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Garden Planters To Make Your Gardening Dream A Reality

A great way to make the garden look beautiful is a well placed set of garden planters, or even more than one set, more favourable than garden platers these days are self watering troughs, which essentially do the same thing but water themselves. The more the merrier in fact! We’ve taken a look at some of the best garden planters available for sale. These lovely garden planters will enhance your garden. There’s nothing quite like a nice patio with a barbecue or perhaps an afternoon tea, and some nice garden planters that are easy to maintain carefully placed around you.

Comparison table: Best garden planters rated on price and quality (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Patio Tub Planter 50 cm from Stewart:

Stewart Patio Tub Planter, 50 cm - Gun Metal Black

  • Versatile Patio Planter - 66 litre capacity
  • Suitable for growing flowers
  • Attractive Design
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Lightweight

Poly-Rattan Planters Palma Series Set of 3 from Ultranatura

  • Garden cozy polyrattan planters make any outdoor space feel like an extension of your home...
  • The hand-woven, rugged poly-rattan wicker is weatherproof and durable enough for year-round use outdoors...
  • Each rattan planter comes with a matching plastic insert with lockable drain so the health of the plant is...
  • 3 tall rattan planters in the dimensions largest to smallest: approx
  • Pair with pieces from the Ultranatura poly rattan patio furniture series

Set of 10 Metal Hanging Flower Pots Wall Planter from Dproptel:

  • Material: Metal Iron Flower pots
  • Removable handle
  • This Special Design Can Be Hung On The Balcony
  • Dimensions -- Diameter Top :10.5cm ; Diameter Bottom : 8.5cm ; Height: 10cm
  • It can be used with dried flowers

Contemporary Narrow Dark Grey Reinforced Concrete from IDEALIST:

  • Outdoor Planter: with its distinctive visual appeal
  • Design: the long horizontal design and the rectangular shape
  • Material Construction: planting trough is made with durable fiberstone concrete
  • Size: stone planter is available in an appropriate size measuring
  • Idealist items are handmade

Raised Vegetable Planter From Garden Grow:

  • Portable; Vegetable planters are perfect for small-scale gardening and those who rent...
  • Durable; The raised vegetable planter is constructed from strong and durable fir wood...
  • Versatile; Grow flowers or vegetables with this raised wooden planter by Garden Grow...
  • Raised bed; the vegetable planter is raised making easy access to all users...
  • Includes £20 worth of Thompson and Morgan mixed seed

Plastic Planter with Metallic Effect from Gardenesque:

  • 7 Beautiful Stone Effect Finishes
  • Drainage Holes Are Pre Drilled Meaning Your Plants Remain Hydrated & Healthy...
  • 45cm Inner Diameter - 37cm Tall
  • Delivered Directly By Gardenesque In The Heart Of The Cotswolds
  • Eco Friendly Recycled Plastic

Material: Rattan + Plastic + Rubber, Dimensions approx: 3 Size (45 x 45 x 68 cm) , (37 x 37 x 57 cm) and (28 x 28 x 40 cm)

  • If you have space constraints and wish to grow plants in the available little space, you can consider this set of three poly-rattan planters from Ultranatura.
  • It has been designed as a weatherproof and durable set to stand different weather conditions.
  • This set contains, rugged poly-rattan wicker and it is a set of three hand-woven planters.
  • Each rattan planter in this set comes with a matching plastic insert.
  • The insert also has a lockable drain that can ensure that the health of your plant is not affected in any way.
  • The three planters in this set are designed as the largest to the smallest.
  • The planters are ideal for use inside your house or apartment. These three planters can turn out to be the perfect move for showcasing your plants.
  • 5-star user rating

Material: Fiberstone, Dimensions approx: 50 x 20 x20.5 cm

  • If you wish to make your garden décor unique, you can go for this planter offered by IDEALIST.
  • This product can be used for different floral arrangement, grasses.
  • This planter has a long horizontal design and it has a rectangular shape. Both these features give it an attractive appearance.
  • As the planter is specious, you can get multiple flower planting options. It means that you can make the planter colourful with different coloured flowers.
  • The planter is made out of durable fibre stone concrete, which gives sturdiness to the planter. The superior fibre stone construction makes it resistant to wear and tear.
  • The compact size makes it the ideal choice for window sills, lawns, porches and accentuating gardens.
  • Fibre stone generally has its unique surface, texture and grain and you will get one-of-its-kind with uniqueness when you shop for this product with 5-star customer rating.

Material: Plastic, Top diameter: 45 cm, Base Diameter: 21 cm, Height: 37 cm

  • The good thing about this product is that it is made out of recycled plastic
  • Even though it is made using plastic, it has a metallic-effect finish.
  • This product will bring you the satisfaction of an eco-friendly product
  • The height of this planter is 37 cm and its inner diameter is 45 cm.
  • To make sure that the plants you seed in this pot remain healthy and hydrated, the pots come pre-drilled with drainage holes
  • The product is offered on sale by Garden ‘esque’ in 7 attractive stone-effect finishes.
  • Even though it looks like a stone-based planter, its lightweight material makes sure that you can easily carry it and change its positioning in your garden.
  • 5-star user rating

Material: Fir Wood, Dimensions approx: 100 x 70 x 80 cm

  • If you search for a perfect planter to grow spinach, chillies, potatoes and other such vegetable-based plants in your own home without a huge back garden, you can very well choose this raised vegetable planter from Garden Grow
  • This is a perfect choice for those looking for gardening in a small-scale
  • This product comes with Thompson and Morgan mixed seed pack to start your gardening
  • The raised bed of this planter makes sure that it can be accessed with ease by all users
  • To ensure durability, it has been constructed out of fir wood.
  • This versatile planter has gained a 5-star rating

Material: Plastic, Dimensions approx: 2 sizes (35 x 27.3cm) , (50 x 39cm)

  • This planter from Stewart is offered not just in the size of 50 cm, but also in 35 cm size.
  • Even though it looks sturdy, it has been made has a lightweight design
    It has been made out of durable plastic construction
  • The attractive design makes it suitable to place in your garden outdoors and even indoors
  • This versatile patio planter is of 66-litre capacity
  • It is suitable to grow vegetables, salads and flowers
  • The attractive design of this planter will add more beauty to your garden
  • Apart from being lightweight, the handy side-handles make it easier to carry these planters from one place to another
  • This planter tub with five-star customer rating is UV resistant, shockproof and frost-proof

Material: Fabric, Diameter: 30cm / 11.81 in, High: 35cm / 13.78 in

  • This is a set of three planter bags from Fayrmath
    It has been created ideally for growing potatoes and other such vegetables
  • This product contains three 7-gallon vegetable planter containers with Velcro flap/handles/window in black colour ideal for growing different vegetables in your home.
  • The improved root structure in this unit prevents the roots from circling to each other. This structure also ensures an overall improved root structure and decreased risk of shock transplantation.
  • With the visualisation Velcro window, you can get to know whether the vegetables growing inside are ripe and ready to harvest. You can easily harvest them without having to dig in the clay soil and without hurting the seeds.
  • Further, to ensure easy moving from one place to another, this product comes with side carrying handles.
  • The multi-layer stitching of these bags will ensure longevity and the side-handles are sturdy and reinforced for safe lifting and moving.
  • The height of each planter bag in this set is 13.8”, while they are 11.8” wide open for easy planting
  • The non-woven and flexible fabric in these bags is breathable and is moisture-proof as well. In turn, the planters will ensure healthy growth of your plants by automatically draining the excess water, thereby preventing fruit and root spoilage. Further, it will boost plant growth and of course, yields.
  • Moreover, these planters are reusable several times and season after season.
  • They are biodegradable and non-toxic in addition to being freeze, UV-resistant and waterproof. The superior and sturdy material will keep your plants cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • The lightweight design makes it ideal for use in any place in your home be it indoors, outdoors, in corners and near walls.

Material: Metal, Diameter Top: 10.5cm, Diameter Bottom: 8.5cm, Height: 10cm

  • If you want to create a hanging garden, this set of 10 metal hanging flower pots can help.
  • With the no-drainage-hole design, it will ensure that there will not be any water and mud spills in your home.
  • The handle that comes with each of these 10 plants is detachable. Means, if you do not want to hang them, you can just place them on the ground.
  • You can use it for placing your artificial flowers as well for decorative purposes.

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