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Best Garden Furniture Sets: Top garden furniture you can leave outside

This article was last updated on July 31st, 2021 at 9:54 am

Looking for a new garden furniture set this summer? After something heavy duty and attractive to be the main piece? Or something lighter that you can bring out for extra guests?

I’m after it all. I’m so happy that we can now have people round to the garden (if you’re in the UK) and now’s the time to get your hands on some great garden furniture sets to host family and friends outside this summer.

Best Garden Furniture Sets

There’s a real range of sets here, from two-seater ones to large dining sets to really comfy and luxury lounging sets. I particularly like number three on the list… the New Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture Patio Sofa Set, that’s probably my best garden furniture set top pick.

So, of course, we’ve got a whole lot of rattan! Because how could you have a bad time eating around rattan?

And stay tuned for the Buyer’s Guide To Garden Furniture Sets at the bottom for tips about buying your outdoor sets. I will definitely be covering a big topic: covering. Because, let’s face it, we live in the UK… enough said.

Take a look at some of the best sets out there right now and get inspired!

Comparison table: Best Garden Furniture Sets: Top garden furniture you can leave outside

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Dawsons Living Faux Rattan Bistro Set

  • FAUX RATTAN BISTRO SET: The faux rattan bistro set is sure to be a great addition to your garden....
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: The set is weather resistant
  • FOLD AWAY: The set folds away for easy storage
  • GLASS TOP TABLE: The set includes a tempered glass top table
  • DIMENSIONS: The outdoor chairs measure; 85cm Height and 75cm Width

New Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture Patio Conservatory 2 or 3 Seater Sofa Sets

  • Delivery: Please note that due to the size and weight of this item this is an all-day palletised curbside...
  • Low maintenance, Comfortable and Stylish Furniture Set
  • Double sofa 121 x 66 x 77
  • Showerproof Cusions With Removable Cover for Easy Cleaning
  • Please note that this item arrives flat packed in 3 boxes and requires self-assembly....

EVRE Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Set 4 Seater California Sofa Set with Coffee Table

  • 4 seater with stool and glass coffee table
  • Mixed Brown Set with Cream cushions
  • Easy to assemble, furniture set will arrive flatpack with easy to follow instructions...
  • Poly rattan is durable but light weight providing convenience to move around the garden/patio...
  • Dirt, water and weather resistant set to ensure low maintenance

Relaxdays BASTIAN Garden Furniture Set, Foldable, 3-Pieces

  • 3-Pieces: this Brown bastian patio furniture set in various colours comprises of one small folding table with a round...
  • Universal: the balcony set can also be used indoors thanks to the rubber caps on the feet (for example...
  • Modern: made of high-quality and weather-resistant plastic in lovely rattan-look
  • Easy to clean: this furniture set is easy to clean and highly sturdy thanks to the metal frame -...
  • Multipurpose: perfect for camping trips

Relaxdays BASTIAN Foldable Bench and Table Set of 3

  • Weather-proof black outdoor furniture set with folding table (capacity of approx 120 kg/264.6 lbs) and 2 folding benches (capacity...
  • All furniture feet have rubber caps so they can also be used indoors (on tile...
  • No-risk set, made of high-quality plastic with rattan look
  • Marquee benches are easy to clean and stand stably on 3 stands
  • Choose your favourite of the 3 available colours and celebrate your next barbeque in style...

So, to start off we’ve got a highly discussed 3 piece set made up of two armchairs and a side table. The U-Kiss Rattan Garden Furniture Set 3 Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Sofa Chair set comes at nearly the cheapest from this selection.

This set is, of course, rattan so we have to include it. And it’s been praised for the quality of the rattan wicker as I’ve noticed it’s been UV treated and is fade resistant so the wicker requires very little long term maintenance.

The assembly was reasonably ok. It took a little time and the key thing is, you can probably guess what I’m about to say here… remember not to tighten all of the screws until the end otherwise it’s hard to line up! Overall, it wasn’t a bad assembly, it was just a little slow.

Now up, I can see that this is quite a small set. This isn’t a good or bad feature – just something to bear in mind because I thought it would come out a little bigger. Really handy though if you’re looking to fill a small space or you want to store the set away at any point. A single chair measures 58 x 59 x 76cm, just as a reference.

The overall look is very attractive and neat, partly because of the size. I can see what our other customers were talking about – the material seems really good quality. I’ve done the little wiggle to test their hold and the chairs seem really stable and strong.

Having left the set outside in the rain and the sun, I can confirm it looks exactly the same and there’s no signs of weather damage or marks!

U-Kiss Rattan Garden Furniture Set 3 piece - 2 Armchairs and 1 table

Now onto the cheapest set from our selection. Priced very well, we’ve got a classic foldable bench and table set in the Relaxdays BASTIAN Foldable Bench and Table Set of 3. This set comes in three colours: black, brown and white and is also rattan – something I’d not come across before from a bench/table set.

So, this one is so easy to assemble as it just folds out! When you want to put it away again it folds very easily and the legs click into place which is a great feature to ensure it doesn’t come apart again. Both table and benches have a handle too, so that’s really good for carrying them around.

The set measures 75 x 180 x 73 cm so can comfortably sit up to 4 people and it’s got plenty of legroom with the table being a decent width.

I honestly love this table – it’s so charming! I think it’s such a great hybrid between a foldable picnic bench and a smarter, heavy-duty rattan table. Despite it being foldable, it feels really sturdy to sit on – feels like a normal table, to be honest, but with the perk of being able to be easily stored away if you need to.

I’ve tried to muck it up a bit as I’ve heard good things about the material. And I can confirm the set is very easy to wipe down and clean, which is such a great feature (and kind of essential I think, even if it is foldable).

We’re travelling up the price scale with this rattan wicker sofa, chairs and coffee table set priced to the upside. A more luxury set, the New Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture Patio set is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a big lounge piece for your garden or conservatory.

The set arrived really well packaged and it actually wasn’t a long assembly! It was a bit overwhelming when you first looked at it but it was pretty simple when you start and the instructions were nice and simple – just assemble and tighten all the bolts after.

Very pleased with the look of it and the material seems like very good quality. It looks really expensive, which does reflect the price. After sitting down on it, I can confirm it all feels really sturdy and the cushions are really comfy as well.

The set comes with a fitted cover which is a great bonus so that you can keep it protected from the rain. And I’ve left the furniture outside and it’s held up really well. Obviously the cushions are easy enough to move inside.

The only thing I’d say about this one is that the suckers on the garden table don’t seem to work very well in terms of sticking to the glass top. This isn’t really an issue though as the glass is very heavy so I’d feel confident leaving it like that.

Now I’m just waiting for more good weather so I can use it!

4. EVRE Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Set 4 Seater California Sofa Set with Coffee Table

So, here’s another set of a similar price to the wicker conservatory set. Another rattan piece, the EVRE Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Set is essentially a 4 seater set with a stool and glass coffee table. If you like this, you will literally love their garden daybed by the way 🙂 This is a perfect one for lazy evening drinks in the garden or lounging out in the sun with a book. If you like the look of this then it’s worth taking a look at our waterproof corner rattan sofas too as there’s more there.

Took me a couple of hours or so to put together just because of a little difficulty with lining up the holes and screws. Apart from that, the assembly went pretty smoothly and was seemingly straightforward as the parts were labelled well.

I love having the different parts of the sofa set so that you move them around and make it L shaped corner sofa or have an extra seat out of the foot stool. It’s also quite a large set so it’s a great option if you’re looking for something bigger.

The sofa is really comfy and the whole thing feels very sturdy and well made. The cushion covers are removable as well which is a great plus.

One thing I will say about this set is bear in mind that it doesn’t come with a fitted cover, which is a slight shame. But covers are very easy to source and not expensive if you’re looking to protect your furniture set!

For those who aren’t looking to spend too much, we’ve got a simpler and cheaper option with the Dawsons Living Faux Rattan Bistro Set at the lower end of the scale. A set of two chairs plus a glass top table, this set comes in 4 different colours: peach, lime green, cool mint, and sky blue. Definitely a fun option if you’re looking for a colourful little set! I’ve gone for the peach colour…and I must say I love their hanging egg chair as well 🙂

I think these look so sweet in a faux rattan material – a plus because they’re not the same price as real rattan.

So, take the chairs out the box, unfold them, lay them out, ready to have a drink. My kind of assembly. I’m impressed with them – they look exactly like the pictures and they’re really attractive. They’re also really comfy.

One slight downside to the set is that the glass top doesn’t really stick with the suckers to the table. So be a bit careful with the glass bit not to knock it because I would be concerned about it sliding off. Saying this, if you’re aware of that then there’s not too much of a problem as the glass is reasonably heavy so will stay put.

You can fold the chairs away, too, which is great if you want to store them. Just note that the chairs are still a little bulky when they’re folded up.

I just love how colourful and neat they are – really brighten up the garden and they’d be perfect with an extra cushion or blanket.

Dawsons Living Faux Rattan Bistro Set

Finally, we’ve got the cheapest out of our selection with another two chairs and table set priced really generously and can be left outside as it’s well built and doesn’t rust easily. This is another great option if you’re after a simple two-piece set for a small outside space, a balcony or even as an extra piece of seating to add to your garden. The set comes in three different colours: black, brown and white. If you’re looking for this type of setup it would allso be worth take a look at our best picnic table and foldable tables page as it has some pretty similar options.

Again, we’ve got a very simple assembly: just unfold them! The set can be folded away, too which is great so you can store them away if you don’t want them as a permanent garden fixture. Or even have them as a portable table set to take around with you if you’re looking for a set to take camping with you.

It is surprisingly stable for a portable table set and the material feels really sturdy. The set would be great with the addition of some extra cushions, too.

The material is really easy to clean as well which is such a plus. I’ve tried to dirty up the set and leave them outside and I can confirm that the set is really easy to wipe clean! This is a nice feature as you don’t have to worry too much about where you’re storing it.

Buyer’s Guide To Rattan Garden Furniture Sets

Assembly, assembly, assembly!

This is another one where I just want to warn you that assembly takes time and can be a little fiddly with these garden furniture sets. So, with that being said, if you’re not bothered about a big set, then maybe opt for a foldable chair and table set.

However, you can often pay extra on amazon to get the sets pre-assembled so keep an eye out on the product page for that option.

One last thing… I said it once so I’ll say it again. Don’t tighten up the screws until the end! These sets can be hard to line up so that’s just so important.

Garden furniture sets that can be left outside

Pretty obvious but I left out some really lovely garden sets because of just this problem. You wouldd be amazed how many garden furniture sets come with fabric that stains and spoils easily. So you have two choices, go with removal covers (which don’t always clean easily) or simply bring your furniture indoors. I have selected a few garden furniture sets that can be left outdoors on purpose

Heavy duty or portable?

This one’s just a note about preference. Have a think about whether you want your garden furniture set to be permanent or portable. What surprised me about this selection is that the quality of the rattan hasn’t changed either way. And there’s definite advantages and disadvantages to both!

Personally, I love the Relaxdays BASTIAN Foldable Bench and Table Set – to me, it’s the perfect hybrid of portable and heavy duty if, like me, you’re after an attractive, rattan table but you’re not ready to commit to something so permanent.

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