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Potting benches are a real favourite of mine. If you don’t have an old table to repurpose or you are looking for a potting bench that’s highly specialised for the job then you’ll save a great deal of time and effort(as well as your back). Whilst converting an old table is good, the best potting benches have moved on miles in the last few years offering all manner of helpful holders and storage points. The best potting bench will save you a huge amount of effort with your seedlings and seed trays this season.

So here is my review of the best potting benches

Comparison table: Best potting workbenches for ease of use and comfort (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Christow Wooden Potting Table Plant Flower Greenhouse Bench with Wheels

  • PORTABLE TABLE IS PERFECT FOR POTTING PLANTS & FLOWERS: Create a perfect space to pot plants and flowers with...
  • TWO SHELVES & DRAWER FOR POTTING ESSENTIALS: The potting table features a narrow upper shelf and a spacious...
  • FLAT WORK SURFACE & REMOVABLE POTTING TRAY: The potting table features a removable potting tray with a flat work...
  • WOODEN WHEELS TO EASILY MOVE AROUND: The table features two sturdy legs on one side and two wooden wheels...
  • FAST TO ASSEMBLE WITH EASY-READ INSTRUCTIONS: The potting table comes flat-packed with instructions and fixings for easy assembly...

KCT 3 Tier Wooden Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

  • Sturdy Wooden Potting Workbench
  • 3 Tiers - 1 Galvanised steel work top and 2 lower storage shelves
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Feet to protect from ground conditions.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 90cm x 37cm x 80cm Work Level Height : 72.8cm...

Woodside Wooden Potting Bench

  • Genuine WOODSIDE Branded Product
  • High quality Woodside work bench ideal for use in a greenhouse as a potting bench or a workshop or...
  • H: 120cm (47”) x L: 92cm (36”) x D: 45cm (17.5”)
  • Removable metal potting tray to contain soil
  • Sturdy construction. Easy to assemble – Full instructions included

Organise your garden space with this convenient potting bench by Pureday, which has the following special features:

  • The wood base shelf at the top and bottom, multiple hooks on either side and 3 drawers add up to ample storage for storing all your plant pots as well as gardening tools and accessories.
  • The worktop is built with galvanised metal and the overall structure is made from superior quality pine wood.
  • The potting bench weighs approximately 10 kg and the overall product dimensions are: 78 cm x 38 cm x 112 cm. The work top is located at an approximate height of 82 cm.
  • The shelf at the bottom is situated at a height of 38 cm from the ground.
  • Each drawer has an overall dimension of 32 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm.

Pureday Potting Table with 3 drawers and 3 hooks and Galvanised Metal Worktop

2. Plant Theatre Folding Hardwood Potting Table

With overall bench dimensions of 82 cm x 40 cm x 84 cm, this bestselling potting bench sold by Plant Theatre, has the following distinct features:

  • This hardwood potting table, painted in sage, is folding in nature and is very sturdy in built.
  • The top shelf of the table is made of zinc and the middle shelf is built in a slatted pattern with hardwood itself.
  • The retainer edges provide ample space for storing your gardening tools.
  • Easy to fold back and store when not in use.

3. KCT 3 Tier Wooden Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

This bestselling compact potting bench sold by KCT is the ideal workstation for all your garden storage needs and has the following special features:

  • The top shelf is constructed with galvanised steel and is suitable for all your potting needs. The middle and lower shelf is constructed in slatted pattern with wood.
  • The feet of the potting bench are insulated to protect the structure from dry and wet ground conditions.
  • The top shelf is constructed with 3 retaining sides to protect your pots and gardening tools from sliding away. Since the top work shelf is constructed with galvanised steel, it is easy to clean it after use.
  • The work level height for the top shelf is around 72.8 cm and the overall product dimensions are 90 cm x 37 cm x 80 cm.
  • This compact potting workstation is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use or for use in greenhouse.

KCT 3 Tier Wooden Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

This number one bestselling potting bench with wheels, sold by Christow, has the following special features:

  • Easy to assemble at home as the package comes with instruction manual and fixings.
  • The overall dimensions of the potting bench are: 120 cm x 90 cm x 42 cm.
  • The product is constructed with a narrow top shelf, the main potting work shelf and a slatted lower shelf.
  • The main potting work shelf in the middle consists of a drawer with a metal handle to store your stuff as well as a removable potting tray to collect soil or other gardening waste.
  • The lower shelf is built in such a manner that it sits exactly beneath the main work shelf, so that the stuff stored on the lower shelf is protected in times of rain.
  • The main workbench is built with raised retaining sides to prevent any of the gardening stuff from falling off the bench.
  • One of the best features of the Christow potting bench is that it consists of 2 wooden wheels, which makes it very convenient for the user to move it around the garden from one place to another.
  • The potting table, weighing a total of 10 kg, has a compact design making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Woodside, one of the top leaders in garden supplies, is known for their bestselling potting workstation which has the following special features:

  • Features a narrow top shelf, the main potting workstation in the middle and a lower shelf for storage.
  • The worktop has a height of 80 cm while the overall product dimensions are: 120 cm x 92 cm x 45 cm.
  • The main worktop station is built with a removable metal potting tray which makes it easier to store and remove soil.
  • Comes with all the supplies and an easy to understand instruction manual.
  • The bottom shelf is constructed just below the main work top to protect your garden tools, pots, or other gardening stuff from getting damaged by rain or hail.
  • The main work bench features 2 drawers, which are ideal for storing small gardening stuff and tools at one place.
  • One can easily put their pots on the workstation and fill in soil or compost directly from the adjacent potting tray, making the process very quick and convenient.

This bestselling potting bench, sold by HomeZone, is a must have for every gardening enthusiast and has the following special features:

  • Ideal for use in the garden as well as sheds and greenhouse, due to its lightweight and compact design.
  • The potting bench is constructed using superior quality natural fir wood, making them very strong and durable for a long period of time.
  • The overall dimensions of the HomeZone potting bench are: height of 90 cm x width of 70 cm x depth of 41 cm.
  • Comes fitted with a top main workbench and a lower shelf.
  • The lower shelf is constructed in a slatted pattern and is ideal for storing your gardening tools, plant and flower pots and watering cans.
  • The top shelf is fitted with retaining edges from 3 sides to prevent your gardening material from sliding off and to provide you with a secure and sturdy work space.
  • When ordered, the product comes with instruction manual and screws for easy assembly at home.
  • The top shelf is sturdy and constructed with galvanised metal, making it a perfect work top for gardening enthusiasts as well as beginners.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the best potting benches and if you think we’ve missed any then please feel free to let us know and we will review them for you.

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