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UK’s best garden day beds – rattan, canopies, price, and commercial quality reviewed and tested

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The best garden day beds offer the same level of comfort as a sofa literally and blow away a decent sun lounger – I would say after sitting on them myself personally they are equal in comfort to an outdoor garden bean bag for just lazing about, with the added ability to hold you up nicely and support your back with a weightless feeling – like a zero gravity chair. I am not kidding, they are genuinely that comfortable, but come with the cutting edge look and design that will add to the ambience and stylish setting you’re trying to create, especially the swanky rattan designs (the rattan corner sofa I have go with these perfectly). They often come with a lovely curve in the back to support you whilst laying down, but upright enough to still able to see what’s going on around with the kids or perhaps still chatting to the friends – they take the effort out of sitting up – much like a hanging egg chair. But what I love most is being able to read the kindle – I just set myself up with a long arm kindle stand and lay back reading – lazy I know, but don’t worry, I still have enough life left in me to pickup my G & T 😀

Garden day beds are extremely comfortable – it takes the sitting out of sitting up!

As the weather’s getting warmer, all you want to do is lay out in the sunshine and pretend you’re at the beach and not in the UK – this is the next best thing to going on holiday, bringing the comfort and luxury to you and surprising they aren’t that expensive. You’ve may have considered a sun lounger or zero gravity chair but my guess is you’re looking for something a bit comfier and luckily the old days where I could only afford a decent garden table and chair set are behind me, so feel privileged enough to discuss these beauties with you, so if you’ve been searching for the best garden day beds – here’s what I have lined up for you: TecTake and EVRE.

Best garden daybeds – editor picks:

Best garden day bed overall: TecTake Rattan day bed sun canopy lounger recliner – most sensible option overall for one person
Best garden day bed with a canopy: EVRE Bali Day Bed Outdoor Garden Furniture Set With Canopy Mixed Grey or the Garden Haven – before buying this consider if a different day bed suits you more with a cantilever parasol or pop up gazebo – it may prove to be cheaper!
Best rattan day bed: TecTake 2x Aluminium Rattan day bed – narrowly pipped to best spot and deserves rattan pick for sure.
Budget pick: Plant Theatre Garden Day Bed – amazing value considering the quality too
Commercial heavy duty quality: Garden Haven (TM) Rattan Garden Day Bed Lounger – this quality fits into resorts and hotels easily – will be plenty good enough for home use and doesn’t it look stunning. If you have the money this is the best of the best.
Best wooden day bed: Plant Theatre Garden Day Bed
Alternative wooden day bed: Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger Foldable – currently unavailable but for wooden picks, this is the one to look at is Plant Theatre not available.

Best garden day beds


What you MUST know before buying a garden day bed

It’s the time to treat yourself to a big, comfy day bed. Perfect for reading, lounging and trying to catch the sun so you can build up that natural tan the best you can, the garden day beds are such a nice luxury to have in your garden this summer. We’ve got a great range here with something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a sun lounger or a garden day bed sofa set that could fit up to 6 people (if this sounds like something you’d like, take a look at the last item – the Garden Haven Rattan Garden Day Bed). And, you’ll be pleased to read, we’ve got a lot of rattan seating options for those who are also loving the rattan trend – I’m sure you can start to see a theme in our products here.

But did you know, some of these require putting together yourself so it’s worth saying that amazon offer their products to come ready-assembled for an extra £45 for many of their products or the material quality varies wildly – that then translates into how easily it’s maintainable and how easily it can be cleaned. Let’s take a closer look at that:

Portability – are you chasing sunlight?

Yes sounds obvious doesn’t it? But go ahead and pick the Garden Haven or EVRE which are both larger day beds and you’ll be seriously worked up 😀 It’ll dent your G & T good mood believe me so factor your garden and the sunlight. Can the day bed get sun most of the day – after all that’s the whole point of the canopy design – sun all day and if you need a break it comes to the rescue.

TecTake Rattan day bed sun canopy lounger recliner on wheels makes portability a breeze

By contrast the TecTake Rattan day bed is on wheels – you can zip this up and down the patio easily – better still they are large wheels which means if you need to get down the garden, over lawn or gravel it’s still easy to move about. Sounds trivial but easy enough to make the mistake of buying without thinking – and that’s something returns won’t work for!

Assembly takes time!

This is less of a tip for choosing product over another and more of a warning. Putting together these day beds does take time and some of them were particularly fiddly. I just wanted to warn you!

Where this might effect what product you choose is just simply if you want to skip the assembly (and you’re not fussed about having a big day bed) then maybe go for a simpler option like one of the TecTake day bed (remember to keep all bolts loose till the frame is up – then tighten) or even the Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger if you don’t want to do any putting together – they other great option to avoid assembly is the Plant Theatre Garden Day Bed

I wouldn’t let the assembly put you off – especially if you have an impact driver, however, if you are looking for a more luxury bed. It’s just something to bear in mind and maybe pop a beer or two in the fridge for when you’re done.

Choosing your material

So we can’t have this section without immediately talking about rattan. It’s big at the moment, it’s sturdy and it just looks really good. The only fault I can find with rattan, perhaps besides the price, is that it’s slightly unreliable.

Rattan garden day beds are the style at the moment

I have heard from some customers that their beds have arrived with some of the rattan poking out or looking unfinished. This is something to bear in mind with rattan. In theory, if the bed is at the best standard, this shouldn’t be a concern but it does seem to be a running theme with the material as opposed to a specific product.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler and cheaper, then the Deuba might be one to consider, made from smooth acacia wood.

Pick a garden day bed that cleans easily.

Don’t get caught out on style only. When you’re buying a garden day bed you want to be thinking maintenance and long term clean and comfy use. If some of the garden day beds you’re looking at have people complaining about covers not being removable or the fabric staining easily then given the level of investment it is going to be really easy to avoid those products entirely. Here’s a look at what happens when you don’t bring your covers in – mould and dirt:

Here’s what happens to cushions if you leave them outside uncovered – dirt and mould

The Tectake for example has spare covers! If you’re like me and you leave your stuff outside, have a look at how to clean garden furniture – it’ll give some handy tips with regards to cleaning garden day beds too – definitely I’ve given fair warning on this, it is a real problem.

In your review we try to pick the garden day beds that will last well and clean easily to take that worry from you but worth considering if you don’t find the right one for you on our review!

Positioning in the garden

Unless your garden is clear South facing you’re going to be losing sunlight and time for tanning, after all, many do like to spruce up a tan – this is where wheels come in to be an advantage if you don’t have an open space – me I’m lazy, I’d rather plonk my kit right in the middle of the lawn and worry about cover from the sun after 😀 :

TecTake garden day bed sun loungers – in the middle of the lawn getting sun all day

Otherwise you can strategically look for shade under a tree – but you’ll find your covers getting dirty quickly that way – somehow leaves and debris make quick work of a lovely new set!

So, we’ve rated our garden day beds on style, portability, comfort, affordability, ease of cleaning, and price. So we’ve come up with a lovely selection to improve the look of your garden space 🙂

Happy reading!

There’s been a lot of buzz around this garden day bed and we’re starting out with a standard deck chair style day bed. It comes in 4 different colours/colour combinations which is great: black, brown antique, grey, and multicolour (a different brown combination). I have to say, when I first reviewed this product a while back I preferred the larger style like the EVRE Bali Day Bed with a canopy but I am now starting to appreciate my own space more – it’s not so ideal to be laying next to your friends quite this closely, not in covid times.

Overall, I love the look of the TecTake Rattan day bed sun and the fact that it has wheels is great because it’s easy to move around if, like me, you like to chase every last bit of evening sun around the garden – one of the distinct disadvantages of the larger EVRE Bali Day Bed or the Garden Haven (TM) Rattan Garden Day Bed Lounger:

TecTake Rattan day bed sun canopy lounger recliner wheels large enough to move over lawns easily

I’ve gone for the grey cushion option – it looks pretty stylish to me and should hide the dirt best (white is a disaster as I’ve found out personally with kids 😀 ). Your first impressions taking it out the box will definitely be: the rattan style looks pretty good and not bad when you look at the money – it easily matches the TecTake 2x Aluminium Rattan day bed for style and priced in the same range when factoring you only get one with this listing vs the two at the link provided.

You’ll probably find this a little bit fiddly to put together. It isn’t too hard, there are just a couple of pieces that needed to be knocked into shape so they could be bolted together – probably squaring it up helps some – it won’t go together wonky. It’s definitely one for small handed people, which is completely fine for some, but I imagine this might be a bit too fiddly for bigger hands. Plus you’ll need a bit of patience. However, this is one that you can get ready assembled if you want to pay extra – and may I say, it’s cheaper than hiring a handyman plus when it comes preassembled you have far less faffing, you just remove packaging, jump on, and start enjoying vs worrying about organising help, or if doing yourself, worrying bout missing components – this takes all the worry out.

Another good feature I’ve enjoyed is the adjustable back positions – pretty standard for a deck chair but it’s a nice touch if you want some variety and you’ll find a comfortable reading position no problem at all – just pull it up and it works on a ratchet system and hook system:

TecTake Rattan day bed sun canopy lounger recliner works on a simple hook and loop ratchet system

How easy is that to move up and down – finally worth a mention, they included cushions with removable covers as well so that you can easily wash them which is a great plus – you’ll notice not all garden day beds have this simple benefit, scarily!


  • Love the portability
  • Easy to raise the back – takes seconds and sturdy – simple but spot on
  • Decent size and comfortable covers
  • Well priced for what you get


  • Few QC issues
  • Assembly will annoy you – a tip on that, leave the bolts semi screwed before you get them all in, then they wiggle together and fit much better!

2. TecTake 2x Aluminium Rattan day bed + table set sun +2sets for exchanging upholstery + protection slipcover

So we’ve got another option from TecTake which is a set of two sun beds and a small table – love the rattan table – they both fit in with any rattan garden seating setup you have going on. Like TecTake Rattan day bed , this one comes in 4 different colours: black-brown, grey, light grey and nature. Probably no surprise now that I’ve gone for the grey option as I’m still loving the style. The similarities resonate in terms of comfort but design is another story…

The design of these ones is a little different as it comes out as a boxy shape and the actual lounger reclines away from the base. The overall appearance looks very neat and put together, especially with the table which also has some storage base – a great bonus! Plus a lock! I love that the table has a glass top as well so you can comfortably put drinks and things on it without worrying about a wobbly or uneven surface. Great for stability.

TecTake 2x Aluminium Rattan day bed + table set sun +2sets for exchanging upholstery + protection slipcover
Nice bonus table with a keep latch – lovely rattan design

The assembly was pretty smooth as well – not too tricky. A little bit fiddly as per the expectancy with the TecTake range – it’ll definitely take a lot less time to do the second one once you’ve got the hang of it – pretty standard really.

One thing I’ve noticed from these beds is that they come with a free waterproof protective cover (which is great) however, I did discover after lots of confusion that it only covers the two beds once they’re stacked on top of each other. I’m not sure about this one – seems like a lot of effort to do every time you want to cover the beds, especially as they’re not the lightest things. It’s not a deal breaker as you can always get another cover (and you’d only have to buy one) but it is something to bear in mind. A slightly odd detail. The covers you put over your mattress are removable again which is great for cleaning. I would say bear in mind that the beds are quite low to the ground but whether this is an issue or not is really up to personal preference.

The actual cushions are really comfy and like mattresses – you’ll fall asleep on this far too easily – and have a little giggle with yourself as you jolt yourself out of a snooze 😀 You can’t really go wrong with this setup if you have a fixed place on the patio in mind, lovely solid design – I see a few breakages over thousands of sales – there’s not much that can be done to stop the odd few issues!


  • Lovely design and sturdy
  • Love the free side table – like they know exactly that you’ll need a place to put your G and T
  • Rattan is seriously in fashion right now


  • Few damages over hundreds of sales noted
  • I’m not sure about the single shared waterproof cover for mattresses – moving them indoors seems easier – bit of a fail that for me, sorry TecTake!!!

3. Plant Theatre Reclining Hardwood Steamer Chair – Fully Assembled!! Ideal garden day bed

I’ve brought in the Plant Theatre Reclining Hardwood Steamer Chair as it’s a real comfy option and sadly for Deubawhilst the design is very different, this one has it covered on every single point I am reviewing, with exception maybe of style and portability. Price, comfort, affordability, and ease of cleaning as well as use I give to this model. Take a look at the beautiful curve that drags you deeply into your seat – it’s one of those chairs you settle in and just don’t want to get out – you feel a real lack of momentum when getting up, tired almost – 😀 not really selling it am I? 😀 but that’s how comfortable and in my mind that’s a testament to this chair!

But where they really win over the other models is the fact they are not scared to be old fashioned. Wood yes, looks great, design, not modern, they even go for the old tie on your covers – and why not – there’s no need to re-invent the wheel in my opinion. Why bother fixing a problem that doesn’t exist:

Plant Theatre covers are the old fashion tie on – nothing wrong with simply

The whole unit collapses too – and not in a heap on the floor with you on in it! 😀 It folds up lovely – the arm runners slide along allowing for the rest of the unit to fold away on itself too – this is how they are able to send the unit fully assembled which is a big big deal!\

In terms of build quality you can be sure this will last, I would pick this ahead of any Rattan frame – firstly plastic rattan gets brittle and crumbles/breaks in corners. Natural stunning rattan rots and fades – though in my opinion natural Rattan looks amazing, this is built to last and just needs the usual wood preserver, oil, or varnish like the Deuba


  • Comes pre assembled like the Deuba!
  • Solid wooden construction
  • Folds away too
  • Superb price point


  • Hard to find, lovely classic design – maybe could argue due to its decent build quality and timber thickness, heavy to move about?

4. EVRE Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed Furniture Set Patio Conservatory

I like the EVRA ethos, and price point – sensible quality and sensible pricing, just like their EVRE Bali, this is sure to be a crowd favourite again. If you don’t know this brand, they are pretty much into sofas – both indoors and out – hence knowing their game and being in the top picks…twice for the same category.

The question is, do you need two seats in an L shape arrangement? I have to question it’s place – I’d personally rather the TecTake twin set with two loungers for an extra fifty quid and there’s the other conundrum. For not a huge amount more you can get a massive rattan corner sofa set which serves beautifully as a garden day bed (for four people).

This bed’s an interesting one as it’s essentially a two-seater sofa with a long foot rest attachment to make it L-shaped. Available in two colours, brown and grey, the EVRE Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed Furniture Set is priced pretty well and depending on which options you go for there’s a bit of variance – you’ve basically got the option for a premium or standard cover – be warned though, the premium is premium, and jumps the best of the unit 40%! I’m not sure I see that as value but without doubt it certainly is more comfy to sit and lay on…

you have to have it to EVRE, they know a really nice rattan style. And I love that the foot/body attachment can be moved around so you can have the day bed how you want it depending if you’re looking for something to cosy up on in the sun or laid out to host guests – it does open up the possibility of making this a genuine 4 seat arrangement too – assuming you place the long attachment that creates the L shape against a wall with a couple of pillows

Assembly is pretty good and it will take some time to put together – the biggest drawback of all furniture flat pack. You may struggle a bit when lining up some of the screws. A crucial tip from experience: just make sure you don’t tighten them all until the end – that way there’s enough wiggle room to push your bolts through without hair pullouts 😀 Standard advice, I know but easy to get caught up in the moment of excitement as the new garden furniture arrives 🙂

Once up, I have to say that this is quite a small set. With the sofa measuring 119 x 61 x 71cm and the foot stool measuring 111 x 55 x 34 cm, just be aware that this isn’t huge so it’s something to bear in mind depending what you’re looking for. Worth saying though that the foot stool does have a small extendable feature which brings it’s measurement to 132cm in length. So if you’re after something big, maybe go for the link above or perhaps the high quality EVRA corner rattan set but if you’re wanting to fill a small space then this one would be perfect. If you’re thinking about being upright as well and combining the two, saving space as well, this is a sensible shout.

The cushions aren’t the thickest but that’s easy to work around (pay more for the premium) and I’d definitely say the addition of more cushions would really add to this piece to make it more cosy. Thought I’d say as well, I’ve heard great things about the seller being very helpful, especially when it comes to recommending specific sofa covers for added protection outside – overall EVRA are a good company to deal with if you want an outdoor set.


  • Sturdy and well built like you’d expect from EVRA
  • Nice design
  • Will convert nicely for three/four people if you have a wall and some cushions sitting upright


  • Small size – be ready for it 1.2m by 1.1m

So here we’ve got a very different option with the Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger coming in at the lower end price wise out of the selection. This one has an interesting curved design and has a simple but nice acacia wooden design – it probably is the closest thing to a zero gravity chair with the back curved, sort of lifting you upwards.

It comes ready assembled which is great if you can’t be bothered with the flat pack furniture – hands down a mile ahead of TecTake and EVRE on that point – the number of complaints that arise from assembly probably amounts to 50% of all negative feedback online with regards to garden day beds! The lounger folds into one curve (about half the length of it laid out) with a metal handle which is very handy for moving around and storing away. The headrest can be adjusted to two different levels:

Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger Foldable
Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger Foldable folds in half nicely and the metal handle is a quality touch for a lower end price day bed

Being wood you can oil or varnish this no problem – I’d hazard a guess and say if you leave this outsize for 4 years slap bang in the middle of the garden you’ll need to treat it – the wood is good quality though so no worries on the rot front.

I would be slightly skeptical about this one in terms of its stability – there has to be some drawbacks right? I’m certainly not going to glaze over them – make sure your legs are well grounded to avoid that, it’s one to consider as it’s not too expensive and looks quite stylish – some may be thoroughly bored of rattan too? I have banged on about it far too much 😀


  • Beautiful wooden finish
  • Folds away
  • Comes pre assembled!


  • Legs could be sturdier

6. EVRE Bali Day Bed Outdoor Garden Furniture Set With Canopy Mixed Grey

We’re back up the price range with the EVRE Bali Day Bed Outdoor Garden Furniture Set. This ones a very luxury one and I kind of love that about it. You can get this one in three colours: black, mixed brown and mixed grey. It even comes with a canopy for some shade which is a nice bonus

I’m starting to see a theme here with the assembly… It’s fiddly but fine as long as you remember not to tighten all of the screws until you’re finished otherwise they can be a bit hard to line up. The instructions were nice and clear, it just does take quite a long time – here’s a very similar model if you need help with that:

Having sat on it now, I’d say that the cushions could be a bit thicker and they do seem to slide all over the shop a bit. This is easily solvable with more cushions though. I’ve heard of customers buying anti-slip rugs off amazon to stop the cushions from slipping, so worth considering.

The rattan looks good but I have heard from a couple of people that theirs was a little rough around the edges in terms of the rattan poking out so maybe be aware of that but I haven’t experienced that with this bed.

7. Garden Haven (TM) Rattan Garden Day Bed Lounger with Black Table Furniture Set

Similar in shape to the EVRE Bali Day Bed, the Garden Haven Rattan Garden Day Bed Lounger comes out at a serious bit of money and pretty much in direct competition with the EVRE Bali. This day bed is made up of 4 sitting quarters and a table to form a large round daybed, complete with a retractable sun roof – a couple of years on they still look in pretty good condition:

Garden HAVEN – a couple of years on they still look pretty good

If you look closely you’ll see the canopy has got a little old and weathered – don’t forget to clean this part as well as the cushions – since it’s exposed to the wet the most, it’s almost certain to go mouldy and with the removal just being a few straps it really doesn’t make sense to miss it out!

So, probably no surprise now after discussing the other products, the assembly was quite fiddly and it did take a while – I think a few hours not including the long tea break I had to have. I’d put this partly down the instructions which were quite overwhelming so took a few reads. And some of the screws looked liked they might not align at one point. I would just also really recommend assembling this one with an electric screwdriver.

Once built, I was actually very pleased with it. It’s really sturdy and the cushions are very comfy. Note that the cushion covers also can be removed for washing which is great – they don’t take too much effort to remove either – that’s why they may appear a little loose over time – overall though this will take a battering and the only model of this type I would consider heavy duty and commercial grade, maybe only with the exception of the EVRA

I love the different parts so you can have in a couple of different layouts or store a couple of pieces away if you like. And the canopy makes a great addition from the sun but also the rain.

The only thing I’d make a note of is that this bed doesn’t come with a cover – the canopy could really do with some protection – a big waterproof cover, much like a car cover would elevate this garden day bed to another level – which is where it should be considering the price point! A little bit of a shame considering the price of it but you can easily get yourself a cover off amazon for not too much money if you want the extra protection. That being said, I’d probably just make sure I take the cushions in at night and I think the bed would be ok left uncovered as only two pieces would be left without the cover of the canopy.

And, of course, this one is rattan. Everyones favourite!


  • Heavy duty and well built
  • The cushions are spot on – comfy as you like
  • Looks the part – would be an asset on an decking or patio


  • Needs a cover to protect the canopy.

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