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UK’s best hanging egg chairs – heavy duty single, double and triple with tests

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What’s between a garden swing or swing seat and a patio chair? And provides the same level of comfort as a bean bag when sitting, or hammock when lounging, it’s the hanging egg chair! In fact as comfort goes, the only thing that has them beat in my opinion is the new zero gravity chairs. I have to say, they’re a bit of a type; not everyone loves them and I can see how you might not want to be swinging or dangling in your chair. Others really like them – they’re a fun alternative to a sometimes boring piece of furniture and I think they are super stylish – in fact, I decided to take a well earned break this year and the hotel has some amazing furniture – it got me thinking I should update this article (if you’re wondering where I got the inspiration from this time of year 😀 ). This one’s quite a fun one if you’re looking for an extra something for your garden and the great thing is you can drag it indoors for the Winter months and use it in the living room…double the value 🙂

Hanging egg chairs are seriously comfortable – but there’s more comfortable in this review – read about cushions to find out what I mean!

Others still, and this is where I fall, just want to see what the hype is about. And I quite fancy a nice new spot to soak up the sunshine with my book that’s a bit different to a sun lounger or zero gravity chair setup, and more fun than my current set up with a cushion and chair dragged out from the kitchen. In fact if I’m honest I reviewed these because of the one I bought myself and tried out 🙂 If you want to know how I’ve picked the best hanging egg chairs, please take a look at the buyers guide – let’s look at these best hanging egg chairs available in the UK at the moment:

RED HOT TIP: Look carefully at your hanging egg basket chair cushioning/covering. Do the covers remove easily and are they machine washable – do other people agree stains come out easily. It’s no good throwing the whole cushion in the washing machine – they get battered and lose shape! I had to throw away one of my cushions so I know from experience and part of the reason I am reviewing them now for you 🙂

Best hanging egg chairs – editor picks:

Best hanging egg chair: SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Wicker Outdoor Hanging Cocoon Egg Swing Chair If you want the best of the best then this is it. Practically flawless. You have to say the GSD range 🤔 looks very similar to this but cheaper and less feedback
Best rattan hanging egg chair: Dawsons Living Vienna Hanging Egg Chair – best alternative to the Brampton.
Heavy duty hanging egg chair: Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair Hanging Garden – or the CGC both proven 150kg rating suitable for almost all UK people up to 23 and a half stone!!
Best hanging egg chair sun lounger style: Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Sun Loungers
Best double hanging egg chair: scotrade New Comfortable Siena Hanging Snuggle Egg Chair Style – perfect for couples or those of us with kids but look at the Brampton if you want a genuine range of big doubles. You’ll also absolutely love the Dawson double.
Quality alternative to the Brompton and Dawson range: CGC Brown Hand Weaved Rattan Rust Proof Egg Swing Chair

BUDGET: GardenCo Milan Hanging Egg Chair – if you think you/whoever uses will weigh less than 120kg then you’re in business with this bargain!

Buyers guide to hanging egg chairs

These chairs aren’t cheap but boy are they comfy. I have picked up on a few things to maybe keep an eye out for to make them worth your money in the practical sense. You wouldn’t believe how easy these things can be to damage, or worse still make a bad pick and you’ll find yourself with a poor quality and badly made one. If you get it right they’ll look after you, get it wrong and a few weeks later you could experience this kind of damage:

How to avoid damaging your egg chair and looking after it properly

So in this article we look at cover quality, cushions provided, stability, how much weight can your hanging egg chair actually hold, and then of course style and value!


Interestingly these look like they’ll be hard work but due to the strength required manufacturers have to build these in whole segments – they can’t afford to have joins on the seat for example – it considerably reduces the strength rating. So what you normally get is three main parts – (like the Yaheetech) the base, the stand, and the chair itself. And most of the time it’s just the standard bolts with a hexagonal bit to get you up and running. Here’s a sensible video – I would suggest putting this up outside then hooking up the chair after – it’s almost always a simple locking climbing/mountaineering clip so easy enough to do:


I love the chairs that came with coverings – most of the ones above did. I think this is a great touch and definitely a practical addition to look out for in terms of protecting your swinging egg chair – if you’re not planning to bring this indoors through Winter as I’ve already mentioned then you really want a cover – they slot lovely over the top being tailor made for each egg chair so don’t look unsightly at all – best still the draw string will help to hold them in place if you do experience a storm or serious windy day:

Hanging egg chair overs slot over lovely and often have pull strings to keep them on in the worst of weather

But we careful – the Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Sun for example doesn’t come provided but can be purchased separately. Make sure you read my review carefully as there are plenty that do, like the CGC.


Cushions shouldn’t just be comfy – not when there’s every chance your kids (or friends kids) will be clambering all over them. Not only do you want cushion covers that you can remove – also a great detail from several of these chairs – you want cushion covers that won’t capture and absorb a stain easily. It would definitely be a shame if you couldn’t easily clean your cushions and that tainted the general look of the chair, given a big part of them is how they are aesthetically they lift a garden. It’s great you can take them off but they also need to actually clean up well too. This is an absolute red hot tip of a detail to be looking out for when buying as you’ll feel great about your egg chair for years to come if you get this right!

scotrade New Comfortable Siena Hanging Snuggle Egg Chair Style – covers unzip for machine washing and so so comfortable to sit on 🙂

Now the other thing to look for is the comfort factor – above you can see on the Scotrade just how amazingly comfortable this is and how you can lean back into a seat. Then compare this with a budget pick with a small cushion and you can see why you want to be spending the money – don’t get caught buying lower end – less money means less. It’s not often I advise going upper end – in fact I always try to find you a bargain – but here’s a look at a cushion from a £200 model I am aware of – it just isn’t up to it:

Hanging egg basket – no back cushioning!!

And don’t get me wrong, that’s fine, but not for me – I want easily cleanable cushions that are the most comfortable – I’m never buying mid range ever again – trust me on my flawed experience!


Some of the cheaper hanging egg chairs are a bit flimsy but as you move up the money, so the overall experience becomes more and more positive – as I mention before this is one of those few products where I believe spending more means more. Now obviously I’ve found you the best bargains in the UK, but in general this rings very true with the most expensive SunTime Brampton being the most sturdy in my mind. Personally though, with the benefit of experience from buying cheaper that haven’t hit the mark, I would take aim at a hanging egg chair that’s priced around the £300 to £400 mark – the Yaheetech is a prime example of this. The chairs in this range seem to be built with a solid quality steel and do not look as if they will bend, buckle, get knocked over in the wind or rust easily – the weight they can carry is right up there too.

Now with all that said – under those numbers I do feel you can’t go wrong with the GardenCo Milan Hanging Egg Chair. This is a good 20% shy of those numbers but has all the traits of a quality egg chair. So worth considering. It’s not all models though, just the one I’ve selected! It reasonably supports 120kg (notice how you go down the prices the weight ratings drops).

How much weight can your hanging egg chair actually hold?

Following on from stability. If you’re not the smallest or have kids that’ll put your hanging egg chair to the test – both swinging and jumping around on it then you need to know what it’ll handle. Most hanging egg chairs (you’ll be relieved to know) can handle over 150kg – take a look at the Yaheetech, CGC or the Dawsons for singles (in that order) but nothing is anywhere near the Brampton which I reckon can hold a quarter of a tonne 😀 Seriously though, I’ve seen it tested miles beyond 150kg with no negative impact! Some mention the’ve gone to 180kg but consider they also manufacture triples so it has to be able to hold the weight – their singles are no where near this rating!

Contemporary vs Classic – get your style right

You need to decide whether you like an oder more classy look or a cutting edge modern finish. Personally, I think these chairs look stunning in a more classic shade and style like the Dawsons hanging egg chair. That’s not to say that you can’t get some cracking modern looking options, I just feel that my garden is cozy and far more suited to the idea of a classic shape. I would be in no hurry to rule out a modern hanging egg basket though. If you have a really sleek look with modern decking finished in teak oil, with superb ship lap walls of the same then a modern looking hanging egg chair like the Harriet would fit beautifully too.

Keep it clean

There’s nothing worse than letting your garden furniture slip. Make sure you keep on top of cleaning and pick a model that has removable covers. The frame should be easy to wipe down with some wet wipes (good old wet wipes – I use them to clean up my garden storage bench and all garden furniture too) and the very best hanging egg chairs in the UK will not rust and make your garden experience a the better for many years to come.

As a three-seater, this one is our most expensive egg chair out of the selection at the top end price wise. According to the instructions, the PE rattan doesn’t fade in UV rays and is completely waterproof, so easy to clean.

The look of it is very attractive with the classic woven rattan style and grey cushions. This three-seater has extra cushions to act as head-rests which is a nice addition. A really nice colour as well for the garden.

It was easy to assemble, which isn’t a surprise anymore with all of these egg chairs as they come in similar parts to put together – feel like a pro at putting together swinging egg chairs now. It feels very sturdy once it’s together, which I was pleased about considering its size.

This one comes with a made-to-fit cover as well which is great with this three-seater as you wouldn’t want to be moving this one around too much (although it’s not that heavy) so having a cover to protect it against the weather is good.

I think the main reason for the price of something like is the look and style and this type of product is a bit of a luxury. But I love the multiple seat ideas, even if it is just for extra lounge space.

At mid range money, the Dawsons Living Vienna Hanging Egg Chair is the cheapest out of this lot (but only by £30 or so). It’s our classic woven rattan material in black, and it’s quite a unique shape for the egg chair as it’s less round and more squashed and oval in shape – in my mind given these price differences and comparable quality to the Brampton it really deserves a top spot so I’ve awarded it best rattan hanging egg chair overall.

This one holds slightly less weight than some of the others, most notably the Yaheetech, holding up to 136kg, but that’s still a decent hold for an egg chair, and might explain the slight difference in price. This does make the chair a little more open so might be more comfortable if you’re after more room on the sides. It gives you options as you can add cushions to tighten things up if you want.

The structure seems very strong and the assembly was very easy – noticed it was well packaged as well. I like the covering on the cushions as they act as pretty water resistant so make the chair very suitable for outdoors. This is definitely a quality option, and good to bear in mind that it’s a little cheaper than the others, but do note that it’s a slightly different shape so depends on what you’re after in terms of comfort and style. Given it’s mid range pricing, I’m not sure I would pick it as a double but you’ll love the design so I suppose having the option is certainly better than not!

From a negative standpoint, the first thing you’ll notice is this will bang into the framework if you are after a swing seat, and not just a chair to gently rock back and forward.

Here we’ve got our first two-seater swinging egg chair at the top end of the range price wise, so definitely a pricy purchase. Sold with the two-seater grey cushion, the Scotrade Siena Hanging Snuggle Egg Chair is a nice upgrade to the standard egg chair and I have to say it’s my top pick four doubles based on price and comfort. Whilst not as luxurious as the SunTime Brampton there’s still a lot to like and if you check online there’s a glut of bad reviews which basically pertain to price. Unfortunately there has been an explosion of costs in the garden world – these used to be a hundred quid cheaper – I really didn’t like how they couldn’t be bothered to remove the old price tags though. However, after the price issue (which is the same with all hanging egg chairs, this thing is a lovely unit. I know – you’re still wishing you could buy this at the old price – sorry that is well well gone. The manufacture, import tax, and shipping costs are now higher than the old price!

It can sit two, albeit a little bit as the title suggests it’s a ‘snuggle’ seat. I’d want to add a couple of extra cushions so you could put your feet up and have more reclining space for one – in fact for one person with a load of cushions this is absolutely super and the same can be said for couples or parents who want to sit with their kids. I probably wouldn’t jump in this with a random friend or associate though!

scotrade G19 Comfortable Stylish Siena Hanging Egg Chair – best of the double

The look is similar to the other styles with a nice woven texture and grey in colour so this one is definitely another attractive option for your garden or home.

It’s a similar kind of assembly job to the others, except obviously the dimensions are bigger at 136 x 75 x 114cm. Can confirm it is a comfy one, especially with the addition of extra cushions to prop against the sides.

This chair is quite attractive and sweet. Made of a woven, white rattan, the Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair is egg shaped and free-standing so it really does add a bit of something to the garden. The grey cushions it comes with are a nice colour too, and match the chair really nicely. However when I say white Rattan, it should be perfectly clear that this is ‘rattan effect’. It looks good to my eyes but when sitting up close you’ll notice it for sure.

At nearly a meter in width (94.5cm), it doesn’t take up too much space but provides a decent sized seat for one. According to the instructions, this one can hold up to 150kg like the CGC and apart from design pretty much compares identically in heavy duty build quality.

In terms of the build, it will take you a little while to get this out the packaging – so don’t be too lazy to get up and get a knife to open it – you’ll regret fighting this open without one! Not their fault and I see the heavy duty packaging as a plus not a minus myself. After you eventually get all the parts out, the assembly is pretty simple. You get three main pieces – the chair, the base, and the pole. I would compare the assembly to putting together a simple clothes rail so very low on the actual list of DIY skill required.

I also noticed that the cushion covers are zipped up which is useful if you want to wash them at any point – which you probably would if you’re wanting to keep it outside.

Once I got the chair up, I put it out on some decking and I have to say, I’m kind of in love with the look of it. It’s nearly 2 meters tall (at 196cm) and the chair is adjustable. I did forget though that when you sit on it, the chair does sink obviously. So the chair is a bit closer to the ground than I was imagining. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though – it just depends on your preference and height.

Apart from that, the chair was really comfortable.

And you can take this one apart again which is really useful if you’re planning on keeping it outside for the summer but don’t want it to be a permanent fixture to the garden.

At midd range money again, this one comes in at mid-range out of three of the egg chairs from this selection.

Slightly more expensive than the last product but still in the mid range and a direct competitor to the Dawsons, the CGC Brown Hand Weaved Rattan Rust Proof Egg Swing Chair is a nice alternative in a brown metal and rattan style. Similar to the last one, this one also comes with nice grey cushions. I like the overall look of it judging from pictures – a nice, standard weave design. When compared it’s a hard pick between the two and I just give it to the Dawsons on price – the quality I would say is almost identical except it’s built for heavier people with a weight rating to match the most heavy duty Yaheetech – it’s going to boil down to what you prefer in terms of finish – the modern rattan or this hand weaved brown look. I would say though, the additional weight rating pushes this in to that elusive heavy duty category – and probably worth the additional money if you’re looking for a longer term option!

The assembly is really easy – much like the last one. And I like that they give you covers for the chair if you want to keep it outside to protect it from the weather. Having covers is a big deal – some make you pay an extra 40-50 quid for these so in my mind the ones with a cover included are giving you a discount. You really can’t live without covers unless you intend to bring your cushions in everyday or perhaps stand this under a gazebo.

I love the look of this one too; I’m kind of thinking my garden is just going to be filled with swinging egg chairs at this point 😀 a shopaholic reviewing a product they love is never a good thing! The cushions are comfortable and feel like good quality – again, the covers can be washed which is a good touch.

Also wanted to note that we’ve heard great things about the CGC customer service – just thought I’d throw that in here. They are best known for lighting but clearly found a decent egg chair and stocked it – the fact you can’t find one negative review across the entire internet with regards to this egg chair says it all!

I think this one would look good with a few extra cushions as well if you want to brighten it up.

CGC Brown Hand Weaved Rattan Rust Proof Egg Swing Chair

The GardenCo Milan Hanging Egg Chair is reasonably my best budget pick – I’m not going to waste your time here, the most important thing you need to know is this can only handle 120kg of weight – fine for most but inferior to the Yaheetech and CGC – even the lower rated Dawsons has it pipped by 16kg. So if you don’t feel like this is going to take a beating and you’re light then read on – it’s a bargain for you.

The first thing you’re going to notice once you’ve assembled this unit is just how lovely the cushions are – I would say comparable in comfort to the luxury Brampton. This is where cracks start to appear in an otherwise perfect product though – the covers aren’t removable and as you know that’s a big deal to me. Let’s assume you have pets or kids – you’re going to need to fork out on covers to protect them – otherwise say bye bye to that perfect look on your first bottle of red wine 😀

However, the criticism is probably a bit on the harsh side – remember we are talking about a product that is considerably cheaper and so there has to be a sensible bit of give and take here.

The other thing to consider is the opening is much wider and flatter like the Dawson, not like the deeper cocoon shape when compared – to say the Brampton. This may suit some but do pay attention to it – unless you load up with cushions would won’t get that squashed cramped effect you can otherwise expect from a cocoon shape (some may not like this feeling anyway – those aren’t words you normally associate with positive!).

Overall for a budget – though, if you weigh under 18 stone (or you and the pets/kids), this is going to be a sensible pick and save you a fair few quid. Beyond the weight rating I have absolutely no problems with the quality on display here. Just remember it’s the plain natural wood that’s this bargain price at the moment – not all models!

So, I’ve included this one just because it’s quite a unique shape for the hanging egg chair – it’s currently out of stock so the next time I review this, if it’s not back I will remove but I am hesitant to do so as it is extremely unique and interesting – it may well lead you down a different path in terms of egg chair selection – variety is the spice of life!

Still in the middle range, the Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Sun Lounger is much less rounded and more of a swinging sun lounger and isn’t really comparable to anything else in this review – how we love unique and interesting 🙂 The actual metal frame of the chair is like a tear-drop shape with a long lounger-like grey cushion. Just thought this was an interesting one to throw in the mix. The first thing you’ll notice (and love) is the wide wide floor base. This makes it much more sturdy for swinging. You’re getting a swing chair and sun lounger all thrown into one with this option!

The actual chair is good quality, including the cushion, which is to be expected given the price. I like that you can get this one in three different colour combinations; white/grey, black/white, and brown/cream – I personally went for the last option because I think it’s a nice aesthetic combination, although I would say the cushion is more grey-toned.

The only thing I’ll say about this one is that, unlike most of the other products, you do have to pay extra if you want to get a tailored cover – this takes the price up to the higher end of mid range, (it’s an extra £40 for the cover). A bit of a shame but perhaps where the price is shown more is from the lounger shape.

In terms of downside, you have to say there’s not much in terms of swing available to you, it’ll bang on the back of the framework. This is a common problem with all hanging egg chairs though!

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