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Best petrol log splitters reviewed

Log splitters are excellent gadgets that can be called as a boon to mankind. Since the Iron Age, the axe has been a prominent tool when it came to cutting wood. Though quite simple, it required the individual wielding it to be strongly built so that the required power could be generated. Due to the physically demanding nature of the task, it had often resulted in muscle spasms, bruises, and other ailments, not to mention the risk it carried of causing a serious injury. With the advancements that mankind has chosen, log splitter became a safe and effective tool to separate a log of wood. Such is the impact of technology that these days you get to choose from manual, electric, and petrol log splitters. In this article, we will focus on the best petrol log splitters for sale UK. Through the course of these petrol log splitters reviews we will also take a look at the benefits of hydraulic petrol log splitters.

1. Rock Machinery 12 ton Venom petrol hydraulic log splitter

While there are quite a few hydraulic manual Log splitters, this 12 tone log splitter from Rock Machinery operates on petrol. The Rock Machinery 12 ton Venom petrol hydraulic log splitter is relatively smaller in size compared to the power it generates. Powered by a 6.5hp ohv eco Briggs and Stratton engine, the 12 tone splitting force it produces is of mammoth proportions. This hydraulic petrol log splitter is best suited for domestic purposes while also being ideal for light commercial use, especially for users looking for a powerful and yet portable log splitter.Let us take a look at the key features in this hydraulic petrol log splitters review and determine why this is a preferred choice among users.

  • Integrated Unit – These petrol powered log splitters come with a fully integrated hydraulic tank within the main frame making it less bulky. The Large capacity cradle ensures effective splitting of logs of up to 500mm in length.
  • Portability – The compact nature of its assembly indicates that this unit can fit on a small trailer or into a tempo van. This makes its transportation from place to place less challenging, while the pull along handles enables easy movement once shifted.
  • Ergonomically simple operation – Though featuring a powerful engine that produces 12 tons of splitting force, this log splitter has a simple two handled ram operation. This wholly conforms to the European Union’s health and safety regulations.
  • Auto return ram system – This feature allows the ram to be stopped anywhere during the cycle to reduce the splitting time. This ensures that the hands on cycle time is decreased to as low as just 10 seconds.

2. Mitox LS700BS 7t petrol vertical log splitter

The Mitox LS700BS 7t petrol vertical log splitter is one of the most powerful petrol log splitters UK websites offer. Powered by a highly rated Briggs & Stratton four stroke log splitters petrol engine, this gadget generates as much power as its electrical counterparts while being quite useful even in the deep forests where finding an electric power source is next to impossible. Even if you do not venture into the jungles there would be places nearby where you would not be able to find a power socket, this is the exact moment where this log splitter comes to the fore. As the name indicates, the Mitox LS700BS 7t petrol log splitter is of vertical type and the petrol engine has a displacement of 196 cc, generating a maximum splitting force of 7 tons with a splitting length of 104 cm. This is one among the few petrol driven log splitters for sale that offers such a powerful performance. Let us take a look at the key features of this log splitter:

  • Quicksplit feature – The Mitox Quicksplit function saves your precious time by allowing adjustment of the push block start position, thereby helping you tailor the splitting stroke as per the size. There are three positions across which the splitting table can be adjusted depending on the size of the log.
  • Multisplit 4-way splitting wedge – This ensures that there is multitasking in place to convert even the biggest woodpile to custom sized firewood through a single stroke. This is ensured by toothed grippers built into hand guards that firmly hold the logs in place while the cut is being executed.
  • Quality certified – This powerful gadget is CE certified. This ensures the reliability of the log splitter and gives you peace of mind while using it.

3. Rock Machinery 22 ton Venom petrol hydraulic log splitter

All the earlier log splitters petrol operated ones or others were meant to be predominantly used for home purposes, while a few were for semi-commercial usage. As expected the features and the capability of those log splitters were in line with the requirement and the target user’s base. Now, we are going to take a look at a purely professional hydraulic log splitter that is built specifically for extreme power and industrial use, though it can be used at home as well. The Rock Machinery 22 ton Venom petrol hydraulic log splitter is the one I am referring to. This is probably the best log splitter you would come across among the manual, electrical and petrol variants available in the market. What I mean is that irrespective of the mode of operation, this is the boss among all the log splitters. The sheer power it generates will put to rest all arguments regarding which one is the best log splitter ever to be made available in the market.Now, let us see why this is considered to be the best log splitter not just in the UK, but in the entire of Europe:

  • Powerful engine – The Rock Machinery 22 ton Venom petrol hydraulic log splitter is powered by a 6.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine that generates an astounding 22 ton force of splitting power. What you get is an extremely powerful engine coming from a manufacturer who has a reputation for reliability. This enables it to split wooden logs as long as 24 inches while maintaining a ten second cycle time. Measuring 118 cm in height, 120 cm in width and 220 cm in length, this gadget features a 7 inch hardened steel splitting head.
  • Versatile use – This hydraulic petrol operated log splitter can be used for splitting logs of wood both vertically as well as horizontally. You do not get many log splitters that have both vertical and horizontal cutting ability. You do not have to worry about lifting heavy logs of wood to place them appropriately as with other log splitters. The Rock Machinery 22 ton Venom petrol hydraulic log splitter can be used horizontally for splitting standard diameter logs, and for larger tree trunks one can use the horizontal split.
  • Easy to transport – This log splitter comes fitted with a 50 mm ball hitch and diamond trailer units that make it fully towable on UK roads. This can reach a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour or about 72 kilometres per hour, thanks to the 16 inch road use tyres with high speed axle. It also comes with a table.
  • Ergonomically and safely built – This petrol log splitter has a simple two handled ram operation, which fully conforms to the European Union’s health and safety regulations. It also features an auto return ram system that triggers the ram to return automatically or be made to come to a halt anywhere during the cycle, to reduce the splitting time.
    These make the Rock Machinery 22 ton Venom petrol hydraulic log splitter the preferred log splitter for heavy duty log splitting and it is worth every penny invested in making it your own.

4. Rock Machinery 12 ton V-series petrol hydraulic log splitter

Next, we are going to review yet another masterpiece called the Rock Machinery 12 ton V-series petrol hydraulic log splitter. If you are looking for a robustly designed, compact hydraulic petrol log splitter that packs a punch, this is the one for you.In terms of placement for power, the 12 ton V-series would be below the regular 12 ton petrol hydraulic log splitter. However, this is more suited for domestic and light commercial users who seek portability over money and expect high value for money. Being compact is its unique feature and can fit into a van or a small trailer, thanks to a pull along handle. The main aspects of the Rock Machinery 12 ton V-series petrol hydraulic log splitter include:

  • Efficient engine – The efficient 6.5 hp “JD” engine provides more than enough power for the dual stage pump.
  • Compact build – Measuring 97 cm (H) x 89 cm (W) x 135 cm (L), this is a compact gadget considering it has a fully integrated hydraulic tank within its frame.
  • Safety and ergonomics – This features a two handled safety control and an auto return valve system that offers hands on cycle time of only 10 seconds.