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Best saw horses to make wood work a doddle

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Best Saw-horses

When you’ve had enough of cutting wood over your knee (with a hand saw) or rested up against a set of steps with a hacksaw cutting PVC, your back aches, it’s uncomfortable and you know it’s time to invest in a set of saw horses. After spending years trying to get by without a set of saw horses I was fortunate enough to stumble onsite to find a nice chippy who let me use his old wooden ones. After that, I realised I’d missed a trick for years. If you ask me what makes the best saw horses, I would tell you they need to be sturdy and not move around too much as you’re cutting, they are built to last, and are well priced. With those key features in mind I have reviewed some of the best saw horses to save you a little time making up your mind.

Comparison table: Best saw horses to make wood work a doddle

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Stanley Folding Junior Work Bench Saw Horse Twin Pack, with Tray for Tools and Small Parts

Stanley Folding Junior Work Bench


  • Great added features
  • Amazing weight capacity
  • Low cost


  • Lightweight, meaning not suitable for light projects Height is not adjustable

Stanley 1-92-980 FatMax Telescopic Sawhorse (Twin Pack)

  • Adjustable telescopic legs ideal for use on difficult and uneven surfaces
  • Height is adjustable to a maximum 125 mm with up to 215 mm extension of each leg...
  • Heavy duty metal legs allow a high load bearing capacity of 1135kg (2500 lbs per pair)...
  • Only weighs 5.25 kg (1 lbs) and is light to carrу
  • Individually adjustable bi-material feet made out of aluminium-polypropylene

Silverline 783160 Metal Saw Horse Twin Pack, 100 kg

  • 100 mm wide tops with non-slip rubber mats
  • Folding legs
  • Max load 125 kg per horse
  • Overall height 780 mm
  • Length 995 mm

Stanley 197475 Folding Metal Leg Saw Horse Twin Pack

  • Aluminium legs
  • Folding legs
  • With side latches to fasten 2 saw horses together
  • Easy to use
  • Easy transportation

VonHaus Folding Saw Horse Trestle Twin with Rubber Inserts Support Bars Pack Huge 150kg Max Load

VonHaus Folding Saw Horse Trestle Twin with Rubber


  • Added features to improve performance
  • Super affordable
  • Folds flat for optimum transportation


  • Doesn’t have the best weight capacity
  • Feels slightly cheap

Faithfull Saw Horse Folding Trestle Galvanised

  • Collapsible for compact easy storage
  • Non-slip serrated supporting surface
  • Rust protection
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Easy storage

Oypla Log Folding Saw Horse Holder Timber Cutting Chainsaw Trestle

  • Official Oypla Branded Product
  • Open Dimensions: 86 x 77.5 x 86cm
  • Folded Dimensions: 100 x 6 x 85cm
  • Maximum Log Width: 25cm
  • Maximum Log Weight: 150kg

ToughBuilt C550 Trestle Sawhorse Pair up to 1000 kg

  • Up to 500 kg (1T in pair)
  • Powder-coated steel parts or galvanised
  • Foldable with extendable handle
  • 1 ft Aund 73.5 cm hoch
  • Can be used as a work table and saw horse

Dewalt DWST1-75676 Folding Saw Horse, Silver/Black, Sawhorse (Pack of 2)

Dewalt DWST1-75676 Folding Saw Horse, Silver/Black, Sawhorse (Pack of 2)

  • Supplied as a pair
  • Aluminium fabrication for durability and strength
  • Locking trigger clamps and latches
  • Fully folding Compact Design
  • V-groove supports for pipes and round profiles

Saw-horses have been one of the basic utility devices for centuries. The use of a saw-horse can be distinguished and varied on the basis of the use. A saw-horse is basically used for supporting wooden logs to be cut into pieces. A saw-horse can be used to support sheets or support planks. You can use a saw-horse as a portable table if it is covered with a sheet. The modern design of saw-horses has not much changed from the initial design. The design of a modern saw-horse is suitable to free space by attaching folding to the legs of the saw-horse.

The requirement of a saw-horse in a garage or a barn is imminent. Whereas a saw-horse can be very useful in the basement to support some planks or pipes. The carrying strength of a saw-horse is the most important feature. Here we have listed some of the best saw-horses available –

1. Stanley 197475 Folding Metal Leg Saw-horse Twin Pack

The Stanley saw-horse has a completely metal design which allows the saw-horse to be one of the toughest ones in the field. The design of the saw-horse has made it possible to withstand any harsh loads or weather changes. So, you do not need to worry about if you left your saw-horse in the rain!


This Stanley saw-horse has a smooth plastic upper layer with an all grip rubber feet so that the saw-horse is very stable on uneven and slippery grounds. The saw-horse is designed to make it very easy to be carried around and stored. The legs of the saw-horse can be coiled and folded on the top after use. The Saw-horse can carry a total weight of 340 kilos and can be joined with 2 other side latches to give a wider frame of the workplace.

You can get this saw-horse at just £57.00.

This saw-horse is again made available by Stanley and it is the major attraction in the section. The design that can hold a huge 362 kilos for every pair has med this saw-horse more reliable. The V-groove design of the saw-horse allows it to hold many different things suitable to the work in hand. Even after all this carrying capacity, the saw-horse is the very light-weight and compact. The saw-horse can be easily folded into a compact piece for storage and it can also be carried around easily as the product comes with a handle attached carrying unit.


The rubber base allows the saw-horse to be very stable and fixed when used for placing things or working on it as a table. The lower section of the saw-horse is designed to act as a storage try where you can keep the necessary items required for the work. The box comes with a set of two Stanley Folding Junior Saw-Horses, I purchased the Stanley Block Plane at the same time and these saw horses were very stable with that type of stress on them(the sideways movement).

You can get this amazing saw-horse at £29.95.

3. Silverline 783160 Metal Saw-horse Twin Pack, 100 kg

This saw-horse is again one of the most desired saw-horse if you are looking for strong support with a fabulous design. The saw-horse is presented by one of the prestigious names in Europe and the United Kingdom, Silverline. The design of the saw-horse is very sturdy and durable. The total space available for working on this saw-horse is 100mm. The height of this saw-horse is also quite impressive as it stands to a height of 780mm which allows the working experience to be much easier and comforting.The design of the saw-horse can be very intimidating when it comes to heavy loading. One saw-horse can easily handle a load of 125 kilos on it, whereas a set of two can easily hold 250 kilos. The design of the legs for this saw-horse is very noticeable as these fold inside the top unit frame for storage. The top unit is provided with rubber mats to give complete grip and stability.

The Silverline saw-horse goes through various tests and checking before being available in the market for customers. The quality standards are considered with the latest available one whereas there is no compromise in safety standards. Silverline makes sure that any of their products cause no damage to the environment, and that includes the Silverline Band Saw too, so this product is completely safe and quality assured. The company provides 3 years guarantee on the product.

This is the perfect saw-horse if you are looking for a saw-horse that can handle huge weights and meet all the standards along with a company guarantee.

You can get this saw-horse at £28.87.

The Vonhaus saw-horse is the best saw-horse available in the market with a very heavy-duty performance and multiple uses. The saw-horse can be easily used as a support for planks and sheets. It can easily support bars for measurements and cutting. Along with the support this saw-horse can be used as a workbench.The weight lifting capacity of this saw-horse is 150 kilos and this is achieved through designing. The design of the saw-horse allows it to transfer the weight evenly throughout and gives the saw-horse a very stable posture. The base of the saw-horse is attached with rubber to give a more stable hold.

The bars can be spread to assist the support design. These bars have metric and imperial measurement units marked on them to have quick help. The saw-horse has a quick and easy open and close mechanism to provide convenient setup and manoeuvring. The saw-horse comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty.
If you are looking for an optimal supportive saw-horse that would be weather resistant, this saw-horse would be the best one for you and pairs nicely with the Vonhaus Circular Saw.

You can get this saw-horse for £39.99.

5. Faithfull Saw-horse Folding Trestle Galvanised

This saw-horse is brought by Faithfull and it is exceptional in many sections including the price and the design. The strong build from steel gives this saw-horse the brute strength to carry heavy loads. The design of this product is very thoughtful as it is easily capable of dividing the overall load throughout the frame.The saw-horse surely holds a remarkable trust as it is brought forth by Faithfull. The company leaves no mark when it comes to pure quality and design. The reliability of this saw-horse immediately increases 10 folds as it comes with a company guarantee of long 5 years.

The saw-horse is galvanised and this makes is resistant to rust and water. The lower base design includes a serrated surface for complete stability. The saw-horse can be easily folded to store it in compact places.

You can get this excellent piece for £33.75.

6. Stanley 1-92-980 FatMax Telescopic Sawhorse (Twin Pack)

This saw-horse is again a piece presented by Stanley. The saw-horse is very intimidating because of its telescopic legs which allow the use of saw-horse on any surface with maximum grip and stability. Along with the stability the height of the saw-horse can be extended to 125mm with the width reaching 215mm each side. The durable design and a strong body frame allow the saw-horse to carry a weight of 1135 kilos without any worry.The material used for the feet of the saw-horse is an alloy constructed from aluminium polypropylene. This material provides complete stability and strength to the saw-horse. Each foot of the saw-horse can operate and adjust according to the level of the ground. This makes the saw-horse stand upright even if the ground below is uneven. The saw-horse weighs only 5.25 kilos and it is very easy to carry around.

You can get this adaptive and stable saw-horse for £75.00.

7. Oypla Log Folding Saw-horse Holder Timber Cutting Chainsaw Trestle

This saw-horse is one of the best saw-horses available in the market today. The saw-horse completely serves its basic purpose. This saw-horse can be used to hold heavy wooden logs while using higher density machines like a chainsaw. The design and frame of this saw-horse are very robust and strong. The body frame is built from heavy-duty steel. The galvanising layers on the steel protect the saw-horse from rusting.A log of 25cm width can be easily cut through from this saw-horse. The compact dimension of 86-77.5-86 makes this saw-horse one of the most feasible one in the lighter section. It can hold a weight of 150 kilos with ease. It has foldable legs that can be easily folded inwards when it is time to store the saw-horse into a compact storage space.

You can get this one for £17.99.

Oypla Log Folding Saw-horse Holder Timber Cutting Chainsaw Trestle

8. DEWALT DWST1-75676 Folding Saw-horse, Silver/Black, Sawhorse (Pack of 2)

This saw-horse is most suitable for home purposes and the creative mind inside you that demands personal designs. The saw-horse come in pairs and they can hold 900 kilos without a hitch. The design of the saw-horse allows it to easily manoeuvres heavy objects. Extremely lightweight saw-horses with an excellent body design and built quality. The body frame for this saw-horse is designed of aluminium which provides the strength. There is a layer of fabrication of metal on the aluminium body to assist in core support. The V-group support is the base for the strength along with the dual clamping pieces attached to the strong metal body.The Lower standing section comes attached with excellent quality rubber pads that provide stability and grip on every ground. The most exciting feature in this saw-horse is that the product is combined with latch and locks to fix the height and length of the legs for a proper adjustable position according to personal comfort, this makes drilling at different heights a breeze and perfectly comfortable on your back.

You can get this masterpiece for £90.04.

DEWALT DWST1-75676 Folding Saw-horse, Silver/Black, Sawhorse (Pack of 2)

This saw-horse is presented by ToughBuilt which has a great reputation among American companies for its durable products. The saw-horse has a powerful design along with attractive finishing. The saw-horse can easily lift up to 500 kilos. This piece is one feature-loaded saw-horse.

  • Completely adjustable to height and width.
  • Ultimate folding design to save maximum space in storage.
  • Immediate folding and opening mechanism.
  • Carrying Handle – extendable.
  • Adjustable latches and holds.
  • Clipper and locks for stable positioning according to comfort.

The body frame design from steel and then a layer of galvanised coating over it makes the saw-horse strong from inside and protected from the weather condition from outside. The product is rain and rust-resistant. It can be converted into working tables and it can also be used at a construction site to hold heavy logs or pipes. The legs have a finishing of high-quality rubber frame which allows complete stability and support. The product comes in a pair and together they can hold a heavyweight of 1000 kilos.

The clipper design has a proper locking system which allows stable positions. The saw-horse can be easily attached to a second one with the latches to provide a strong carrying and cutting holder and it can also be used as a frame to project or portray content or sheets on a working site. The compact design of the saw-horse makes it one of the most beneficial one in the slot.

Apart from all the features and working capabilities, the most crucial thing the company provides is 5 years of complete guarantee on the product. The company claims that except for normal wear and tear from use, the saw-horse will not need any maintenance or care.

You can always choose this saw-horse if you want to take it to work and bring back and use it in your garage or workshop. You can get this one for £87.50.


All of these saw-horses are perfect for uses related to work and they all can hold huge weights. These saw-horses are some of the best saw-horses that you can find. The price range within which these saw-horses are made available is surely worth the try. These saw-horses are the major and the most influencing saw-horses suited to a variety of requirements with just one product. You must have found the perfect saw-horse suited to your requirements.

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