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Best lawn feed this summer

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Choose The Best Lawn Feed To Maintain The Health of Your Lawn

Have you ever strolled past a lawn on a Summer’s day and thought to yourself: ‘I wonder what lawn feed they are using?’ or ‘I’d be interested to know what grass seed they’ve got’? I have! Some lawns just look too good to be true! Perfectly trimmed(you start wondering what lawn mower they use too, is it one of those robotic lawn mowers so they don’t even have to walk on the grass!), they look more like a green carpet than a lawn. The best lawn feed will significantly improve the health of your lawn. The best lawn feed should keep your lawn lush green and be easily spreadable, dissolving it into a watering can. So with those ideas in mind I have reviewed the best lawn feed to save you time.

Comparison table: Best lawn feed this summer

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Water Soluble Plant Food from Miracle-Gro

  • The number one selling plant food
  • Grows plants twice as big as unfed plants
  • For better displays feed every two weeks from March to September
  • Simply dissolve in water and apply using a watering can or use a Miracle-Gro hose-end feeder...

Spring and Summer Lawn Grass Food from Farm and Garden

5kg airtight tub of Proctors Spring and Summer Lawn Grass Food and moss killer fertiliser

  • 5kg airtight tub of Spring and Summer Lawn Food and moss killer...
  • Chemical composition of 11-5-5
  • This tub will do 140 sq metres
  • Next working day delivery service
  • It can be stored for years

Spring Rise Lawn Fertiliser from Agrigem

Spring Rise 10-4-4+ Trace Elements Lawn Fertiliser, 25kg

  • Ideal for treating any grass area from lawns and sports pitches
  • Releases the fertiliser over a 6 week period ensuring your grass stays lush and healthy for longer...
  • Mini-granular compound fertiliser which offers an excellent spreading pattern

Pre-Seed Fertiliser Premium Protection Grass Feed from the Grass People

The Grass People Quick Release: Pre-Seed Fertiliser, Premium Protection, Fast Growing, Fast Acting Fertiliser for a New Lawn, Quick to Establish, Weed Resistant, Root Strengthening 20kg

  • FAST ACTING fertiliser perfect for before
  • HIGH QUALITY fertiliser product with high levels of Phosphate for strong and early root growth....
  • PREMIUM PROTECTION for your lawn through nutrients such as Potassium that will help fight off any diseases that young...
  • INSTANT aid for root growth to help your new lawn go from bald to bountiful in one swift step....
  • SPREADING RATE 70 grams per m2.If spreading on new seedlings make sure to water thoroughly after application....

Lawn Food/Feed Fertiliser Spring & Summer from Elixir Gardens

  • NPK 12 - 3
  • Spring & Summer Lawn Food comes with a higher level of Nitrogen for increased grass growth whilst keeping moss...
  • One 2.5kg bag of Spring & Summer will cover up to (or over) 71.4m squared....
  • A micro-granular moss control product
  • Elixir Gardens Spring & Summer comes with added Magnesium for a luscious...

1 Litre Liquid Law Feed Vitax Enhance Green Up from JDS Hardware

Vitax Enhance Green Up Liquid Lawn Feed 1ltr

  • High quality
  • Vitax green up lawn care enhance liquid lawn feed 200sqm

If you wish to establish green and healthy grass, it is important that you should rightly feed your lawn. It is recommended to use the right lawn feed to regularly feed and this is an essential part in your lawn maintenance task. When you do this, in addition to being greener, your lawn will become thicker. Moreover, it will become healthy enough against moss and weeds, keep a scarifier in mind too.

What is required for healthy lawn growth?

You should know about the three main minerals that are required for the healthy growth of your lawn. They are potassium, phosphorous and Nitrogen. In addition to these three, other minerals are also required, but in smaller quantities. Here is an explanation of the role played by these three minerals:

  • Nitrogen is essential for the growth of leaf. So, it should be a part of your lawn feed. It will give a deep green colour to your lawn and will give a healthy appearance as well. You should apply nitrogen when the grass produces new growth and it should be done during the summer and the spring.
  • When it comes to phosphorus, it is essential for the development of the root. As you can judge, a lawn with an unhealthy root system is more susceptible to the damages caused by pests, disease and drought. So, you should make sure that phosphorous is a part of your lawn feed. You should apply it during autumn or early spring.
  • Potassium helps the lawn by building resistance against diseases and drought. The ideal time to apply potassium feed is during autumn or spring.
  • An automatic watering system or sprinkler won’t hurt. If you don’t have either then you can always have a good hose reel and spray gun/nozzle on hand.

When you compare lawn feeds, you should make sure that all feeds contain the above-mentioned three nutrients that are identified as macronutrients. Also, they contain a wealth of micronutrients. So, it is better that you should look for the N:P:K ratio in the packet of the feed. Here, as you can judge N stands for Nitrogen which will ensure growth. P stands for

Phosphorus and it is for the strength of the root and also for plant metabolism. K stands for potassium and it is for hardiness. Irrespective the grass species you have in your lawn, all of them have a similar metabolism and most importantly, they need similar nutrients for healthy growth.

The right summer/spring feed should have the NPK ratio as 12:3:12, while in the case of winter/autumn feed, the nitrogen content should be less and the ideal ratio for this season is 4:3:15. However, when feeding, you should consider the recommendation given by the manufacturer in the lawn feed pack.

Lawn feeding ethics:

Now, you know what is required for your lawn to grow healthy in different seasons. Now, your question will be whether to take an organic approach or an inorganic approach to feed. Many believe that chemical lawn fertilisers would be the ideal choice to get a better lawn. On the other hand, some argue that organic fertilisers are the best choice. You can choose the feed based on the approach that you feel as your choice.

Top choices:

Now, with so many options available in the market to feed your lawn, you might be wondering how to choose the right feed. Here are the top choices that we made on your behalf. You can choose one of the following products to feed your lawn to make it healthy:

This product holds the pride of being the #1 best seller in the category of multipurpose fertilisers. Gardeners always trust this food across the United Kingdom. Most users have experienced that their lawn has grown twice as big as unfed plants with this product. It is recommended by the seller that this feed should be supplied to the lawn every couple of weeks from March to September. All that you will have to do is simply dissolve the plant food that comes in a tub in two-kilogram quantity in water. Then, you can apply it using a watering can or using a hose feeder. This product contains a unique combination of 10 nutrients to ensure healthy growth. This is an all-purpose plant and lawn feed. As you need lawn feed, you will have to mix 15 ml of this product in 4.5 litres of water and this dosage will be ideal for feeding lawn spread over 2.5m2 areas. This product contains a healthy mix of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and micronutrients. The list of essential features of this product will help you get a clear picture:

  • Easy to feed
  • Grows lawn double the time of an unfed lawn
  • Feed every two weeks from March to September
  • Contains a healthy combination of NPK and other micronutrients
  • The top-selling farmer trusted product
  • Five-star customer rating

This product from the Grass People comes in 20 Kg pack and it is the ideal pre-seed fertiliser. It is effective in strengthening the roots of the law and it is quick to establish besides being resistance to weed. It will not be an overstatement to say that this is a fast-acting fertiliser for a new lawn. The grass feed will make your lawn to grow fast if you have recently established the lawn. The rate of spreading recommended by the seller is 70 grams per m2. If you plan to feed this food on the newly seeded landscape, it is recommended to water thoroughly after you apply this feed. It will ensure healthy root growth and your lawn will get the premium protection through this grass feed as it has healthy nutrients like potassium. So, it will fight off any diseases that the young seeds are open to otherwise. This high-quality fertiliser has high levels of phosphate for early and strong root growth. It is a fast-acting product that can be used before, during or even after sowing a new lawn to establish the lawn and the NPK ratio in this product is 6:9:6. It can be spread at the time of sowing grass seeds or even shortly after it. The essential pointers to know about this product are as follows:

  • Fast-acting fertiliser for a new lawn
  • Can be applied at the time of sowing or even before or after
  • Rich in nutrients like phosphate
  • NPK ratio is 6:9:6
  • 5-star customer rating

3. 1 Litre Liquid Law Feed Vitax Enhance Green Up from JDS Hardware

As the name of this product very well denotes, it is a grass feed offered in liquid form. It means that you need not have to engage in any sort of mixing. You can directly apply the feed that is made out of high-quality ingredients. It can cover a lawn area of 20 m2. The good thing about this product is that it is widely used by professional lawn feeders. This is the most complete feed available and ONDS Technology ensures efficient uptake of nutrients by your lawn. In addition to all these factors, the 5-star customer rating that this product has on its favour is an added advantage. The essential features of this product include:

  • Grass feed in a liquid form easy to apply
  • It can feed an area of 200 sqm of lawn area
  • ONDS Technology
  • 5-Star Customer Rating
  • Used by professional lawn keepers
  • The most complete grass feed

This product from Elixir Gardens is designed as ideal for summer and spring feeding of a lawn. The NPK ratio of this product is 12:3:9. Along with this, it also contains mass control iron and magnesium. The quantity of Fe and MgO are 0.5 and 0.8 respectively. This pack has a high level of nitrogen to make sure that the grass growth will happen at an improved pace besides keeping moss under control. A single 2.5 kg bag of this product will cover around 71.4 m squared land. This product can be easily spread by hand or using conventional spreaders as it is a micro-granular moss control product. This product also comes with added magnesium to make sure that the lawn becomes green, healthy and luscious. This is an effective method to start working on your lawn to regain the nutrients that were lost during the winter months. The essential features of this product are listed below:

  • Contains NPK in 12:3:9 ratio along with Fe and MgO
  • Added magnesium
  • Easily spreadable
  • Can cover up to or even slightly more than 71.4 m squared land
  • Ideal for starting spring and summer lawn maintenance after the loss of nutrients during winter
  • Clear applying instruction in pack
  • Five-star customer rating

Irrespective of the type of lawn you have in your home, you can go for this lawn feed. It is ideal even for amenity areas, paddocks and sports pitches. It will release the fertiliser over 6 weeks for making sure that your grass will remain healthy and lush for longer. To make sure that you can achieve the best spreading pattern; this product has been created as a mini-granular compound fertiliser. The NPK ratio is 10:4:4 along with other micronutrients that make this product ideal for treating any grass area. It contains a wide range of trace elements along with iron, magnesium and calcium. This is the best feed for grass that looks stressed or in need of some care. With an excellent spreading pattern, the amount to be fed relies on the number of times you apply the product to the lawn. It also relies on the purpose for which you are going to use the grass. The general application rate for this product would be 50 grams per square metre. Key features are listed below:

  • Excellent spreading pattern
  • Ideal for treating any type of grass area
  • Five-star customer rating
  • Ensures lush and healthy growth of lawn

The seller name is Farm and Garden and this product comes in a tub with contents ideal for spring and summer lawn care. In addition to NPK in 11:5:5 ratio, this product also has iron and magnesium. In addition to being a grass feed, it is also a moss killer. It can be stored for users and the seller assures of next working day delivery of this product. The content of the tub will be enough to feed 140 square metres of the landscape. The essential features include:

  • Can be stored for years
  • Delivery on the next working day
  • 5-star customer rating
  • Can cover 140 square metres of landscape
  • A clear description of chemical composition

So, consider choosing one of the products mentioned above. You will surely experience the best growth of your lawn. Most importantly, the right fertilisers can help you save your energy in establishing an attractive lawn.

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