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Best Electric Strimmers Reviewed

There are three main types of garden strimmer- petrol powered. Corded electric and cordless electric. Deciding which one is best for you all comes down to individual needs and preference. 
Petrol strimmers are easily the most powerful type and are better suited to people with larger areas to work on and people who will use their tools commercially. Petrol stimmers are more expensive to run than either of the electric types, require more maintenance and aren’t as good for the environment. However they do offer more range and freedom of movement.

Best electric strimmers by price and performance (November 2020 Updated Review)

ImagesMake & ModelManufacturer Features/SpecificationsRatingPrice

BLACK+DECKER CM100-XJ 3-in-1 Lawn Mower Deck Attachment

  • Compatible with STC1820
  • Wheeled base allows you to use your Strimmer like a mower
  • Adjustable wheels allow you to easily change the height of cut (either 40-60mm)....
  • Lightweight and Portable - Easy to carry and use on uneven ground and steep inclines...
  • String Trimmer simply clicks into the base

4.6/5 from 76 reviews

OUNONA Convenient Strimmer Double Breasted Shoulder Harness Strap For Brush Cutter Garden

  • Padded Shoulders For Comfort.
  • Waist Band Can Be Adjusted To Suit With A Simple Easy To Use Buckle...
  • Fit for many model trimmers like for STIHL
  • Gives you safer and easier grass trimming.
  • Takes the strain away from your hands and wrists

4.6/5 from 42 reviews

Bosch Strimmer AFS 23-37 (three-prong blade, spool for cutting line, 3x cutting lines, auxiliary handle, protective guard, cardboard box, 950 W)

  • The AFS 23-37 Grass Trimmer
  • Optimum balance for any user thanks to adjustable belt and handle
  • Impressive cutting results thanks to powerful 950 W motor
  • Easy to change between blade and cutting line for large or stubborn and overgrown areas...
  • Items included: Brushcutter blade

4.6/5 from 142 reviews

Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer

  • The Bosch Art 23 SL has an high power 280 W motor
  • With its extra strong line and 'pro-tap' spool it enables you to storm through wild and unruly patches of...
  • Its 23 cm cutting width delivers all-round cutting performance
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy grass trimming reducing muscle strain weighing just 1.7 kg...
  • Its easy grip and quick click components ensures you are up in running in minutes...

4.4/5 from 1691 reviews

Black + Decker GL7033GB Electric Strimmer Grass Trimmer, 700 W, 33 cm

  • Designed to conquer areas you cannot reach with a lawnmower
  • Featuring a wheel edge guide which is ideal for edging lawns for a neat finish and it also prevents...
  • With a cutting width of 33 cm and a 700 W power rating the strimmer is exceptionally effective to...
  • The strimmer has an adjustable second handle which allows you to grip it securely with two hands making it...
  • It also has an automatic single line feed to save time and effort so you can prevent your garden...

4.4/5 from 284 reviews

Silverline 427692 Heavy Duty Trimmer Line, 2 mm x 377 m

Silverline 427692 Heavy Duty Trimmer Line, 2 mm x 377 m

  • Nylon co-polymer
  • Fits electric and petrol-powered trimmers
  • Resistant to breakage at the eyelet
  • High cutting performance
  • 377 m spool

4/5 from 129 reviews

WORX WG118E 550W Corded Electric Grass Trimmer

  • 2 Tools in 1
  • 90° tilting head makes it easy to trim awkward areas
  • Adjustable shaft and handle for comfort and complete control
  • Flower guard provides protection for your flowers
  • Light and compact design reduces fatigue

4/5 from 33 reviews

Flymo Speedi-Trim Electric Grass Trimmer, 300 W, Cutting Width 25 cm

  • Power: 300 watts
  • Cable length: 12 metres
  • Cable storage facility: Yes
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Plant guard: Yes

3.9/5 from 97 reviews

TACKLIFE Electric Grass Trimmer 600W, 30cm Cutting Diameter, Automatic Double Line Feed, Adjustable Second Handle, Vertical Edge-Cutting Angle, Plant Guard Lawn Trimmer, GGT1A

  • ☘GREAT PERFORMANCE - 600W motor and 900rmp operating speed
  • ☘SAFE AND LABOR-SAVING - The main handle is equipped with a safety switch to avoid accidental damage...
  • ☘EASY TO USE - Featuring a wheel edge guide which is ideal for edge...
  • ☘24 MONTH WARRANTY, Electric grass trimmer x 1

3.9/5 from 79 reviews

Corded electric garden strimmers are obviously much better for the environmentally conscious customers as they don’t require fuel and oil to operate. They also don’t emit fumes and are much quieter and generally cheaper. The main drawback to this type of strimmer is that movement is restricted by the length of the power cord and when it comes to cutting power, they can’t match the petrol type. These corded electric strimmers are best suited to people with smaller gardens.

Cordless electric grass strimmers have the same advantages as the corded electric models as in they are quiet, don’t give off emissions and don’t require much maintenance. The downside to using a cordless strimmer is that they are powered by batteries that need to be charged before each session and the running time of the battery limits how much gardening you can do. The spare batteries for cordless electric garden strimmers can also be quite expensive.

We have pages on this site dedicated to each of these main types of garden strimmer, complete with reviews of the best strimmers for sale in the UK.
This article is one such page and is focused on the best corded electric strimmers that are available at the moment. If you think your needs would be better fulfilled with a petrol or cordless strimmer, please check out our dedicated pages to them.

Ok, so on with the reviews. I’ve decided to order these electric strimmer reviews through price range to make it clearer to see what is available for sale within certain budgets. I will talk about the specifications of each one and highlight any particular features that make the models stand out. Each review will have a pros and cons section at the end, highlighted with bullet points so it is easy to compare them.

Best Cheap Strimmer Reviews

Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer

Available on Amazon at the moment for only £18.99 with free UK delivery, this offering from Bosch is our cheapest electric garden strimmer reviewed.
The first thing you will notice about the Bosch electric strimmer is that it is very, very light. The whole product including the motor was designed with weight reduction in mind and, as such, it only weighs 1.7 kilograms. This makes it very easy and comfortable to use, even for those who have back problems. What little weight there is to this electric garden strimmer feels evenly balanced and it’s easy to handle.
The lightweight 280W motor is surprisingly powerful for its size, and has an operating speed of 12,500rpm. It’ll trim the edged of your lawn that you missed with the lawnmower with no problems at all and even take smaller weeds and nettles with it as it goes.

This Bosch electric strimmer has a semi-automatic feed system for the trim line that releases line from the spool when you switch it on. This is a nice feature but means that you will get through a lot of line in a quick time and will need to replace the spool.
The nylon line itself is advertised as being ‘extra strong’ but I found it to be the same as most regular nylon trimming wire and it breaks from time to time. This is to be expected from any nylon wired strimmer though and there is plenty more of the wire on the spool for you to use.

The cutting width of the Bosch ART 23 SL electric strimmer is 23cm which isn’t the widest available but ok for its designed purpose, and it can cut grass up to around 15cm in height. It is great for tidying up the edges of your lawn but don’t expect it to be a substitute for a lawnmower or more powerful petrol strimmer. It won’t be able to cut through thick undergrowth that has been left unkempt for a long time.

The design is ergonomic and the handle felt easy to hold for me. There is a smaller second handle on top and slightly in front of the main one but anyone with a little bit of strength can use this one handed without too much bother. A hook on the handle helps to keep the power cord out of the way of the strimmer head. The power cord itself isn’t the longest in the world, in fact it is very short, but is ok for a small garden. If you have anything larger, you will need to use an extension lead or look for a product with a longer cord.

Some assembly is required on this electric strimmer and thankfully it is fairly straight forward as the instructions provided are only in pictographs and not the clearest. You can probably find better instructions or tutorial video online though. It comes with a free 2 year guarantee that is extendable to 3 years.


  • Very cheap strimmer
  • Lightweight at under 2 kilograms
  • 280W motor is surprisingly powerful
  • Semi-automatic line feed system
  • Free 2 year guarantee


  • “Extra strong” cutting wire isn’t any stronger than usual
  • Semi-auto feed system means you’ll use a lot of wire
  • Short power cord means you’ll need an extension lead

For such a low price you expect a few flaws and this electric strimmer from Bosch has a few such as a short power cord. However this is still a good choice for those customers on a tight budget and comes with a free 2 year guarantee.

XCEED EX350GT 350W Grass Trimmer

XCEED EX350GT 350W 25cm Grass Trimmer
4.3 out of 5 stars ( 78 customer reviews )
Our next electric strimmer review is the XCEED EX350GT electric grass trimmer, it is on sale at the moment, and can be purchased on Amazon with free UK delivery for £26.39

The 350W 11000 RPM motor in this XCEED electric trimmer is more powerful than the Bosch model we just reviewed yet it still remains lightweight at under 2 kilograms.
It also has a larger cutting width of 25cm and a dual wire cutting action.

Like the Bosch, this electric strimmer has an auto feed system for the cutting line to help increase the running time. The cutting line is standard nylon and will break if you hit stones and such but this is true for most strimmers and that’s why you are provided with a few metres of it, but you should still buy some spares.

This product is an electric trimmer and edger in one. You can switch functions easily without the need for any tools. Also a built in guard helps to protect your plants and flowers from accidentally getting cut.

A nice thing about the XCEED is that it has a 6 metre long power cord which should be more than enough for smaller gardens without the need for an extension lead.

The shaft of the strimmer has some good design ideas. The shaft itself is telescopic and can be adjusted by a simple twisting motion to suit the user’s height and help prevent back strain from using it in an uncomfortable position.
On the back of the shaft there is a handy space for storing a spare cutting line spool and there are also places to wind up the power cord when you’re not using it.
The main handle has a trigger for starting and stopping the strimmer and there is a large adjustable secondary handle on the top of the shaft that really helps to spread the weight out and control the electric grass strimmer.

The only real drawback I can see with this electric garden strimmer is that a lot of the important parts are plastic, including buttons that need to be pressed and connectors and such. This makes me wonder how long these parts will hold up after regular use.


  • Low price
  • Lightweight
  • Dual cutting wire
  • Trimmer / edger
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Holder for spare cutting wire reel
  • Auto feed cutting head


  • Auto feed will use a lot of wire
  • Many important parts are plastic

This is a good, cheap electric strimmer/edger for under 30 pounds. The telescopic shaft is a nice feature and it is easy to use. If you have a tight budget and a small garden, this electric garden strimmer wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Flymo Speedi-Trim Electric Grass Trimmer

Up next in our electric strimmer reviews is the Speedi-Trim electric grass trimmer by popular gardening brand Flymo, priced at £29.99.

The 300W electric motor powering this flymo strimmer is slightly less powerful than the XCEED electric strimmer we just reviewed but it’s not really enough to be noticeable. This electric grass strimmer will trim off the parts of your garden that you miss with your lawnmower well but is not suited to cutting full lawns of long grass. For a strimmer that does that you need to go up the price range a bit.

Like the XCEED model, it has a dual nylon cutting line system that auto feeds to save time, and also has the same 25cm cutting width. Likewise there is flower guard to protect your flower beds but the guard on this flymo electric strimmer can be adjusted. Because it has the same features it also has the same flaws such as the nylon wire breaking and the auto feed using up the spool quickly.

The Flymo Speedi-trim electric grass strimmer weighs only 1.6 kilograms and the curved, moulded handles make it very comfortable to hold. I did find that the secondary handle felt too high up for my liking when I tried to maneuver it around but it is so light that it won’t cause you too many problems.

The main things I like about this particular model were that firstly, it runs very quietly so you don’t have to disturb anybody if you fancy getting an early start on the garden. Secondly, it comes with a long 12 metre power cord that make it practical for small to average sized gardens.
The shaft also has a handy place for storing the long cable on it.
Overall the quality of the product seems good and the plastic seems like it will be quite hard wearing as long as you are careful with it.
Assembly is very easy and you only have to click three separate parts together.


  • Low price
  • Lightweight
  • Dual cutting wire
  • Auto feed
  • 12 metre power cord
  • Adjustable flower guard
  • Easy to assemble


  • Auto feed will use up spool quickly
  • Not suitable for cutting large areas of lawn.

Another decent option for people looking for a cheap electric strimmer, the Flymo Speedi-Trim offers a very quiet electric motor and a long 12 metre power cord, as well as dual trimming wires and other features.

Von Haus is another well-known gardening brand, and for just under 35 pounds you can be the owner of this well performing, electric garden strimmer.
With a 550 Watt, 11000 rpm motor, the VonHaus 550 is a powerful machine for the low price and it also offers some other good features.

First of all the shaft is telescopic and can be adjusted between 121cm long and 141cm. The action to do this adjustment is simple and it can be done in seconds.
The main handle is rubber gripped for comfort and the auxiliary handle is large and adjustable, allowing to find the right angle for yourself.

This electric grass strimmer has a rotatable head and can be turned 90 degrees and used as an edger to really give your lawn a nice finish.
As well as this, the cutting head has an edge wheel guide and fence/ flower guard to prevent you accidently damaging your garden.

The VonHaus uses a 1.5mm nylon cutting line that is auto fed just like the Flymo and XCEED electric garden strimmers we reviewed so again, it shares the same flaws. This model, however, has a larger cutting width of 27cm.

Weighing 3.4 kilograms it is heavier than all of our previous reviews above, but also feels more robust and powerful.
The Von Haus 550 electric strimmer comes with a good sized, 10 metre long power cord so it can be used on small to average sized lawns.

Again, the instructions aren’t the best and you’d be better off searching the internet for a guide to assembly. This product comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Under 35 pound price tag
  • Powerful for the price range
  • Adjustable head for trimming or edging
  • Easy to use telescopic shaft
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle
  • 10 metre power cord


  • Auto feed means spool will run out quickly
  • Heavier than a lot of its competitors
  • Poor instructions

The VonHuas 550W electric strimmer gives you good performance for the price range and also has a telescopic shaft and adjustable cutting head for edging. Well worth the £34.99 price tag.

The Tacklife electric grass trimmer is for sale for £34.99 and is a nice little bit of gardening kit for the price. It has similar features to the VoHaus strimmer we just reviewed.
Cutting power comes from its more than ample 600 watt, 9000 RPM electric motor that runs quietly while still giving you plenty of juice. Tacklife are sure of the longevity of the motor and are offering a 2 year warranty on this cheap garden strimmer.

The main draw of this product is that it has a cutting head that can be adjusted through 4 different angles and the operating rod can be rotated 90 degrees. This means that you can use like a regular trimmer, change the angle to cut grass in harder to reach places like under a trampoline, or use it vertically to keep those edges looking trim and proper. The process is easy, you just pull and twist the cutting head of the strimmer. This, as well as the built in edging guide wheel, work well.

With a 30cm cutting diameter and 2mm automatic double line feed, you can trim away without having to stop every other moment to adjust things as this electric strimmer will set the optimal length of wire for you.
There is a large auxiliary handle on the shaft which helps to control the four and a half kilogram weight of this product. I would recommend buying a harness or shoulder strap to use with this electric garden strimmer and I’m quite surprised that there wasn’t one in the box already.

Of course, the instructions aren’t the best but putting this machine together isn’t a difficult task.


  • Under 35 pound price tag
  • Powerful for the price range
  • Adjustable head for trimming or edging
  • 2mm automatic feed for easy trimming
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle
  • Built in edging guide


  • Auto feed means spool will run out quickly
  • Heavier than a lot of its competitors and no harness
  • Poor instructions

Black + Decker GL7033GB Electric Strimmer

Black and Decker have been a household name for decades. They have consistently produced high quality, innovative products at affordable prices and are known to be a brand you can trust.
This black and decker strimmer is currently on sale for 52 pounds on Amazon and is a steal for that price.

Make no mistake this may have a low price but don’t mistake it for a toy. This is a heavy duty garden strimmer than can cut its way through the toughest weeds and thick long grass easily. You have to be careful that you don’t accidently aim it at the wrong thing as it will get chewed up too.
The motor powering this black and decker electric strimmer is a high torque 700W machine that cuts at 7000RPM and doesn’t slow down.
This product uses a 2mm single feed spool that works with Black and Decker’s auto feed spool to give a great cut at up to 30cm in diameter. I would recommend buying some heavy duty cutting line as the stuff that comes with this electric strimmer is quickly used up.
If you’re planning on edging, you can spin the shaft 180 degrees so that it cuts vertically instead of horizontally and use the built in wheel edge guide so you can get really nice finishes to your lawn.

Another good feature of this Black and Decker electric garden strimmer is the shaft. First of all, it is made of metal and not plastic so it is more durable. The metal shaft is curved to give a really nice ergonomic angle that allows you to stand up more upright and still get a great cutting angle.
Secondly, the shaft is telescopic and can be adjusted to suit the user’s height and there is also a large adjustable secondary handle that helps you to balance the 3kg weight of this electric grass strimmer.

The power cord that comes with this strimmer is nice and long, but unfortunately there is no whereon the strimmer to spool and store it or even to keep it out of the way while you are working. This is not a huge problem but it is still something I’d like black and decker to improve upon in the future, as this is an excellent product. As with most products these days the instructions provided are all pictograph and not the easiest to follow but thankfully a little common sense and some google searches will have you set up in no time at all.


  • Very powerful
  • Curved ergonomic shaft and handle
  • Rotatable shaft for edging
  • Edge guide wheel for nice finishes
  • Auto feed works well
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Good power cord length


  • Poor instructions
  • Nowhere to spool the power cord

This black and decker, corded, electric garden strimmer is probably the best budget strimmer out there on the UK market. It has more power, better build quality and better features than most, if not all its competitors.

WORX WG118E 550W Corded/Electric Grass Trimmer

Like some of our other reviews, the Worx WG118E corded electric strimmer is a dual function machine, being able to be utilised as a trimmer or edger by tilting the end of the shaft 90 degrees. This tilting action not only allows you to cut your edges, but also helps to trim grass that grows in hard to reach places such as under your hedges and sloped surfaces. The edger is helped along by a twin wheel edging guide so you can accurately assess the desired distance and angle.

The shaft itself is made of lightweight, rust resistant aluminum and can be adjusted by a simple twist and pull motion to make it longer or shorter to suit your height and posture. The auxiliary handle on the upper side of the shaft is padded with a soft grip and can be adjusted using only one hand. It’s a small thing but a nice little idea that I appreciated.

The cutting is done by a heavy duty 165mm nylon twin line, fed by an automatic system off the 5 metre spool. The feeder system works brilliantly and I wasn’t having to stop to sort it out every 10 seconds like with some models.
The cutting diameter on this electric garden strimmer is a decent 30cm and because Worx have fitted a new drive gear system in this model, the 550W electric motor gives it plenty of power. To make sure you don’t decapitate your flower beds by accident, there is a spacer guard that slides out from the head and it is adjustable.

The power cord that comes with the Worx electric grass strimmer is nice and long, you have 10 metres to go with but Worx have neglected to put any clips to hang the cord on or a place to store it.
The whole product feels strong and robust and I doubt that there will be any parts breaking off even after a while of hard use. For this extra strength you get a bit of extra weight with this model weighing in at just under 3kilograms.
This garden strimmer is for sale for £79.99 on Amazon with free delivery in the UK.


  • Powerful motor
  • 90 degree tilting head for getting in hard to reach places
  • Aluminium shaft
  • Trimmer or edger, nice dual wheel edging guide
  • Strong and robust
  • Good wire feeding system
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Single hand adjustable auxiliary handle
  • 10 metre power cord


  • Heavier than some of its competitors
  • Nowhere to hang power cord

Worx have brought us a great strimmer/edger in this product. It is powerful and able to cut through wet grass easily while still remaining quiet. The tilting head is really handy and the machine has good build quality.

Do you have some particularly thick vegetation that needs trimming and are a little concerned that an electric strimmer just isn’t powerful enough to get the job done? Well let me put your mind at ease by introducing you to a monster of an electric garden strimmer- the Bosch strimmer AFS 23-27.

The Bosch AFS is all about cutting power. Fitted with a meaty 950 watt electric motor that is capable of producing power equal to that of a 1.3 horsepower petrol motor. This is phenomenal performance for an electric strimmer and will see you carving your way through your over grown, jungle like garden lawn like a knife through butter. Unlike petrol strimmers of the same power, the Bosch strimmer doesn’t vibrate and it runs much quieter.

This Bosch strimmer comes with two different cutting blades- an extra strong cutting line spool that is probably the most heavy duty strimmer wire I’ve seen come with a product, and a triple toothed, metal brush cutter blade for combating the heaviest undergrowth. Switching between them is very easy, just removal of a screw, and there is no need to remove the guard to do so. The cutting line has a large cutting diameter of 37cm to really speed up your gardening sessions, and the three tooth, brush cutter blade’s diameter is 23cm.

Weighing 5.3kg it is heavier than a lot of other strimmers, but for the extra weight you get the peace of mind that high level build quality gives you. The extra weight isn’t really a problem anyway as this Bosch electric garden strimmer comes with its own adjustable shoulder harness. Between the harness and the adjustable handle, it’s easy to find the right set up for you to have a comfortable trimming session.

Assembly is far from complicated and shouldn’t give anyone any problems despite the usual poor instructions that come with it. On the plus side, the shaft can be split in two making storage all that much easier. 

One thing to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing this particular model, is that the trimming wire used isn’t your everyday wire, and while it is much stronger and long lasting, it is also more expensive to replace.
This Bosch electric strimmer is for sale for £105.00 with free delivery.


  • Extremely powerful, comparative to a petrol strimmer
  • Special heavy duty cutting wire
  • Three toothed metal brush cutter blade
  • Comes with a free harness
  • Easy to change heads
  • Shaft can be split for easy storage
  • Quiet and no vibration
  • Great build quality


  • Spare cutting wires are expensive
  • Poor instructions

Petrol strimmer performance without the vibration, noise, fumes and maintenance. This heavy duty strimmer and brush cutter will make mincemeat out of even the most overgrown gardens. The spare cutting wires are a little pricey but they are very strong and will last a while.

Best Garden strimmer accessories

There are numerous attachments and accessories out there for sale in the UK, but here I have chosen the two that I think stand out from the crowd. The first product can be used with black and decker strimmers but I’m not sure about other brands. I included it for review because I think it’s an innovative idea and hopefully other brands will follow suit.

BLACK+DECKER CM100-XJ 3-in-1 Lawn Mower Deck Attachment

This handy little attachment, priced at £47.84 on Amazon, is designed to turn your electric strimmer into a lightweight lawnmower that is ideal for small lawns.

This lawnmower attachment can be used with the following black and decker models-  STC1820, STC1815, ST5530, ST4525, GL5028, STC1820D, ST5528, GL5530. I’m not sure if other brands of strimmer will fit and connect though. 
Obviously, to get the best mowing performance, you will want to use it with one of the more powerful black and decker electric strimmers such as the 700W or 900W models.

The ‘click and go system’ allows you to change from trimming to mowing in seconds. The strimmer simply clicks into the lawnmower base and you’re ready to mow. The base is fitted with adjustable wheels so you can set the cutting height of the mower between 40mm and 60mm.

Measuring 23cm x 5cm x 15cm and weighing just 2.4 kilograms, this lawnmower attachment is compact and lightweight and the smooth running wheels mean it can easily be operated with just one hand by anyone. It also helps to trim gardens that are sloped or uneven.
The compact nature of the product also make it easy to store away as it can be hung up out of the way or even just put in a cupboard.

The downsides of this attachment are that you have to stop every now and then to clean grass out from underneath but it is an easy job. Also, this is only meant for light mowing for small lawns and not really designed to be tackling hugely overgrown gardens.

OUNONA Convenient Strimmer Double Breasted Shoulder Harness

Most electric garden strimmers are very lightweight, especially the less powerful models. However, strimmers with larger motors and ones that are made of more robust materials tend to be heavier. While not exactly being what I would call ‘heavy’ a heavy duty strimmer that weighs 5kg or more can become tiring to use after a prolonged time and even lighter models might give you achy shoulders if you’re trimming a large area.
This is why I would suggest investing in a good harness. They really do help to distribute the weight better and make your gardening session all that more comfortable.
In my opinion, the best one to buy is the OUNONA double breasted harness available for £14.99.

This harness has been designed to be used with most main brand garden strimmers and they should fit nicely together. When a strimmer is attached, you’d be surprised at how much easier it feels to handle.
Double shoulder pads are thick and comfortable and won’t cut into your skin. The harness does a great job of spreading the weight of your strimmer evenly across them, relieving the strain put on your arms and wrists. The waistband can be adjusted to the user’s comfort via a simple buckle. The pad that sits on the hip prevents any injuries from the strimmer rubbing against you.

The materials used to make this harness are high quality and hard wearing. The fasteners and buckles are strong and won’t break easily and the stitching also seems sound.
All in all, this is a very good harness and I would definitely recommend it if you are going to use a heavy duty garden strimmer.

Silverline 427692 Heavy Duty Trimmer Line

One of the biggest complaints from people using grass strimmers is that the trimmer line breaks easily and often. Investing in some heavy duty cutting wire is probably a good idea. It might cost more initially but it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

My recommendation is this heavy duty trimmer line by Silverline. It is available in 2mm x 377m and 2.4mm x 262m spools and can be used with most electric grass strimmers.

It is made from nylon polymer that is stronger and more resistant to breaking than your average nylon cutting line, and the material is also less resistant to air. This means that it is spinning efficiently and will improve the overall cutting performance of your strimmer, reducing the time you need to complete your trimming session.

The price ranges from £22.73 for the 2mm version and £24.67 for the thicker 2.4mm. This may seem expensive compared to the standard cutting wires but make no mistake, they are very different products. This wire will last you so much longer and because it comes in such huge spools, you won’t have to purchase any more for a very, very long time.

Well that concludes our electric strimmer reviews for the time being. I will update this page in the future as more innovative products and better deals become available for sale in the UK. If you are interested, we have pages dedicated to petrol strimmers and also cordless electric strimmers complete with reviews for you to look at.
There are also similar pages on a wide range of other gardening tools, from lawnmowers and tillers, to water irrigation systems for you to peruse at your leisure.

I hope that this article has provided you with some assistance in buying the right electric strimmer for you or at least helping you to become more informed about the options available.