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UK’s best wheelie bin storage made from wood and plastic – 2 and 3 bin systems tested and reviewed

This article was last updated on December 9th, 2021 at 6:42 am

Wheelie bin stores are specifically designed to hide unsightly wheelie bins with the rider that they are still easy access and offer adequate protection from seagulls and other scavengers whilst neatly stored away which is a much needed step up when compares to wheelie bin screens alone. Some also come with useful solid locking points to stop passers by tampering with your rubbish – you wouldn’t believe how many people do that these days, sorry to sound crass, but it’s disgusting. I wouldn’t dream of putting my rubbish in my neighbours bins, unless I knew them I would still probably be too embarrassed to ask.

The worst possible thing I can think of is my bin turned over or raided – and the best wheelie bin storage really does make your property look all the neater too – especially if you store your bins in the front garden and with design improvements the best wheelie bin storage options now have some nifty options that still allow easy access.

Wheelie bin storage really tidies up the front garden

PRO TIP: Don’t get caught out, read the listing clearly. It’s no good saying I’ve got a black bin or a green wheelie bin – there are no set sizes per colour, for example green ranges from 80L all the way up to 1100L! Some of these wheelie bin storage units are designed for the smaller 140 Litre wheelie bins (TOOMAX or the Keter Store it Out Nova) , not the larger standard 240 Litre bins for domestic waste that are standard from the council – you want to look at the Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage for the larger bins. The dimensions you really want to be careful of are 750mm wide for the large 240L and 480mm wide for the 140L.

The last easy giveaway as to whether two 120L or two 240L bins will fit is volume – the smaller 120L will have an 850 total litre volume, whereas the larger bin size is around 1200L This should definitely be enough info to distinguish between the two.

Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage – piston hinges still hold the lid unassisted after years of use and designed for larger bins

Wheelie bin storage units are typically made from wood or plastic, both of which have their pros and cons. Whilst wood looks more natural, some of the best wheelie bin stores are made from plastic as wooden ones will inevitably rot and decay. Normally I’m not a huge advocate of the plastic but seeing as it’s something that’ll need cleaning only, no maintenance. I am coming around to the idea. By contrast wood at some point down the line will need a stain or wood preserver. Now that you know my general mindset and stance on these (my what you need to know about wheelie bin storage buyers guide expands on that), please take a look at our best wheelie bin storage picks:

Best wheelie bin storage – editor top picks:

Best wheelie bin storage overall: Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage – No question best of the best – designed for larger 240 Litre standard wheelie bins
Best wooden wheelie bin storage: MonsterShop Double Wheelie Bin Store on a budget and Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store if you want the best of the best
Best plastic wheelie bin storage: Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed
Best small wheelie bin storage: TOOMAX or the Keter Store it Out Nova – prefer the Keter
Best rattan contemporary style: VidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed
Budget: Keter Store it Out Nova for 120L and Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed for 240L
Heavy duty wheelie bin storage pick: Keter Store-It Out Ultra Outdoor Garden Storage, Bike Shed, Bin Store

Wheelie bin stores are specifically designed to hide unsightly wheelie bins with the rider that they are still easy access and offer adequate protection from seagulls and other scavengers whilst neatly stored away which is a much needed step up when compares to wheelie bin screens alone. Some also come with useful solid locking points to stop passers by tampering with your rubbish – you wouldn’t believe how many people do that these days, sorry to sound crass, but it’s disgusting. I wouldn’t dream of putting my rubbish in my neighbours bins, unless I knew them I would still probably be too embarrassed to ask. So let’s have a look at this insightful wheelie bin storage guide I promised:

What you need to know about wheelie bin storage

One of the single most frustrating things for buyers is the sizing. You’ve got three sizes that are typical in the UK – 120,140, and 240 litres – Luckily with the standardised sizes make it pretty standard but you think you’ve got a massive bargain with the Keter Store it Out Nova then it turns out it’s only good for the littler wheelie bins 😀 How many people fall foul of that you wouldn’t believe – just look at the reviews. I don’t think I know a product category marked down so hard industry wide as a result but if you’ve come to my listing then you/re safe as houses – I make a point of clearing noting what each bin is for before you drop your hard earned cash!


Putting your wheelie bin storage solution together has to be priority 1. Yes it’s pretty easy if you go for the plastic Keter range or even the TOOMAX or the VidaXL. You open the pack and it’s painfully obvious what to do. The units just slot and click together:

Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage super clear assembly

However, the wooden versions are extremely easy for someone with DIY skills and an impact driver or cordless drill. Without those you’re pretty much in trouble. I wouldn’t dream of taking on a plastic storage solution without a drill, let alone the wooden versions which screw harder and even need a socket set depending on which model you go for (Rowlinson range).

Don’t take this the wrong way – I’m just trying to be transparent – I prefer the look of the wood, plastic units take about half an hour – the hardest bit is screwing the back together – whereas you can burn a couple of hours on the wooden wheelie bin storage options.

Here’s a look at the most common unit – the Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage– this is the older max version but pretty much identical to their newer version you’ll be buying if you follow my link:

Assisted lift with piston hinges and chains

This is literally chalk and cheese. The biggest weakness which we will go into more in the wood vs plastic is an assisted lift piston – this will completely change how comfortable one of these units is to use. Sadly, the wooden versions do not have this – all plastic options in this review do but be wary – some of the Keter range I haven’t included is built without the assisted lift – I’ve left them out because the easy of use between having and not is, as I say, chalk and cheese:

Assisted piston lift can be found on the Keter range in this article

I have to say the balance is superb and leaves you two hands free if you decide to go for a Keter that has the chain arms as well like the Keter Store-It Out Ultra:

Keter Store-It Out Ultra with chain arms to you only need to lift the storage lid for bin access

Wood vs plastic

Here’s the massive dynamic. Sadly plastic units are farm more durable and better designed than timber. This is a fact, not one I like but the truth. For a start the wooden units all rely on a floor strut at the front for strength. This makes getting your wheelie bin in and out a right pain:

Rowlinson BINLRGA2 Apex Bin Store – You always have to lift over the floor strut

By contrast the plastic version all have a nice ramp with exception of the Toomax which is a bit more difficult:

Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage – far better when moving bins in and out

Size – will it fit?

I’ve covered this to some extent but I thought I’d recap – don’t buy the smaller unit thinking you’ll get anything other than 120L bins in. The heights are always quoted at their tallest and so with the slanted roof you can’t get a full height wheelie bin in at the front – this is easily the biggest problem faced by those looking to buy a unit – and lured by the cheaper price, only to realise they’ve bought the wrong item – they then lash out and leave a 1 star review which in reality is them venting at their own mistake – don’t be that statistic – I have made it crystal clean in each listing, especially if it’s for the smaller bins!

Can you secure it really?

Some units are better than others. The VidaXL and The MonsterShop for example are out and out wheelie bins that don’t have a locking mechanism. This is a bit of an issue if you have a problem with neighbours leaving rubbish in your bins, or passers by for that matter. By contrast, the Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage are far better built, and even stronger is the heavy duty Keter Store-It Out Ultra which I would have no problem recommending you to place valuable – it’s really well built.

Apex, slanted, or curved roof

A less important detail but still useful to look for. An apex/slanted roof brings the unit to life a bit more and adds more of an aesthetic feel to it’s design so if you take a look at the Rowlinson BINLRGA2 Apex Bin Store you’ll see just what I mean when you compare it to the flatter version: VidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed. This design also aids prevention of rot build up or anything similar due to difference in air and humidity circulation compared to flat roofs, only mildly, but still enough to be useful. If you can’t find any with an apex roof, an angled roof does exactly the same job and can sometimes even look better, especially if it has vents.

Specification: Material: Plastic, Easy to assemble: Two people favourable – Yes / ~30 minutes, Dimensions: 145.5 (W) x 82(Depth) x 123 (H)cm

Never has one product so convincingly dominated a category. The Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed is so far ahead in terms of sales volume as well as overall ratings I couldn’t pass it up – I have to take the chance to review and test this personally. First thing you’ll notice when you get the pieces out is just how easy this is going to be to assemble. It’s clear as day how it all slots together:

Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed super clear assembly

The side panels are a doddle, they slide in then you’ll hear a click – the back panel a bit more of a faff as it needs to be screwed together. The panel after being screwed together also needs to be screwed to the sides of the frame too. Let’s have a look at that:

Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed – here’s a look at how you screw this in – I did it with my impact driver

Once you get your unit put together, the first thing you instantly pickup on is the ramp – you realise just how useful that’s going to be. Since the opening is about 1.3m wide, a couple of large 240 Litre bins fits comfortably – you’ve got enough room to get your arms down either side so pretty generous.

I liked the little clamps for a sensible little padlock – you don’t need anything stronger than that for rubbish – it basically allows enough space for one of those cheap locks, however, you could put a heavy duty padlock, similar to the ones on my shed lock articles if you decide to use this for storage rather than as a wheelie bin store.

I’ve noticed a bit of a bend in the lid over a few years of use and the back panel isn’t as sturdy as the main body – obviously not an issue if this is backed up against something. Apart from that it’s going to be a super servant for you:

Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed -Back panel screws in but feels lightweight compared to front and sides – and the lid has a little bow from a long time of use

You can also see how the back panel slots together and the screws are fitting – without the manual this time. It’s pretty easy – some have complained the screws are a little dull but I had no problems with a Makita impact driver – you can easily get away with a cordless drill to do this.

What you’re going to like a lot though on this is the hinges that are on pistons. You lift the lid and they are essentially assisted with a pump of some type that’ll just hold the lid where you want it. A few years on and this is still going strong:

Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed – hinges on pistons still hold the lid unassisted after years of use

The piston hinges in my mind are super solid and will last for years. Some have had issues but when you compare the average unit available this Keter is light years ahead. In the smaller wheelie bin range Keter have a bit of competition from the TOOMAX but for the standard larger wheelie bins this is pretty much unrivalled and definitely deserves to be the best pick.


  • Miles ahead for the larger wheelie bins when comparing price and quality
  • Two larger wheelie bins fit easily.
  • Hinges are self hold when you lift the lid
  • Super value for money too


  • Lid can bow over a large number of years of use – overall still much less problems than competitor models.

Specification: Material: Wood, Easy to assemble: Yes two people / 120 minutes, Dimensions: 246 (W) x 240 (L) x 128 (H) cm.

Here we have the Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store designed specifically for the large standard issue domestic waste bins, this comes in different widths based on how many bins you have and if you follow my link you can pick from 1 to 3 bins. tThere’s also a recycling option too which is nice, they’ve thought of the complete solution within one design and style for the UK market – something which baffles me on the plastic range – so many of the smaller models only need to be 150mm taller and a bit wider to easily house the bigger wheelie bin as this does comfortable.

The timber is tanalised (pressure treated if you prefer). This is pretty common for external grade timber – it needs to be to stop moisture getting int the grain and causing rot. Given the way the base sits against the ground you’re going to have to turn this over every couple of years and either use a stain or wood preserver.

I have to say I very much like the way the chains pull the bin lid in synchronisation but it’s primitive compared to the Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage that have the pistons – At least they have the chains though, lifting once is far better than having to open up both storage and bin lids, it also keeps your hands off the bin – another nice touch. The timber prop to keep the lid open was a sensible idea too but as I mention, primitive compared to Keter – this is fixed to the right hand side and needs to be pulled into position, almost like you would on the bonnet of your car.

Talking at the lid – that’s probably the nicest part of the design for me – the curve looks good and compliments the slat design well. I particularly like this wooden unit and think it’s the best in the UK, which isn’t surprising considering it’s one of the far more expensive options – ultimately you get what you pay for – I have the cheaper MonsterShop Double Wheelie Bin Store coming up next if you must have wood and want a cost effective solution.


Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store

You won’t be thrilled by the hinges or catches, but they are OK – if I had to put a lifespan on this I would be rude and ask how well will you maintain it? The thing that’ll bother you the most if you’ve ever had a Keter with a ramp is the wood at the base, you’ve got to lift it up and over – this is fine if your bin is perfectly clean – not so good if it’s heavy and dirty – you’ll get your clothes dirty on the school run! Lovely…

Assembly isn’t a killer but don’t bother without a cordless drill or impact driver. I would use a nice teak oil or similar on this to set it alight!

What I don’t like though is the back – they never show you this in the sales pictures but basically this needs to be backed against a wall or you see a great big hole – like I say, fine if you are against a wall but worth noting if not:

Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store Natural Timber – rear picture with empty holes

Other than that I think this is a quality unit and you can see the braces are there to sturdy it as best as possible. You can’t go far wrong buying this.


  • Lovely wooden design, so much more natural than timber. It doesn’t really natter what you say – wood looks nicer!
  • Sensible price
  • Holds a big bin easily – generous space
  • Nice curved lid design.


  • The wooden plinth at the base will annoy you as you need to lift it over by shimmying it side to side. Eventually will lead to damage
  • The rear is an empty hole so has to be backed onto a wall or similar
  • Need a drill to put this together.

The Keter Store-It Out Ultra range is my heavy duty pick – it’s more than capable of housing two full size 240L wheelie bins with plenty of space to spare. Let’s assume you don’t want to have a fight your bins anymore, this is the unit for you. The nice ramp works well. The chains connected to the bin lid work as expected – when the piston lift assisted lid is opened, you are straight in business. No need to touch the bin.

It’s also the most secure unit in my opinion – so with a padlock on I’d have no problem leaving my valuables in here, so ideal if you’re worried about people tampering and using your bins too. This is becoming an ever increasing issue in the UK – that or the security cameras are catching these people with zero manners far more 😀

What you’ll quickly realise if you’ve ever had a Keter before, is how much more solidly constructed this one is. For a start the corners have an additional L bracket strengthening the structure:

Keter Store-It Out Ultra has an extra support L bracket

This is basically a continuation of the back support. Given the extra width and this coming in two sections it definitely need the extra support, a nice design and clearly saw the issue and fixed it. Can’t ask for more than that from a manufacturer!

Yes the unit costs more than the basic Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storagebut no, I don’t think it’s overpriced – you’re getting a legitimate bike shed come outdoor storage unit that’ll easily house a disable chair or bikes, and safely too.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Ideal for two large bins
  • Pistons work great to make the lift light and easy
  • Genuine solution for valuables too


  • The price is the only fault I can find.

Specification: Material: PE rattan, Easy to assemble: Yes / ~20 minutes, Dimensions: 148 (W) x 77 (D) x 111 (H) cm.

Next up is the VidaXl double bin shed for the larger 240L standard wheelie bins. This is priced lower end but I have to say bridges the aesthetics gap between the Keter (plastic) and the(wooden) Rowlinson. It’s made from polyethylene, a durable and long-lasting plastic, and is water resistant with a steel frame for additional support. With that said, it does give off a natural material woven look from a distance and fits in with most rattan seating setsThe first thing you’ll notice after assembly and placing your wins is how easily they’ll go over the thin metal bar that secures the base:

vidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed – quite easy to get the wheelie bin over the thin metal strut

That and it really does look good. The next thing you’re going to notice is how strong the single piston for the entire lid is. I have to say I prefer the twin piston of the larger Keter Store It Out Pro Wheelie Bin Storage but it works and is well known to last – I would probably say the weld on the piston to the frame is weaker – this unit has been around for years since I first reviewed it:

vidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed a look at the piston

Some have complained about the quality with a noted bit of rust – I would say this isn’t for a hard life but as a contemporary design that you go steady with you will be fine – rust is not what I’ve noticed. The hinges hold up well and the top bar at the front doesn’t open up which really sturdies the design but also conversely makes it a little more awkward to lift your bins through – nothing overly untoward though.


  • Lovely looking bridges the gap between wood and plastic in terms of looks as well as fitting contemporary settings with rattan furniture
  • Decent hinges
  • Very well prices


  • Not the strongest wheelie bin storage but looks great
  • Single piston arm bothers me a little.

Specification: Material: Plastic, Easy to assemble: Yes / ~20 minutes, Dimensions: 129.5 (L) x 74.5 (W) x 111 (H) cm

Now time for our best small wheelie bin (120L) plastic option, the TOOMAX Storaway shed box. This is priced sensibly, inline with the Keter Nova, and doesn’t it look really similar in terms of design:

Toomax Stora Way Garden looks great and very similar to the Keter design

When you look at the costs, the quality, and price, it is pretty unsurprising to me that it’s a best seller on amazon, right up there with the Keter range – and that’s a serious compliment. The Toomax combines as garden storage nicely, just a bit smaller than the outdoor storage sheds.

For the money, you get a durable and sturdy storage box that fits two smaller bins comfortably. The outward opening doors bolt from the front with a the same shed lock keep style as the newer Keter range. I use and lift the top lid up when throwing rubbish away. The nice colour contrasting wood-effect design makes it look a little bit more natural despite the fact it’s plastic, so in my mind this will work in both a modern and contemporary setting as well as one a little more rustic, perhaps not perfect, but if you want plastic this is the closest option to a natural-ish feel

The plastic UV resistant so won’t fade overtime and keeping it clean is a simple case of blasting it down with a cordless pressure washer or compact pressure washer. Your assembly isn’t going to be a nightmare – the instructions were pretty straightforward to me – The back differs from the Keter though, you install your posts and then slot in the panels – which I have to say feel weaker than the Keter Store It Out Pro.

The back panel is nothing like the quality of the sides or front – these are much better and right up there when compared to the Keter:

Toomax Stora Way Garden back panel not the same quality as the sides or front which are spot on.

One grumble – the ramp is ok but they insist on have the bolt holders protruding rather than a bolt on the door and a slot in the ramp like the Keter. OK, it doesn’t effect much but will really p**s you off when in a rush on the school run and you’re trying to get the bins away and catch it – trust me on that – the expletives flow 😀 Here’s a look at what I mean in a picture – it’ll be far clearer:

TOOMAX Storaway bolt holder protrudes rather than being recessed like the Keter range

And here’s a look at the Keters:

Keter Store it Out range has recessed bolt holes – far better when moving bins in and out

Overall though it’s a sensible alternative to the Keter dominance – if you like supporting smaller brands making sensible products this is a good shout – what you’ll find with Toomax is decent customer services too. All in all, a good shout of you’ve got the smaller wheelie bins – 120L fit.

One last grumble – mine came with piston hinges, when I look at the link provided I don’t see them – it would be good is they can clarify that in the listing. While I like this unit – I feel The Nova below is a bit more transparent – what I get from a brand I guess.


  • Sturdy unit
  • Reliable plastic frame
  • Nice looking design
  • Solid bolt


My favourite pick for the smaller wheelie bins is the Keter Store it Out Nova – it doesn’t really matte what one you go for – I just picked the most stylish and cheapest in the range as I feel it’s the best value at the moment.

This is the same as the larger unit with a couple of differences. This one has the horizontal bolt as opposed to just a clasp. I actually prefer this to be honest, especially for a bin holder.

Assembly is identical, and it has the same all important piston hinges – you won’t believe how much of an advantage this is over the wooden units that rely on a timber strut you need to put into place yourself, or, simply hold whilst lifting your bin – what a disaster if you need to support under the bin bag though! Practicality terms, the Keter range wins all around.

What you need to watch for though is the MISLEADING dimensions. The internal dimension height measures 108cm – this makes you think you’re going to put a standard bin in here. Sorry this is all wrong. Yes there is 108 at the back, but what is definitely not clear enough is the front – this runs down to one metre – which is not big enough for the 2140, or 240L wheelie bins.

This is fine as long as you know it’s the smaller wheelie bin only though – the unit is not a square – they should therefore be more transparent with the sizes – just look at their title: 32 x 71.5 x 113.5 cm – this is supposed to be 82!


  • Much cheaper than the Toomax
  • Lovely contemporary design
  • Assisted piston lift – a must
  • Ideal for the smallest 120L wheelie bin


  • Internal measure marked as 108cm but this is the rear – front is 100cm

Specification: Material: Wood, Easy to assemble: Yes /~30 minutes, Dimensions: 122cm (H) x 149cm (W) x 92cm (D)

This is one of the best options out there for wheelie bin storage if you want wood and don’t want to pay Rowlinson money. The MonsterShop Double Wheelie Bin Store looks nice with the slat design and is sensible value for money when compared to the other wooden wheelie bin storage currently available in the UK. You get yourself a wooden unit which can easily store two large bins – the 240L standard issue council large variety, each with separated with it’s gate/clasp. The size is right for two bins – they’ll roll in with minimal effort once you clear the fllor support bar (that’s an issue like the Rowlinson for me), there’s not too much space left over so works well if you’re trying to space save.

The MonsterShop looks natural in the garden and fits right in as an attractive feature – especially once it’s been varnished or stained!. It looks a little darker than it does in the pictures. This is perfect for a green/flowery garden but also works just fine in a front garden aesthetics wise too.

A bi product of the slatted design is the ventilation – no nasty build up of smells (other than those that waft out when you open your lid of couse)

In terms of assembly, this is pretty straightforward to put up and comes flat packed, so you really only need a drill (or a screwdriver if you have the time) to get it up and ready. The material is sanded smooth – so you should have to worry about blisters. The metal clasp and the chain that prevent the lid from falling off are a little weak, but they do their job keeping the lids down and the doors secure. I mean let’s face it, who wants to steal your wheelie bins?

Apart from a couple of flimsy clasps there really is nothing else wrong with this unit (other than the floor support which hinders the operation of getting the bin in and out – a necessary evil for the structural integrity).

It also comes with a free fixing kit so you can fix it to a wall or to the floor if you want. All in all, when you look around the UK at what is available for the price, you’re really getting your moneys worth!


  • Sensible price
  • Nice wooden design
  • Ideal for two wheelie bins


  • Some complained about timber quality

Specification: Material: Wood, Easy to assemble: Yes / ~180 minutes, Dimensions: 81 (W) x 153 (L) x 130 (H) cm.

Next up is another storage unit by Rowlinson, so you can tell we are fans of the range of garden furniture/storage products they have to offer though despite the promise this isn’t as good as the Rowlinson BINTRPL1. Sure it looks super with nice tee hinges and decent bolts, it’s made from reasonably strong, treated timber and definitely feels robust enough to last, with sensible metal hinges that contrast nicely with its natural colour. But, there’s a few issues I can see with this unit:

The assembly isn’t the easiest in the world. Get that wrong and what you’ll have is a floppy unit. This really needs tightening up hard. And just like when I fit a shed door, you need to know what you’re doing, difficult to take this on if you’re not at least sensibly capable with DIY.

You’ve also got the annoying strut across the bottom that comes with all wood models – this means you’ve got to wiggle the bin over and in – a real annoyance if you’re in a bad mood or rush – trust me 😀

Whilst I love the design, especially if you oil this, it’ll look super, but you really need someone with skills to do the unit justice – and it needs that because of the money involved. Get it right and it’s easily the best looking wheelie bin storage made from wood.


  • Looks great
  • Loads of nice hardware


  • Needs a good DIY’er to assemble
  • Expensive
  • Hard to get bin over the brace at the bottom

Final thoughts

Well, it might not be the most pleasant feature to every house, but everyone has wheelie bins but left standing to the side of the house, they generally look rather unsightly. They’re simply a necessity and don’t really make a house look nice at all, not to mention the smell that can come from them and the dirt that can collect around it. You can spend all this time doing up your garden just to have it ruined with wheelie bins…No one wants that!

That’s why you need something to deal with your wheelie bins and make them look nice (if at all possible!) in your garden. To do this though, you really need something clean and large to store them in that makes it look like they’re not really there, and instead looks like another storage feature for your garden. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options for wheelie bin storage on the market that will be suitable for your bins, but it’s just a case of getting what’s right for you.

Comparison table: UK’s best wheelie bin storage made from wood and plastic – 2 and 3 bin systems tested and reviewed

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

TOOMAX Storaway 842L Outdoor Garden Plastic Storage Shed

The TOOMAX Storaway 842L Outdoor Garden Plastic Storage Shed Box represents the right balance of value for money and build quality when compared to it's main rival the Suncast BMS2500 Double Wheelie Bin Store which is near double the money but in my opinion not twice the bin storage so as you can see pound for pound this is why I've got it high on my list! It also handily doubles up as a super quality garden shed so you can always put it to alternative use if you change your mind!

MonsterShop Double Wheelie Bin Store

The MonsterShop Double Wheelie Bin Store really is the best wheelie bin storage in the UK at the moment from price, aesthetic, and quality compared to the alternatives available at the moment. If you like wood in your garden but still reasonably modern looking then this ticks all the boxes. It looks great, it's price well, it's sturdy, and it's fair to say it's built to last. I'd like to see them upgrade the locks a bit (if you say a product can keep garen toolls it nees to be secure) which you could easily do yourself, but apart from that it's a very nice solution to wheelie bin storage.

VidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed

The VidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed looks lovely. You would be forgiven for not realising this is actually made of plastic! The design is steel frame which holds sup reasonably well. There has been mention of rust online but given the overall rating its hard to ignore the aesthetics of this wheelie bin storage. It's pretty well built compared to the other top picks and worth considering.

Suncast BMS2500 Double Wheelie Bin Store

The Suncast BMS2500 Double Wheelie Bin Store is frequently out of stock. The bottom line is if you have the money this is not only stylish as a plastic wheelie bin storage unit goes, it's well built and easy to clean. When you look at the alternatives its clear to see you only on't buy this model if budget is a factor and then you start comparing it to the TOOLMAX to see if you can justify the shortcut. It's worth waiting for this one no question!

Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store

The Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store basically ticks all the boxes. Stylish, quality, decent lock, easy to load your wheelie bins in and out. Doesn't need too much maintenance and dit is super for a natural garden being wooden. It also comes in single and double wheelie bin options too. If you don't mind a bit of flat pack assembly time then this isn't a bad shout at all. You pay your money but get quality.

Rowlinson BINLRGA2 Apex Bin Store

The Rowlinson BINLRGA2 Apex Bin Store has one big flaw. The assembly time. But if you're on the DIY then this happens to be a very very nice looking wheelie bin storage option. It'll completely transform the current storage situ and the apex wooden roof idea just looks great. there's a fair bit of material in this wheelie bin so it's priced a bit heavy. It's well worth its spot on our review if budget is less of an issue!

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