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5 Best Woodcare Rollers & Sleeves Available for DIY work

If you are someone who works with wood you will know that there are several products that you will want to apply on the wooden pieces. These may include polishes, stains as well as paints and dyes.

You will want to use a medium through which you can apply the products. These are generally in the form of a roller or a brush which helps to apply the product evenly. The tool needs to be of good quality so that it lasts for a long time.

Best wood paint rollers and sleeves (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

Axus Decor AXU/RKL4 Lime Wood Finishing Mini Kit (2 x Sleeves, Tray & Frame), 4", Set of 4 Pieces

Axus Decor AXU/RKL4 Lime Wood Finishing Mini Kit

  • Contains 2 x Lime mini roller sleeves
  • Ideal for doors, cabinets and other woodwork
  • Achieves a super-fine finish with both water and oil-based coatings
  • Considered a close runner-up to a spray finish

4.6/5 from 34 reviews

Harris 4210 9

  • Contains 1x 9" Roller tray
  • Great for painting walls and ceilings
  • Suitable for use with emulsion paints
  • Provides good paint coverage
  • Great paint pick up

4.5/5 from 863 reviews

Hamilton 34242-001 7 Piece Gloss Mini Roller Kit

  • Contains 5x 4" Foam Rollers
  • High density foam
  • No fibre loss giving a smooth
  • Use with oil based gloss paints
  • High density foam ensures no fibre loss and smooth finish

4.4/5 from 158 reviews

FFJ Shed/Fence Roller Kit

FFJ Shed/Fence Roller Kit

  • 7" roller ideal for use on large panels
  • 4" brush ideal for cutting in enges and posts
  • Kit can be used with most wood treatments and preservatives
  • Kit can also be used for decking
  • DIY product providing an excellent balance between price and finish quality

4.2/5 from 88 reviews

Here we will mention some of the wood care rollers that are highly rated and are easily available in the market. So, let us get started with it.

1. Harris 10602 Transform Shed, Fence and Decking Paint Roller Kit

This particular woodcare share from Harris is available at the price of for the 4-inch set and for £9.00 for the 9-inch set.

The kit is complete in itself with a tray, a roller frame, two sleeves, a woodcare brush and a set of gloves. The roller sleeves are made from dense polyester which enables them to soak up a considerable amount of product. This helps it to cover a good amount of space in every single stroke.

The brush is also made of good quality filaments which provide an even application on the wooden surface. It is a highly-rated product and an eco-friendly product.

  • The product is available in two size variants: 4 inches and 9 inches
  • The kit contains a tray, a roller frame, two roller sleeves, a brush and a pair of latex gloves
  • The roller sleeves have good soaking capacity
  • The product is eco-friendly

2. Harris 4210 9

This particular set of rollers from Harris is available for a price of £12.95 for the 9” model.

The set contains a paint tray and along with it, you will get the roller handle and the roller sleeves. The sleeves are made from knitted polyester which ensures that it soaks a good amount of product and provides great coverage without any stroke marks.

Along with being useful for wooden surfaces you can also use the rollers to paint walls or other similar surfaces.

  • The product comes with two roller sleeves made of knitted polyester
  • The company also provides a paint tray along with this set
  • It can cover a good amount of area in a less amount of time
  • Can be used on wood as well as on walls

3. Axus Decor AXU/RKL4 Lime Wood Finishing Mini Kit

This particular set of the roller is available for the price of £6.45. The set contains a tray, a roller handle and 2 pieces of roller sleeve.

The rollers are of a mini size which helps to finish off a wooden project. Both oil based and water based products can be applied with the help of this roller. The finish is super-fine so it can help to achieve the quality of spray paint.

The rollers can be washed and used a number of times. The roller handle is made in a way that it has s good grip so that the users can hold it for long periods of time. The part where you put the roller sleeve is made from metal which is chrome plated. This prevents rust formation on it even after multiple uses.

  • The roller comes in a mini size with two roller sleeves
  • The roller provides a super-fine finish on the furniture or wooden surface
  • The roller can be used for both oil based and water based products
  • The handle of the roller is made in a way that it can be held for long periods of time

4. FFJ Shed/Fence Roller Kit

FFJ Shed/Fence Roller Kit
4.2 out of 5 stars ( 88 customer reviews )

The set of FFJ roller and brush is available in the market for a price of £15.99.

This product is perfect when you have to work on a large project. The roller sleeve measures 7” and it comes along with a 4” brush and a paint tray. The roller can be used to apply most treatments that work on woods.

It is perfect for usage on outside wooden pieces as they tend to have a larger size. The finish quality of both the roller and the brush is great. DIYers will really like the quality that is present in the items.

The handles are rubberised to provide a grip that wouldn’t tire the hands.

  • This is a set of a roller, a brush and a tray
  • The set is ideal for wood work
  • The products work with all kinds of treatment to be used on wood
  • The finish of the roller as well as the brush is great
  • The handles are rubberised to provide adequate grip for the users

5. Hamilton 34242-001 7 Piece Gloss Mini Roller Kit

This particular 7 piece set from Hamilton is available in the market for a price of £7.23 right now. The bundle contains a paint tray, a roller handle and 5 pieces of roller sleeves.

The roller sleeves that come with this pack are of high-density which provides them the ability to soak up a good amount of product and apply it evenly on the surface. The fibres of the sleeves wouldn’t come out or get stuck on the project. The application is smooth and no impression will be left on the project.

It is best to use oil based paints or products along with this roller. The roller sleeves measure 4” in size. The roller is of mini size.

  • The products come in a set of 7 items that includes the roller frame and the sleeves
  • The high-density foam used in the sleeves are of good quality and they provide an even finish on the surface
  • It is easier to work with as the rollers are of mini-size
  • The handle length of the roller is of 4 inches and the roller sleeves are of 4 inches

In conclusion, we can say that these are some of the best rollers and sleeves that are available in the market for wood care. We are sure that you will get good results after using them.