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Best outdoor garden bean bags[UK]: top bean bag sofas

For lazy days spent in the garden. For soaking up those extra hours of sunshine. For when a proper chair is just too much.

Enter the bean bag chair & sofa. The ultimate reclining and relaxing squashy piece to sink into. Not a luxury but a necessity, because honestly I’ve spent hours laid down on one of these (partly because getting up from one of these is a bit of an effort). It’s a completely different feeling to a sun lounger, or the new more modern zero gravity chair idea and I love it!

I love a bean bag chair because, apart from the comfort, they’re so easy to move around – whether you need to store it away or, like me, you just want to be able to carry it around the garden to chase those last bits of evening sun.

From waterproof to leather (hear me out), I’ve got a selection of bean bag chairs & sofas and the benefits of certain materials over the other.

If you want to see the buyer’s guide to outdoor bean bags & sofas, keep reading (or skip to the end)…

Happy lounging on the best outdoor garden bean bags!

Comparison table: Best outdoor garden bean bags[UK]: top bean bag sofas

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Bean Bag Bazaar Panelled Classic Bean Bag Chair

  • Classic, retro bean bag chair
  • Made in durable, water resistant fabric that is easy to wipe clean...
  • Classic rounded shape with a deep seat that creates a high-back and a supportive chair shape as you sink...
  • Lightweight Design - Easy to move around the home
  • British Made - Designed and made in Northumberland

Extra Large Giant Beanbag Black - Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag

  • Extra Large Beanbag suitable for many applications
  • Comes With Filling, High Quality Beans and Fire resistant BS5852 Standard
  • Cool, contemporary, comfortable seating
  • Waterproof and Stain Resistant
  • Six positions (refer to photos to see different positions)

Bean Bag Bazaar High Back Chair and Footstool Combo

  • High Back Bean Bag and Matching Footstool combo
  • Comfy bucket seat and supportive high back
  • Safe and Secure - durable fabric
  • Modern Design - comes in a range of bright and fun colours...
  • British Made - Designed and made in Northumberland

ComfyTrends Waterproof Cube Bean Bag Indoor Outdoor Footstool Square Pouffe

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS : 1 x Bean Bag Only
  • There are many colours available that you can use to match with accessories or other furniture in your house...
  • SIZE & DIMENSION : These Square Footstools Measures
  • MATERIAL : High Quality Waterproof Polyester Fabric makes it usable indoor and outdoor....
  • CARES : Easy Wipe Clean

Bean Bag Bazaar Two Seater Faux Leather Bean Bag Sofa, Black

  • EVERYDAY LIVING – Made for a laid-back lifestyle with its relaxing and modern design...
  • SINK-IN COMFORT - Cosy up close together with a loved one in this sofa-sized slouchy beanbag big enough for...
  • OVERSIZED STATEMENT – Ideal as a portable sofa for when you want to take lounging from one room to...
  • LUXURY FAUX LEATHER – Made in soft
  • BRITISH QUALITY - Designed and made in Britain

Big Bertha Original Modular Sofa Bean Bag, Zips Together - Aqua Blue

  • IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Matching Footstool NOT included
  • 3+ Colours to choose from
  • Constructed with our own Smartcanvas technical fabric
  • Modular System, zips together
  • Includes SupremeX premium grade beanbag filling

This is your classic, retro bean bag chair. Available in 12 colours, the Bean Bag Bazaar Panelled Classic is a good option for not too much money.

I’ve gone for the orange colour but I definitely had my eye on a couple more – nice and vibrant. Looks good outside next to all the plants.

It’s rounded in shape with a deep seat so it provides some support (at least for your lower back). Luckily, I’m not too tall so I can fit into it pretty comfortably but I have heard from some of our customers that they wouldn’t choose this bean bag for taller people – a lot have purchased this one for their children (teenagers).

It measures 84W x 84D x 70H cm so take from that what you will depending on your own height. This is always something I’d say to consider when buying this kind of thing if you’re worried about specific back support/comfort.

It’s very lightweight so it’s easy to move around. The material is water resistant and easy to wipe clean which is a good plus if you’re mainly wanting to keep this bean bag outdoors.

The ComfyTrends Waterproof Cube Bean Bag is a good one if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option to the last one. Around half the price, you also get the option of 12 colours to choose from.

The main difference between the two is the size as these are smaller at a size medium (which can explain the price difference), measuring 40cm x 40cm x 40cm.

Another difference is the shape as these are more square so it depends what you find more comfy! This one is more study and so comes out as more of a stool I would say.

I don’t think this is necessarily the one you could sink into as it’s not your typical saggy bean bag, but it does make it slightly more multi-functional for that reason. Makes a great footstool, for example. And I’ve heard from customers they’ve been using them as small tables and even extra cushions for their laptops.

The material is very easy to wipe clean so would pass the water resistance test. Perhaps this is the more practical option depending on the level of comfort you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a big bean bag, then the Extra Large Giant Beanbag Black is the way to go. Flattened into a square shape, this measures 140cm x 180cm.

It’s described as ‘MASSIVE’ – it is big but don’t go crazy. I’d still say, after sitting on it, it’s most comfortable for one person. Could fit two people if you’re after more of a flat, padded cushion.

What caught my eye is the pictures showing the 6 different positions you can use this. Now I’ve tried them out – not entirely convinced. It is comfy but could do with some more filling because when you sit down the filling can just move to the sides.

I have discovered that you can actually order more beans though if you fancy filling it up! (Not sure I could be bothered but it’s worth mentioning because that would elevate this product).

The material – a vinyl fabric – isn’t as comfy as some other bean bags but it is very hard wearing. Feels very strong which is good for an outdoor beanbag as you don’t have to worry about hard ground/stones or anything ruining the fabric.

Does have a bit of a chemically smell but that’s fair enough considering the material (and obviously isn’t as noticeable outside).

I’d say the filling issue is understandable and this is still a good bean bag for the price.

So this one is like a piece of furniture. In a chair shape, the Bean Bag Bazaar High Back Chair and Footstool Combo looks really comfy with back support and even a footstool! At 115cm H x 50cm W, this one comes out a decent size.

Comes in 7 different colours which is good if you’re planning on keeping this around as a permanent addition to your garden (or your living room). It’s pretty well priced considering what you get.

So I’ve sat on the chair and it does offer some support but if you’re looking for proper chair-like support then prop it against the wall – depends on what you’re asking from your bean bag chair.

Now I’ve tried it, I’d say it’s definitely not the comfiest out of the selection here. Unlike the Extra Large Giant Beanbag, this one is very filled so it’s not one you can squish into as much. A bit slippy as well because of the material – but the plus side of this is that it does seem weather resistant and so easy to wipe and clean.

Might be slightly overthinking this considering it’s a bean bag chair…

The positives are it’s a good one for outdoors, especially when you need an extra chair for guests or whoever because it’s a bit more supportive than a squashy bean bag. I do like the stool – big plus that it comes with that.

5. Big Bertha Original Modular Sofa Bean Bag, Zips Together - Aqua Blue

I mean I have to say that this is a bit of a niche one – a bean bag sofa. The Big Bertha Original Modular Sofa Bean Bag did catch my eye because you just don’t see many bean bag sofas. Definitely worth adding to this selection because it’s different – and, who knows, if you’re really into bean bags then this could be the cherry on top!

I haven’t heard too much buzz surrounding this product – I’m not sure how many of our customers would be gravitating towards this as a product in general? It does make me question whether I really want a bean bag sofa in my garden. Honestly, I’m not sure yet. It’s a bold colour (in aqua blue) but would look nice in a garden as it’s bright and cheery.

So, you can get the sofa to be either a 2-seater or 3-seater depending on what you’re after. It’s pretty easy to assemble because you just zip the sections together. I went for the 2 piece sofa which measures 75cm H x 140cm W x 65 D. Also you can pay extra to get a pouffe with it to use as a footstool.

Not sure about this one personally but if you’re into the bean bags, then I’d say go for it! It would be a fun addition to any garden. And it does unzip so it’s easier to put away than I originally thought it’d be.

Right, so hear me out. I know leather doesn’t scream weather-resistant, outdoor material. BUT if you’re looking for something to mainly be inside, in your living room or something, then the Bean Bag Bazaar Two Seater Faux Leather Sofa is one to consider.

Because you can move it – it doesn’t have to stay outdoors if you have somewhere you can leave it when it rains. (Or you can get a cover). I do have to say that obviously leather and sunlight aren’t the best match (especially because sitting on black leather that’s been left out in the sun? Not a good idea), but a good one to bring out to sit in the shade.

So it does seem that I’m heavily backing something which isn’t the most practical outside bean bag from the selection but it just looks so comfy! And it’s a sofa so it can fit two people which is a plus.

Now, after taking it out the packaging and filling it with the provided balls; I can confirm it is very comfy. It’s also a very decent size – bigger than I expected – so easily fits two people.

It also comes in the choice of two colours (brown or black) – I went for the brown one because I’m jumping on the chocolate brown hype.

Buyer’s Guide To Bean Bag Chairs & Sofas

A few comments and tips I’ve picked up along the way when reviewing these bean bag chairs & sofas.

It’s all about the filling…

What always sticks out for me when looking at bean bags (whether thats a pouffe, chair or sofa) is how well they’re filled. Now, either way isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing depending on the style of the product and what you prefer; something harder or squishier, something comfier vs something that might provide more support (as much as a bean bag can).

The more specifically shaped bean bags i.e. the sofa and the chair have more filling to maintain their shape. In the case of the chair & pouffe combo, this took away from the bean bag feel a little, but ensured it was sturdy. In the case of the leather sofa, this wasn’t overfilled, but didn’t need to have as strict of a shape.

What’s worth bearing in mind is just how much structure and shape you need it to have. And you can buy more filling if you want to!

Indoor options

I just wanted to make a quick note that, although most of the products above are specified to be suitable for outdoors (because of their material etc), you can make your own judgement.

Ask yourself how much you want to be moving the bean bag around (if you need to store it), where you place the bean bag (if you want to protect it from the sun, for example), and ultimately how you want it to look. I would just say don’t limit yourself because there are always covers, shade, and a space inside if you’ve got one.

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