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If you’re looking for the best bird table then we’ve reviewed some of the most interesting choices available at the moment. A bird table needs to do more than just feed birds, it must offer safe and adequate protection for a feathered friends. Given the importance of protection, the base must be extremely sturdy in high winds and keep food well covered too. The best bird table can provide the kind of solace in times of drought or extreme cold that a bird really needs.

So here is my review of the best bird tables

Best bird tables to attract a plethora of wildlife (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice


  • Hand made in the UK by Riverside Woodcraft
  • Improved stand design gives better stability in high winds
  • Comes c/w side tables
  • Just under 6 feet total height
  • Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Colour Rich Coating

4.8/5 from 69 reviews


  • Bird table with slate effect roof and scallop detail.
  • Made with stained FSC ceritified wood.
  • This bird table is an ideal decoration for gardens and patios.
  • Weight : 6.40 Kilograms
  • Assembled Dimensions: H152 x W28 x D40 centimetres

4.6/5 from 46 reviews


  • Anti Pigeon/Cat Design Attracts Smaller Rare Birds
  • Handbuilt in the UK from Sustainable Low Carbon FSC timber
  • Castle In The Sky
  • Shipped Ready Made in 2 Parts

4.6/5 from 121 reviews


  • Twin Treated with Anti-Bacterial Marcide Coating to prevent disease spreading
  • H.E.A.R.T Construction
  • Stand Height : 1365 Head : 335 x 335
  • Made in Great Britain from Sustainable Forests
  • Highest quality Affordable Bird Table in its Class

4.5/5 from 328 reviews


  • Solid Timber Construction
  • Can Be Left Out All Year Round
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • Only Lets The Smaller Birds Feed From It
  • FSC Certified

4.4/5 from 252 reviews


  • The Fordwich Bird Table is made of sustainable carbon neutral timber manufactured in the UK. Height Designed,’ which makes the design ideal for the elderly, is the best viewing angle when sitting down.
  • Shipped readymade in 2 components ensures long lasting construction and user-friendliness.
  • The Fordwich Rare Bird Retreat is a wooden table of high quality that looks like a bird house.
  • Only birds of a certain size can get inside because of their size and layout.
  • This structure acts as a deterrent to larger birds such as crows and pigeons while maintaining cats and rodents at bay as well.
  • The 8Kg Fordwich Bird Retreat weighs in and comes in two easily assembled components.
  • The structure is handmade from FSC timber that is sustainable and durable in the UK.
  • The manufacturer strengthened the bottom with a powerful, heavy foundation as this model is a standing unit.
  • Attracts smaller birds and comes with an anti cat/pigeon design.
  • Sustainable low carbon FSC timber manufactured in the UK
  • Castle In The Sky-With the 6 ft extension
  • Ready to ship in 2 parts


  • The Maypole Antifungal Heavy Duty Bird Table has an open wall layout allowing free feeding of birds of various sizes and species. There’s still a roof at the top, however, so there’s no raining on the feed.
  • Like the earlier model, this model also has a heavy, broad and strengthened foundation to resist both wind and activity flurry at the top.
  • The Hutch Company used C24 graded building timber to guarantee longevity and durability for this one.
  • The wood material comes from sustainable forests in Great Britain, where two trees are planted for each cut down. Also, the entire table was handled with anti-bacterial marcide to curb disease spread.
  • This heavy duty table may not be as high as others at a height of 1045 mm ; but the open wall structure enables birdwatchers from anywhere in the garden.
  • Twin Marcide Coating Treatment to prevent disease spread
  • Sustainable forests – two trees planted in Great Britain for each one cut down.
  • Affordable table of highest quality in its class
  • Twin antibacterial treatment with marcide for disease control
  • Lower price range


  • The closure of our budget models is a straightforward, lovely Natures Market bird table. The Natures Market Wooden Bird Table with slate effect roof suits the description perfectly if you are looking for a practical bird table with an appealing but inexpensive layout.
  • This model features a tiny, edged table that allows customers to provide suet, seeds, fat balls, oil or any other bird feed.
  • What makes this specific table really stand out is the bright blue slate roof that adds to the feeder a touch of class.
  • The slate effect roof from Natures Market is also quite practical and durable in addition to a lovely, well-proportioned design that amplifies the aesthetics.
  • In order to offer users a product that will last longer, the manufacturer used hardwood building.
  • Natures Market provides its table as a flat package requiring assembly, but it is a breeze to put it together.
  • The base also widens off at the bottom to give the table more stability and resistance against the wind.
  • Slate impact roof bird table and scallop detail.
  • Made from stained FSC certified timber.
  • This bird table is a perfect garden and patio decoration.
  • Weight: 6.40 kg Dimensions assembled: H152 x W28 x D40 cm
  • Basic and affordable wooden construction
  • Attractive, blue slate roof
  • Open walled design allows for a 360 degree view


  • If you want to attract several distinct birds, you will need what is likely the finest and most elaborate bird table on this whole list. The Triple Platform Bird Table for
  • Riverside Woodcraft comprises of three platforms; one primary table and two side platforms.
  • These platforms are linked and backed by a dense, 3-inch pole that is robust enough to manage at once dozens of birds.
  • The bird table Woodcraft comes with a fully mounted top and kit-shaped stand. So all you need to do is bring together the stand and connect to the tabletop.
  • The Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table is made of solid redwood that has been treated to provide more protection for the components in the unit.
  • This device stands at a whopping 6 feet, making it one of the highest designs, together with the broad, heavy base that guarantees the table does not topple over.
  • Riverside Woodcraft handcrafted in the UK
  • Enhanced design of the stand ensures better wind stability
  • The tables are c / w are strong, chunky build.
  • Slightly below 6 feet complete height, 3 inches thick post
  • Large heavy base with wealthy colouration and anti-bacterial
  • Robust solid and chunky redwood construction
  • Comes with 3 different platforms
  • Attractive finish with beautiful roofing


Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table
4.4 out of 5 stars ( 252 customer reviews )

  • This appealing hanging bird table made of FSC timber characteristics intricate lattice woodwork in a distressing green finish, and a true copper roof with verdigris.
  • Ideal as a tiny hanging bird table or for simple installation it can be attached to the Wildlife World pole scheme.
  • Suitable for a multitude of feed kinds, any garden environment will be enhanced by the appealing appearance of the Bemptons.
  • The Bempton’s main characteristic is that it offers a secure feeding area for birds.
  • It is intended to avoid bigger birds such as crows, pigeons, magpies, seagulls and so on from taking feed, and also offers security from predatory sparrow hawks.
  • This World Bempton Bird Table for Wildlife is one of the private favourites of users because it features a lovely design.
  • The latticework timber is completed in a pale green colour completely matching the actual copper roof of Verdigris.
  • This is a delightful feeder in the garden that is a true characteristic and perfect to attract smaller birds.
  • The feeder can be attached to a post or hung from a tree and adds a beautiful function to the garden.
  • The roof protects the little birds from predators like sparrow hawks and keeps the seed dry.

That concludes our reviews of the best bird tables available on the market at the moment. I hope you’ve found a bird table that will compliment your garden nicely and if you know of any other good ones available then please feel free to let us know about them too.