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The best rat traps mean two different things depending on how you feel, you might be pro catch and release; possibly you like to end the problem swiftly and finally. Whichever way you view it, a rat problem is a serious health issue and the best rat traps will ultimately do one thing. They remove them from your home. The most important thing about a rat trap is how effectively and quickly it’ll bring an infestation to an end. We’ve reviewed some of the best on the market to close this problem out as swiftly as possible.

So here is my review of the best rat traps on the market

Comparison table: Best rat traps with some humane options (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Roshield 2 x rat traps - professional heavy duty control traps

  • Designed for professional operators within the pest control industry
  • Powerful spring kills rats instantly
  • Easy to set by pushing on rear bar
  • Designed to fit in the Roshield rodent bait stations
  • Additional instructions included on trapping rats

4.4/5 from 322 reviews

Gingbau Humane live rat trap cage for indoors and outdoors

  • Non-toxic, catch undesired animals alive
  • High sensitive structure to catch rodents and auto door lock to prevent them from escaping...
  • Easy to set up

4.3/5 from 68 reviews

ASPECTEK large size rat trap, pack of six

  • IMPOSSIBLE ESCAPE: Powerful spring prevents rat from escaping
  • PERFECT DESIGN: Trigger sensitivity combining with spring snap velocity ensure capture
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to set traps
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Preformed bait cup is easy to clean and fill...
  • NO SMELL IS LEFT BEHIND: Washable material makes the trap sanitary for use time and time again...

4.3/5 from 265 reviews

Rentokil FR51 advanced rat trap twin pack

Rentokil FR51 Advanced Rat Trap Twin Pack

  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-set
  • Very effective
  • Long lasting alternative to bait
  • Twin pack

4.1/5 from 88 reviews

Lagoryue rat trap cage for Indoors and Outdoors

  • 🐭 HIGH QUALITY AND REUSABLE:Made of premium ABS plastic...
  • 🐭 SAFE MOUSE TRAP:Safer than traditional mouse traps ...
  • 🐭 WIDE APPLICATION:This safe mouse trip trap can be widely used at anywhere mice appear (kitchen...
  • 🐭 EASY TO CLEAN & REUSE:After releasing the mice...
  • 🐭 FRIENDLY MOUSE CATCHER:Non killing methods to keep mice away from your house...

3.7/5 from 15 reviews

Tom and Jerry was a very famous cartoon series that continues to tickle a bone or two of many viewers even to this day. Jerry was the name of the mouse character and Tom was the cat. Most of the viewers of the cartoon series would have found mouse / rat quite cute, funny and harmless. Is that the case in real life? Unfortunately, it is not. Rats are from the rodent family and are capable of causing serious damage to both your health as well as wealth. They can transmit certain diseases that can prove to be fatal. Rats have been the carriers of some fearsome epidemics involving plague and leptospirosis. Apart from the health risks they pose, they are also equally culpable for causing damage to our prized assets. Assessing the damage that they can cause to the crops, garden, furniture etc all is a tedious task.

Rats might seem harmless but unless trapped and removed pose a serious risk

We should always be wary about the threat posed by this seemingly harmless creature. Coming up with counter-measures to overcome the menace created by rats is imperative in safeguarding the grains, the property and the health of your loved ones. They make our house dirty also while damaging our possessions. While it is always true that prevention is better than cure, sometimes you do not have the option to prevent a disaster from occurring. When you do not have the means to prevent the rats from gaining access to your home, the only available option is eliminating them. There are multiple options to deal with this threat. The invention of the mouse / rat trap was a significant achievement in man’s fight against the rodent menace. While some resort to poisoning them, it is not advisable due to the nature of toxicity and the risk of exposing pets and other family members. This article about the rat traps would help you in identifying the best solution in getting rid of the rat problem. Without any further delay, let us take a look at some of the rat traps for your home.

1. Gingbau Humane live rat trap cage for indoors and outdoors

The first one is a cage-type rat trap that is environment-friendly. The Gingbau Humane rat trap cage is a trap that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is big enough to catch not only the small rats but also other members of the rodent family that causes mayhem in the farmland or garden sheds. If you do not want to use the violent method you can catch them alive and release them somewhere far away from your place. The material used here is galvanized steel. This makes the Gingbau Humane rat trap cage a lightweight and durable product.

This rat trap can even be used to catch other animals like squirrels and chipmunks. The auto door mechanism closes the door immediately after the animal takes the bait. Setting up this trap is very easy. First, you have to pull the door lock upwards. Then the arm bar should be passed through the handle and pressed down to keep the door open. You should then insert the other end of the arm bar into the trigger hole. The setup is complete once you place your bait on the tray inside. Now you have to just wait for the animal to take the bait. Once the animal takes the bait the auto door lock will be enabled. This will make sure that the rat will not escape the trap.

The dimensions of the Gingbau Humane rat trap cage are 31.5 cm x 17 cm x 13 cm (LxWxH). This cage weighs below half a kilo making it easy to carry around. Another benefit with this trap is that you do not have to place a poisonous rat or mouse bait to catch the animal. Keeping rat poison can also harm other animals. For your safety, be careful while placing the bait since it can trigger the door to close with force. Make sure you read the instruction manual that is included with the product.

The next one is also similar to the first one except that the build and mechanism are slightly different. The Iagoryue rat trap cage is safer for children. This is not made of metal but is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic that is thermoplastic. The thermoplastic is reusable and is environment-friendly when compared to other types of plastics. This plastic is used to make the body of the trap however both front door and back door are made of metal so that the rats cannot chew and escape.

The two doors of the Lagoryue rat trap cage are meant for two different purposes. One door is used to place the bait on the bait tray and the other door is to set up the trap. Since the trap door has a sleek design the rat cannot hear the outer noises and escape without taking the bait, it’s also effective as a mouse trap and uses mouse bait in the same style. This means once they enter through the door it is certain that the rodent will be trapped inside. With this purchase, you will get two traps. The Iagoryue rat trap cage can be placed anywhere you have the issue – kitchen, warehouse, living room, or even supermarkets. You can even use this to catch small animals like squirrels, skunk and even lizards.

Setting up this trap is very easy. First, you should place the bait in the trap by opening the door with the bait tray. Then at the other end, the spring lock should be toggled to the left side to keep the door open for the rodents. After that, you rotate this door so that the lever will be inserted into the slot. When the rodent takes the bait the movement of the tray will engage the auto-locks for both the doors. The auto-lock gear at the bait end and the iron sheet protection comes into place to trap the rat inside.

3. ASPECTEK large size rat trap, pack of six

Rodent infestation is a menace throughout the house. Usually, the rats have more than one preferred place that they frequent. However, if there are rats that resort to guerilla warfare by splitting across different directions to attack your home, you would need more than just one rat trap. To counter this situation, the ASPECTEK large size rat trap is the ideal solution. A pack of six is more than sufficient to take on those little ninja assailants. Let us now look at the key aspects of the ASPECTEK large size rat trap, a reusable rodent control solution.

Powerful Spring: The powerful spring in the ASPECTEK large size rat trap makes sure that the rat is trapped in securely and there is no way it can muscle its way out, thus nullifying the chance of they escaping after being trapped.

Sublime design: This large-sized rat trap is big enough to trap even big rats and the perforated trigger is quite sensitive to capture movement even from the smallest of their species. The aerodynamic design and fast spring snap velocity further ensure quick action in capturing the rodent.

Ease of use and maintain: The ASPECTEK large size rat trap is easy to use. To set the trap is quite simple and equally easy it is to dispose of the trapped rats. A situation where there would be a need to touch the rodent would never arise. It is simple to clean and fill this rat trap with bait making it easy to set the rat trap. The rat trap is made of washable material that makes it hygienic for repeated use. So, only the rat would be trapped and not its odour. Large size and reusability are among the best features of this rat trap and it is very effective as a rat control measure.

4. Rentokil FR51 advanced rat trap twin pack

The next rat trap that we are going to take a look at is from the house of Rentokil – the Rentokil FR51 advanced rat trap. This is a twin pack that is ideal to trap rats only. Now, let us take a look at some of the key features of this product and understand why this is an ideal buy.

Easy to use: The Rentokil FR51 advanced rat trap is relatively easy to use and quite easy to set as well. All you would need is a couple of peanuts or raisins to set this up for a visit by the rat. It is going to attract the rats with ease.

Very effective: The sharp tooth design and the sensitive pedal makes the Rentokil FR51 advanced rat trap quite effective for either at home or even a garden. It can be placed anywhere, either in a kitchen or even a living room. It serves as a simple but effective and long-lasting alternative to the traditional bait that was used to poison rats.

Measuring 14.8 x 9.7 x 8.1 cm the Rentokil advanced rat traps come in twin packs and are useful for killing rats in the home and garden. It is a strong and powerful trap that is very easy to bait, set up and then dispose of the captured pest. It is totally poison-free and serves as a simple, effective and long-lasting alternative to the conventional baits.

5. Roshield 2 x rat traps - professional heavy duty control traps

Having taken a look at many of the rat traps that are ideal for home use, let us switch our focus on a professional rat trap that is well-suited for heavy-duty use – Roshield professional control rat traps. Let us take a look at this rat trap and find out its best features that make it a good buy for professional use as well.

Professional design: The Roshield rat trap is designed for professional operators working in the pest control industry. So, expect the best in terms of performance and durability. The powerful spring, when used properly, is capable to kill rats instantly.

Easy to use: The Roshield rat trap is easy to use for professional, although first-time users may have to take time in reading the instructions included with the product, which is a must. Professionals would find this rat trap easy to set by just pushing on the rear bar. Roshield is a name associated with rodent bait stations as well. This rat trap is designed to suit the Roshield rodent bait stations.

Measuring 8.2 x 11 x 17.4 cm the Roshield rat traps is a professional heavy duty rat trap this is ideal for professionals within the pest control industry, while it may take some time for others to get accustomed to its operation. Others would have to exercise caution while using this rat trap. Reading the literature that comes with the product is crucial. Strictly not for experimenting!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the best rat traps. If you think there’s some other suitable systems then please let us know because rodents in the home and garden is an issue we would all like to end as swiftly as possible.

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