Written by Terry Smith

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UK’s best cordless lawn mowers TESTED: Makita, Bosch, Flymo, Ryobi, WORX, Greenworks

This article was last updated on May 6th, 2022 at 3:59 am

When I bought the Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower for this test I was skeptical to say the least. Ten years ago I bought a cordless lawn mower and I was bitterly disappointed. Fast forward to today, after personally testing the best cordless lawn mowers extensively again, I can tell you they are a world apart from battery technology a decade ago – if you don’t believe me, watch me rip down a small front garden (granted the grass isn’t too thick but more tall) with my Makita cordless lawn mower – what a test 🙂

In fact I would go on to say from my personal experience and testing: “You take the good bits of a petrol mower like freedom and convenience, you then take the good bits of an electric corded lawn mower such as quiet, environmentally friendly, and no petrol smells (more on comparing petrol and cordless lawn mowers here if you’re interested). You roll all of those good bits into one lovely package, minus a bit of top end power, you have the fabulous cordless lawn mower.” – Terry Smith

My Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower making light work of my sisters overgrown lawn

Just to reiterate though, that wasn’t the story a decade ago though! A cordless lawn mower was a scary prospect back then. Cordless lawn mowers lacked power, lasted about five minutes on full cut(which didn’t do much) if you were lucky, and the battery cell (ability to store electric) was shot in a few months. Back then, the best cordless lawn mower was still a real struggle and cost a fortune – much like the rest of cordless power tools that were not up to the job, let alone from commercial or heavy duty applications – to learn more please feel free to take a look at my cordless lawn mower buyers guide.

My professional picks for the best cordless lawn mower after testing:

Best cordless lawn mower: Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower or the DLM382Z if there’s no bargain prices- superb for medium sized gardens, absolutely the best of the best. [tested and proven]

Best alternative: Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower – if the Makita unavailable this is my go next go to.

Budget picks: Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower and the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

Heavy duty pick: Makita DLM460Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT Brushless Lawn Mower – best for a large garden by a mile – heavy duty and well built!

It put me off using them for so long until I was asked to test a Bosch cordless lawn mower a few years ago. The rest is history as they say! I thought I’d mention this in case like me your last experience left you discounting them forever! I did too until forced to use one and realised how they are not one of the same at all!

Before we get going though, it’s such a long read that I’m going to put a table of contents in place and let you know the best cordless lawn mower right now.

Best cordless lawn mower: Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower

The Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower just blows the competition away. No one is capable of keeping up with their battery technology for the same price. The Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower does a decent job but costs more. When you buy the Makita, it’s going to be difficult to be disappointed, especially if you’ve owned other cordless lawn mowers before so you have a real side by side direct competition comparable – you’ll really appreciate the Makita’s performance. Here’s a look in video format if you’re interested:

Testing a cordless lawn mower for it’s limits

What can I say? what is the point of a cordless lawn mower review if you can’t find the limit of capabilities. So what I did was find the tallest grass, as well as a load of weeds, and worked out how much this Makita could actually cut! The results will surprise you for sure.

What can a cordless lawn mower actually cut?

I managed to show you how the engine will slow down and what level of grass height / thickness would do that, as well as the depth setting I was using at the time. This happened to be the third height setting. But the fourth setting makes the world of difference and with no nasty petrol smell or power lead to carry behind you a second pass doesn’t hurt. Here’s a look at the slow down point and what you’ll experience, plus how to overcome that:

As you can see there are limits but for £150 this is budget money doing near professional work. I have absolutely no problem at all throwing this in the van to cut people’s lawns on a commercial level as I do frequently. In short, the cutting performance is adequate for professional use.

What can I do to improve cordless lawn mower performance?

There a couple of things you can do to improve cordless lawn mower performance. The first thing and most obvious is to keep your lawn regularly cut. In my demo and tests you’ll see I show you what can be done. This isn’t ideal for lawn health to allow your lawn to grow out of control anyway. Given the cordless lawn mower in my tests only takes 10 minutes to zip around a smallish garden I see no harm in setting aside a little time each week for a regular trim. It’ll promote thicker, healthier growth and you’ll be able to see and deal with weeds better anyway as a result.

My Makita DLM380Z will cut foot tall grass no problem but it is not healthy to let your grass get into this condition

What maintenance is required if you own a cordless lawn mower?

The most important is keeping your batteries topped up. If they are full they will last longer. Do not leave them in the shed on low for an extended period of time. Much like a car, the health of your battery is paramount in ensuring your engine starts easily. No doubt you’ve had that dreaded slow turnover from a low battery – it is exactly the same for a cordless lawn mower.

Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower dealing with thick and tall grass no problem – long gone are the battery problems

The other thing I do is sharpen the blade. Since the power is lower than 240V I do my best to keep the blade as sharp as it was originally. However, with that said, you’ll notice out the box the blades aren’t actually that sharp on the Makita in this test, however getting them back to where they were, I have actually noticed improved performance from doing this each time.

Best cordless lawn mower: fast forward to today.

Fast forward a decade and cordless lawn mowers have literally taken over and it’s brilliant news because the sales by volume are really pushing down the cost of cordless lawn mowers. Most of us own small to medium sized gardens and with battery technology where it is right now, cordless lawn mowers are almost perfect. They’ve gone one step further and made robot lawn mowers that will actually cut your grass for you! What’s in store over the next ten years? How do you improve on that? 🤔

You have the added benefit of all the freedom that comes from a petrol lawn mower, with a good chunk of the power a corded electric lawn mower offers. Basically, apart from the brute power offered by a petrol lawn mower, cordless lawn mowers take all the benefits of both petrol and electric mowers and combine them together giving the best of both worlds.

In this review and test we are going to take a look at the best cordless lawn mowers and review all different budgets as well as garden sizes. Surprisingly, at the moment, I believe there are only six cordless lawn mowers worthy of making into my reviews.

So let’s take a look at the reviews and tests of the best cordless lawn mowers:

Are you surprised to hear Makita cordless lawn mowers the best? No I didn’t think so, Makita are always producing commercial grade kit and hobbyist gardener prices. For just £149.00 , which is less than the Greenworks Tools 2504707 Lawnmower, it blows the competition away. The only lawn mower in its range is the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower, but even then it can’t keep up with the Makita cordless lawn mower on value.

The Makita out performs every single cordless lawn mower in my opinion on value making it the absolute best cordless lawn mower available for home use. This is easily the best battery lawn mower and the one I use at home and at work sometimes!

Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower: simply the best, cuts great, can do a mid-sized garden on one charge, longer grass handled well, great functionality

The Makita DLM380Z Cordless Lawn Mower is the best cordless lawn mower UK in my mind. It weighs 15kg, will cut a lawn over 500m2 if the grass not too long before, it has six cut height adjustments from 25-75mm and is powered by 2 * 5Ah batteries that you purchase separately. These batteries will be ready to go in 15 minutes with a fast charger..amazing. In the video you’ll hear me down rate that sizing to 3-400m2 – to be honest take your pick – it’s really more about how many batteries you have. You could always go with the considerably largely and more robust Makita DLM460Z if size is an issue and you want really heavy duty.

The machine cuts effortlessly and has absolutely no trouble at all with medium length grass . This machine will even cut 15cm long grass relatively well but note you will have to clear the odd blockage – you will notice a bit of a power dip on particularly thick and heavy grass though but when I compare this to the other cordless lawn mowers available this certainly is right up there for performance / power / price. Here’s a look at that cut power:

The bad bits: hardly surprising really and the bulk of the bad reviews I’ve received have been people comparing their old corded electric lawn mowers to cordless lawn mowers. They are two completely different things. If you want the freedom you get from petrol without the smell and noise then a little power sacrifice is just fine by me!

It’s highly manoeuvrable and extremely lightweight compared to a petrol lawn mower. Obviously, it makes considerably less noise and doesn’t smell either. There’s no need to maintain it like a petrol lawn mower, I can tell you I’ve had mine for a couple of years and all I’ve done is sharpen the blade! And here we are comparing it to a petrol lawn mower, that says a lot about this mower….

Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Lawn Mower Review

Best Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Lawn Mower Features

What needs work on the Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Lawn Mower

Incredible value for money Rarely you get a dud
Best cordless lawn mower
Folds down saving space when stored
Highly powerful
Will cut a 500m2 lawn
Batteries charge in 15 minutes!!
Quiet to use
Grass collection box

Could they improve the Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower?

I almost felt bad writing that occasionally a Makita cordless lawn mower fails. In all my time selling them I have literally had a couple back faulty in total. Sure, I’ve had complaints where people are comparing petrol and electric mains mowers to this cordless, but they are not the same thing. This is not a manufacture error for sure. The handle to adjust heights has too much flex – you’ve got to support the machine if you’re raising the height – from my video let me show you that more closely:

Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower – I don’t like the flex on the depth adjuster and it needs supporting when raising the mower cut height.

Makita have smashed it with this cordless lawn mower and if you can’t get on with this one, cordless lawn mowers are regrettably not for you! The Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower for my money is easily the best cordless lawn mower in the UK at the moment when it comes to pound for pound value. If they aren’t giving you sensible value when you go to buy, try the DLM382Z instead!

The Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li cordless battery lawn mower needs little introduction and prices at £208.95, it’s one of the cheaper cordless lawn mowers. After completely dominating the hover mower market, and what is more, creating it themselves, I might add. They are now going after the well priced cordless lawn mower market too. This is probably of considerable concern to most manufactures seeing that they completely dominate hover mowers and I personally just rated the Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower the best corded electric lawn mower this year. It’s going to be interesting as we go through this review to see how the Flymo cordless lawn mower stacks up here.

Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower: ‘Very powerful, easy to use, good battery life, light weight, reasonably quick battery charge time but has its flaws’

I’m going to start right off the bat by saying this Flymo cordless lawn mower has its flaws. Firstly, you will never please everyone, especially those who are used to well priced, high performing Flymo hover mowers. Battery technology does not allow us to create the same power and performance as a corded version.

In fact, you could probably say that battery lawn mower technology, to match that of corded electric corded lawn mowers, is going to set you back at least eight times the price. If you’re looking for good value for money, you’re in the wrong place and should be looking at the Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover Lawnmower which is a phenomenal bargain. Otherwise, if you still want cordless and huge performance, I am afraid to say it’s a petrol lawn mower that you need.

However, if you have a small garden and you cut the grass frequently, you’re not expecting to have overly long grass often, and you want an environmentally friendly solution that doesn’t involve petrol, then the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li cordless battery lawn mower is worth giving some thought for sure.

Where this Flymo cordless lawn mower is really clever, it’s the cutting span. At only 30cm its small which sounds like a problem, but actually, the smaller cut gives far more power to deliver a good cut. This means you’re not going back and forth over the same patch. The battery is very easy to remove and charge, which by the way, only takes a couple of hours which is pretty good based on the other models.

The blades are easy enough to adjust and had cutting heights from 25-65mm which is more than adequate. The handle folds away and stores neatly. The cordless lawn mower itself is lightweight at 9.9kg and very easy to use. A nice little feature is the safety key, which if removed will totally immobilise the unit. Very handy if you have kids not quite old enough to understand and need to leave the mower unattended.

Overall, I would say if you have a little garden and you cut the lawn frequently, this is a huge upgrade to a petrol lawn mower for you in terms of ease and lack of noise it makes when compared to petrol.

If you’re garden is medium ish sized then you’ll need to charge the battery to get all the way round, it all depends on you as to how you feel about that. A small garden will be fine from one battery charge though and I’ve noticed that you’ll get a solid 15 to 20 minutes from one battery.

I’ve also noticed that you’ll need to strim the edges after. It won’t quite go right up but of course, that’s what a strimmer is designed for!

Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower Review

Best Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower Features

What needs work on the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

Quick charge Quality control from production
Easy to use
Super convenient
Quiet compared to petrol lawn mowers
Reasonably powerful
Folds away well
Grass collection box
Very well priced at £208.95
Safety immobiliser key

Could they improve the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower?

The Flymo cordless battery lawn mower isn’t that old. It hasn’t been fully tested and developed like their range of hover mowers. It is definitely a work in progress that is worth buying now. If I have to pick a couple of faults then one is the battery release switch which will occasionally jam on you.

The other issue I have is the off machine fails quickly, though I will say, Flymo are instant to replace any valis warranties so just inconvenient, not a deal breaker.

Overall it’s a very nice, but probably not the best battery lawn mower though.

Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

The Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ cordless lawn mower is a very nice piece of kit. As a budget tool manufacturer with a pretty solid reputation, they have definitely gone above and beyond their average tool range with this cordless lawn mower. Before we go any further. WARNING: I should mention that the Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower does not come with a battery. That should be factored in the overall price when reviewing this cordless lawn mower.

Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower: ‘Cuts right to the edge, batteries last plenty enough time, 33cm cutting span, easy to use and cuts really well’

The Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ cordless lawn mower is a smashing piece of kit and although more expensive at £584.61 than the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower, in my mind it is a better piece of machinery and much better value for money. Firstly, it cuts right to the edge which reduces any strimming you might have to do. It also collects grass very well. The batteries will work for long enough to mow a small garden comfortably, if you go for the new 9 Ah battery you might even get round a medium sized garden.

It’s light enough at 12.2kg and very easy to use. It’s a rotary cutter and doesn’t leave a stripe down the lawn which is fine for me. Overall if you’ve got a small to small – mid-sized garden then the Ryobi cordless lawn mower is a solid buy.

It does have a couple of flaws though as you would expect from a budget tool manufacturer. Firstly if you get unlucky you could end up with a manufacturer production dud. This means it’s just not very good but you can send it back for a refund or replacement so not all sad. It will definitely lack power when it comes to long grass but don’t blame the Ryobi cordless lawn mower for that alone.

This applies to all cordless lawn mowers though so not a design fault from Ryobi. Apart from that, it’s a very sensible bit of kit to cut your lawn and eliminates the need for power cords and petrol engines.

Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower Review

Best Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower Features

What needs work on the Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower

Grass collecting box Occasional production dud
Easy to use
Light weight
Cuts pretty well
No power cord needed
Nice and quiet compared to petrol engines
Good battery power
Nice after sales service

Could they improve the Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower?

One thing I’d like to see is them change the way the product is marketed. Whilst someone in the industry will know of Ryobi, ‘ZeroTool’ doesn’t really mean anything to anyone unless you specifically know it means no batteries. You can easily buy this without realising there’s a battery and charger cost to come. That’s fine, but it is sure annoying when it arrives and you have to wait again to cut the lawn.

By contrast, the Makita range always mention ‘bare unit’. Now, OK, you might not follow that but there’s something there to investigate further. My best guess on ‘ZeroTool’ is you don’t need any tools to set it up. Food for thought Ryobi. Other than that, this is a step up from the Flymo cordless lawn mower in my opinion and would easily be classed as a solid battery mower worth buying for small gardens.

Greenworks have really popped up from nowhere. They are making some really cracking cordless tools, not just the Greenworks cordless lawn mower. I really quite like this mower and it’s definitely a mid-sized garden and up piece of equipment. It comes with plenty of features that we will discuss in more detail and generally, a very good cordless mower.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower: ‘very powerful cordless lawn mower, good battery, safety immobiliser key but manufacturer teething issues’

The Greenworks 40V cordless lawn mower is essentially one of the best cordless lawn mowers money can buy at this price. Being £179.99, it’s pretty much the same cost as the Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower, but the standard battery gives a longer cut which needs to be purchased separately. It’s a much bigger machine than the Ryobi cordless lawn mower too. Overall I prefer it to the Ryobi and it does the job well.

Changing the depth of cut is really easy. You just adjust it via the lever on top. The battery charges fast enough. It weighs 15kg so can be pushed around pretty comfortably and has a really cool mulching feature as well. It also has an anti vibration system that appears to work well too. I feel like the ride is comfortable so to speak. It has two battery options, 2Ah or 4Ah. If you’re doing heavy work don’t skimp, buy big batteries. I have not reviewed the version with batteries on purpose, as it’s for sale with only a 2Ah batteries. Even for light work stump up and buy the big ones. Honestly, that’s a real pro tip!

Everything points to a very nice piece of kit and well priced. But I can’t help but be a little disappointed.

Firstly let’s be reasonable and point out only a tiny percentage of the Greenworks cordless lawn mowers are faulty. The chances of you getting a dud one are slim. The main reason is; no one is perfect. We know that. It’s how we handle a problem that defines us. You can’t find a contact number for Greenworks easily if something goes wrong, and being a low cost, good value tool range, it invariably does have the odd hiccup. There’s even one report of a customer waiting literally over six months for a refund.

For all of the performance and many many happy customers, Greenworks need to work a bit on their customer care side. Certainly it’s holding back sales. Essentially they have a great product but reduced confidence; that takes it down a few notches for me.

Greenworks Tools 2504707 Lawnmower Review

Best Greenworks Tools 2504707 Lawnmower Features

What needs work on the Greenworks Tools 2504707 Lawnmower

Mulching option Customer after sales care
Grass collection box Occasional product failure
Quieter than petrol
Low maintenance
Easy to use
Great battery life
Safety immobiliser
Very good value for money

Could they improve the Greenworks Tools 2504707 Lawnmower?

I really don’t feel like the Greenworks 40V cordless lawn mower owes us anything else for the £179.99 price tag. They’ve done a brilliant job of the machine itself. Where they need to improve is the after sales care. If that means they can’t maintain this fantastic price then so be it. They shouldn’t sell the overall package short in an attempt to get customers through the door. Overall, as long as you’re not one of the tiny minority that get a dud, this is a total steal as cordless lawn mowers go. When price considered it’s a definite buy but not ahead of the Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Lawn Mower.

I’m going to shoot right off the bat and say the WORX WG779E.2 cordless lawn mower is the best cordless lawn mower I have reviewed so far. It was built to be used by you, the customer. Now that sounds silly if you read it, but what I mean is they have tried to think about what you need from a cordless lawn mower and deliver it to you. Read on and I’ll clear this all up!

WORX WG779E.2 Cordless Lawn Mower: Very well designed, great performance, cuts close to edges and a decent sized collection bag

It sounds simple but it’s genius. So far it’s the only lawn mower that delivers a close cut to the edge, technology that’ll ramp up power consumption if you hit a heavy patch of grass to keep it going, twin batteries for a more stable 40V delivery overall, and a pretty sensible 30 litre grass collection box. Well done WORX. You’ve hit the nail on the head, for a cheap cordless lawn mower, this genuinely works. If you think this is only £20 or so more than the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower, you would have to say this is an absolute bargain.

It has variable height cutting adjustment from 20-70mm which is easy to do via a lever, it only weighs 12kg so getting around is easy, tt even folds away nicely for small storage spaces. In short, I am pretty impressed with the overall package provided by the WORX WG779E.2 cordless lawn mower. It’s built with a rear roller so you can make a simple stripe effect too.

It does have a niggle or two though. You need to realise this mower won’t cut a lawn that is maintained poorly. If you cut your lawn once every 6-8 weeks then it’s not for you. You’ll need to stick with an electric lawn mower with power cord.

If you keep your lawn cut every couple of weeks or so this will be a great tool. It’s just not designed for the heavier work. WORX cordless lawn mowers are pretty powerful for your average small garden. They also are not very clear about about battery life. I would say the 2Ah batteries will give you a solid 15 to 20 minutes and probably cut just under 150m2 in one go. But, they will do that very well and it’s a solid buy.

WORX WG779E.2 Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Best WORX WG779E.2 Cordless Lawn Mower Features

What needs work on the WORX WG779E.2 Cordless Lawn Mower

Best value for money Not suitable for really long grass
Cuts very nicely A few production duds
Rear roller creates a simple stripe
Cuts right to the edge
Highly manoeuvrable
Very quiet compared to petrol engines
Easy cut adjustment
Batteries interchangeable with other tools

Could they improve the WORX WG779E.2 Cordless Lawn Mower?

I don’t think it’s fair to ask anymore from the WORX WG779E.2 cordless lawn mower. It’s priced brilliantly at £199.99. You have to appreciate the constraints of a cheap cordless lawn mower. You will not be able to cut really long grass easily. So bear it in mind and you dan’t go far wrong. As with all cordless lawn mowers, one does go wrong from time to time but they put it right so not much to worry about.

After talking up the Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower so much, it was hard to get myself to write about the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex cordless lawn mower. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great bit of kit, and in fairness they sell more than the Makita too I believe. In my mind though, it’s just not as good pound for pound. If you think about the fact it’s nearly double the price of the Makita and doesn’t offer much more performance, it is definitely left in trouble. But in the interests of being fair I shall review it on it’s own merits!

Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex cordless lawn mower: ‘Powerdrive assisted cutting, 50 litre grass box, grass combs to get edges, and the batteries charge fast’

The best thing about the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex cordless lawn mower is without doubt it’s cutting ability and the speed the batteries charge. It’ll handle a mid-sized garden quite comfortably and will probably do so in just one charge if the grass isn’t too long.

Where it does score well too, is the grass combs which really help you to get the edges and save on strimmer and tidying in when you’re done. The other nice thing about the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex cordless lawn mower is the fact Bosch have embraced the fact batteries offer limited power and so they supply two as their recommended package.

They have basically said they will not allow people to run on one battery and be disappointed. So they sacrifice sales by charging more money to deliver a quality product. If you can’t respect that, what can you respect? It’s good ethics and exactly how you would expect Bosch to work. On that note, Bosch cordless lawn mowers are easily the second best pick for me, so for whatever reason, if you don’t like Makita. This is the fall back plan for sure. Bear in mind, the product reviewed is without batteries!

Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Best Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower Features

What needs work on the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower

Great Cutting More expensive than Makita
Fast charging
Big grass collection box
Spare battery with the package version
Quiet to operate
Handles very well
Great company ethics

Could they improve the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower?

They really haven’t got anything to improve here, the Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex cordless lawn mower is the finished article offering excellent power and performance. You might argue that getting the price down a bit would make them competitive with Makita but as the price stands, these guys appear to be selling more than Makita anyway, so I suppose, why change a winning plan?

The buyers guide to the best cordless lawn mower

Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower

Best battery lawn mower

As I already mentioned, the best battery lawn mower is the Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower. It’s similar in performance to the Bosch but offered at nearly less than half the price, it’s really hard to pass up. The Bosch is a contender for the best battery lawn mower though if we are talking strictly about power and performance. It might even be slightly better than the Makita.

It’s just very difficult to overlook how superb the price point is on the Makita. It’s little wonder it has so many brilliant reviews around the internet. Most of the negative reviews are when people start comparing the Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower to mains powered and even petrol engine lawn mowers. That’s how good this cordless lawn mower is, these guys have literally forgotten it’s a battery lawn mower…make no mistake it is THE lawn mower.

So without any hesitation at all, I personally believe the Makita DLM380Z cordless lawn mower is the best battery lawn mower out there. If you have any evidence or data contrary to mine, please send it in and I am willing to change the article if I can be convinced otherwise. My own research and use however, points to the Makita!

Cordless lawn mower buyers guide

In this buyers guide I went through six cordless lawn mower reviews. I didn’t feel there were any more products that could improve or affect the outcome of the selections for the best cordless lawn mower.

Are you aware of a model I’ve missed or fills a gap I’ve overlooked? Please feel free to let me know and we can take a look at changing the article if the new insight warrants it. From my perspective the cordless lawn mower reviews should be relevant and try to save people time. Merely filling a page up with cordless lawn mower reviews because it improves word count or packs out an article is a waste of everyone’s time.

What are the top cordless lawn mower brands?

After thorough testing it became clear to me Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Einhell, and Flymo are well ahead of the game. Ryobi was a surprise to me actually. Given they are essentially.a budget outfit or at least used to be, their battery tech has come on a long long way. So they made it to the best brands picks below – here’s my experiences from testing:

Bosch cordless lawn mower

Without question the best Bosch cordless lawn mower is the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower. It’s the most powerful in their range, and if I had to compare it in performance to a normal a normal Bosch electric lawn mower, I would choose to compare it with the Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower.

It really delivers that much power that the praise is justified. While batteries run out of power. The 43cm cut span and large grass collection box of 50 litres on the Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex cordless lawn mower tell a story. This lawn mower, although battery powered, is designed for big quick cutting.

If it wasn’t, then why bother with a huge collection box similar in size to normal mains powered electric lawn mowers? It’s easily the best Bosch cordless lawn mower and if not for the Makita, I would be all over this model myself.

Ryobi cordless lawn mower

I’m a big fan of the Ryobi cordless lawn mower. The Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower is a solid buy and for the price delivered pretty much amazing. Given Ryobi manufacture tools for those that are hobbyists and like a bit of DIY, I always feel like their products are just not quite going to be the full ticket like Makita or Dewalt. The Ryobi cordless lawn mower though shone like a star. It even outperformed the Flymo in the same price range for my money.

If you think about that for a second, it’s a remarkable achievement. The skills and expertise or lawn mower manufacture Flymo have is basically second to none. They dominate the market for small to mid-sized gardens, have a brilliant reputation and probably the best testing and development in the UK.

Somehow, Ryobi cordless lawn mowers did better than them. So hats off to Ryobi for producing a cordless lawn mower that delivers great usability. If not for the Makita being so well priced, if I was on a budget, Ryobi cordless lawn mowers would probably be my next pick.

Flymo cordless lawn mower

I have to say, I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed by the Flymo cordless lawn mower in this review. Whilst I don’t know if that’s entirely due to the actual performance of the cordless mower itself, or because I expect them to deliver near perfection at head scratching budget time and time again. So when they make a product that’s only good, I am jumping on their case.

I’m not entirely sure if that’s fair so in my review of the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower it’s worth factoring that bit of information into the review and your decision to buy. There’s obviously no questioning the range of Flymo cordless lawn mowers. They have got some of the best lawn mowers in the UK.

To be fair, I am a huge fan of Flymo in general, just take a look at my review of the best Flymo hover mowers. I give credit where credit is due and I don’t feel like the Flymo cordless lawn mower in this review is even a touch on even the cheapest Flymo hover lawn mower in the UK.

WORX cordless lawn mower

The WORX cordless lawn mower surprised me for all the right reasons. In the review of the WORX WG779E.2 Cordless Lawn Mower we identified it as a smashing bit of kit. It showed great promise and I think with time it’s likely WORX cordless lawn mowers will be considered amongst the top brands.

While I think that’s a bold statement, I do believe it so hear me out please. They have shown great promise with their range of WORX cordless lawn mowers and the WORX WG779E.2 cordless lawn mower is the pick of the bunch for sure. It delivered excellent value for money and genuinely if I took the name of the product out of the review, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a Bosch or Makita. That speaks volumes about this WORX cordless lawn mower.

The other great thing about the WORX WG779E.2 cordless lawn mower, without question, is the edge cutting capability. They’ve really worked hard on this lawn mower to make sure that it cuts right up to the edges of fences and verges saving you time tidying in after. For absolute certain, WORX cordless lawn mowers are here to stay and will continue to improve

Greenworks cordless lawn mower

The Greenworks cordless lawn mower is a top performer and really only let down by what appears to be less than perfect customer care. I would be quick to point out that I have had no dealings with them in the last six months so I cannot speak for recent improvements and I do hope they have because the Greenworks Tools 2504707 Lawnmower is a very accomplished piece of kit. It shows many of the traits you would find with the top models such as Makita and Bosch.

If it has one flaw it’s the price point. In terms of performance and quality it’s hard to touch the Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower. I am completely convinced they are leaving the competition behind not due to the technology in the machine itself, but the battery power they are so reliant on in the power tools department. They absolutely need huge power for circular saws and routers so they are constantly developing for a range of huge seller and it’s making it difficult for smaller companies like Greenworks Tools to keep up.

Nevertheless, Greenworks cordless lawn mowers are a great option and pack plenty of power for their budget. It’s worth mentioning it ranks slightly better than the Makita too so hasn’t put too many people off buying it.

Makita cordless lawn mower

I just want to give full disclosure right now. I do not work for Makita. I cannot blame them for producing tools that batter the competition on performance and price point time and time again. The Makita cordless lawn mower is no exception. Smaller models compete with other brand large models in power and performance. I am half waiting for Makita to produce something rubbish so I can jump all over them but it’ll both shock and disappoint me if that day comes!

Makita probably have the biggest range of cordless lawn mowers worth talking about. Today we focused on the Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Cordless Lawn Mower. Let’s be clear, this isn’t their only good model. It’s definitely the one I believed to be the best from the Makita cordless lawn mower range at the moment though.

With effortless cutting and huge battery power. The Makita quality of tool manufacture shines through time and time again.

Concluding the best cordless lawn mower reviews

It was a great comparison for me. We found the best cordless lawn mower and investigated many features and faults. If you took the time to read this review entirely you are well on the way to making an informed decision with regards to which cordless lawn mower to pick for your garden.

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