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5 Best Hand saws Reviewed

Hand saws, sometimes called panel saws, have been used to cut wood for thousands of years. We know through hieroglyphs that the ancient Egyptians used them and we have found ancient bow saws in Japan and also Roman hand saws.
In the past handsaws have been made from a wide range of materials but these days, most handsaw blades are made from steel that has been treated or hardened in some way with multiple angle ground teeth for cleaner cutting.

Comparison table: 5 Best Hand saws Reviewed

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Spear & Jackson Predator B9822 Universal Woodsaw, 22 inch x 8 ppi

  • General purpose saw for use along and across the grain
  • Rigid blade minimises whip and vibration
  • Suitable for timber, hardwood
  • Suregrip, soft-feel ergonomic grip and finger guide for accuracy
  • Incorporates a useful 45 and 90 degree angle guide

Stanley STA515594 FatMax Fine Cut Handsaw 15-inch

Stanley STA515594 FatMax Fine Cut Handsaw 15-inch

  • Bi-material handle screwed and ultrasonically welded for comfort and security
  • Teeth are precision set to generate clearance of kerf for the blade to cut on both...
  • increasing cutting efficiency by 30%
  • 3 sided precision ground teeth offer razor sharp cutting edges at every stage of the stroke...
  • Induction hardened teeth stay sharper twice as long

Bahco 244-22-U7/8-Hp Handsaw 22In

Bahco  244-22-U7/8-Hp Handsaw 22In

  • Length: 550 mm
  • Universal tooting, hard point teeth for long lasting sharpness
  • Screwed 1-component handle can be used for approximate 45° and 90° marking guide...

Stanley 1-20-090 500mm 20-inch Heavy-Duty Sharpcut Handsaw

  • Bi material handle with finger rest for more comfort and accuracy
  • Induction hardened blade - for long life
  • Hardened and tempered teeth

Irwin 880UN22 880 UN Universal Saw 550mm (22 inch)

  • High quality C75 steel blade
  • Unique triple ground tooth design
  • Blade Is treated with a water based lacquer
  • Ultra sonic welded soft-grip handle
  • 90 and 45 Degree angles integrated in the handle

Handsaws are relatively cheap and a good one will last you for many years to come, so they are a sound investment if you are in to DIY.
Your woodwork toolbox isn’t complete if you don’t have a decent hand saw, so here we have chosen 7 hand saws that we believe offer the best value for money and written a short review for each with some bullet points.

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1. Stanley STA515594 FatMax Fine Cut Handsaw 15-inch

We begin our reviews with a look at the FatMax fine cut hand saw from long time tool makers Stanley. This hand tool has been precision engineered to provide you with optimal cutting performance. The teeth of the saw have been specially set so as to generate clearance for the blade to cut on both the forward and back strokes, making it a more efficient cutting tool. The teeth are induction hardened and 3 sided to give you a razor sharp cutting edge. The handle is made from bimetal and has been ultrasonically welded to make sure it stays in place. The saw is weighted and balanced well, and gives you good control over your cuts.

  • Precision engineered by well-known Brand Stanley
  • Teeth have been set to improve cutting efficiency
  • Induction hardened teeth will stay sharp for a long time
  • Comfortable and secure bimetal handle has been ultrasonically welded
  • 3 sided ground teeth give a nice sharp cutting edge

2. Bahco 244-22-U7/8-Hp Handsaw 22Inch

This 550mm handsaw from Bahco is on sale for under 10 pounds at the moment and is worth every penny. This is a universal toothed handsaw has been made with high frequency, hardened teeth to give great cutting performance for up to 5 times as long as some of its competitors. It has a crosscut and rip style that are very fast and efficient. The handle is made from strong plastic and screwed into the blade and can be used as a marking guide for 45 and 90 degree angles.

  • Very well priced at the moment, a real bargain
  • Good build quality and will last a while
  • High frequency hardened teeth are made to last
  • Cross cut and rip style
  • High quality plastic handle

For just under 10 pounds you can be the proud owner of this great little general purpose handsaw from Spear & Jackson. It has been made to be able to cut both along and across the grain and can be used on hardwood, softwood, MDF, and chipboard. The handle is bolted to the steel blade for strength and security. It is also ergonomic and fits the hand nicely, giving you good control. The handle also has a helpful 45 and 90 degree angle guide. The blade has been created to be rigid so as to reduce vibration and sideways movement when cutting.

  • Good price at under 10 pounds
  • Good quality workmanship and feels solid
  • Rigid blade reduces vibration and whip
  • Can cut well both along and against the grain
  • Ergonomic handle improves the accuracy of your cuts

4. Irwin 880UN22 880 UN Universal Saw 550mm (22 inch)

The blade of this hacksaw from Irwin has been constructed out of high quality C75 steel and treated with a water based lacquer. The teeth of the blade have been triple ground to provide three angles and give a great cut when you are moving the blade forward and backwards. The handle has a nicely shaped soft grip and feels good in the hand if a little bit chunky for very accurate work. Irwin have decided to secure the handle to the blade by using ultrasonic welding making it very strong. Angle markers for 45 and 90 degrees have been integrated into the handle design.

  • High quality C75 steel blade
  • Triple ground teeth give great cutting performance
  • Blade has been treated with a liquid based lacquer for longevity
  • Soft grip fits nicely in the hand
  • 45 and 90 degree angle markers integrated in the handle

5. Stanley 1-20-090 500mm 20-inch Heavy-Duty Sharpcut Handsaw

This is another excellent handsaw by Stanley at a very cheap price. The blade has been constructed to last a long time and so has been induction hardened. The blade’s double sided teeth have also been hardened and tempered to provide a great cut and stay sharp for longer. Even the handle has been made with longevity and durability in mind, and is made of strong components. The handle also has accurate 45 and 90 degree angle markers. The grip has finger rests and is comfortable to hold for prolonged periods.

  • Built to last and has excellent build quality
  • Very well priced at under 8 pounds on Amazon
  • Two sided teeth give a nice clean cut
  • Induction hardened blade will last a long time
  • Teeth have been hardened and tempered
  • Comfortable handle with finger grip

There you have it, our 5 best picks for handsaws available in the UK. We also have pages reviewing various other hand tools and DIY products, all complete with reviews, so please take a look when you have time.

As already mentioned, if you are interested in buying any of these products, please click on the links provided and they will take you onto your next step. We hope this short article has been helpful to you in some way and maybe helped you to pick the hand tool that you’ve been looking for.

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