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The best garden compost bins rated for you

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6 Best Garden & Compost Bins

Compost bins don’t just make wonderfully fertile soil, they keep your garden organised and clean. You’ve just got the lawn mower and grass trimmer out and cut the lawn. The hedge trimmer has sorted the bushes and you’ve done a bit of weeding too, and what about the leaves you collected with your leaf blower vacuum? All that green waste needs to go somewhere and a compost bin is the solution. A compost bin needs to be sturdy and well designed to ‘cook’ the waste(heat it up to speed up deterioration), soil needs to be easily removed from a compost bin, and it needs to be built to last. To save you the time and effort it takes to search through the numerous brands and models available in the UK, we have chosen the best compost bins and reviewed based on the key criteria mentioned.

Comparison table: The best garden compost bins rated for you

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Whitefurze 220L Compost Bin

Whitefurze 220L Compost Bin - Black

  • Robust and hardwearing, made from recyled materials
  • Removable lid with easy-grip handle with a removable front hatch for easy access to compost...
  • Windproof lid to help regulate temperature and moisture levels

BeGreen 220 Litre Composter Converter

BeGreen 220 Litre Composter Converter - Black (5-Piece)

  • 220ltr Composter, Black
  • Push fit wind proof lid
  • Removable front hatch
  • Produced from recycled plastic
  • British made, 5 year guarantee

Good Ideas 140 Litre (2x 70Litre) Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter

  • Dual Compartments for efficient use of home and garden waste
  • Built in aeration system to accelarate composting process
  • Heavy duty construction for use all year round
  • Easy assembly with instructions provided
  • 140 litre capacity - each compartment holds 70 litres

Simpa 1 x 90L 90 Litre Galvanised Metal Dustbin

  • Our range of high quality craftsmanship garden accessories is a must for the green fingered gardening enthusiast....
  • Our latest gardening must-have is this 90Litre Large galvanised metal dustbin with door hatch and locking lid feature that can...
  • This is a lightweight yet robust galvanised bin with simple yet secure locking lid feature is designed to keep...
  • Easily portable with secure side handles and also boasts an innovative easy slide side door hatch feature that is...
  • This is a great value Simpa gardening or storage bin sold individually or in multi buy sets of 2...

300 Litre Garden Composter Bin

  • Wide Brush head cleans large surfaces quickly and efficiently
  • Shorter sides can be used for cleaning edges and dislodging debris between grates...
  • Thick stainless steel bristles resist wearing
  • Ergonomic handle provides control and leverage when cleaning dirty cook grates

Deuba Black Garden Composter

  • Dimensions: 380L (LxWxH): 72 x 72 x 83cm
  • Weather-resistant durable garden compster bin.
  • High heat development inside of the composting unit thereby a quicker bacterial decomposition and better humus....
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Simply fill the composter from above

Whether you’re a first time gardener or an experienced ‘old hand’ compost is going to be a part of your life. 
If you’re tackling your garden for the first time, you will probably find that the newly dug up soil needs improving upon and compost is just the material for the job. Thankfully, compost is very easy to make for yourself and all you really need is a compost bin.
 The materials you are using to make your compost need to be massed/piled together properly in order for your compost to ‘cook’ properly and in a shorter time. The pile of materials should be layered with ‘brown’ then ‘green’ materials in an alternating pattern. You also need to ‘turn over’ your compost pile with a fork to produce heat, although some compost bin models have parts that you can spin to do this instead.
 Of course you can always make your own compost bin, but I find it better, and less time consuming to buy one that is specially made for the purpose with the features that I find useful.

1. 300 Litre Garden Composter Bin

First on our list of best garden and compost bin reviews is this excellent product. 
It can hold up to 300 litres of compost and has a selection of features intended to make the ‘cooking’ process faster and easier.
 For example, with some models, you have to put down your material before opening the top of the bin, but when loading this compost bin from the top, you can actually do it with just your elbow as it has a hinged lid.
 There is also a hatch door on the lower part of them bin for easy access to the bottom of your compost pile. 
Situated around this compost bin are several ventilation holes to let in air and also insects which help your compost to grow faster. Speaking of helpful insects, this compost bin sits on the floor so as to let worms crawl up inside for the pre-mentioned purpose of helping the compost develop.
 This model arrives as a flat pack and needs to be assembled but the plastic parts all click together effortlessly and you can have it together in no time.
 The plastic used for this bin is good quality and strong but obviously you have to take care not to crack it with any garden tools. This plastic has been given a dark colour to help increase the heat inside the bin and promote healthy growing compost.

  • 300 litre capacity
  • Hinged lid makes filling this bin much easier
  • Hatch door on the lower half for easy access to the bottom of your compost pile
  • Ventilation holes allow air and helpful organisms to enter the bin
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dark coloured plastic will help to promote warmth

This 220litre compost bin from Whitefurze is the second review on our list of best compost bins UK.
 It is made out of hardwearing and durable recycled plastic and measures 70 x 75 x 84 cm. 
Looks wise it’s nothing special, neither beautiful nor an eyesore like most bins, and kind of resembles a black sleeping darlek from Dr who.
 The dark black colour has a function though and it will help to trap heat from sunlight and help your compost develop.
 Also there to help regulate the internal temperature of the bin is the windproof handle that seals down well. It is removable for when you want to fill up the bin, and has a large handle for you to get a grip on it with.
 On the front lower half of the bin is a hatch door to access your compost for turning or removing it.
 There is no assembly required for this compost bin and it is delivered ready to use. There is also no base and the bin sits directly on the soil in order to allow worms to access to the compost inside.

  • Solid plastic construction
  • Made from recycled materials
  • 220 litre capacity
  • Windproof handle to help regulate the internal temperature
  • Removable lid with large handle for easy filling
  • Sits directly on the ground to allow worms to enter the compost

This compost bin is almost identical to the Whitefurze we just reviewed. It has the same shape and look but stands a little taller at 90cm. 
It too sports a windproof lid that secures down very well and is handy for when the UK summer weather takes an inevitable turn for the worst. 
The compost can be accessed through a hatch door in the front, the same as our previous reviews, and it also sits directly on the ground with no base. This is good for when you are growing compost, but during the winter months, vermin might take up nest in there, so purchasing a base to use at that time might be a good idea.
 You don’t want to be setting rat traps or laying down bait for mice if necessary. This product is made from recycled plastic here in the UK and the material used is high quality and robust. I would say it just feels stronger than the Whitefurze. The makers have given this model a 5 year warranty should you have any problems with it.

  • Made in the UK from robust recycled materials
  • 220 litre capacity cone shaped bin
  • Large removable lid with easy grip handle
  • Lid secures down very well and is windproof
  • Front hatch door for accessing compost
  • 5 year guarantee

4. Good Ideas 140 Litre (2x 70Litre) Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter

Costing just £89.99, the Good Ideas twin chamber tumbling composter offers a different design to our previous reviews.
 It is comprised of two separate compartments that are suspended off the ground thanks to a metal stand. This stand, together with other design elements of this model have been made to keep vermin out of your compost.
 Each of the compartments can hold 70 litres of compost and have holes for ventilation and drainage. The ability of these compost bins to roll or ‘tumble’ allows the compost inside to aerate and thus be ready for use in a shorter time than usual.
 The chambers have sliding doors that are easy to open when you need to fill up, yet stay securely shut when fully closed.
 Lightweight yet strong plastic has been used to make the chambers and the frame is made of metal that feels sturdy enough to do its job for a long time to come.

  • Twin compartments of 70 litres each give an overall capacity of 140 litres
  • Designed to keep vermin out of your compost
  • Tumbling action helps to aerate and speed up your compost
  • Sturdy metal stand keeps the compost chambers off the floor
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable plastic construction

Our fifth garden & compost bin review comes in sizes ranging from 380 to 1600 litres.
 For this review we will concentrate on the smallest model which holds 380 litres and has dimension of 72 x 72 x 83cm. 
It comes unassembled but is fairly easy to put together, and once constructed it feels sturdy thanks to the good quality plastic.
 This bin has been designed to be weather resistant and also to promote heat development inside the chamber and speed up the amount of time it takes before your compost is ready to use.
 The Dueba garden composter is a piece of cake to fill up and has a large opening in the top that is accessed by lifting the hinged lid. This lid is also foldable and locks down to be windproof.
 You can use this compost bin with both garden and kitchen waste, so you you’ll have a use for those leftovers from dinner.
 Once your compost is ready, you can remove it either by the top or the low hatch on the front of the bin.

  • Made of strong materials
  • Easy to put together
  • Foldable and lockable lid
  • Easy to fill with a large opening in the top
  • Can be used with garden and kitchen waste
  • Designed to produce more heat inside the chamber

We close our compost bin reviews with this unit from Simpa. 
With a capacity of 90 litres it is the smallest compost bin in our list. What it does have going for it though is that it is made from galvanised metal, that not only gives it a beautiful, shiny look, but also helps with its longevity and ability to keep vermin out. The lockable lid also helps with this task.
 This model is dual function and can be used both as a compost bin and as a feed storage bin and does a good job either way.
The hatch at the bottom slides open smoothly and there are handles on each side at the top of the bin for when you want to move it around.
 Filling up the Simpa compost bin is quick and easy as the top opening is large and unobstructed once the lid is removed.

  • Made from galvanised metal and looks great
  • Designed to keep vermin out
  • Lockable lid
  • Sliding hatch at the bottom is smooth in operation
  • Easy to fill
  • Can be used as a compost bin or feed storage

One of the best things you can do in the garden is have a compost heap. You can’t really get very far in the garden without having a way to degrade all of the grass and weeds that you pull out of the garden. So in this section we going to take a look at all of the best composting ideas and methods.

Compost Bins

One of the best ways of dealing with your compost is a neat and tidy bin. You really can’t go far wrong as you’ll keep on adding compost to the top of the bin and eventually the lower green matter will break down leaving you with some incredible topsoil for your garden. I always recommend placing a towel over the compost bin so that it warms up and helps to break down the matter as quickly as possible. It’s also a great place to dispose of your dog poop too.

Compost heap

If you’re fortunate enough to have a really big garden then i would highly suggest keeping a huge pile. I would say it’s one of the best ways in which we can really make a difference to the wildlife in our gardens so definitely if it all possible always go with a quality compost heap.

Size of the compost bin matters

The bigger the compost heap then the more weight of green matter forcing down and compacting the mulches and what not below. This is great for worms and bugs who will really appreciate the environment and begin the process of rotting all the material for you. There simply isn’t a better quality of soil out there.

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