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Top 3 best submersible pumps for sale in 2020

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Best Submersible Pump

Water pumps have been around in some form or another since the ancient Egyptians invented the ‘Shadoof’ in 2000BC. There have been a lot of innovations and reworking of water pumps since then, but still to this day there are people in far off parts of the world using the more primitive designs that our ancestors came up with.
In modern times, especially here in the UK, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to water pumps. In fact one of the hardest things to do, is decide on what type we will go for. 
You have to work out if you want a pump that sits under the water (submersible pump), or if you think a non-submersible pump, also known as a surface pump, would suit the task better. You also have something known as a supply booster pump, this is generally for use with a water supply that lacks the pressure you require.

For ease of use I’ve included a table of contents and buyers guide to the best submersible pump. I’ve only chosen the three best submersible pumps because in truth, no others deserved to get into the reviews.

Comparison table: Top 3 best submersible pumps for sale in 2020

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

TACKLIFE Submersible Water Pump

  • ☘ HEAVY DUTY - A unique pumping system and reinforced dual-seal thermoplastic structure with 8-blade impellers and a stable...
  • ☘ OVERLOAD PROTECTION - The pump will automatically switch off on overheating by the built-in thermal motor protector...

Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools

  • For clean and dirty water
  • Easy operation
  • Long electric cable
  • With automatic float switch
  • We issue VAT invoice with each purchase

Submersible Pumps

A lot of people prefer submersible pumps for their convenience. They are hermetically sealed and designed to work for long periods of time without the need for regular maintenance like a surface pump. 
Choosing a submersible water pump also gives you more options when it comes to price range and features. They are also more efficient than surface pumps as they push the water up from underneath rather than sucking it up like a vacuum. This means that you don’t need a lot of power like with a petrol water pump.

To save you the time and effort it takes to search through all these options, we’ve compiled this short list of the best submersible water pumps for sale in the UK. 
If you just want the brass tacks, you can see the main points highlighted in our comparison table below. For a more in depth look, you can take a minute or so to read our individual reviews for each product.

Best Submersible Pump Reviews

Here we will take a closer look at the top submersible pumps out there on the UK market at the moment.
 Kicking off our best submersible water pump reviews is the Tacklife 400W submersible pump-

Specification: Power: 400W, Max. Flow: 9000 L/h, Max. Lift: 5 m, Max. Depth: 6 m, Discharge: 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″

This award winning Tacklife product is our choice for best submersible water pump.
 It offers the right blend of affordability and practicality, and this has made it a best seller.
It is capable of pumping 9000 litres per hour thanks to the reliable 400 watt electric motor and the unique 8 bladed impellers. 
The Tacklife submersible water pump has a maximum depth of 6 metres, a maximum lift of 5 metres on top of that, and can operate in water temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. It is almost certainly the best submersible pump.

TACKLIFE Submersible Water Pump: variable connector widths, powerful submersible pump, and automatic float switch

A nice feature of the Tacklife is that it has been designed with connectivity in mind, and has fittings to attach it to 25mm, 32mm, 1 inch, and 1.5 inch pipes and connectors. This for me is what gives it the edge over the Katsu submersible pump – 151652 model.
 It has built in thermal motor protection that will sense when the water pump is getting overheated and automatically switch it off. Once the device has cooled down it will start up again on its own.
 Another handy safety feature is the automatic float switch.

This stops the submersible water pump from dry running by sensing where the water level lies.
 As for durability, the dual seal thermoplastic casing feels strong enough so that you don’t have to worry about it too much, but then again, it is still plastic and won’t take hard knocks like a metal cased pump can. 
For light to medium duties such as emptying a hot tub, or a small pond, this pump is more than up to the task, but for larger, heavier duty jobs I’d suggest looking at our petrol pump reviews here.

TACKLIFE Submersible Water Pump Review

Best TACKLIFE Submersible Water Pump Features

What needs work on the TACKLIFE Submersible Water Pump

Reliable 400 watt motor Won’t remove the last inch or so of water
8 bladed impellers for horsepower
Maximum pumping rate of 9000 litres per hour
Versatile connectivity
Automatic overheating protection
Automatic float switch prevents dry running

Could they improve the TACKLIFE Submersible Water Pump?

As with all submersible pumps there are certainly improvements that can be made. The biggest issue is the last inch of water that it can’t get. The problem is this applies to almost all submersible pumps so hard to blame the TACKLIFE Submersible Water Pump for that alone. Overall, for the price, it’s a good buy. Our next review is of a very similar product to the Tacklife that is priced slightly higher, the Terratek Pro 400W submersible water pump.

Specification: Power: 400W, Max. Flow: 7500 L/h, Max. Lift: 5 m, Max. Depth: 5 m, Discharge: 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ Speed: 125 Litres per minute

The Terratek Pro shares a lot of the features of the Tacklife submersible pump such as the automatic float switch and thermal cut out that will turn off the pump when it gets to 35 degrees Celsius to avoid accidentally damage.
 I will say though that the float switch didn’t work as well as the Tacklife and had to be placed in a central ‘sweet spot’ in order to work optimally. 
This submersible water pump can be used with dirty water as long as the particles don’t exceed 35mm in diameter, and the makers say it will pump up to 7500 litres per hour which is slightly less than our number one product.

Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Pump: Quiet submersible pump, long power cord, lightweight, and easy to move around.

Its maximum lift height is 5 metres the same as the Tacklife, but it gives away a metre in depth to its rival.
What this product has going for it is that it runs very quietly, even more so than our previous review which is already quiet.
 It also has a nice long power cord, 10 metres to be exact and comes fitted with a three pronged plug to use in the UK.
 Moving this pump around is no hard task thanks to a large carry handle and the fact that it only weighs about 4 kilograms. It’s compact size make it easy to store away too.
 The Terratek Pro 400W submersible water pump is a very good product. It’s just that it is matched or outdone in nearly every aspect by the Tacklife model.

Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Pump Review

Best Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Pump Features

What needs work on the Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Pump

Quiet in operation The float switch could be improved
Overheating protection feature
Can work in dirty water with particles up to 35mm
Long power cord
Lightweight, Easy to move around and store
Made from corrosion proof materials
Two year guarantee

Could they improve the Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Pump?

I think for the price point, the Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Pump is pretty good. The float switch can be a little temperamental and you need to get it just right in shallow water but apart from that it does it’s job well. It’ll clear water quickly and quietly so for the price it’s hard to go wrong here really.

Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Pump

3. Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools

Specification: Power: 400W, Max. Flow: 7500 L/h, Max. Lift: 5 m, Max. Depth: 5 m, Discharge: 1″ G1″ 1-1/2″, Speed: 2800 rpm

Another popular submersible water pump is our next review- the heavy duty submersible pump from Katsu Tools and it’s certainly a contender for the best submersible water pump.

At just £30.99, the Katsu Tools heavy duty pump is the cheapest of our top 3.
 Although it is a ‘no frills’ kind of product, it still delivers good performance, with the 400w motor producing 2800rpm and being able to pump a maximum 7500 litres per hour.
 At 3.8 kilograms, it is the lightest of three reviews and sports a large carry handle like its closest competitors.

Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools: Cheap, efficient, solid performer and very light to use.

Also like our previous two reviewed products, it has an automatic float switch and can be used to pump clean or dirty water without any major issues. Unfortunately it also shares the same drawback of not being able to pump the last inch or two of water, but this common with pumps of this type.
 This is a decent submersible water pump that does what he needs to and does it well. It can lift water 5 metres like the Terratek submersible pump, and has the same maximum depth.

The one major drawback for me with this pump is that it doesn’t come with any fittings to connect to a hose pipe and the outlet connection can be fiddly.
The Katzu Tools heavy duty submersible water pump offers good performance at a very good price and is worth some serious consideration.

Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools Review

Best Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools Features

What needs work on the Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools

Cheapest of our top 3 pump choices The connector to the outlet needs improving
Performs solidly in clean and dirty water
7500 litre per hour pump rate
Lightweight at only 3.8 kilograms
Automatic float switch works well
5 metre maximum depth and lift height
One year guarantee

Could they improve the Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools?

It’s hard to ask for much more from the Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools. If you think about the price point the only argument I would put forward is the connector outlet is really not great. It should be pointed out though, this isn’t a tool designed for commercial work and within its range, its a very good little submersible pump for cheap!

Heavy Duty Submersible Clean And Dirty Waste Pond Water Pump by Katsu Tools

Best Submersible Water Pumps

So there you have it, our top 3 picks for the title of best submersible water pump. We chose these 3 because we thought that they offer the right combination of low price, so as to be affordable by most people, and enough performance to be able to complete every day needs. 
Larger jobs need larger more powerful pumps, so if you require more horsepower, you should probably look into a surface water pump. The most powerful of these are petrol pumps and they come in different sizes and power output. Prices vary quite a lot with petrol pumps but we have chosen the best few to review here.

UK Submersible Water Pumps

Like with most power tools, the UK is a place that thankfully offers us a lot choice when it comes to water pumps.
 Whether you are looking for a submersible pump or a surface pump, you can be sure that there are a stack of products waiting for you to take a look at. To top up your knowledge on this subject, as well as seeing some more product reviews, you can read our very comprehensive water pump article here.

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