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6 Best Brass Hose Connectors

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When it comes to hose connectors, many professional and experienced gardeners opt for brass models over plastic due their longevity, strength and reliability. Brass fittings tend to grip the hose or tap better than plastic models so it lowers the chance of things like pulling the connector off the garden tap should you snag the hose on something or pull a little too hard.

Hose connectors that are made of brass tend to be less likely to leak and can withstand much higher temperatures. Also, if you’re going to be running chemicals through your hose, brass connectors are the way to go as they resist corrosion far better plastic ones.

Although they are more expensive than the plastic variants, brass connectors are less likely to contaminate the water that runs through them.

Not all brass fittings are equal to each other though. Like all things there are good, and not so good, products out there. Some makers will use cheap brass to keep the price low but you just end up with a poor product that leaks.

To make things easier we have comprised a list of the best brass fittings in the UK and reviewed them here on this page. The reviews consist of a write up followed by the best features highlighted in bullet points. There are also links provided for you to click on should you wish to see more images of the products or would like to read some customer feedback.

Read on my fellow gardeners.

Comparison table: 6 Best Brass Hose Connectors

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Garden mile Solid Brass 2-Way Double Outside Garden Tap/Hose Adaptor

  • CONNECT TWO HOSES AT ONCE-This 2 Way Double Brass Tap Adaptor allows you to connect two garden hoses to...
  • DUAL SHUT OFF VALVES- Use The Dual Shut off valves To Control Water Flow Separately & Easily...
  • FITTINGS- With one Standard 3/4" Tap Connector and two 1/2" quick connects...
  • STRONG AND DURABLE- Made of heavy duty brass
  • Levers Are Made From Brass (Not Plastic) Covered in Thermo Plastic Rubber OverMold for Comfort When Turning On or...

6Pcs Brass Garden Lawn Water Hose Pipe Fitting 1/2

  • Heavy-duty brass construction with rust proof fitting to the standardized garden hose coupling systems....
  • Quick and easy fix
  • Made from Brass strong and durable.
  • Pack includes: 6 x 1/2" Quick connectors
  • Quick connect female to 1/2 inch standard hose

3/4 Inch Two Way TECH TRADERS Double Garden Tap Connector 

  • Tech Traders 3/4"BSP 2 Way Solid Brass Hose Connector
  • Individual ON and OFF Valves
  • Mainly Used in Garden
  • Please Check the Diameter before you Purchase
  • Quality Brass Product

Amtech U2520 Brass Hose Fittings, 4-Piece

  • Ideal Product: The threaded brass hose connector can be used with water taps...
  • Durable: The Amtech U2520 is made up of weatherproof solid brass
  • Suitable for: The ¾” threaded tap hose connector is compatible with most brass water taps....
  • Easy to Use: Very easy to connect and disconnect hoses from any water supply system and is easy to...
  • Kit Includes: In a set

Karcher 26450170 1/2-inch Brass Hose Connector with Aqua Stop

  • High quality brass hose connector
  • Aqua Stop stops the water flow when disconnecting hoses and attachments
  • Suitable for 1/2'' * 5/8'' hoses
  • Rubber non-slip grip for easy handling and connectio


Our first brass hose connector review is of this 6 piece set from Gardeningwill, priced at 11.80 on amazon at the time of writing.
The 6 connectors are all the same ½ inch size
and made of solid brass. If you click on the link we have provided you will be able to see that there are also packs available from the same brand for ¾ and 5/8 inch connectors as well as faucet, tap, and male connectors, with varying prices.

These adaptors can be quickly connected to inside and outside taps and also to a standard size garden hose, which they grip very well.

These brass connectors are strong and durable and have fittings designed to be rust proof, ensuring a long working life. They are watertight and leak-proof.

  • Strong and durable construction
  • 6 piece set for a great price
  • Quick connect system works well
  • Can be connected to inside or outside tap
  • Will fit standard ½ inch garden hose

At the time of writing this review, the Amtech 4 piece brass hose fittings set was on sale at 8.88 on Amazon which is an absolute steal.

The set includes an adjustable spray nozzle, a ¾ inch threaded tap connector, and two female hose fittings, one with water shut off valve and one without. All connectors are made from solid brass.

The water stop valve can be adjusted by simply twisting the grip, which is spaced nicely away from the collar for ease of use.
None of the pieces in this set showed any sign of leaking even with a fair bit of pressure flowing through them.

This is a great little starter kit for new gardeners, or as something to keep handy just in case your present fittings and connectors fail.

This product comes with a 3 year guarantee

  • 4 piece set for under 9 pounds is excellent value
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • Kit includes- an adjustable spray nozzle, a ¾ inch threaded tap connector, and two female hose fittings, one with water shut off valve and one without
  • No leaks from any of the pieces in the set
  • Grip is spaced away from the collar for ease of use
  • 3 Year guarantee

3. Karcher 26450170 1/2-inch Brass Hose Connector with Aqua Stop

Our next brass hose connector review comes from well-known brand Karcher and costs 8.99 which is a little more expensive than some of its competitors. However, you get what you pay for, and this product is premium quality.

Able to connect to ½ inch and 5/8 inch garden hoses and having the ‘aqua stop’ feature that stops the water flow when hoses and attachments are disconnected.

Another stand out feature of this Karcher connector is that it has been covered with heavy duty rubber to make it non-slip and provide you with a better grip.

  • Premium quality connector from a trusted brand
  • Aqua stop feature will stop water flow when attachments are disconnected
  • Can connect to ½ inch and 5/8 inch garden hoses
  • Heavy duty rubber grip prevents slipping
  • Sturdy and strong  construction

The Tech Traders double garden tap connector is a good choice for those of you who want to run two hoses or sprinklers at the same time.

This is a ¾” brass connector that is designed to be used with an outdoor tap.

The two separate water outlets each have their own individual valves for switching them on or off. This is a handy feature as it allows you to use only one hose without changing the connector.

The brass construction of the Tech Traders two way connector has been well done and the product feels solid and hard wearing and performs its duties without any leakage.

This product is available on amazon for 8.49 at the moment.

  • Well-made ¾ inch brass connector
  • Low cost
  • Two water outlets for watering different parts of your garden simultaneously
  • Water outlets have individual on/off valves
  • No leaks

A good alternative to the Tech Trader 2 way hose connector is this similar product made by Garden Mile.

Like the Tech Trader model, it connects to a ¾ inch garden tap and has two ½ inch water outlets, with individual water flow valves, where you attach your hoses.

The whole connector is made from heavy duty brass but some parts, such as the water flow valves on the water outlets and the ¾” connection point are covered in a thermo-plastic rubber overmould to give you a better grip and to remove the shock you get when touching cold brass on those chiller mornings.

The brass used for this product is premium quality so you can expect it to last season after season.

You can buy the Garden Mile brass 2 way hose connector for 7.99.

  • Premium quality product and should last a long time
  • Heavy duty brass construction with levers covered with rubber for comfort
  • Low cost
  • Leak proof
  • Individual water-flow valves on outlets

6. ANSIO Garden Hose Tap Connector 3/4 Inch & 1/2 Inch Outdoor Threaded Brass Tap Connector

Ansio’s garden hose/tap connector is a best-selling product on Amazon and has a 5 star rating based on customer reviews.

It is a 2-in-one brass female connector that can fit either a ½ inch or ¾ inch adaptor and can be easily changed by unscrewing and removing the top part of the connector. It will fit most outdoor taps in the UK but can’t be used for mixer taps, which need a special connector of their own.

The brass used for these fittings is top notch and will resist rust, corrosion and other elemental damage and comes with a 5 year warranty.

A great, versatile connector, the Ansio brass garden tap/hose connector is available at a bargain price of 4.70. There’s no wonder why it is such a popular product.

  • Versatile adaptor
  • Easily changed from ½ inch to ¾ inch connector
  • High quality brass construction with no leaks
  • Best-selling and reviewed product with many happy customers
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

That last review brings to an end this particular page of brass hose connector reviews.

Do you feel any better informed than when you started? We certainly hope so. 
The thing to remember with both brass and plastic hose connectors is although many, if not most, products will look very similar, their quality can vary substantially, and that’s why it is important to read reviews and customer feedback before you decide to buy.

Obviously we can’t cover and review every good brass hose connector out there, and this is just a small selection of models that we thought offered the best value for money for their particular sub-type.

If you are interested, this site is full of pages just like this, where we take a closer look at the best products available in the UK in a wide range of categories. We have pages on the best lawnmowers, spades, scarifiers, shears, loppers, and many more. If it’s something you use in the garden, you can be sure we’ve got a page dedicated to it full of information and product reviews.

So, if you enjoyed this article and found it useful, please visit our other pages when you have a spare moment. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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