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Best wood preservative for sheds

Having a garden shed is extremely useful, I can’t get by without one. The only problem I have is the wood rotting and moisture penetration (as well as the occasional need to clean out all my clutter!). Wood filler and a quality shed stain do a fair job of keeping me going but the game is really one with a quality wood preservative for sheds, specifically formulated to bite into the timber and give lasting protection. The best wood preservative for sheds will seal timber effectively, be reasonably environmentally friendly and should be easy to apply with a garden sprayer or large roller. Based on those requirements I have reviewed the best wood preservative for sheds to save you time.

Best Wood Preservative for Sheds Reviews
ImageMake & ModelFeaturesRatingPrice

Sikagard Wood Preserver - Treatment against wet rot, dry rot, decay and fungi - 5L - Clear

  • Solvent Free formula
  • Non Flammable
  • Internal and external use
  • Can be applied to damp timbers

4.7/5 from 27 reviews

Ronseal SFWPDB5L Shed & Fence Wood Preservative Dark Brown 5 Litre

Ronseal SFWPDB5L Shed & Fence Wood Preservative Dark Brown 5 Litre

  • Highly penetrative solvent-based wood preserver
  • 2 in 1 preserves and eradicates
  • Superb colour and preservation for long lasting protection
  • Preserves, preventing rot and decay
  • Eradicates, killing woodworm and protecting against re-infestation

4.6/5 from 61 reviews

Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 Woodstains & Wood Preservers

Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 Woodstains & Wood Preservers

  • Cetol HLS Plus Translucent Woodstain Light Oak 5 Litre

4.5/5 from 126 reviews

Blackfriar BKFGSWPEB5L Gold Star Wood Preservative, 5 Litre, Ebony

Blackfriar BKFGSWPEB5L Gold Star Wood Preservative, 5 Litre, Ebony

  • HSE approved
  • Suitable for use under Blackfriars anti-slip deck coating on timber decking
  • Application method brush

4.4/5 from 49 reviews

Everbuild EVBLJCR05 Wood Preserver Clear 5 Litre

  • Wood preserver with low odour and low solvent
  • Fade resistant finish which will last for years
  • Suitable to be applied on damp timbers
  • Wood Preserver
  • Size: 5LTR

4.3/5 from 140 reviews

CUPRNOL 5083487 Wood Preserver Clear (Bp) Exterior Woodcare

CUPRNOL 5083487 Wood Preserver Clear (Bp) Exterior Woodcare

  • Actively prevents rot and decay
  • Colourless Preserver for both interior and exterior use
  • For use as a basecoat before painting
  • Up to 5m2 per litre with 2 coats
  • Drying time: 1-5 days depending upon the nature of the surface and the weather conditions...

4.4/5 from 10 reviews

By definition, shed is a place where we can keep and store our tools that usually cannot be kept inside the house premises. You can call it an enclosed area meant for storage – either permanent or temporary.  Most gardeners would love to have a shed specifically to keep their gardening tools and machinery where it can easily stored without intruding the space for the house. Even though we can build a wooden garden shed ourselves, most of us buy one in order to get the preferred quality (both in terms of material and measurements) and durability.

People use wooden sheds to fulfil different purposes. Some make the shed a workplace where they find the solace to experiment with their tools without disturbing anybody else, I use my shed to make home brew beer . If you are having the shed in your back garden, you will be mainly storing garden tools that you need to maintain your small garden. Since we use sheds to keep our tools and accessories, the shed should be maintained and protected well from the effects of weather and other external factors as well as pests.

Wood is often the ideal material used to construct a small to medium sized shed due to its sturdy nature and ease of cutting or drilling. Having said that, having a wooden shed comes with its own maintenance aspects, as with every other material. If you are planning to buy a wooden shed you need to do some preserving work in order to increase the life of the shed.

The changing seasons will definitely have a damaging effect on your wooden shed. Over a period of time, the colour of the wooden surface is bound to change. The outer appearance is not the important point here even though the wood will get faded colour. The main nemesis of a wooden shed are insects that can damage the shed. Even micro organisms such as fungi and algae can cause damage to a wooden shed since it is placed on the bare ground. To prevent this you have to treat the wood with preservative before applying the paint or stain.

Some of the wooden sheds will come already treated with such preservatives to give them that additional immunity against these factors.

Before going on with the discussion on preservatives let me give you some tips on how to prolong the life of the shed by keeping some basics in mind and of course sticking to them. First, place the shed in a place where you can get good sun light so that the moisture will dry off faster after a rain. Second, place the shed in the highest place in your garden so that water logging will not happen at the bottom of the shed. Make sure you treat every nook and corner of the shed with the preservative. Make sure you are selecting the suitable preservative for your shed – coloured or clear / with or without wax. Enough with the tips, let us see a list of wood preservatives that are available for you in the market.

1. Everbuild EVBLJCR05 wood preserver - clear

Everbuild EVBLJCR05 Wood Preserver Clear 5 Litre
4.3 out of 5 stars ( 140 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 24 hours

Let us start this review with the EVBLJCR05 clear wood preserver from Everbuild. The Everbuild EVBLJCR05 wood preserver comes in a can of 5 litres. This is a clear wood preserver and hence does not add any colour to your wood. This preservative has very low odour and is made using the Micro-fine technology. In this technology, the algaecides and fungicides (biocidal chemical components also found in weedkiller) used are properly distributed to achieve the penetration needed. This wood preservative gets absorbed fast and evenly so that the algae or fungi will not be able to attack your wooden shed.

The Everbuild EVBLJCR05 wood preserver is a solvent free wood preserver that can be used even on damp woods. Be it dry rot or wet rot, this clear wood preserver liquid can protect your wooden shed. Another benefit of this Everbuild EVBLJCR05 wood preserver is that it is non flammable which protects your shed even from small fires. This dries out quickly and is not harmful to plants once it is dry. The consistency of this makes it easy to use a garden sprayer while applying and the preservative will penetrate the wood very fast. It binds well with the wood and offers superior protection. Once this dries out you can treat your shed with varnish or wood paint.

2. Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 wood preservers & wood stains – Dark Oak

Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 Woodstains & Wood Preservers
4.5 out of 5 stars ( 126 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

The next one on the list is a wood preservative that is in the same category as the previous one. This is a coloured wood preservative. I am referring to the Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 wood preserver. Sikkens is a well known name in this field and the Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 wood preserver proves why it is so. This is a Cetol HLS plus variant that is a translucent wood stain. They come in different natural looking colours and variants. You can coat about 6 – 18 square metres of wood with one litre of Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 HLS plus wood preserver. This stat may vary depending on the wood type and the condition of the wood surface. This wood preserver dries out pretty fast; within 5 hours.

The translucent nature of this liquid gives a beautiful look to your wooden shed. By offering top notch protection against algae and fungi (mould), this wood preserver both safeguards the wood as well as prevents cracking and peeling. The Sikkens SIKCHLSPLO5 wood preserver is UV radiation resistant. This helps retain the real colour of the wood for a longer time by reducing the impact of the ultra violet rays. The HLS plus wood preserver is water resistant and is micro porous. You can use this not only for wooden sheds but also for a wooden fence. The Citole HLS plus can be used as both finishing and base wood preservative. However, using this as a stand alone solution would not be as effective as one might expect.

3. Ronseal SFWPDB5L shed & fence wood preservative - dark brown

Ronseal SFWPDB5L Shed & Fence Wood Preservative Dark Brown 5 Litre
4.6 out of 5 stars ( 61 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 24 hours

This is another product that comes with the choice of multiple colours. The Ronseal SFWPDB5L shed and fence wood preservative listed here is dark brown in colour. They also sell other variants of brown colour like autumn and light. This is a solvent based wood preservative that penetrates deep into the wood. Solvent based paints or wood preservatives dries up faster when they are in contact with oxygen. Another plus point about the solvent based preservative is that they can protect your shed from insects like wood worms and safeguard against re-infestation. Hence the Ronseal SFWPDB5L shed and fence wood preservative can help you to preserve the shed from decay and rot.

You can even say that this is a 2 in 1 preservative because it can remove any existing infestation and also protect against the same. This is water resistant and comes in a 5 litre metal can. If you like to give a brown colour to your shed you can buy this product and can rest assured about your wooden shed being in safe hands.

4. Sikagard wood preserver - clear

The above mentioned wood preserver was a coloured (brown) solution. But this wood preserver is a clear solution. The Sikagard wood preserver is a solvent free formula which means it may take a little more time to dry up compared to the previous one. However, there is not much difference in the time taken. This is non flammable and you can be worry free about that while working with this.

The Sikagard wood preserver can be used for both interior and exterior use. Applying Sikagard wood preserver on damp timber is also possible. The micro emulsion technology used in the Sikagard wood preserver makes it superior to other solvent based formulae. Because of that the Sikagard wood preserver dries out faster and penetrates the wood deeper to provide more protection. This wood preserver can also be used for fences, windows, and doors.  This should be used as pre-treatment before applying any paint or wood stains to obtain the best protection.

5. Blackfriar BKFGSWPEB5L gold star wood preservative - Ebony

Blackfriar BKFGSWPEB5L Gold Star Wood Preservative, 5 Litre, Ebony
4.4 out of 5 stars ( 49 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

Next, let us look into a wood preserver that comes both in coloured as well as colourless forms from a manufacturer who has been in this business for over a century. The one I have mentioned here will give the treated wood the colour of Ebony – a colour famous for its lustrous look. This colour gives a shiny look for your wooden shed. The Blackfriar BKFGSWPEB5L gold star wood preservative also comes in dark green colour. It comes in a 5 litre can that will cover 25 square metres of area with 2 coatings. Be sure that the second coating should be applied only after 24 hours so that the first coating will get enough time to penetrate deep into the wood. The deep penetration to the wood material makes it a reliable protection against the boring insects.

This wood preservative can also be used for fences, your garden furniture, cladding, and other timbers along with the wooden sheds. In fact, it can also be used as the pre-treatment for anti-slip coatings on timber decking. You need to use the traditional old-fashioned brush to apply this mixture on the wood. This HSE approved wood preserver from Blackfriar is very easy to use and protects your shed and fence from damages caused by water.

6. CUPRINOL 5083487 wood preserver – clear

CUPRNOL 5083487 Wood Preserver Clear (Bp) Exterior Woodcare
4.4 out of 5 stars ( 10 customer reviews )
Usually dispatched within 24 hours

The last one on this list is a clear wood preserver – CUPRINOL 5083487 wood preserver. As we discussed earlier in most of the cases we apply wood preservative before painting or staining or varnishing the wood. The CUPRINOL 5083487 wood preserver is also a product that can be used in the same manner. It protects your wooden shed from rot and decay. It also protects the wood from blue-staining fungi and mould. This is a colourless formula that can be used for both interior and exterior application. One litre of the CUPRINOL 5083487 wood preserver can cover about 5 square metres area when applied as two coats.

The CUPRINOL 5083487 wood preserver can take up to 5 days to dry out even though it does not take that long, most of the time. It depends on the climate because in monsoon it will take more time, which is not unusual. You do not have to worry about your plants and pets once it is dried out because once dried this wood preserver becomes completely harmless. This low odour wood preserver can be applied using a sprayer. Each wood preserver can comes with 2.5 litres of liquid. They also sell this in 5 litres can if you need more quantity. Being in this market for more than 7 decades this manufacturer has seen it all in this business. All the experience has been brought into the manufacturing of CUPRINOL 5083487 wood preserver making it a definite choice to do the job.