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The best garden sieve will considerably improve your soil quality, but quickly too. You need a sieve that will break soil down and remove small stones as well as debris quickly. There are many types of garden sieve; those designed for breaking up larger clumps of soil, and finer garden sieves for potting and transferring seedlings from trays.

Here is my selection of the best sieves available

Best garden sieves rated for price and function (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

Apollo Gardening 1/4-inch 6mm Metal Garden Riddle/Sieve Mesh

  • Durable powder coated steel
  • Ideal for removing stones or debry from soil
  • Can be used to sow seeds
  • Green
  • 1/4" 6mm Mesh

4.7/5 from 302 reviews

Bulldog 8186170000 premier 3/8 inch garden sieve

  • All metal construction
  • Pressed steel rim
  • 3/8 Inch/9 mm grid
  • Ideal for sieving soil

4.6/5 from 89 reviews

Ambassador 1/2" (12mm) Hole Metal Garden Riddle Sieve #AR12

Ambassador garden riddle / sieve - AR12

  • Robust metal design
  • Great for grading soil and compost

4.6/5 from 66 reviews

Tierra GP55 garden sieve

  • Galvanized 1/4-inch mesh
  • A must-have around the potting table
  • Use to remove rocks and debris from soil
  • Measures 14-1/4-Inch long by 12-3/4-Inch wide by 5-1/2-Inch high...

4.6/5 from 49 reviews

Garden Sieve

A garden sieve from Greenfingers

  • High quality
  • Strata garden sieve green

4.5/5 from 171 reviews

Soil Sieve Stainless Steel with 3 interchangable Mesh Sizes by All Things Bonsai

Bonsai metal garden sieve

  • Stainless steel soil sieve
  • 3 interchangable galvanised sizes of mesh
  • 30cm overall diameter
  • mesh holes 3, 5 & 7mm approx.

4.1/5 from 134 reviews

Garland 2-in-1 garden sieve

  • Very practical, deep sieve
  • With two interchangeable screens
  • Made in the UK
  • Measures 35cm by 35cm by 12.5cm deep
  • The plastic outer is made from recycled polypropylene.

4/5 from 145 reviews

1. Apollo gardening riddle / sieve

  • A metal sieve that can be used to filter stones, small twigs, and other debris from soil.
  • The size of the grate is quarter of an inch.
  • Quality build, made of steel.
  • Waterproof powder coat for added rust protection.
  • Simple, easy to use design.
  • Must have tool to sow seeds.

2. A garden sieve from Greenfingers

Garden Sieve
4.5 out of 5 stars ( 171 customer reviews )

  • A round garden sieve that can do its duty pretty well.
  • This riddle is made of plastic that is strong and durable.
  • The mesh of the sieve is also made of plastic.
  • High quality plastic build that can filter stones with ease.
  • The diameter of this garden sieve is 36 centimetres and the height is 33.5 centimetres.
  • The mesh grating is 1cm.
  • This is a basic garden riddle that can be used for almost all the soil filtering jobs.

3. Garland 2-in-1 garden sieve

  • A 2 in 1 garden sieve from a brand that has a reputation for producing quality garden accessories.
  • Deep sieve to sift soil more quickly.
  • The sieve is very useful for planting.
  • This riddle comes with two types of sieve grating that are interchangeable.
  • Two grating dimensions: 6 and 12mm.
  • The material used to make these screens is galvanised wire that is woven to make it tough and strong.
  • The outer material of the sieve is made of plastic.
  • This 2 in 1 garden sieve can be used for both compost and lumpy soil.
  • When you want to make compost for your seedlings fine, this is a handy tool.
  • This 2 in 1 garden sieve is made in the UK.
  • Weighing 796 grams, this sieve’s dimensions are 35.1 cm x 35.1 cm x 12.7 cm.

4. Bonsai metal garden sieve

  • Designed for sifting fine material.
  • A strong sieve that can be used to filter out the debris from soil or compost.
  • Extremely durable and built from stainless steel, designed to last.
  • This sieve has three different gratings to sift different materials.
  • The three gratings are 3,5,7mm
  • Very comfortable size to hold in the hand.

5. Bulldog 8186170000 premier 3/8 inch garden sieve

  • A steel garden sieve that is ideal for soil filtering and it comes from a manufacturer that has more than 2 centuries of experience in this field.
  • The sieve is completely made of steel.
  • The sieving mesh is not separable and fully built in for a lasting design.
  • The hole size of the mesh used here is 9mm (3/8 inch).
  • Painted green with rust protection qualities.
  • There are two crossing steel rods that support the mesh well within the rim.

6. Tierra GP55 garden sieve

  • Very well priced sieve, probably the best garden sieve from this perspective.
  • The diamond shaped grating is ¼ inch.
  • It is made of galvanised steel to make it strong and durable.
  • It is a rectangular shaped garden soil sieve for those that prefer a wider grip.
  • Easily filter the stones and other debris
  • The sieve rim is made of durable plastic.
  • This garden sieve just weighs around 500 grams and is a great addition to your potting kit.

7. Ambassador garden riddle / sieve - AR12

  • A metal riddle sieve that is designed to filter compost or soil for easy planting.
  • It has a complete metal construction that is robust.
  • The grating size of this wire mesh is ½ inches or 12 mm (the mesh size is 12mm x 12mm).
  • Larger grating designed for the first sift of larger soil clumps.
  • This is round in shape and the diameter of this garden sieve is 14 inches or 36 centimetres. The sieve is 7 centimetres deep.
  • It is a great addition to your gardening tool kit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the best garden sieves. We have a wide range of useful garden hand tools that might help you improve soil quality so please feel free to check them out.