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No bbq is complete without the best warming rack

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A guide to select the perfect warming rack with examples


A warming rack is probably one of the handiest barbecue accessories taken for granted along with barbecue tongs, until you don’t have one that is! Buying a barbecue wasn’t the end of the process, a quality warming rack will enhance the purchase considerably. The best warming rack should fit the design of your barbecue and also clean easily. A warming rack should be sturdy, elegant, and fit nicely on your barbecue so I’ve selected the pick of all the best warming racks to help you with your barbecue.

Comparison table: No bbq is complete without the best warming rack

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

onlyfire BBQ Warming Rack for Weber Char Broil Kettle Charcoal Grill Kamado Cermic Grill and Smoker ...

  • Fits most kettle grills between 49.5~57cm in diameter
  • Perfect accessory for use with charcoal kettle grills
  • Made of electroplating material
  • Great for hot dog
  • Double-check the dimensions of your grills before ordering

Dualit Warming Rack, Silver

  • Perfect for warming muffins
  • Fits AWS and Vario Toasters
  • Stainless steel, silver coloured
  • Products can be warmed for up to 15 minutes
  • Cool touch handle for easy carrying

Landmann 13463 Universal Barbecue Warming Rack

  • Suitable for all common gas and charcoal barbecues
  • Chrome plated
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fold out width 45cm
  • Area 45 x 11 cm

Grill Pro 14625 Universal Chrome Warming Rack

Grill Pro 14625 Universal Chrome Warming Rack

  • Chrome plated
  • Heavy duty
  • Replacement part
  • Adds space to any grill
  • Great for hot dog and hamburger buns

Onlyfire 34CM Warming Rack For 57 CM Charcoal Kettle Grill cooking grate with mounting holder, Fits Char-Griller 16620

  • Made of high standard stainless steel
  • Top warm rack grate stack on Bottom cooking Grate
  • Warming rock grate diameter 34CM
  • Top warming rock grate expanded Cooking Surface
  • Fit for 57CM Charcoal Kettle Grill cooking grate with mounting holder

Dancook 120019 - Warming Rack for Kettle Grill.

  • Designed to ideally fit 50 & 58 cm Dancook kettle barbecues.
  • Use this rack to keep your food warm on your kettle barbecue....

Buying a grill takes a lot of research and thinking over. With the number of options that are available at your disposal, making the right choice can be quite a tricky affair While keeping the budget in mind you will certainly look for something that can add value to your grilling or barbecuing. There are many tools and accessories that can make cooking or grilling easier. The warming rack is one of those tools that can make your weekend parties warm and delicious. Finding the right accessories such as a warming rack for your grill can be a laborious task as well. Let me help you to narrow down the options. First, let us understand what is warming rack is meant to do.

What is warming rack? It is a gadget that you get built-in with some of the smokers or the barbecue grills. Its primary use is for warming food items before using them. But that is not the only benefit of having a warming rack. Since this rack is kept above the grill the chance of food getting charred or burned is very rare. Does this ring a bell? This means you need not light up your kitchen stove to toast bread or warm up a burger. Just place the warming rack over the grill and do the warming. Sometimes it gives you an additional grill itself for barbecuing vegetables and burgers.

Points to be noted before ordering a warming rack: Once you have decided to buy a warming rack for your barbecue make sure you note down the size of your grill. You may be able to use a smaller warming rack but it is certain that using a bigger rack is impossible. Not only the size, but the shape of the barbecue is also important. Warming racks used in kettle barbecues will not be fit for bigger barbecues. Then, consider the material used to make the rack. Even though the warming rack will not be that near to heat like the grill, it will also have to withstand the heat. In this article, I will try to list some of the warming racks that have satisfied the customer’s needs.

1. Grill Pro 14625 universal chrome warming rack

The first one on this list is a warming rack marketed by Grill Pro. This warming rack from Grill Pro can also be used as a replacement to the original grill. When I said replacement you can use this as the primary griller if the built-in grill is damaged. Not only that, placing the 14625 warming rack on the grill gives you extra space to warm or cook food. The folding design of the rack makes the storing much easier.The rack is made of steel and is plated using chrome. The heavy duty steel gives it the needed strength and sturdiness to use it on a grill. The chrome coating makes the product durable and also helps in cleaning it. You can either wash it directly using a dishwashing liquid or can apply some oil before cooking to make it a lot more easier. The dimensions are 19.3 x 1.25 x 6.75 inches (LxWxH). Note the points below about the warming rack from Grill Pro.

  • The metal used is steel that is plated with chrome – this ensures that it is corrosion free.
  • Compatible with almost all grills – Fits into most of the grills
  • Easy to wash – You don’t have to get a manual to clean this.
  • Does not take much space to store – ideal for places where storage space comes at a premium
  • Can be a backup for an old warming rack

The second warming rack here is one that fits really well in kettle barbecues. Onlyfire Barbecue warming rack is designed in a way to use in any of the kettle grills that have a diameter in between 49.5 centimetres to 57 centimetres. The material used here is stainless steel and we all know the benefits of having stainless steel utensils. They are corrosion free, easy to clean and durable. Warming racks can be used for preparing hot dogs, cooking vegetables, warming burgers, and toasting. The dimensions are 45 x 11.4 centimetres (LxH). Since it has a height of 11.4 centimetres you can easily cook other food items beneath the warming rack. This also adds more space for cooking. The company has mentioned the proper cleaning procedure to give the warming rack a prolonged life. The main point is that the rack should be kept dry and clean off oil or food residues. Below points will help you to decide whether this warming rack fits your needs.

  • Compatible with almost all kettle grills – Fits into most of the kettle grills
  • Well designed – hinge on this rack helps to keep it elevated
  • Good build quality – Durable and rust free
  • Easy Maintenance – Cleaning and maintenance are easy
  • Strong and sturdy – Made of stainless steel

3. Landmann 13463 universal barbecue warming rack

This is another foldable barbecue warming rack that is good in doing what it does. This is from Landmann and is foldable which makes the storage easier. We already saw one model from Grill Pro that is foldable. The rack is made of steel plated with chrome. Steel is one metal that can be used in utensils as it makes things built using it quite durable. Therefore, it adds extra years to the life of the warming rack.The dimensions after opening the folding are 48 x 16 x 12 centimetres (LxWxH). This model is suitable for gas barbecues and charcoal grillers alike. It has enough height to leave the cooking space below the warming rack accessible. The clips at both ends of the warming rack slide into the grill and keeps it steady. So let us see how can we summarise the Landmann barbecue warming rack.

  • It is made of steel and plated with chrome to prevent rusting
  • It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, both using a dishwasher or mere hands
  • Compatible with most of the charcoal and gas barbecues
  • Fold out design makes it very easy to store and set up
  • 45 centimetres long, not going to be a problem carrying it

If you own a 57 CM charcoal kettle grill, the Onlyfire warming rack is for you. This is a double-grate grilling setup that gives you ample storage area as well as the cooking surface. Furthermore, the design of this setup is swivel shaft type. So, it is quite easy to lift the upper grate whenever needed. Also, this design makes the bottom of the grate to be accessed without breaking a sweat. All that you have to take care of is to ensure that the bottom grate is seated either to the left or to the right side of the grill. This placement allows you to take advantage of the swivel design and move the top grate to the left or the right side as desired. Other key features of the Onlyfire warming rack include:

  • Durability: Being built using high standard stainless steel, this warming rack is built to last the test of time. It can be used repeatedly for longer periods and still inspire confidence that it would be used for many more years.
  • Sturdiness: Stainless steel body indicates that the warming rack would be strong and sturdy. Except for the basic maintenance, you do not have to handle it with extra care.
  • Compatibility: With a diameter of 34 CM this warming rack grate is good with most kettle grills. This fits well for Fits Char-Griller 16620, and 57CM Charcoal Kettle Grill cooking grate with mounting holder.
  • Manoeuvrability: Swivel design ensures that while the top warming rack grate is stacked on the Bottom cooking Grate, it can swivel on either side allowing quick and easy access to the bottom grill grate. This is the biggest benefit the Onlyfire warming rack for kettle grill offers.
  • More Surface Area: This setup enables that you get an expanded Cooking Surface. More the surface area, the better.

Next is a simple warming rack that can be used on kettle barbecues or barbecues of smaller size. This warming rack from Dancook is in half moon shape to fit in a kettle barbecue. The diameter of the barbecue should be between 50 to 58 centimetres.This rack can also be used as a storage space inside the barbecue. The food that has already been cooked can be removed from the grill and kept on this rack so that the dish remains warm till the time it is served. This arrangement can help in maintaining the desired temperature and taste of food such as fish, meat and vegetables while the barbecue is in operation or while you are treating your palate with a starter. In fact, this rack does a fairly good job in roasting bread too, although lightly. Made of steel and weighs under a kilo, this is easy to carry and quite strong.

Warming racks for your barbecue grills come in different sizes to meet different purposes. While some are meant to support large surfaces others do the job in warming smaller items. In our quest for large surfaces, we should not neglect the smaller ones. The Dualit warming rack is one such accessory. Weighing just under half a kilo the key feature of this warming rack includes:

  • Best for bread products – Ideal for warming bagels, muffins, croissants and other bread products
  • Strong build quality – designed to last for ages in spite of regular use
  • Ease of use – Simple mechanism to fit would ensure it slots well into your toaster. Heat insulated cool touch handle makes it easy to carry.
  • Good build material – Made of stainless steel, hence corrosion free
  • Easy to maintain – it can be washed either using a dishwasher or by hand
  • Nice look – Silver coloured giving it a metallic lustre and a majestic look
  • Fast acting – Ability to warm items for up to fifteen minutes
  • Universal compatibility – Compatible with AWS and Vario toasters

The Dualit Warming rack is a universal one that slots well over your bread toaster. The two supporting brackets that have to be clipped on to the toaster so that the rack is seated on top of the slots. The unique selling proposition of this product would be its ease of use due to the less complicated design.

If you’ve found this write up useful for barbecue accessories then you might want to take a look at rib racks or grill presses that both equally assist a quality barbecue.

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