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Propagators enhance an avid gardeners ability to produce wonderful flowers and vegetables, taking full advantage of the short Spring and Summer seasons. Propagators should control humidity well, ideally be transparent for maximum light and a peak at what’s going on with the seedlings, gently heated to encourage germination, and a manageable size as we often place them in doors. What sets a good propagator apart from the best propagator is the ease in which we can transplant our seedlings with a little trowel and fork set. This is vital to reduce stress on the seedling so I’ve reviewed the best propagators to help you.

Best propagators ranked by quality and price (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

EarlyGrow MPL50034/P heated electric propagator

  • High Quality 3-bay windowsill propagator made from durable and robust injection moulded plastic...
  • Heated propagator to maintain soil temperature at approximately 16-19 degrees centigrade for the early cultivation of seeds and cuttings...
  • Clear lid for maximum light with adjustable ventilation to control humidity and air flow...
  • Individual bays allow for segregation of plants
  • Made in the UK

4.8/5 from 18 reviews

Garland Fab 4 Electric Heated Propagator, Green, 39x25x16 cm

Garland Fab 4 electric heated propagator

  • Entry-level electric propagator
  • Features four individual, mini-vented propagators
  • Injection-moulded, sealed electric base
  • Whole unit - 38.5cm long

4.6/5 from 167 reviews

Garland Super7 Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator G51

Garland Super7 electric heated windowsill propagator - G51

  • Perfectly sized for the windowsill
  • Features seven mini propagators
  • Measures 76cm long by 18.5cm wide by 15cm high

4.6/5 from 397 reviews

Stewart Essentials Electric Propagator, 52 cm - Black

Stewart Essentials Heated Electric Propagator

  • 52 cm heated propagator
  • Non thermostatic - simple on-off control via mains
  • Clear cover with adjustable ventilation
  • Adjustable ventilation panels for humidity and air temperature control
  • Sealed unit with an economical 22 W heater

4.2/5 from 718 reviews

Nutley's 40-cell no holes seed propagator set

  • Include full-size seed trays with drainage holes
  • Plus clear lids and cavity inserts
  • Provide ideal conditions for faster seed germination
  • Tough but lightweight, and re-usable for several season
  • Made in Britain.

4.2/5 from 54 reviews

1. Stewart Essentials Heated Electric Propagator

  • This is a 52 centimetre long propagator from Stewart Essentials
  • The propagator runs on electricity and the heater used here is a 22 Watt heater
  • Propagator’s dome is transparent so that you can see the status of the seedlings.
  • The thermoform lid also allows the sunlight to enter for photosynthesis.
  • This electric propagator is not thermostatic.
  • There are two ventilation valves on top of the dome to help the propagation of the seeds. The ventilation panels adjust the temperature and humidity inside the propagator.
  • Stewart propagator can be controlled easily using an on-off switch.
  • The sealing around the unit retains the heat within to control the humidity, I normally use a water bottle to assist with humidity.
  • Any combination of seed trays and pots can be kept inside this to provide favourable conditions to different seeds.
  • Made of plastic, this product’s dimensions are 52 x 42.5 x 28 cm and weighs just 2.3 KGs.
  • Simple and easy to port system to provide perfect conditions for your seedlings to grow out of the seed.

2. Garland Super7 electric heated windowsill propagator - G51

  • An electric propagator that can be kept at your window sill to initiate photosynthesis faster.
  • Running on electricity this is a set of 7 mini propagators. These propagator cells are made of shatter resistant material and are designed to provide adequate ventilation for the seedlings.
  • The dimensions of this electric propagator are 76 x 18.5 x 15 cm. The width is lesser so that it can be kept on most of the windowsills.
  • The G51 propagator weighs just 2 KGs.
  • Made of plastic this comes in green colour
  • It is compact and is a complete nursery for your seedlings. No need of a greenhouse set up.
  • The heating system is equipped with a 13 W system and the heating element used here is made of carbon fibre.
  • Unlike other products, this propagator gives you the opportunity to germinate different plants.

  • An electric windowsill propagator that comes with three bays.
  • The bottom tray has the connection to electricity and gives needed heat to the three bays.
  • The propagator is made of injection moulded plastic that is robust and durable.
  • You can cultivate cuttings as well as seeds.
  • The propagator keeps the temperature in between 16 to 19 degrees so that soil will not be too hot for the seeds.
  • The air flow and the humidity inside the trays are maintained by the adjustable ventilation valve on top of the transparent lid.
  • The shatter proof lid keeps the bays protected from bumps or drops.
  • Three separate bays give you the option to cultivate three different plants.
  • The dimensions are 54.5 x 21.5 x 14.5 cm and weighs just 1.2 KGs.

4. Nutley's 40-cell no holes seed propagator set

  • A Britain made seed propagator that does not need electricity.
  • The full sized seed trays can be placed on the main tray.
  • You get 40 cells to cultivate seeds in one tray giving you the option to germinate 120 plants with this package.
  • The lid on top of the propagator is transparent and has inserts for each cavity in the seed tray.
  • All seed tray inserts have holes for drainage however there are no holes for the trays.
  • This is the natural way to germinate vegetable and flower plant seeds.
  • The propagator set is made of recyclable plastic that is lightweight. Even though it just weighs around 500 grams the tray is strong and durable.
  • The cavity inserts are softer than the tray so that you can remove the seedlings without damaging them.
  • For many seasons to come you will be using this propagator.
  • Washing and cleaning of this propagator is not a big deal.
  • The dimensions of this product are 38cm x 24cm x 15cm.

5. Garland Fab 4 electric heated propagator

  • An electric propagator that is simple and is suitable for beginners who are just starting with commercial germination.
  • As mentioned in the name this set comes with four mini propagators.
  • The ventilation adjuster on the top of the transparent lids can be used to control the temperature and humidity inside.
  • There is no need to worry much since the propagator itself maintains a particular temperature.
  • The propagator is made of injection moulded plastic and the bottom tray is a sealed one.
  • This ideal entry-lever propagator has a base that is made of the carbon-fibre element to distribute the heat evenly.
  • The dome has a height of 15.5 centimetres which enables the gardener to let his/her seedling grow a little bit before planting it to the bare soil.
  • The overall measurements of this propagator are 38.5 cm x 24 cm x 15.5 cm (LxWxH) and the weight is 1.3 KGs. Each propagator is 14cm long, 11.5 cm high and 9cm wide.
  • The shatter resistant lids let the sunlight through to the unit.
  • This is a low energy consumption unit just needing 10W.
  • Not a thermostatically controlled unit and the temperature can be increased by around 8°.

6. Sankey Gowarm 100 propagator kit

  • A two tray propagator that has all the necessary items to start the work – tray that has the heating element sealed, capillary mat, and instruction manual.
  • There are 2 seed trays that can be used for propagation. Each tray is 21 centimetres long.
  • An electric heated propagator that can be used to grow your own vegetable garden or flower garden.
  • The base is heated with controlled temperature and this speeds up the germination process.
  • Made in the UK this propagator allows you to sprout two types of plants. This is the best choice for a small household.
  • Just like other propagators in the market, this also has a transparent lid with the ventilation adjuster. This facility keeps the temperature and moisture in check.
  • The lid has three oval shaped openings on top to let the air get inside and facilitate the sprouting.