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People use garden sheds for all manner of things. From simply being a convenient place to keep the rake and edging shears, to a fully fledged workshop, the best garden sheds in combination with shed security cameras, a shed alarm, and shed locks can keep our property safe and in excellent condition, and in general help us use our outdoor spaces to their full potential safe in the knowledge our tools and bbq are close by and easily accessible.

Best garden shed

When I was growing up, everyone had a wooden shed, including my house. These days, improvements in material sciences have created stronger and more hardy plastics, so now there are lots of extremely popular plastic sheds out there too, especially outdoor plastic storage sheds. Which type is better, I hear you ask? To be honest, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, and we will point these out in our best garden shed buyer’s guide.

Best garden sheds will last an improve the look in your garden.

Here are our thoughts on the top ten sheds: plastic and wooden.

Comparison table: Best garden sheds [UK] 2021: Top ten sheds plastic and wooden reviewed

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Keter Store-It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Beige and Brown

  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for garden tools and equipment
  • Elegant wood effect panels that opens from the top or the front and with a lockable feature for secure...
  • Heavy-duty floor with built-in support for shelving and 845 L capacity
  • Durable, weather-resistant design - no maintenance or fading
  • Assembled dimensions: 130 x 74 x 110 cm (L x W x H) ; internal dimensions: 121 x 64...

Lifetime 2.43 m x 3.04 m Outdoor Storage Shed

  • Collectible tin featuring Sgt Peppers artwork
  • 15 high quality celluloid guitar picks with iconic Beatles images
  • Highly detailed artwork on every pick
  • Medium gauge picks
  • Collect them all

Outsunny Wooden Garden Storage Shed

  • ✅SOLID FIR WOOD: This outdoor storage cabinet with a strong and tough piece which will last in your garden...
  • ✅TOP VARNISH COAT: Garden storage covering helps to prevent liquids seeping through and damaging your inside goods....
  • ✅TWO INTERIOR SHELVES: Our outdoor storage allows you to store and organise your garden tools and equipment with ease....
  • ✅SHUTTER STYLE DOORS: Provides ventilation for tools in storage shed when closed...
  • ✅TOOL CABINET DIMENSIONS: 96.5H x 87L x 46.5Wcm

Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

  • 2 doors (opening approximately 134 x 184 cm).
  • 1 fixed window (window size: approximately 30 x 45 cm).
  • Door latch lockable (lock not included).
  • Wall thickness: approximately 1.6 cm.
  • Wall height: approximately 167.5 cm.

Power Sheds 10 x 6 wooden shed

  • All sheds have high grade premium quality Scandinavian tongue and groove timber throughout including roof and floor – No...
  • Modular panels allow you to position the door and windows of your garden shed in any position as you...
  • Wooden shed with premium features including heavy duty framing with corner bracing for increased pent shed strength...
  • Premium features including heavy duty framing with corner bracing for increased strength...
  • Safe and stress-free convenient delivery – garden shed arrives on pallet and moved to site with pallet truck...

TOOMAX Storaway 842L Outdoor Garden Plastic Storage Shed

The TOOMAX Storaway 842L Outdoor Garden Plastic Storage Shed Box represents the right balance of value for money and build quality when compared to it's main rival the Suncast BMS2500 Double Wheelie Bin Store which is near double the money but in my opinion not twice the bin storage so as you can see pound for pound this is why I've got it high on my list! It also handily doubles up as a super quality garden shed so you can always put it to alternative use if you change your mind!

Dunster House Sentry Box Wooden Garden Tool Shed with Storage Shelf and Tool Rail

  • WE DO NOT DELIVER TO SCOTLAND AND CERTAIN OTHER POSTCODES: Due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak...
  • 10 Year Guarantee on Pressure Treated Floor Bearers.
  • Customisable Shelf and Tool Rail
  • AMAZON ASSEMBLY NOTE: Amazon may offer the option to include assembly of this product...
  • ARRANGED DELIVERY: You will be contacted by a member of our Dispatch Team within 2 working days to arrange...

Pinelap 8x5 quality fully T&G wooden euro apex garden shed


Duramax Woodbridge II 10.5 x 8 Plus Plastic Garden Shed with Metal Foundation Kit

  • Maintenance Free Vinyl Storage Shed that it won’t Rust
  • Includes Metal Foundation Kit
  • Wide & Tall Double Doors
  • Metal reinforced wall columns for superior strength; Strong steel Roof Truss Support that can carry 20 lbs/sq...
  • External Dimensions (LxWxH): 324.8 x 247 x 233.3 cm; Internal Dimensions (LxWxH): 313.3 x 243.3 x 215 cm...

Dunster House 6.7x3.4FT Outdoor Bike Shed

  • WE DO NOT DELIVER TO SCOTLAND AND CERTAIN OTHER POSTCODES: Due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak...
  • Wide Access Doors to Bike shed and Storage Space.
  • 15mm Shiplap Cladding. Pre-Fixed Roof Felt
  • Pressure Treated Timber for low maintenance and longevity
  • ARRANGED DELIVERY: You will be contacted by a member of our Dispatch Team within 2 working days to arrange...

When it comes to top-quality plastic garden sheds, there aren’t many better-known names than Keter, so it’s no wonder that we feature a couple of their products in our list.

The Keter Manor is what I would call a ‘proper’ shed, in that it is tall enough to stand up inside (even if you have to stoop), and has windows. It also features air vents, which is important with plastic constructions as they don’t naturally ventilate as well as wooden sheds.

Although there are no drain pipes, the sloped roof does allow rainwater to run off and won’t accumulate on top in puddles. This roof was easy to assemble, but it is tricky to get it to connect properly to the sides without a bit of help and some basic DIY skills.

The Keter Manor does have its own floor, but it is not meant to be used as the main base, and you should still use a pallet, wooden base, or similar, instead to help take the load. By doing this, you will find that assembly is much easier as there is less movement and warping of the different parts.

This isn’t a quick build, and might be a bit tricky for beginners, but if you follow online advice and get someone experienced to help you, you will be awarded, after a few hours work, with a very solid and sturdy shed that also looks great.

Made in the UK, and a recipient of all kinds of awards, Power Sheds’ products are some of the best that you can get delivered to your door, and they are living up to their name with this outstanding wooden shed.

Measuring 10x6ft, it is a heavy duty shed that would make a great mini workshop for hobbyists of all kinds. Its sturdy frame, made from 44x28mm pieces of high quality, Scandinavian timber, is backed up by internal corner bracing in all the wall panels, and this creates a very solid structure.

On top of that, throughout the entire structure there are no corners cut with cheaper materials like chipboard, and instead tongue and groove panels have been used for all panels, not excluding the roof or floor either. Even the hinges on the door, and the handle, have been paid special attention and so they are galvanized to protect them from rust.

If that wasn’t enough to have you reaching for your wallet, this wooden shed features toughened glass windows with PVC sills to help seal them off, and a hard wearing polyester roofing felt.

It’s not only the build quality of this wooden shed that made me pick it as our number one, it is also how convenient the modular design makes things. This design means that you can have the panels where you want them, so you’re not scratching your head trying to work out how to fit it into your garden and still have the door and windows in a place that makes sense.

You don’t need to shell out hundreds of pounds on a full size shed if you only need a place to store some garden tools, kids’ toys, or cushions for your garden furniture. Truth be told, there are plenty of relatively cheaper alternatives available to you, and this one from Keter is one of the most popular.

A plastic construction measuring 133 x 82 x 24 cm, it gives you plenty of space (845 litres to be exact) inside to keep the things you need out of the weather and opportunist thieves’ hands. This shed features two front doors that open out to give you easy access to everything inside and the absence of any framework in the centre means that you can lay down larger objects inside too. In addition to the two doors, the roof of the shed doubles up as a lid that can be lifted, providing even more access.

If you prefer to keep things even more orderly inside your shed, there are built in supports on the sides that you can use to fit shelves in, so you’ll never have to look too hard to find your best secateurs when it comes to pruning time.

Although a completely plastic construction, it has been given a wooden panel effect aesthetic that I have to say actually looks rather good, and the black, diamond shaped, lockable security latch contrasts nicely with the light colour of the panels.

The only negative thing I’ll say about this plastic storage shed, is that the back panel isn’t as thick or strong as the front or roof, but as long as that side is pushed up against a fence or wall, it shouldn’t be an issue.

To finish on a positive note, this is a very easy plastic shed to assemble, even if you are doing it on your own, and with very little to no DIY experience. Once put together, it will require pretty much zero maintenance too.

Keter Store-It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

Looking for a mini-shed to store your tools and wellies in? This wooden shed by Outsunny might be just what you are looking for.

First of all, this is a wonderful looking shed. Made from solid Fir, and having been given a really nice coat of varnish, the peachy-brown colour is very eye-catching, and the shuttered panels in the front doors not only look fantastic, but also provide some well needed ventilation in summer.

The door handles are the only metallic component of this wooden shed, and to help fight off rust, they have been constructed out of aluminium alloy, a material known for strength and resistance to rust and corrosion.

To stop water pooling on top of the shed, the roof has been designed with backwards slope, so rain just runs off. The roof material itself is good quality asphalt and will keep your stuff inside dry and protected for some time to come.

Inside the shed you will find two shelves, so this isn’t the shed to go for storing a lawn mower or other large objects such as kid’s bikes, but it does make it ideal for keeping garden tools and spare plant pots nice and orderly. The space on the shelves is quite large (79.4cm x 36.3cm) though, so storing multiple footballs, boots, kids’ toys, and other things of that size is no problem, as long as you don’t exceed the 30kg max for each tier.

You could, of course, assemble the shed without the interior shelf but this would make the structure less stable than it was designed to be. It wouldn’t be unstable or flimsy, but not as solid as when the shelf is fitted.

Another cracking alternative to a full size shed that will suit a lot of people’s storage needs and look fantastic while doing it, well worth the money.

A fair bit pricier than most plastic garden sheds, Lifetime’s outdoor storage shed is also a lot roomier, and has some nice touches that warrant the higher price tag. Available in a variety of sizes, from 7x7ft all the way up to 11x21ft, and all with good head clearance inside, these plastic sheds are some of the best you can buy.

A mainly polyethylene construction, this shed will not crack or fade, and won’t degrade, no matter what weather it has to deal with. The wall panels are double layered too, to reduce the risk of unsightly dents or bumps occurring.

The overall structure is given a lot more support and sturdiness thanks to steel trusses, and security has been improved through the implementation of shatterproof polycarbonate windows, and lockable, steel reinforced doors.

Large, double, barn-like doors provide a spacious entrance for you to fit your larger tools like a lawnmower inside quickly and easily, and they also provide great insulation and natural light in during spring and summer. If the weather changes, you will still get great airflow with the doors closed via the decorate, screened vents just below the roof.

With its sloped plastic roof, you don’t have to worry about rainwater build-up on top as it’ll simply run straight off and onto the ground. During our tests with this product, we got a spell of very heavy rain, and there was no leaking from any of the joints whatsoever.

The shed comes with its own floor that again is made from polyethylene. It has been made with a non-slip grip, and is easy to clean if you spill any oil or other liquids onto it. However, it should not be thought of as the main base for the shed, and you should build on top of a proper concrete or wood shed base for stability.

This isn’t a particularly hard plastic shed to build if you follow the instructions carefully and keep rechecking them. This does mean that it is quite a slow process though, so be sure you have a friend or family member to lend a hand, and at least half a day to get it done.

Probably the most sturdy plastic shed out there, but one you have to be ready to pay a bit extra for, Lifetime’s product is nonetheless extremely good.

6. Dunster House Sentry Box Wooden Garden Tool Shed with Storage Shelf and Tool Rail

Having a smaller garden doesn’t have to mean you can’t have a lovely wooden shed of your very own. With the Dunster House sentry box shed, you get to make the most of what space you’ve got and still have a great spot for your tool storage.

Named the ‘sentry box’ for good reason, this wooden shed very closely resembles the small huts that the Queen’s guards stand in front of at Buckingham palace, only with a closable and lockable front door.

While only 4ft wide, it stands nearly 7ft tall, and this gives you a lot of storage space inside the shed, and the free tool rail, plus the height adjustable shelf, give you plenty of options when it comes to just what, and how you can keep in there.

Although relatively small, it is as steady and sturdy as they come with a sub frame made from 35mmx35mm timber, and 15mmm shiplap cladding as the wall panels. These wall panels are a lot thicker than many wooden sheds I’ve come across, and do a great job of providing security and insulation.

The timber used for this wooden shed is of exceptional quality, and for your convenience has been pre-cut, planed smooth, and pre-notched. This makes assembly a little easier, but you should still be prepared to spend a few good hours, with help, putting the shed up.

Dunster houses have thrown in some of their polyester roof felt with the shed as part of the deal, and like their timber, it is very high-quality stuff and a welcome addition. The roof itself is sloped nicely to provide rainwater runoff, and the shiplap cladding has been designed to prevent any of that run off from entering the shed itself via the panels. A job that does incredibly well.

So, if you’re pushed for space, but would love a top-quality wooden shed, this Dunston House product is worth some serious consideration.

Another excellent choice for those of you looking for a large, walk-in, plastic shed is the Duramax Woodbridge 2, available at the time of writing for around 700 pounds. That might sound like a lot, but actually a wooden shed of the same size would likely cost you quite a bit more.

Furthermore, while a wooden shed requires painting or staining regularly to fend off rot and weather damage, there is no maintenance required with this PVC construction, and to top it all it is fire retardant too.

While mostly a plastic shed, the woodbridge 2 does incorporate some metal structural reinforcements to provide extra strength, and that’s always welcome when those gales come sweeping across the UK in winter. This extra strength, helped along by roof trusses, allows you to install shelves inside the shed too without worry about compromising the over structure of the shed. It also means that you don’t have to panic when snow builds up on the roof.

This shed comes complete with a metal foundation kit, which is very handy indeed, but please be aware that there is no floor included and you will either use your wood or concrete base as the floor, or build one on top, yourself.

Due to its roomy interior, this shed can be used for so many purposes. Need a new workshop? No problem. Personal gym or training space? Here you go. Somewhere to house your new hot tub? Plenty of space inside for that.

The one downside to this plastic shed, is that it is not that easy to build, and you shouldn’t attempt it yourself if you’re not a little bit savvy when it comes to DIY. There are small adjustments that have to be made throughout the process to keep everything square and lined up, and it really is a test of patience, even if you do know what you are doing. Having said that, if you stick with it, and take your time, you will be rewarded with a super-strong plastic shed that has enough space inside for you to store whatever you like and still have room to spare.

Most bicycle thefts are opportunist acts. The thieves are on the prowl, then see something that looks easy to snatch, and before you know it your bike is gone. It’s sad to say, but it’s unfortunately a common occurrence in the UK these days.

You’d be surprised how effective an outdoor bike shed can be when it comes to reducing the risk of yours and your kids bikes from being stolen. It seems like the old ‘out of sight, out of mind’ saying really does play a part here. Of course, you won’t ever be able to completely stop a determined thief this way, but it does cut down the risk of opportunism.

Coming from Dunster house, this wooden, outdoor bike shed is, unsurprisingly, made from high quality, pressure treated timber in order to fight off fungi and insects. This timber is also thicker than average, and this helps to provide a good level of stability and security.

The front of the shed consists of two large, double braced doors that open outwards to provide a large opening, perfect for getting bikes in and out of. Once closed, the fitted latch can be secured with a padlock to make things ever more difficult for any sticky-fingered fiends wandering around.

Like with the other Dunster House product we reviewed earlier, some free polyester felt is provided to cover the sloped roof of the shed, and the panes have the same overlapping, ‘shiplap’ cladding to provide waterproofing. The felt is already pre-attached to the roofing boards which certainly speeds up assembly time.

This shed is fairly straightforward and easy to assemble and you don’t need to be skilled to do so. However, I will say that you should take time and care when putting the finishing touches to it, like with the trim, to really ensure there are no leaks when the rain comes.

At just over 2 metres wide, 1.75 metres high, and having a depth of just over a metre, you can comfortably fit a few bikes in there, whether kids’ size or adult, and you have enough space to get your head inside to look around at the same time.

A great alternative to the plastic bike sheds that are very common these days, this Dunster House product gives you the same security, but with a sore eye-pleasing, traditional look.

The Toomax plastic storage shed is a direct competitor to the Keter midi storage shed we featured earlier in this article, and as such is aimed at people looking for a convenient place to store tools, toys, etc. without having to get planning permission and without taking up too much space in the garden.

At 129.5 x 74.5 x 111 centimetres, there is enough space inside for your lawnmower, kids’ bikes, or even just somewhere to keep your wheelie bins out of sight. There are no shelves inside, but on the inner walls you will find places where you can mount some in no time at all.

Made from a very strong plastic called polypropylene, this shed is robust and sturdy once fully assembled, not to mention UV stabilized and waterproof to boot. Also, being plastic, there is no need to paint or treat the shed, and you won’t have problems with rot or insects like you can get with wood.

To stop water from leaking in from the ground, Toomax has given this shed an integrated plastic floor that keeps your contents nice and dry. The large roof is openable, but has also been designed so as not to allow any rain from seeping in.

Just like the Keter product it is in competition with, the plastic panels have been given a fake wood effect, and it actually looks pretty good. The interior doesn’t have this, but that’s ok as nobody will see it except you

The two main doors on the front of the shed have an integrated latch that you can use with a padlock to lock the shed up. The latch is made from thick plastic, and is relatively strong, but to be honest, it could easily be broken by a tooled-up thief. Then again, the same could be said for most metal latches. The rear of the shed is the main security problem as the material used is quite thin, so sitting it next to a wall is for the best.

One of the best things about the Toomax storage shed is how easy it is to set up. While some of the larger sheds can take hours upon hours, or even days, you can quite possibly have this one ready to use within half an hour. The parts just click into place and there is no need for any drilling or screwing.

To sum the Toomax up, I would say it is a decent storage shed for keeping garden supplies in, but the lack of security, just like the Keter model that is similar, would prevent me from using it for storing anything of value.

10. Pinelap 8x5 quality fully T&G wooden euro apex garden shed

We bring our top ten garden sheds reviews to a close with this wooden, walk-in shed from Pinelap that is available in various sizes. First off, this is a fantastic looking shed, not just from the outside, but also when standing inside. The tongue and groove redwood panels that have been used throughout the construction give everything a very polished feel and there is no ugly chipboard in sight.

Combined with the 45mm x 27mm framing, these tongue and groove panels give the overall structure of the shed a lot of stability and it makes you feel confident that it would survive any strong winds that come its way.

The braced front door has been given three galvanized tee hinges in order to keep rust at bay, and not to be outdone, the timber can have its own treatment in the form of an antifungal preservative if you ask for it during your purchase. Alternatively, you could just do it yourself before construction.

As standard the Pinelap wooden shed comes with two glass windows, however you can opt when buying not to have these if you so wish. Personally, I always want some natural light in my sheds, but I know it is not a big deal to some people, and that the fact the shed will be easy to set up without the windows might be more important.

For extra security, the company fitted a lock on the door and provided the key, and I was happy with the quality of both, especially considering the competitive price of this shed.
Despite some pretty unclear instructions, we managed to assemble the Pinelap shed without too many hiccups, and it took about three and a half hours with two of us pitching in.

This isn’t a perfect shed, and some of the timber for the frames can be a bit rough, but for the price it is very good value, and with a little bit of extra work, treating the wood and a bit of extra sanding, you can end up with a cracking shed and a great deal.

Pinelap 8x5 quality fully T&G wooden euro apex garden shed

Best Garden Sheds-plastic and Wooden- Buyers’ Guide

Above we have offered up a great selection of plastic and wooden garden sheds, but if you’re still wondering which material is right for you, have a read of this buyer’s guide that will hopefully help you to make up your mind.


Probably the deciding factor for most people, is the price of the shed. Generally speaking, plastic sheds are going to save you money when compared to a wooden shed of the same type and size. There are maintenance costs to consider too, and again, plastic sheds are the cheaper option. However, a well looked after wooden shed will probably fare better in the long run, so if you’re good at remembering to keep things painted or treated, that might be a better option.


Wooden sheds usually take a little more skill and tools to assemble. You often have to drill holes and screw things together. Tongue and groove wooden sheds reduce this down to a minimum though.

Plastic sheds often just click together, however this is more common with the smaller plastic sheds, and the larger ones still need screwing together. Actually, in my own personal experience, the larger plastic sheds can be quite bothersome to get things lined up properly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Longevity – wooden sheds will surprisingly last longer because they can be repaired.

Because it is low-maintenance, plastic sheds will generally last longer than wooden ones but it does depend on a few factors. First of all, how good is the plastic quality and how good is your shed base?

Cheap plastic will crack, dent, bend, etc. quite easily and there isn’t really a way to repair it, you’ll just have to replace it. High quality plastic will last for a very long time though.

Wooden sheds have to be treated with a wood preserver for sheds and a shed stain or paint, and kept close eye on if they’re going to last, but it is possible, with proper care, that they will last for years. I recently converted my shed into an office, in the end it comes down to how much attention you will give to your shed.

looking after a wooden garden shed

Another factor is how you will be using the shed. If you have to make alterations, like adding shelves, or a shed window for more light then wooden sheds are much better and are often designed to allow such things. Plastic sheds are not as good for that kind of thing, and you can actually negatively affect the integrity of the structure of them by doing so. You can’t make repairs on a plastic shed easily either, but on my wooden shed I’ve done all sorts. including fitting a new shed door.


There’s a reason why so many manufacturers try to give their plastic sheds a faux wooden look, and to be perfectly honest, even the best of these are nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as traditional timber. That’s not to say plastic sheds are ugly, some of them look great, it’s just that they can’t compete with wooden sheds, in my opinion anyway.

Most plastic sheds won’t have glass windows, although many have Perspex as an alternative, but again, for me, they just don’t look as good as a well cleaned, glass shed window sparkling in the sun.

Armed with this info, picking the best garden shed should now be a walk in the park 🙂

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