


  • It required professional assembly.
  • It is quite expensive.

Specification: Power Consumption: 3000W, Weight: ‎6kg, Height: 89cm, Width: 30cm

Marko has given us a tabletop patio heater in pyramid design. Out of all other tabletop pyramid patio heaters, this one has successfully made it to the list of best pyramid patio heaters out there.With the following dimensions: 89cm height, 30 cm width and 30 cm diameter, it is the lightest pyramid patio heater. The aluminium reflector is 22 by 22 cm in area and is responsible for the optimum heat distribution in the surroundings up to the area of 5sqm. Due to these dimensions, it weighs only 6kg. It is very easy to use and safe to operate.

Interestingly, it has all the features included like the ones present in fully sized pyramid heaters.

It comes with a quartz glass tube and operates on propane or any other gas. Its heat control capacity is 3kW which is just perfect for small patios and small outdoor spaces. If you do not have space as well as the budget for full-sized freestanding pyramid patio heater, this Marko tabletop pyramid patio heater is there to deliver all your requirements during the winter season.

The quartz glass tube is guarded with a steel safety grill on all sides. This makes it safe and prevents any kind of injuries.

Moreover, it has a push-button ignition system which further makes it easier to operate. Push the button and it starts functioning within a minute. Its variable heat control system allows you to adjust and control the temperature.

As for safety purposes, it has a built-in anti-tilt safety system. This makes the fuel supply turn off in case the patio heater accidentally tilts.

It includes a hose and regulator which is suitable for propane. In case of any other fuel, you need to get a different regulator that matches the gas bottle.

With all of these interesting features, it costs £109.99 only. Surprising, isn’t it? You shouldn’t miss the chance of buying this beautiful yet cost-effective pyramid patio heater. You can have a great night with your family or friends with this patio heater.


  • It is very cheap and affordable.
  • Assembling does not require much time and effort.
  • It includes complete safety system as those of large pyramid patio heaters.
  • The size is just great to keep on a table.
  • Makes great alternative to full-sized patio heaters.
  • The best option for small patios.


  • It does not come with a weather cover.
  • It is not water resistant.

9. Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater by Pampic

Specification: Power Consumption: 13000W, Weight: ‎22kg, Height: 227cm, Width: 49cm

Costway Stainless Steel Pyramid Patio Heater is one of the cheapest pyramid patio heater available in the market. With great features and specs, it is one of the best pyramid patio heaters out there. With dimensions: 227cm height, 49cm width, and 49 cm diameter, it is a smart pyramid patio heater. It has a thinner build which makes it easy to put in just every corner. Moreover, a thinner design construction means a lesser weight. With these dimensions, it weighs 22kgs only. This makes it manoeuvrable. The built-in wheels make it further easier to move.

It is constructed with stainless steel that makes it rust-resistant. It comes with a push-button ignition letting a quick and easy start.

With a 13kW output capacity, it has an adjustable heat control system. Moreover, it includes all the safety systems such as anti-tilt safety system and flame failure safety system.

It also includes a Quartz glass tube that exhibits the heating phenomenon and lets the entire area warm up. This provides a great view to watch when you are enjoying dinner or any discussion with your friends or family on your patio. It also adds to the décor of your patio making it worth a watch. This quartz glass tube is covered with steel safety grill to prevent any injuries.

However, it does not come with a hose and a regulator. They have to be bought separately. It does not come with a weather cover as well. You need to buy that on your own.


  • It is the cheapest pyramid patio heater available in the market.
  • Its stainless steel construction allows for rust resistance.
  • It comes with advanced built-in safety systems.


  • It does not include hose and regulator.
  • Its build quality might appear to be low.

Specification: Power Rating: 1800W, Heat Settings: 900W / 1800W, Remote Control: yes, Cable Length: 1.7m

Many electric patio heaters come with halogen bulbs. Firefly 1.8kW electric patio heater is one of them. It uses a carbon fibre infrared heating element to emit the heat and heat up the objects surrounding it. The air is not that much warmed up.It is an effective and energy efficient patio heater. It saves up to 30% more energy than that of a gas heater. Being safer and cleaner, it is one of the most liked patio heaters.

Moreover, this heater comes with two power settings. These include 900W and 1800W. If you want to cover lesser area with heat, 900W works fine and if you want an area up to 7 square meters to warm up, 1800W works great. However, keep in mind that the objects and people around it can get warmed up and not the air itself.


  • It comes in two power settings.
  • It can save up to 30% energy.
  • It is efficient for areas up to 7 meters squares.


  • It heats up only the nearby objects and not the air.

Specification: Power Rating: 2000W, Heat Settings: 700W / 1400W / 2000W, Remote Control: yes, Cable Length: 1.7m

This Firefly 2KW wall-mounted patio heater comes in three power settings which are 700W, 1400W and 2000W. This means that this is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose the power option according to your requirement.It is smaller in size with dimensions: 30 x 50 x 20cm. The angle of this heater is adjustable so you can face it upwards, downwards or straight ahead as needed. Also, it is very lightweight. This makes sure that if ever it falls due to some reason, there will be minimal damage.

It comes at a very reasonable price. One thing to keep in mind is that it is not waterproof so it needs to be kept safe from water. Make sure that it is placed somewhere it is safe from rain.


  • It is very cost effective.
  • It is small in size and is very lightweight.
  • It comes with adjustable angle options.
  • It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • It is not waterproof and needs to be taken care of.


Filling in all the gaps after researching the reviews!

While choosing an outdoor heater for a garden or patio you need to keep in mind the factors and options for prioritising a special kind of heater. Some of the most important factors and features you need to keep in mind while selecting the best outdoor heater are described below:

Mode and preferences of use

This is preferably the most important consideration to make when buying an outdoor heater. The shape and size of the area you are using like patio or garden, the situation you will use it in, the number of people who will be taking advantage of the heater is the factors that help you in choosing an outdoor heater that satisfies all your demands.

There are many heaters available in the market but you need to choose the one according to your needs and demands. Like if you and your friends usually sit close to one table or area when outside, a tabletop heater would be best. Similarly, if you spend time in closed areas that you want to keep heated, the electric outdoor heater will do the trick.

Price Range

Cost is an important factor to consider before choosing a heater. The cost of different heaters varies depending on the shape, size, type, and style of the heater you go with. Many tabletop heaters fall in the range of £50-£200. The floor standing heaters will cost more than $200 and can reach up to $1000 for the models that use natural gas. Hanging and wall mount heaters have a similarly broad range based upon their size, style, and power. You can find models for less than £100, but can easily pay more than £1000 for larger and more powerful heaters.

It’s wise to search for a heater in your budget. The expensive models are nice and worth the splurge but if your needs and desires are simple then you don’t need to spend more than what you basically require.

Output capacity

The output capacity/power of a heater is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). The higher the BTU of the heater, the higher the amount of heat will be produced by it. Usually, when considering the output capacity of the heater we compare it to the desired area where it is to be used. It doesn’t matter how much heat is produced if the area is too large for it or the weather is too cold outside.

The measuring units like BTU’s and wattage can be useful in comparing different models but they cannot always have trusted. The manufacturers usually give us a clear image of how much heat is produced and how much space is covered in different climates and weather conditions.

So, make sure you know the maximum output/power of the patio heater so you can have a good idea whether it will work for your patio or not.

Built-in Safety systems

Everything we use has both its advantages and risks. In such case, a floor standing patio heater must be weighted properly or fixed to the floor to withstand windy conditions otherwise the risk of catching fire increases. If you live in an area with strong winds than you should take precautionary measures to avoid any mishaps and severe damages. Due to this high risk of catching fire, many heaters have an auto shutoff function in them.

The gas and wood heaters should always be kept in open spaces because in closed and covered spaces the risk of carbon monoxide buildup and fire hazard increases. In such cases, electric heaters are the most preferred choice as they tend to be safest but, you still need to be cautious about them.

Back garden fire pits involve an open fire so, you need to be extra cautious about them and make sure you wear gloves. The safety of patio heater depends on the user itself so you must read its manual carefully before assembling and using.

You should always put out the fire completely when you are done to decrease your safety risks. Moreover, it is good to go for the patio heaters that have built-in safety systems.

Weather conditions in your area

Climate is the most influential factor in selecting a heater. The weather conditions in your area help you determine what kind of heater you desire and how much heat you need from it. If your area is prone to drizzling, a lower power patio heater won’t be of much use. If you often experience high-powered winds, then a floor standing patio heater is hard to keep uptight. In this case, wall-mounted patio heaters will work better.

Before buying a heater consider what the weather usually looks like during the times of year that you will most want to use heater and then buy according to your needs and requirements.

Décor and environment

Many people are usually happy with their plain and simple heaters while others want to add an aesthetic look to their patio or garden. Most floor standing models fall in the functional category but many are designed specially to give an aesthetic look to the outdoor area. Many people go for patio heaters that have an open flame option to add more to the ambiance, décor, and environment.

If you consider appearance and atmosphere as an important factor then you should take some time to browse and see your options that will fit perfectly with your outdoor space.


Many patio heaters are extremely easy to use from the moment you buy them to as long as you have them. Some of them require proper work and maintenance efforts to keep them running efficiently. Mostly, it is very easy to ignite patio heaters but in case of no piezo or push-button ignition, you might need to make a little effort to ignite it up. Some models also require more professional handling for assembly and installation than others so you need to have some professional assistance to get it assembled and installed.

Electric patio heaters are the easiest to use as you only have to plug them in. Natural gas patio heaters need to be hooked up once and they are ready to use without any extra effort. Other patio heaters such as the ones that operate on propane, LPG gas, butane or any other fuel need to be refilled after every short while.

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