There is nothing like a good barbecue on the weekend to shake off all the unnecessary stress that comes with adulthood. Having a small party and spending quality time with family and friends can help keep you sane. Good food is often the best remedy to a foul mood and the week usually is pretty stressful enough.

That’s where a barbecue party can help change the air a bit and you can relax by grilling the best steaks or making the yummiest of hotdogs. Backyard gatherings with a small circle of friends and family or a day at the beach with your portable grill, any one of these options can boost your mood. Not to mention the tender meat that comes off of that grill and makes you feel all satisfied and fulfilled. People are often put to the test when others taste their special BBQ recipes for the first time. However, if it works out, consider yourself as the official ‘BBQ person’ for your group of friends.

What are Gas Barbecues?

Gas barbecues are grills that do not require any coal or any other type of fuel to run. All they need is an input of gas that can keep the heat going throughout the process. People often debate about which method is the most suitable when it comes to getting the best result for the food that is cooked. The right answer lies in the design of the grill, along with the input of gas and heat that make up the barbecuing process.

The best feature about gas barbecue grills is that they come in portable sizes with a cylinder and therefore can be carried anywhere. You can go on a camping trip, catch some fresh fish and fry it on the portable gas barbecue grill. There is often a huge debate about how the food tastes when it is cooked on a gas barbecue grill and to that we say “Don’t shoot it down till you’ve tried the meat!”

Gas barbecues provide you with an unnoticeable smell while charcoal burners give you that smoky taste with a pinch of burnt smell. The entire charcoal making process also changes the taste and not a lot of people wish to eat their food with a heavier and smoky taste weighing down their palate. Overall, a gas barbecue may provide the food item of choice with lesser heat. But there are several other benefits which have made gas barbecue grills famous amongst people all over the world. Long gone are the days where ‘charcoal’ is the only method of having a good barbecue. Gas barbecues are ideal for low maintenance gardens and if that’s you, our garden furniture reviews can help too.

About Weber Gas Barbecues UK?

Weber grills are famous around the world for their ingenuity in their design along with the revolutionary invention of a kettle grill that their founder George Stephen made in 1952. He himself was a fan of grilling the best steaks and went to form a company that was renowned for the best ‘steak makers’ in the country.

The company owns a variety of different products at varying prices so that they could cater to most of the segments in the market. They offer gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills as well as portable grills to their customers. All the grills have special features that enable them to make things easier for their owners. The cooking bowl with a lid idea is what separates their grills from the rest of the world.

Their gas grills comprise of several other variations such as the Spirit series, Genesis series, Summit series and Q series. You can purchase several of the barbecue accessories from the company to enhance your experience of grilling the best food for yourselves. The Weber gas barbecue grills are top notch with two to three burners along with a lid that also makes the meat tender enough that it perfectly preserves the flavour. Imagining the whole process might set your mouth-watering already!

Cheap Gas Barbecues for Sale?

Barbecue grills are generally pretty expensive. The range of features along with the company that makes them further adds to the price factor. If you are in the market for some cheaper gas barbecue grills, here are some that can interest you. All these gas barbecue grills have amazing reviews online and provide you with the best grilling experience.

1. Charles Bentley Deluxe 2:

Charles Bentley Deluxe 2 Burner Gas Bbq Steel Barbecue In Black

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This gas barbecue grill is one of the cheapest ones in the market. The price on Amazon of the Charles Bentley is around £99.99. However, the company has made no compromise on the features that it provides to its customers. The Bentley Deluxe 2 consists of two gas cooking burners that are easy to light up within two seconds. The company also provides you with a thermometer through which you can measure the temperature at which you wish to cook your meat.

Furthermore, the company provides a removable grease tray that gives you flexibility while putting your meat and veggies on the grill. The entire structure is temperature resistant therefore saving you from nasty burns while operating the grill. It is made up of enamel, porcelain and stainless steel. The total weight of the structure is around 13kg therefore making it easily movable. The wheels underneath provide you with the leverage to take the gas grill anywhere in the backyard or near a campsite which is ideal.

You get an instruction manual that is comprehensive enough with diagrams to make you easily understand as to what you need to do. The entire assembly of the structure is by your own self, so it may seem hard at first but when it’s constructed, get ready to eat the best grilled meat ever. I would also say though, if you like a good bit of extra flavour, it might be worth a look at charcoal barbecues too!

2. Outback Omega 250:

Outback Omega 250 2 Burner Gas BBQ

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Looks are everything in the current world we live in. The first impression you get when you look at the Outback Omega 250 is that “This might just be too small.” However, the cooking intensity and the heat that it provides is unparalleled. That is why consumers of the product are often flabbergasted to find out how well the food is cooked to perfection considering how cheap the gas grill is.

The product is priced at £119 on Amazon. It comes with two gas burners and a lid that is designed to induce a convectional current effect where the total heat per cm of the area in the meat is equally proportionate. In simple terms, you get your meat nice and tender. You also receive a gas hose regulator that keeps the inflow of gas at whatever desired level you wish. Different temperatures of the grill give off different results. You can refer back to the recipe as it provides the total temperature you should be grilling the meat in.

Other than that, the area of the grill is 50cm by 36cm. This is relatively lesser than most gas barbecue grills, so you cannot really have a lot of meat cooking at the same time but it’s more than enough for families of four. The rest also depends on your skills as a grill master.

3. Campingaz Gas BBQ Adelaide 3:

Campingaz Gas BBQ Adelaide 3 Woody, 3 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill, 14kW Power, InstaClean Easy Cleaning System, Steel Grids, 2 Side Tables

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This gas barbecue grill is relatively cheaper than other expensive models of the same kind in the market. The price of the Campingaz Gas BBQ is at £213 on Amazon. People often wonder if this gas grill is worth the purchase but here are some features that the company offers to sweeten the deal.

The Campingaz comes with three high quality & powerful cast iron burners. You also receive a grill with reliable Piezo ignition for convenient lighting within seconds. Both of these come together to make your grilling experience as effortless as possible. The wooden trolley design of the gas grill is aesthetic enough to place anywhere in the garden even when it is not being used. The grill fits into the background and gives off that vocational vibe right in your backyard, it can definitely fit most garden furniture styles.

Furthermore, the company provides its customers with two compartments to store knives, fork and other grilling equipment that you can use with ease. People often get burned when they touch the handles of their knives because they accidentally placed them near the grill. It’s safer and much more convenient because the storage also allows the customer with the ability to tuck their grill away when it is no being used.

The total area for cooking is around 2,800 cm². The overall gas grill weighs around 33kg and is easily transportable because of the two wheels underneath.

Best Gas Barbecues?

Cheaper products have lesser perks than most other models because the company tries to cut down costs by not having them installed. If customers wish to not compromise on the quality of their gas barbecue, they can always buy the top-rated gas grills in the market. Here are some of the best gas barbecue grills on Amazon with the highest sales.

1. Char-Broil T22G:

Char-Broil Performance Series™ T22G – 2 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared™ technology, Stainless Steel Finish.

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The gas grill comes with two burners that have a reputation of never disappointing customers with the quality of each meal. The Char-Broil T22G cooks food evenly, with less flare-ups so that you receive the more flavour at the other end. Several reviews online speak of how the gas barbecue grill gives up to 50% juicier food and uses up to 30% less gas which is very economical when you think about it. Gas grills consume a lot of gas which increases the gas bill especially for commercial purposes.

The company has invested heavily in developing unique, stainless steel burners along with the temperature resistant structure. You remain safe while using the company’s product to smoke the meat to perfection. The sure-fire electric igniter sparks a flame on the beautiful grill in two seconds. The company also provides an additional warming rack that keeps the food warm while people are trying to grill any leftover meat or simply waiting for family and friends to get seated on a table.

The company has also installed foldable side shelves to conserve space and at the same time provide you with storage space to keep your kitchen accessories. You also get to receive the grate-level temperature gauge that helps monitor the temperature throughout the cooking process. The cast iron cooking grates equally spread the heat across all your meat to make it more tender and flavourful. Each bite gives off a feeling of being in a 4-star steakhouse.

Lastly, customers can also purchase a cover that comes separately for the gas grill and protects the T22G from dust. The price at Amazon of the T22G is set at £336.

2. Fire Mountain Everest:

Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue with Gas Regulator and Hose included | Premium Stainless Steel | Superior Cast Iron Grill and Griddle | Large 77cm x 42cm Cooking Area

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4 burner gas grills have their own set of benefits as they allow chefs and home cooks with better flexibility when it comes to grilling meat. The Fire Mountain Everest has 4 powerful gas burners that cook the meat to perfection. The premium quality of the gas burners has allowed many consumers around the world to be able to conveniently cook meat at their desired temperature.

What’s more is that premium long-life cast iron burners along with the grill plate and griddle can last you for years to come. The company is famous for making its durable products which are rust resistant hence no amount of rainfall can damage their structure. The Piezo ignition protects your hand from manually having to light the grill and is easy to use as well. The company provides two side shelves to store all the kitchen hardware and safely dispose of any garbage (you can turn one of the compartments into a garbage can because of the ample space).

The stainless steel hood provides convectional currents to develop inside the grill that spread heat equally to all the parts of the produce. There is a built-in temperature gauge that assists the cook in ensuring the meat is safe from being burned. The two wheels on one side of the gas barbecue grill allows for easy manoeuvrability around the backyard. Unfortunately, the grill has some serious weight to it which does not allow you to take it far from home. The grill weighs 44kg and the cooking grill has an area of 37.5cm by 41.5 cm which makes it both too wide and too heavy. The price of the gas grill is set at £229 on Amazon.

3. BURNHARD Portable BBQ:

Portable BBQ 2-Burner Wayne | 3.5 kW | Piezo Ignition | Cast Iron Grates | Camping Grill | Table Top BBQ | by BURNHARD

This gas grill is unique amongst most of the gas barbecue grills mentioned in the article because of its portability. However, don’t let the small size of the grill fool you. The barbecue grill has amazing performance when it comes to making the most flavourful steaks and hotdogs. The small gas grill comes with a piezo ignition system with two stainless steel burners that spread the heat equally amongst the food you cook in it.

The aluminium die-cast gas grill has been equipped with strong solid cast iron grill grates that do not stick to the meat and are lighter in weight than what you’d expect them to be. The gas barbecue grill also includes built-in burner protection, to ensure even heat distribution throughout the cooking process. Cooks understand the importance of evening out the heat distribution as it keeps the meat tender from all ends.

Take this grill anywhere you like. Be it a campsite on a hill or just a day at the beach, customers can carry this grill around with them to their heart’s content. The BURNHARD also gives off a real grill vibe because of its 47 by 36 cm grill area. This area is enough to be able to grill multiple meats at the same time including steaks, sausages, veggies etc. The thick handles at the grill’s base allow customers to easily be able to pick the grill up and take it anywhere they like. Having a true outdoor experience with this portable grill can surely improve the experience by ten-fold.

4. Char Griller 5050 Duo:

Char Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill

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The Char Griller is a two-in-one grill that allows you the option of switching between a propane running grill to a charcoal one. This kind of differentiation from the other gas grill brands allows for an edge in the market as people now have the option to choose any method they prefer. For example, in certain cases, people love to eat meat barbecued on a charcoal flame, and with this grill, you can give them both in one go.

Other than the duo feature, the Char Griller 5050 also comes with an electrical ignition which is also a safety option, seeing as you do not have to use matches to light the flames. The ignition starts the flame within 2 seconds. The company also provides its customers with two amazing built-in temperature gauges that help you regulate the temperature throughout the cooking process. Monitoring the temperature is crucial especially for commercial purposes where customers expect nothing but perfect.

The gas feature along with the charcoal one allows gives you both convenience and a chance to add more flavour to a dish. The three gas burners installed in the gas grill give you ample heat to turn your meat into something worth showing to the guests. You also get a grate lifter that makes adding charcoal a cinch. All you need to do is lift the grate and add the charcoal and put it back in. The convenience might seem small, but the feature can sometimes protect you from burning your hands.

Lastly, the company has provided a condiment basket on the side of the gas barbecue grill. This therefore allow customers to store any sauces or kitchen hardware for easy use while grilling some food. The overall weight of the gas grill is 50 pounds and the price is set at £549 on Amazon.

5. Camp Chef SmokePro:

This gas barbecue grill is the most expensive grill on this article but has a lot of features that the company offers to its customers to make up for it. For starters, the grill provides the customers with a commercial grade pellet grill that not only gives the steak a good design, but also helps to spread heat evenly across the area. The pellet purge technology is patented, and the easy grease management system prevents any grease from falling out of the grill down below.

The total cooking temperature upon ignition can reach up to 500 degrees with 25,000 BTU of heating power. The 570 sq. inch cooking area is enough to spread several meat items and cook them in one go. Customers who want to purchase these grills for larger house parties often face the problem of them not having enough space to cook for a lot of people. The Cam Chef SmokePro ensures that is not so and can accommodate around 20 burgers in one go. What’s more is that customers also receive an internal temperature probe that regulates the temperature based on your requirement.

The company offers two deals which also decrease price accordingly. The first one includes the grill with no side shelves and the other one does. Customers are advised to purchase ones with a side shelf as it prevents any unnecessary moment from the grill. If you have ever grilled meat before, you would understand how crucial each minute is.

Lastly, the gas grill also comes with a patented ash clean-out cup that keeps the whole grill clean and helps to dispose off the ash properly. Overall, the included sear box and the grill set makes this gas barbecue grill one tough competitor in the market. The price of the gas grill is set at £550 on Amazon.

Other Camp Chef SmokePro:

Camp Chef SmokePro BBQ Sear Box

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Gas Barbecues Reviews?

Several gas barbecues get negative reviews online because companies often market them as top notch but mostly fail to meet the expectations of consumers. Good gas barbecue grills are mostly measured by the heat they can produce which then goes towards increasing the quality of the food you make.

Consumers however get distracted by the flashy accessories that the companies provide such as temperature gauges or the side storage along with the design and lid. Instead of getting convinced based on those categories, make sure the gas grill comes with a good area for grilling as well as anywhere above 20,000 BTU of heat capacity.

Reviewers online have made sure their blogs contain critical information about a certain few gas grills that are actually dependable. One of them is the Weber Spirit II. Consumers commented on how the overall cooking experience of the grill was amazing in addition to the capacity as it could make 12 burgers in one go. The whole structure is made from aluminium and is light as well as strong enough last consumers for several years to come.

Other gas grills like Char Broil that we mentioned above got a good score from reviewers as well. Amazon provides reviews on their website from which we attained information about the product that the company would not share. Information like how the pre-heating is actually lesser than 3 minutes as well as the piezo ignition system installed works well without maintenance work. However, there were some sore eyes that were a part of the reviews that are worth mentioning.

This includes how the additional parts provided are of lower quality than the rest of the gas barbecue grills mentioned above. One can expect that with the price being below £235. Customers also complain of how the instructions weren’t really as clear as many found them a hindrance towards constructing the grill when they got it.

Portable gas barbecues?

1. Coleman Classic:


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This is a classical grill/stove that can be brought on family vacations outdoor or the countryside. The Coleman classic propane stove is primarily designed for people who wish to go camping and be able to cook their food properly on the go. These people might catch fish off a lake or river and then cook them fresh on the Coleman. Or they might want to simply bring marinated meat along and cook it for lunch or dinner.

There are several features in this gas grill that make it stand out and the first one is its wind block panels. These panels help shield the burners from wind that may extinguish the fire on the grill. The PerfectHeat technology and the portable design allows for lesser fuel consumption while at the same time there is no compromise to heat production. The portable gas grill provides customers with 20,000 BTU of power to cook the fresh salmon you catch to perfection.

The gas barbecue grill comes with two, very reliable burners that provide the precise temperatures you want to cook your meal on. One propane cylinder can last you for 4 days with nonstop usage. The chrome plated grate is also removable for cleaning. The grill is used outdoors, so naturally the grill will get dirty quickly.

Overall, the gas barbecue grill is perfect for people looking to have a good time outdoors, making fresh food without having to light a fire and do it like cave people. The gas grill costs £127 on Amazon.

2. Cuisinart CGG-306:

The Cuisinart portable gas grill is designed to work for seasoned chefs and provides around 20,000 BTU of cooking power. The portable grill is good for grilling steaks and sausages and the product is mostly owned by steakhouses and truck food sellers. The product has two stainless steel burners with twist start ignition, so the cooks can focus more on the food and less on other efforts.

The company has provided customers with an integrated thermometer that is very sensitive to heat changes as to get the perfection chefs aspire to achieve. The lid locks allow you to set the lid in place and the legs fold at the bottom, so customers can easily transport the gas grill around the kitchen or any party outside.

The total area for cooking your favourite food is around 21.5 by 17 inches which is quite a lot considering the small size in general. Reviews on Amazon spoke of how the product would get temperature up quickly which is important if you are purchasing the product to function in a restaurant. The quickly the temperature goes up, the faster the orders can be sent out from the kitchen. Lastly, the Cuisinart also looks good at first glance. The company has come up with a design that is both appealing to the eyes and at the same time does not stray from its function.

3. Blackstone Table Top Grill:

Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle – Propane Fueled – For Outdoor Cooking While Camping, Tailgating or Picnicking

The grill is a little bit different than other gas grills mentioned in this article. For starters, it does not have the grated design but a plain griddle that is 15.25 by 17 inches in area. This allows for further flexibility in cooking more meat in one go. The easy-to-use ignitor allows customers to light the fire beneath without much hassle. The 1-pound propane bottle for fuel is enough to last you two days with nonstop usage.

The company provides further flexibility by giving customers a range of sizes of the same product to choose form. There is the 17-inch design, 17-inch with accessory design and lastly the 22-inch one.

The additional advantage to having a table top griddle is that it is much easier to clean than a grate. You can use any table cloth to wipe it clean. What’s more is that if you purchase the griddle with accessories option, you get a complete set of kitchen equipment that helps you with your cooking. Some of the accessories you get include a spatula, burger flipper, scrapper, a chopper and much more.

Lastly, the stainless steel ‘H’ shaped burner offers a variety of heat temperatures that you can choose to cook your meat on. It is convenient to turn and then reset to default. We suggest that you season the gas barbecue grill properly before you start using it and immediately turn the burner to 500 degrees. That will get you on a good start to begin making your meals quicker.

4. Toolbox Pro Series Propane Grill:

Toolbox Pro Series Propane Grill

This portable grill takes the front with its incredibly compact design and functioning capabilities. The tool box design is a delight to look at and handle because you can take it anywhere you like. However, the ultra-portable look does not mean the company has compromised on quality. The heavy construction of the gas barbecue grill makes it tough and sturdy. The grip at the bottom of the legs keeps the grill in place and the mess-free exterior means customers do not have to consistently clean it.

The mess-free design also means the grill won’t be leaking any grease or ashes. The built-in heat shield allows the grill to be used safely on wood or plastic picnic tables which is an important factor for safety. Several people put themselves and others around them at risk by placing inflammable products near grills. That too, inside forests where it is strictly forbidden. The company ensures that safety comes first so customers can just focus on grilling.

The only flaw of the gas grill is that it takes quite a bit of time to get to the right temperature you wish. However, with a price of £62 on Amazon, you can’t expect much. The Toolbox Pro propane grill is one of the cheapest grills in the market.

Cadac Gas Barbecues?

1. Portable Gas Barbecues:

The Cadac Citi Chef 40 is a good portable gas barbecue for people who want to focus on manoeuvrability rather than having the grill settle in one place. The stylish design and the 20,000 BTU cooking power makes this one of the best gas grills in the market.

The Cadac gas barbecue grill comes with a removable fat pan and grill plate for easy cleaning once one the cooking session is complete. The grill is easy to use, and chefs can cook on its non-stick cast aluminium grill without having to worry about the meat sticking to the bottom. The whole point of Cadac is to reduce the overall effort one has to make to cook food for themselves.

2. Gas Barbecues Best Price:

Cadac offers a variety of products which means that its price range can be anywhere from $80 to $500. The Cadac Grillo Chef for example is a great grill for mid-sized BBQ parties and is priced at $263 on Amazon. The gas grill has all the features of a good grill including a piezo ignition system along with two burners. The dome lid comes with a thermometer on top that keeps you informed of what temperature you are working and is conveniently placed.

Then there is the Cadac Citi Chef 50 that is both stylish, cylindrical in shape and gives you a great grilling experience. The product is priced at $451 on Amazon and is primarily designed to be a balcony BBQ grill. The side wooden tables allow for customers to do all their chopping near the grill while they season the meat.

3. Portable Gas Barbecues for Camping:

The Cadac Citi Chef 40 that is mentioned above is the perfect gas barbecue grill to take with you on vacation. Camping trips are fun and good food only makes them better. Customers easily get to carry the gas barbecue to the campsite and then start cooking on the propane powered grill. Any fresh catch from a local lake or from hunting can also be cooked on the grill in addition to the marinated meat that is brought from home.

The only problem is with the gas running out in the middle of cooking, therefore ensure that the cylinder is full before you go out camping. One cylinder can last you up to a day of nonstop cooking.

4. Portable Gas Barbecues for Caravans:

The portability factor of the Cadac Citi also makes it eligible to be taken on board a caravan throughout the country. Caravans usually have your standard stove to cook food but some cheaper models do not even have those. The Cadac Citi can fit right in and ensure you get the best out of the grilled food you eat.

All you need to do is make sure you have enough space as well as backup cylinders if it is going to be a long ride.

5. Best Deals on Gas Barbecues:

You can find several deals on gas barbecue grills on Amazon. The benefit about purchasing from Amazon would be that they usually have discounts. If you get lucky enough, a promotional deal on the gas barbecue grill can cost you a lot less than what you would normally be paying at a store. Furthermore, companies often provide several accessories on Amazon exclusively to sweeten the deal, which allows you to have more flexibility when it comes to the cooking experience.


The market is flooded with several variations of gas grills. Some seem to be the best grill out there while others are just mere illusions and are too good to be true. The major factor in any gas grill is the amount of heat it can produce as well as the temperature control system it has installed. Make sure you consider your requirements and then decide on the type of gas grill you need to purchase. Since gas grills come in all shapes and sizes, it is better to pay less and receive quality than to pay more and receive more or less, the same thing.

All the gas grills mentioned in this article are available online on Amazon. Gas grills might not instil the kind of taste a charcoal grill may add, but they are much more convenient and light up faster than them as well. They also produce lesser smoke than charcoal which is essential in protecting the environment from more greenhouse gases. Safety features like the piezo ignition, the grip legs and the strong aluminium covered handles make things easier for you as a chef. All you need to do then, is to simply dive into the experience of cooking a grade A steak.

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