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Best zero gravity chair [UK]: top patio chairs for back pain

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There are tons of ways to relax in the garden in the UK – it could be a little gardening, taking a little rest in the hammock, or just laying in the sun having fun, every garden needs the best patio chair set and that’s where a zero gravity chair come in, similar to a sun lounger, just much more cool! They are a newish concept and super cool. They’re a great feature for any garden, and whilst they’re needed to rest your legs, they’re a great way to make visitors feel at home. Despite that, they can get uncomfortable, and that’s why you need to buy a zero gravity patio chair for maximum comfort and you can spend literally hours in these things happily, A word of warning, they are so comfy you may end up burnt! If there’s enough sunshine you may well want to consider a shade sail as well!

Best zero gravity chair

However, you may not have heard of zero gravity chairs before, so what are they? Well, they’re effectively chairs that allow you to recline your legs and lie flat, feeling what some describe as a “weightless” sensation. This explains the term zero gravity, and this ability to lay flat instead of sitting upright is far more comfortable than a standard chair. It also puts much less strain on the back compared to a standard chair…and they’re perfect for sunbathing too!

That said, there are a few key aspects of a zero gravity patio chair that you need to consider before buying. They’re not overly expensive and if you’re someone who struggles with back pain, they’re just what you need. Whatever your needs, this review will help you decide which zero gravity patio chair is right for you.

Comparison table: Best zero gravity chair [UK]: top patio chairs for back pain

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Outsunny Garden Deck Folding Reclining Chair Sun Lounger

  • ✅ZERO GRAVITY DESIGN: Provides a weightless experience
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE RECLINER: Can be positioned and locked in any way to suit your needs....
  • ✅STURDY STEEL FRAME: Anti-peel and corrosion resistant
  • ✅PADDED HEADREST: Gives extra support and comfort
  • ✅FOLDABLE: Can be moved and stored away easily

Azuma Garden Chair Texteline Zero Gravity Recliner Seat

  • Azuma Zero Gravity Garden Relaxer Chair
  • Made from silver grey marl texteline
  • Reclines smoothly to any angle from upright to almost horizontal
  • Folds flat for easy transport & storage
  • Max weight capacity: 100kg (15st 10lbs)

Kingfisher Reclining Zero Gravity Sun Chair Lounger - Twin Pack

  • Pair of reclining chairs
  • Places the body as if in mid-air
  • Waterproof black textoline fabric
  • Reclines through many positions Padded adjustable and removable headrest
  • Dimensions: 182cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 113cm (H) Folds down to: 93cm x 68cm x 16cm Weight: 9kgs...

SUNMER Set of 2 Sun Lounger Garden Chairs With Cup And Phone Holder

  • SET OF TWO SUN LOUNGER GARDEN CHAIRS: These SUNMER Sun Lounger Garden Chairs are the ideal way to soak...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing just 8KG per chair
  • ADJUSTABLE: These SUNMER Sun Loungers can be reclined between 30° and 90° making them ideal for summer snoozes...
  • STRONG AND STURDY: The lightweight powder-coated steel frame will prevent rusting on the chairs...
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 95.5cm x 25cm x 60cm | UNFOLDED CHAIR SIZE: 165cm x 65cm x 110cm | FOLDED CHAIR...

Marko Outdoor Reclining Sun Lounger Zero Gravity Folding Chair

  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Lightweight Steel Frame
  • Textoline Fabric - Dries quickly and can be wiped clean
  • Moveable Head Pillow Cushion
  • Max Load: 100KG

Of all the zero gravity patio chairs from our list, the Azuma Textilene recliner takes the spot of first place. It has everything you need for a patio chair and comes at a price of £60, which isn’t a huge setback for your wallet. Azuma is a well-known brand and rarely disappoint their customers, which is evident from over 500 reviews averaging at four and a half stars.

You can recline the chair back as much as you want, even to be completely horizontal if you fancy, so you really have flexibility with this chair. The reclining mechanism is straightforward and easy to use, so you can quickly alternate between sitting upright and lying down. The way the seat is suspended means your weight can spread out evenly, meaning you’re at your most comfortable at all times.

The chair itself is made from alloy steel with Textilene (high strength PVC), so you get the strength you need but with a good looking finish. On top of that, there’s a huge colour range available all for similar prices, so you can buy the version which suits your garden the most. Measuring at 66 x 15 x 97 cm, it’s compact enough to fit nicely under a table or be folded for easy storage-the choice is yours.

Whilst it’s comfy already, the adjustable pillow really makes a difference. Since a pillow is a key aspect of a zero gravity patio chair, the fact it’s adjustable makes life a lot more comfortable. The armrests are easily adjustable too, so not only can you change your seat angle, you can change all the small things to really make sure you’re comfortable.

This makes this chair the best for those with back pain, as for a reasonable price, you have a chair that is fully adjustable and will hold your weight evenly. It’s easy to adjust too, so you don’t have to fuss to get that perfect position. As well as this, you can easily fold this compact patio chair and take it with you wherever you go, as it’s light enough to carry and easily folds out again.

Since this chair is perfect for the back, as well as being at a reasonable price, it also has some basic properties which guarantee its reliability. It’s UV resistant, so you can sunbathe as much as you want and not have to worry. It’s also anti-rust and weather-resistant, so it’s perfect for the garden. This chair will last you and is not made of cheap but fancy material, so you don’t need to worry about it in the long term.

Overall, this chair is guaranteed to bring you the most comfort and is sold at an affordable and reasonable price. Its adjustable headrest and armrest mean you get the comfort, but the range of colours and smooth PVC finish means you can make it look aesthetic in any garden. For £60, you can get a long-lasting, back-friendly patio chair that looks good in your garden.

2. Kingfisher Reclining Zero Gravity Sun Chair Lounger - Twin Pack

Coming in second place is the Kingfisher reclining lounger twin set, amazon’s choice from the range of zero gravity patio chairs available. Whilst this is a duo set, it comes at an amazing price of £98.95, being the cheapest on our list. With over 500 ratings averaging at 4 and a half stars, the two chairs have clearly gone down well with customers.
If two chairs aren’t what you need, then you can buy one on its own for £54.95, so the choice is yours. It’s made from a durable steel frame and from Textilene fabrics, so it looks good as well as being strong. Furthermore, it has an adjustable headrest, so you can alter this patio chair to whatever position is most comfortable for you.

Whilst this chair is great value for money and has what you need in a zero gravity patio chair, it has a couple of drawbacks that stop it from being in top place. Compared to the Azuma recliner in first place, the reclining mechanism is a bit difficult to grasp at first, and many reviews/questions have stated this. Furthermore, the textilene material appears to look pretty thin on photos, so it doesn’t quite reassure you that it can hold weight.

Whilst there is no large colour range available, the sleek black look is pretty generic, and so it would suit any garden. This is a great patio chair if you’re on a budget, as despite its few drawbacks, it’s the price that means this product comes in second place.

Kingfisher Reclining Zero Gravity Sun Chair Lounger - Twin Pack

The Marko outdoor reclining sun lounger is everything you need in a patio chair, and its simplicity is what puts it in third place. Priced at £59.99, it comes in a sleek black style with other available colour options, with an additional option to purchase two. It’s made of alloy steel and Textilene fabric, much like the other reliable zero gravity patio chairs on this list.

It’s similar in another way to the previous two patio chairs discussed as it has an average rating of four and a half stars. Alongside this, reviews have commonly mentioned their easy setup and how lightweight they are. The adjustable headset and ability to recline flat makes this particular product perfectly suitable for your garden.

The reason it’s in third place instead of fourth is because of two things: the colour and its reclining mechanism. The colour looks like sleek black online, but quite a few people have reported it doesn’t actually look like this when out in the garden. As for the reclining mechanism, this has been noted to be a bit confusing, which isn’t ideal for relaxing.

Nevertheless, these aren’t issues withhold this product back from coming third, especially with the value for money and its simplicity. The colour doesn’t seem to deviate too much from what’s seen online, so this isn’t too much of an issue in reality. Finally, as for the reclining mechanism, make sure to read the instructions! This will tell you all that you need to know.

Coming in fourth place on this list is another two-set of recliners from C&S, priced at £109. This is another one of amazon’s choices, so apart from being ever so slightly higher in price, they’re quite similar to the kingfisher set talked about above. They also come in a sleek black colour and rate at an average of 4 and a half stars.

It has an included cup holder and adjustable headset, so you have two accessories that make lying down in the sun that bit easier (it’s hard work, obviously!) and more comfortable. It’s easy to assemble and waterproof, as well as being reported to feel sturdy and robust. For the price of £109, it’s great value for money.

However, there have been problems reported with this chair, but not in all cases. Some have reported that their products have been faulty and therefore dangerous, with others saying that the cup holder tore when they used it and the chair felt “cheap”. Whilst this sounds a little intense, it’s likely this is down to a faulty product, as many of the other 200+ reviews talk highly of the product.

This chair has everything you need and is a great bargain, but the reason it’s only in fourth place is because of the reported faults and potential issues it has. If any of those issues apply to you then refund your product, as the many other reviews don’t state these problems occurring.

Abaseen Set of Two Zero Gravity Reclining Sun Loungers In Black

Well, based on the name of the product, you can probably tell why we like it-a cup and phone holder! It might not be the first thing to look for in a zero gravity patio chair, but it certainly comes in handy when you’re out in the garden. It looks pretty similar to the other products, particularly the Marco, but its black design is more of a matte style and actually looks a lot nicer.
It has an adjustable head pillow, an easy reclining mechanism and overall it’s pretty easy to set up. On top of that, it’s compact and easily foldable, so you can take it wherever you want. It’s also lightweight for the same reason, but it’s still made of alloy steel and Textilene, so you still get that strength.

It may be amazon’s bestseller, but it doesn’t come top of our list for a few reasons. Firstly, the price is a bit too steep, coming in at £134.99 for two. Secondly, there have been reports of rust after a while, which has implications for its strength. Finally, it doesn’t fully recline back, so lying down is a no go for this product.

However, the rust issue is not guaranteed and for your back pain, you don’t need to fully lay down to relax the most. These are only a couple of small issues, but for the price you’re paying compared to the other products on this list, you don’t quite get the best value for money.

Coming last on our list is the Outsunny reclining chair, a great option with the highest rating on Amazon with 5 stars! However, this is only the average rating for three people, and whilst it’s still a good option (it wouldn’t be on our list if it wasn’t), there are a couple of aspects that need to be addressed.

Outsunny is popular amongst customers for its outdoor products, and this reclining lounger did not disappoint either ergonomically or aesthetically. The black colour is similar to the other products and looks smooth, and the steel frame and Textilene fabric guarantees the quality. The adjustable headrest and ability to recline fully back will really help you get comfortable too.

However, it’s priced at £65.99, which is just too expensive for a product that you can get cheaper just by looking at this list. Realistically, it looks almost identical to the Marko and C&S recliners, which are cheaper overall and rate better as products. On top of this, the lack of reviews left is always concerning, as this means you aren’t aware of any potential problems/issues to be concerned about prior to buying.

Nevertheless, it’s still on the list, so you have our approval that it’s a great quality zero gravity patio chair and were confident it can help you with your back pain. All we would say is consider the products discussed above first, as the chances are you can get exactly what you want but for cheaper.


Zero Gravity Patio Chairs Buying guide

The options above are our highest rated zero gravity patio chairs currently out there, so there’s no doubt you have a range to choose from. That said, you need to keep in mind a few important features to look out for when buying to ensure you get the best product. To help you out, we’ve covered the most important features of a zero gravity patio chair to consider when buying below.


If you struggle with back pain, this is the most important feature to consider when looking for the right patio chair. Your product needs to be able to recline far enough so that you can at least lay back and rest your legs. It doesn’t need to go back completely so you’re lying down, but just enough so that you’re not sat upright. This will allow you to alter the reclining angle to what suits you, ensuring you stay comfortable.

Furthermore, an easy reclining mechanism wouldn’t go a miss, as this just makes it easier to relax. As we’ve already said, read the instructions carefully to make sure you know how to operate the chair, otherwise, this could get quite irritating. An adjustable pillow will also allow you to position your head wherever is most comfortable when lying or sitting, so it’s a key feature to look for too.


Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do on a patio chair is fall through it. It doesn’t matter how big or heavy you are, a patio chair should have enough strength to hold your body up completely and with ease. It is going to be holding your entire body weight, after all, so you need to feel reassured that it won’t just collapse when you sit down to rest your legs.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you look to see if the product is made of either steel or alloy steel. This means that you’ll get the strength you need, as plastic chairs can’t hold as much weight. As well as this, the Textilene fabric found in the products discussed is a high strength polyester fabric, which basically means it’s strong enough to hold your weight. This really makes a difference in how much weight the chair can hold and is another key structural feature to consider.

Outdoor Suitability

This might seem obvious, but features such as water protection and corrosion resistance are key features that will affect how long your product lasts. Whilst you can always take it indoors, it’s better to have a waterproof recliner, preferably quick-drying, so you don’t get it ruined. Resistance to rust or corrosion is also likely with steel or alloy steel, but again, you should double-check if this is the case. This information can be found in product specifications.

Not only do features affected by weathering matter, but the suitability for outdoor use anywhere (beach, camping) matter too. To get the most out of your money, look for a zero gravity patio chair that you can easily transport to places such as the beach or a campsite. This means you can get the most out of your product without it just staying in your garden, so make sure to look for a product that is compact and easily foldable.

Whilst there are a few more aspects that might jump out to you as important, such as cup holders or colour, these are the three main points to consider. If your product doesn’t have these qualities, then it’s unlikely that your zero gravity patio chair is going to be right for you. The products reviewed take into account these important aspects to ensure you get the best product for you and your back pain needs.

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