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Petrol chainsaws are nothing more than a motor connected to a couple of geared cogs, that are in turn forwarded to a sharp blade on a chain, connected by links. Now, try chopping a tree down without one! It doesn’t matter if it’s an electric chainsaw, or cordless chainsaw version. The amount of work saved by using a chainsaw is almost immeasurable if you’ve ever had the misfortune of attempting to fell a tree with an axe and a pair of gardening gloves, as I have many an occasion. A petrol chainsaw should be smooth to operate and feel comfy in the hand. It should be reasonably quiet and pack plenty of power, most of all, it should be safe to use and reliable. Based on these core principals I’ve reviewed the best petrol chainsaws for you and I hope it’ll help you in choosing well.

Best petrol chainsaws ranked on power, price, and performance (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

Husqvarna 135 Petrol Chainsaw, Black/Orange

Husqvarna chainsaw

  • Husqvarna 135 MK II
  • 38cc Petrol Engine
  • 14" / 35cm Bar
  • 4.7kg

4.6/5 from 33 reviews

Hyundai petrol chainsaw

  • 20" (50cm) Bar Capable of Cutting up to 40" Diameter Trees
  • Powerful Hyundai 62cc 2 Stroke Engine with Easy Start
  • Anti Kick Back and Heavy Duty Manual Chain Brake for Safety
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication System to Help Extend the Life of the Saw Chain...
  • Easily Accessible Side Mounted Chain Tensioner for Quick and Easy Chain Adjustment...

4.2/5 from 16 reviews

Parker Petrol chainsaw

  • Award Winning 62cc Engine
  • 20" Bar Complete with Chains
  • Free Carry Bag, Bar Cover
  • 2.6KW / 3.5HP Engine Output
  • CE / GS & EU-II Certification

4.2/5 from 396 reviews

Pipe chainsaw

  • Easy start hyundai 62cc air cooled 2 stroke petrol engine
  • 20" (50cm) bar for tackling large trees or smaller Clearance jobs
  • Anti kick back safety brake for increased safety when in use
  • Automatic chain lubrication for long chain & bar life
  • Easily accessible side mounted chain tensioner for quick adjustment

4.2/5 from 111 reviews

Techppo petrol chainsaw

  • 【Powerful Engine & High Speed】2400W high-power motor delivers strong and steady power; chain speed reaches up to 15m/s...
  • 【Automatic Oiler with Window】Automatic oiler keeps the bar lubricated at all times; the transparent window on the oil tank...
  • 【Tool-Free Chain Tensioner & Low Kickback】Tool-less chain tensioner enables you to adjust the chain simply turning the dial...
  • 【Dual Security Protection】Mechanical brake and safety button provide dual security protection for you to avoid accidental starts; Release the...
  • 【Lightweight & Ingenious Design】The lightweight body (10.52lbs) makes it easy to handle and ensures prolonged working time; The cord...

4/5 from 28 reviews

Black Decker chainsaw

  • Powerful motor - High performance
  • Low-Kickback chain - For smooth and fast cuts through dry wood and live logs...
  • Patented SDS Tool - Free blade tension makes it easy to adjust chain for best cutting performance...
  • Chain break - For maximum safety of operation
  • Window to gauge oil level

4/5 from 143 reviews

Blackpoolal chainsaw

  • 【Energy Saving】: Featuring with a 52CC engine displacement
  • 【Novel Design】: Assisted Starting System & Quick Stopping Control make pull starts and stops easier...
  • 【Perfect Tool】: This 2 strokes gas chain saws is a perfect tool for homeowners...
  • 【Easy to Use】: The engine technology reduces fuel consumption up to 20-percent...
  • 【Our Service】We have a warehouse in United Kingdom

4/5 from 2 reviews

Einhell GC-PC 1335 TC 41 cc Tooless Petrol Chain Saw with 35 cm Oregon Bar, Red

Einhell petrol chainsaw

  • Oregon good-quality rail and chain
  • Tool-free chain tensioning and changing
  • Auto-choke and primer for a fast start
  • Kickback protection with instant chain brake
  • -1. Capacity of fuel tank

3.3/5 from 10 reviews

Things to consider while buying chainsaws:

  • Before buying your chainsaw you must keep the following things in mind so that you do not end up wasting your money:
    Purpose: the purpose for which you are buying the chainsaw must be very clear and you must also look out for the feature that it will help in solving the purpose of buying the product. If you are not clear about the purpose of purchasing the chainsaw then it will only end up in useless expenses that will be of no use.
  • Size of the motor: it is one of the most important features to keep in mind while shopping for the chainsaw. An extra large motor will only increase your expense and a smaller one will not be helpful in completing your task.
  • Size of the blade: Your blade of the chainsaw must be of the accurate size and not be unnecessarily bigger or smaller in size or else it will only prove to be a hurdle in your task.
  • Brands, quality and reliability: before investing money in your product you must be very sure about the brand and the reviews of the products that the brand sells. It is always a better option to make sure about the reliability and quality of the product you are going to buy.

Let’s take a quick look at the best chainsaws that one must buy:

This energy saving chainsaw has a 52 CC engine and is efficient in completing any task quickly. It offers great performance in cutting down trees and also has an automatic fuel indicator that will help you in being ready with enough fuel so that you do not run down.It is an affordable product that will give you the best results when used according to the instructions given on the product. Because of its energy-saving technology the product is not at all very difficult to use and will also not consume a lot of electricity and will be easy on your pocket.

The easy to hold and easier to move gives you the best results in the accomplishment of your desired work. Not only it is easy to use but its light weight is the best feature along with fuel-saving technology that is only offered in the flagship brands.

The product comes with a sleek and efficient design that offers a 100% grip and is also known for perfect value for money along with full customer satisfaction.

The product can be purchased for only £69.99.

The 2-stroke Petrol chainsaw is a high power product that is made to be used for hard sawing demands. With an incredibly strong Hyundai engine, this product is equipped with a 20-inch bar & a long cable which can be used for cutting down anything from big forests to lower level issues of cutting and crunching.The product weighs only 6.8 kg including bar and is very simple to carry and manage, offering a customer environment that is convenient during the use of the product.

This chainsaw can be safely stored when not in use with the bag and bar cover that comes along with the product.

This chainsaw can be purchased for only £99.99 and offers a 100% customer satisfaction with the best results.

3. Husqvarna chainsaw

This chainsaw comes with a big size motor that is fuel efficient and gives amazing performance when used for cutting and other works. Not only will this product help you in completing your work quickly and efficiently also will not be very hectic on your electricity bills.

This chainsaw comes with a manual that will guide you on how to use the product and will also offer a 100% customer satisfaction and full value for money with which you would love to recommend the product to your friends too.

The sleek and stylish chainsaw can be purchased for only £241.00.

This is an environmental friendly chainsaw that will make you enjoy your work and you will love to make new inventions by using this product. The unique2-stroke air-cooled engine comes with the high-grade blade and delivers a strong, clean and quick slice every moment. You can also enjoy your trouble-free efficiency of this work due to its instant belt lubrication.

This anti-vibration product has a side-mounted belt along with a fast-acting belt pump and is perfect for use even for long intervals and will not affect its performance.

The best part of the product is that it does not cost much(pretty much the same as the Parker petrol grass trimmer) and is very fuel efficient alongside it also offers a self-cooling technique so that it will not heat up quickly which is better for longer life.

The sturdy blade and the strong cable saw provide excellent slicing efficiency and smooth slicing outcomes at all times with a large blade width and high-quality technology from the brand. The instant choke and primer ensure that even after prolonged non-use the fast and simple beginning works.

The product can be purchased for £94.49.

The 3 blade chainsaw is a must buy the product if you are looking for something that has a durable life with a compact design and also offers the best and most efficient outcome when used on a regular basis.

Using a chainsaw is a very common and time-saving thing and it also helps you keep your surroundings clean and in perfect shape. Also, the wood that has been cut can be utilised in making some great things with your creativity.

This ultranatura chainsaw is the best selling product and can be easily ordered from any online shopping store. It will take away your headache of extensions of your trees and will keep your lawn in a world-class shape that you will love to flaunt in front of your friends.

With a blade length of 350 mm and high-quality Japanese technology, the sleek and sharp blade and the powerful cable saw provide great cutting performance and fluid cuts at all occasions. The immediate shock and first guarantees that the quick and easy start operates even after a lengthy non-use.

This chainsaw can be ordered for .

This petrol chainsaw for a well-known brand will help you in cutting down the trees with a single stroke. Its blade is made from Japanese technology and is very sharp and sleek, they are also making other fantastic garden equipment such as the Hyundai Petrol Pressure Washer in case you’re interested.

The angle of the blade is constructed in such a way that it offers 0 wear and tear of the product even when you use it regularly for a longer period of time.

This chainsaw comes with a fuel indicator that will inform you about the time of refuelling in advance so that you do not run out of petrol and your work is not hindered.

This is a perfect product for those who are looking for a classy product that is nor too expensive and also does not consume a lot of energy this will save your electricity bills.

This chainsaw can be purchased for only £149.99.

The chainsaw offers a professional quality of the product when used for your purpose. The blade of this product can be adjusted as per your requirement and you can also adjust the speed of your blade according to your needs.

One of the best selling chainsaws this product is a must-have for personal as well as professional use. The chainsaw has a lightweight and easy to grip design along with the best features that can be found only in flagship brands at an affordable rate.

The product has a strong system and a well-built circuit that makes it durable and long lasting for life. This chainsaw comes with a 24-month warranty and also offers a 6-month replacement.

The engine chain saw is reliable and comfortable at all times, thanks to its ergonomic grip and its practical anti-vibration mechanism. Durable and time-consuming savage procedures can, therefore, be done without fatigue.

Shop for this product at only £149.99.

8. Black Decker chainsaw

One of the best high-performance motors along with 100% customer satisfaction that offers a long-lasting product along with a tension-free blade that will not be very heavy on your shoulders and working with the product will be like a cake walk.

It is made with high-quality Japanese technology and also glides very easily along with fuel-efficient technology and 100% customer satisfaction.

A fully dedicated chain system helps in lubrication of the blades very nicely and a perfectly built chain brake system also lets it stop on time and offers amazing features for the work to be performed. It is also built with rust-free technology and will stay with you for a longer period of time.

With an amazing blade length and high-quality built-in technology, the powerful blade and cable sheath provide exceptional cutting effectiveness, clean cutting results at all moments. The immediate shock and priming helps in the completion of the tasks quickly without any errors and also give a long durable life for protection from the extended failures.

The product can be purchased for only £77.38.

A 2-stroke air-cooled engine with cozy, smooth and calm machinery is used by petrol chainsaw. The stable blade with Japanese technology and perfect angle cut and the strong saw chain ensure excellent working efficiency at all times and smooth processing outcomes of your product.

An electrical well maintained and perfectly gripped chain brake prevents the loop from shifting the moment the button and if there is anything that is not proper during the use, a secondary mechanical brake will fold on the instant and will not give you any interruption during your work.

This is a perfect product that one must buy for the best results and optimum utilisation of resources. It offers a perfect and easy to hold grip without sweat is going to give you full value for money. The solid claw cap built of metal teeth is used for secure conduction with all felling and slicing to size activities as the basis for the

Oregon performance blade, which therefore can readily and securely be directed through the tree to be sliced.

This petrol chainsaw can be purchased for .

It is an elevated efficiency energy saw for multiple activities that can be carried out in your lawn, such as simple firewood sawing, greater tree development dilution or also lower tree dropping. This is the best selling product that can be utilised in doing all the tasks that you want to complete in your lawn to give it a perfect shape and also keep it in working order.

This petrol chainsaw comes with a gasoline engine that offers the best performance at an affordable price with a perfectly built and strong quality crankshaft attached to both sides that also offers the chainsaw enough power at all times to handle and also to work on difficult trees without wasting the capacity of your product.

The sturdy blade and strong cable saw offer excellent slicing efficiency and smooth slicing outcomes at any moment with a width of 350 mm and the quality is also world class. Due to an instant choke and first, even after prolonged non-use, the fast and simple beginning is successful.

The chainsaw comes with a 24-month warranty and also comes with a 6-month replacement guarantee with the help of which this product can be replaced without any extra charge.

This product can be purchased for £111.07.

At the end:

A chainsaw is a product that is an electric saw that offers you to perform a difficult task without any hurdles. A petrol chainsaw can be used in a number of tasks and also helps in the harvesting process of trees. Petrol chainsaw will not only cut down the amount of energy used in doing a particular task but will also offer help in the reduction of manpower needed to complete the task.