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Best garden sprayers rated for quality and price

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6 Best garden Sprayers Reviewed

Versatility and mobility are two words that come to mind when I think of garden sprayers.
 They are versatile because they are able to help you distribute water, fertilizer, fungicides, pesticides and more, onto the parts of the garden that need them most. They also have markings on them to make sure that you use the correct amount of the chemicals and the fine spray also helps prevent you using too much.

Comparison table: Best garden sprayers rated for quality and price

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Solo 5L 45psi Piston Pump Manual Pressure Sprayers with Spray Lance

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Max working pressure: 3 bar/45 Psi
  • Comes with 50 cm length lance
  • 5 L capacity
  • Quick-acting closure by twisting the handle

Hozelock Multi Purpose Pressure Sprayer 5 Litre

Hozelock Multi Purpose Pressure Sprayer 5 Litre

  • Translucent, graduated bottle for accurate chemical mixing and dosing.
  • Flexible 3-in-1 rucksack style harness for ease and comfort when spraying.
  • Adjustable cone nozzle from jet to mist.
  • Lockable on/off flow control for continuous spraying.
  • 3-in-1 harness offers unrivaled ease and comfort during use.

Spear & Jackson Pump Action Pressure Sprayer, 5 L

  • Fully adjustable wand nozzle from spray to mist
  • Translucent graduated bottle in Litres and fluid ounces for accuracy when filling...
  • 5 Litre pump action pressure sprayer with pressure release valve and shoulder strap...
  • Use with water and non viscous water based or soluble products including pesticides...
  • 560 mm watering wand/lance and 1.3 m hose for use in awkward or inaccessible places created using spot IIDP...

Faithfull SPRAY16AV Pressure Sprayer Knapsack 16L

  • Shatterproof and frost resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Trigger lock for continuous use
  • 16 litre easy carry knapsack
  • Strong construction

Garden Gear Garden Pressure Pump Action Sprayer

  • Multiuse; Suitable for use with water
  • Ergonomically designed; The D-handle is comfortable and easy to use to increase the air pressure...
  • Shoulder strap; A shoulder strap is included for comfortable operation
  • Clever features; There is a fully adjustable nozzle
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

Ansio 2L Garden Sprayer

  • 2L pressure sprayer - Ideal for light use in the garden
  • Ideal for use with water or other non -viscous water-based products including pesticides...
  • Adjustable spray nozzle to suit your needs
  • Container marked with measurements in litres and gallons

I think of mobility when I think of garden sprayers as you don’t need to connect them to a mains water supply like a tap when you are using them. You simply fill the tank to the desired level and then either carry them in your hand, or on your back with the help of a harness, or pull them around on wheels.

The most common design is the compression garden sprayer, where you activate the pump handle on top of the sprayer to build pressure and then use the hose and spray nozzle until the pressure needs to be topped up again.

Here are, what we consider, the seven best garden sprayers reviewed for you. We’ve chosen products that we think give you the best value for money, and that are affordable for everyone.

1. Spear & Jackson Pump Action Pressure Sprayer, 5 L

This best-selling product from Spear & Jackson is our first garden sprayer review and it is available on Amazon at the moment for under 12 quid.
It has a 5 litre translucent tank that has markings to help you get the right mix of any non-viscous soluble or water based products that you wish to use. Also, on the back of the tank are instructions on picture form on how to use this garden sprayer.

Connected to the tank by a 1300mm hose is the plastic watering lance that measures 560mm, giving you a decent amount of reach for getting at those hard to water spots. The wand is adjustable and will give you either a jet, wide spray or a fine mist. The jet isn’t super powerful, so if you want something for cleaning your lawnmower or other garden tools, you’d probably be better off investing in an electric power washer.

The trigger can be locked in the ‘on’ position for when you are doing a particularly long spraying session to save you aching hands. Wasting water should always be something we mean to avoid, and Spear & Jackson have included a water flow regulator in this garden sprayer for just that purpose.

To prevent premature damage by the user, the pump piston has been given a well lubricated o-ring, and this also helps keep the pumping action smooth and easy. There is also a pressure release valve to stop you accidentally over pumping and damaging the sprayer.

An adjustable shoulder strap has been included to aid you in carrying the weight of the tank around your garden and allowing you to have two hands free.

  • Low price but good quality plastics
  • Well marked bottle for measuring and mixing
  • 1300mm hose and 560mm wand with adjustable spray
  • Easy pumping action thanks to the O-ring that also prevents wear and damage
  • Lockable trigger for prolonged spraying and water flow regulator
  • Shoulder Strap to aid in mobility
  • Pressure release valve will prevent accidental damage

2. Hozelock Multi Purpose Pressure Sprayer 5 Litre

The Hozelock multipurpose pressure sprayer is another best-selling product on amazon, but is a fair bit more expensive than the Spear & Jackson model above, and is priced at around 27 pounds at the moment, which is a saving of 54% off the recommended retail price.

So what do you get for the extra money?

Well, overall the quality is just better. The materials used for example, are stronger and more robust than cheaper models, especially the main bottle and pump handle. Even the lance, if a little on the short side, feels stronger and more durable. I would recommend buying a telescopic lance from Hozelock for 10 quid extra to give you better reach unless you’re only thinking of spraying at waist to shoulder height. A problem with a lot of garden sprayer tanks is that there is always some liquid left in the bottom that you can’t use, but Hozelock have managed to design this model so that you get every blast drop out of it.

As mentioned, the pump handle is large and heavy duty, and also smooth in operation. About 20 pumps is enough to give you very good spraying pressure for a fair while and there’s an integrated pressure release nozzle for safety. A nice feature is that this garden sprayer has a separate filling space so you don’t need to unscrew the pump handle. The tank is translucent and is graduated to help with the correct levels. An integrated dosing cap also helps with getting your mixes right.
 Instructions are printed on the tank, and a holder for the hose and wand are also part of the design, as well as a shoulder harness.

  • Very good quality. Strong and robust
  • Wide base for stability when filling and pumping
  • Designed so you can use every last drop of fluid in the tank
  • Separate filling hole, no need to unscrew the pump handle.
  • Large and heavy duty pump handle for easy operation
  • Shoulder harness included
  • Space on tank for storing wand

3. Faithfull SPRAY16AV Pressure Sprayer Knapsack 16L

If you have a large garden and need something that will keep you spraying for a long time, then this knapsack garden sprayer from Faithfull might the right tool for you. First of all, it has a large 16 litre capacity tank so you won’t have to stop to refill unless you your garden is enormous.

Another handy feature is the fact that you can use the hand pump to pressurize this garden sprayer on the go without having to take the backpack off. This keeps things moving fluidly and really is a time and energy saver. The tank has a good sized filling mouth with a removable filter.

The tank and other parts aren’t made out of the same quality plastic as the Hozelock, but if you spend a few minutes before you use this sprayer to screw everything tight and check the components, you won’t get any leaks. With a 140cm hose and 90cm spray wand, you get plenty of range and reach, and the spray nozzle can be adjusted between 4 settings. There are also spare nozzle heads included in the pack.

The shoulder harness supplied with this 16 litre sprayer is ok, certainly better than our two previous reviews but because of the extra weight when the large tank is full, I’d recommend buying a better one with nice padding. This garden sprayer is available for under 30 pounds at the moment.

  • Large 16 litre tank means you don’t have to stop to refill
  • Keep this sprayer pressurized on the go, no need to take off the backpack
  • 140cm hose and 90cm wand
  • Spare nozzles including a double headed nozzle
  • 4 spray settings
  • Double shoulder harness included
  • Large filling mouth with removable filter

On sale for a penny under ten pounds is this garden pressure sprayer from Garden Gear. It has a five litre translucent tank with markers for you to see the level of the liquids inside, and can be used with any soluble fluids. 
The plastic construction is of a decent quality for the low price, especially the large d-shaped pump handle which feels particularly robust and easy to use.
The tank has a safety valve for releasing excess pressure and preventing damage which is fairly standard these days.

A 170cm hose is attached to wand that has a thick and comfortable handle with a lockable trigger. The hose nozzle is fully adjustable and gives you a selection of spray patterns to choose from. At only 655 grams, this is a lightweight product but of course it will get heavier once completely filled with liquid and that’s where the free shoulder strap comes in. This product comes with a 12 month guarantee.

  • Good quality for under 10 pounds
  • Large and robust pump handle is easy to use
  • Pressure release valve
  • 170cm hose and Spray lance has a comfortable handle
  • Lockable spray trigger
  • Fully adjustable spray nozzle
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Shoulder strap

A 2 litre garden sprayer is a good size for lighter gardening tasks such as spraying the underside of leaves or for use indoors. Their smaller size and weight means that they can be used in one hand and can be stored under the sink or anywhere else for that matter. This compact sprayer from Ansio does everything the larger models do. You can still use it to water, fertilize, spray pesticides, and fungicides. It still works on a pressure system that you need to pump up before use, and it still has an adjustable spray nozzle and pressure release valve, just like the others.

The difference is, this 2L garden sprayer doesn’t have a long hose or spray lance so it is best suited for smaller spraying jobs. It also doesn’t produce as much pressure as larger models, but that is a good thing if you are spraying indoors as it gives you more control and you won’t accidentally damage your plants and flowers.
 As we said, this is a lightweight garden sprayer that can be comfortable held and used in one hand. The large ergonomic handle and thumb trigger give you a good grip and operating position that feels natural.
 The plastics used in this tool’s construction are high quality and it comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Compact and lightweight and perfect for indoor use or light garden work
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold
  • Good quality plastic construction
  • Pressure release valve for safety
  • Can be used comfortably in one hand
  • Easy to store away

6. Solo 5L 45psi Piston Pump Manual Pressure Sprayers with Spray Lance

This 5 litre garden pressure sprayer from makers Solo has been designed with a 3 bar operating pressure to keep you spraying for longer between pumping stops.
 The 270 cubic cm pump has a strong handle and a smooth action and doesn’t take long to get to full pressure. Once fully pressurized, the sprayer will be able to operate until the 5 litre tank is almost empty. There is a space on the handle to securely store the spray wand when you are not using it

A ribbed handle on the 50cm spray lance keeps your grip secure and two spray nozzles are included with the sprayer, a flat jet and a hollow cone. You can quickly stop the nozzles spraying by simply twisting them which is handy.
 The transparent tank is made from UV proof polyethylene so it’s durable and doesn’t leak, and it also has a good sized filling aperture that can be used for cleaning the tank out.

This is a good quality garden sprayer, made in Germany and has Viton seals, ensuring a leak free gardening experience.
 This garden sprayer’s dimensions are 19 x 19 x 50 cm and it weighs 1.5 Kg. There is a shoulder strap included to help handle the weight.

  • Good quality garden sprayer
  • 3 bar operating pressure means you can work for longer
  • 50cm spray lance has a good non slip handle and lockable trigger
  • Large filling aperture can also be used for cleaning the tank out
  • Large pump handle works smoothly
  • 2 spray nozzles included- flat jet / hollow cone
  • Free shoulder strap

So, there you have it. Our best garden sprayers reviewed for you. We hope you have enjoyed reading our reviews and have somehow aided your decision. If you want to know more about any of the products, simply click on the links we have helpfully provided for you.

If you have time, please feel free to view our other pages and see our reviews of other gardening products.

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