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7 Best hacksaws Reviewed

Most hacksaws follow the same design- a C-shaped frame that holds a fine toothed blade. The blade is usually held under tension by a screw or by some other means and can removed or replaced when necessary. These blades are made to be strong yet still remain flexible.
Hacksaws general have a pistol grip and are operated by pushing and pulling them back and forwards. These tools were originally made for cutting metal but are more commonly used for woodwork these days.
There are variations of the standard design such as junior hacksaws which are smaller versions and usually half a blade that is half the size, panel hacksaws for cutting sheet metal, and powered hacksaws that run on an electric motor.

Comparison table: 7 Best hacksaws Reviewed

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Facom FCM601 601 12-inch 300mm Hacksaw

Facom FCM601 601 12-inch 300mm Hacksaw

  • Higly durable hacksaw
  • Impact resistant frame
  • High blade tension
  • Comfortable handle
  • Allows two-handed use

Stanley 020108 FatMax 5-in-1 Hacksaw

  • 100kg blade tension
  • 5 positions: 45° &
  • 90°
  • Standard blade positions
  • 2 x pad saw positions

3 X Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw 1 20 110

3 X Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw 1 20 110

  • Bi-metal frame designed for extra cutting capacity

Eclipse Professional Hacksaw 70-20TR

Eclipse Professional Hacksaw 70-20TR

  • Fitted with premium plus bimetal blade
  • Suitable for cutting most metal and plastics
  • Diecast handle for durability and strength

Bahco 325 Ergo Hand Hacksaw 12 Inch Aluminium frame

  • Maximum comfort with minimum effort due to the ergonomic design
  • Quick easy blade change and tension system
  • Supplied with a 300 mm (12") Sandflex 24 tpi bi-metal blade

Bahco 317 Hacksaw Frame

Bahco 317 Hacksaw Frame

  • Alternative 90 blade mounting for flush cutting
  • 75Kg blade tension
  • Blade Length 300mm/12in

Irwin I-125 High-Tension Hacksaw for 300mm blades

  • Ergonomic Metal Frame for higher blade tension and prevents the blade being released when dropped...
  • Metal Tensioning Mechanism for a long lasting tool
  • Soft Touch Handles ensure comfortable sawing grip and prevent slippage
  • Blade Storage no need to search for spare blades
  • Able to reach over 125kg blade tension to ensure accurate cutting

Today I will be focusing only on the standard version of the hacksaw, and here I have selected 7 of the best products out there on the UK market to review for you. The reviews consist of a short write up and then bullet points to highlight the product’s features.

1. Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw 1 20 110

Famous tool makers Stanley have a produced a very popular hacksaw with this product. It sports a great mechanism for adjusting and changing the blade easily and the blade itself can be set at 45 degrees for a flat cut while not affecting the saw’s upright position. There is a place for storing spare blades across the top bar of the saw.

  • Bi metal frame for strength and flexibility
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Hard wearing Stanley blades
  • Easy adjusting and changing of the blade
  • Space for storing spare blades on the saw
  • Improved comfortable grip
  • 80kg blade tension

Sporting a well-made, slim design and a 3000mm blade length, this hacksaw from Bahco is compact, strong and practical. There are two grips- the standard pistol grip and another comfortable grip for your guiding hand. This hacksaw has 75kg blade tension and weighs 476 grams. The blade supplied isn’t the best but good replacements are easy to find and inexpensive.

  • Slim and compact design saves storage space
  • 75kg blade tension
  • Double grip for comfortable sawing
  • Good quality frame. Strong and sturdy.
  • Many pleased customer reviews

3. Bahco 325 Ergo Hand Hacksaw 12 Inch Aluminium frame

Here’s another offering from the trusted Bahco brand. This hacksaw has an excellent ergonomic design and dual comfort handles that make it so easy to use. The blade tension adjustment/ blade removal system is simple, quick and a good design.
The frame is made from aluminium which is a rust and corrosion resistant metal and ensures longevity.

  • Egonomic frame with two padded handles for comfortable use
  • Good blade tension adjustment system
  • Aluminium frame is rust and corrosion resistant
  • Alternative 55 degree blade mounting
  • Good build quality

Our fourth review is of another Stanley product, the FatMax hacksaw. This is a heavy duty hacksaw that has a high blade tension of 100 kilograms. The blade has five cutting positions and can be used at both 45 and 90 degrees. The durable frame is ergonomic and the two grips are designed to make this product comfortable to use. The mechanism for changing and adjusting the blade works well once you get used to it.

  • Excellent build quality, strong and durable and built to last
  • Dual grips make this hacksaw easy and comfortable to use
  • The blade has 5 different positions making this a very versatile tool
  • High blade tension of up to 100 kilograms
  • Mechanism for adjusting and changing the blade works well

The Irwin I-125 high tension hacksaw is just that- the blade tension can be adjusted up to an impressive 125 kilograms, giving you a very accurate cut. There are two handles, the pistol grip handle at the rear and another grip at the front of the hacksaw. Both of these grips are soft and padded and make using this hacksaw no chore. The frame is designed to give higher blade tension and also to prevent the blade falling out should you drop the saw.

  • High tension of up to 125 kilograms
  • Accurate cutting
  • Soft double grips
  • Mushroom pins prevent blade falling out if dropped
  • Blade can be set at 90 and 180 degrees

Eclipse are a Sheffield based company with over a hundred years’ experience in making tools, and it is easy to see in this high quality hacksaw. The cutting blade is made of flexible yet strong, premium plus bimetal and is built to last and perform well. The handle is extremely durable as it has been die cast and the tubular steel frame feels sturdy.

  • Made in the UK by a reputable company
  • Premium plus bimetal blade gives flexibility and strength
  • Diecast handle and tubular steel frame ensures durability
  • Easy to adjust blade tension
  • Brand well known for their product’s longevity.

Our final review is of the Facom 601 hacksaw. This hacksaw has been designed to be impact resistant and is made from steel and resin. The 300mm blade can hold tension up to 80kg and is highly durable. The handle is soft and comfortable and the frame allows you to hold in various places with your other hand, giving better control over the sawing action.

  • Well-made and durable hacksaw
  • Comfortable handle and frame design allows you to control the saw nicely
  • Made from impact resistant steel and resin
  • 80 kilograms blade tension
  • Can be used with two hands

Well, that’s our 7 best hacksaw reviews finished for now. We will keep our eyes on the market and update this page as new products come onto the UK market.
We hope you find this information useful and in that in some way we have helped you. If you wish to purchase any of these products, please click on the links provided.

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