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UK’s best golf putting mats for indoor and outdoor use reviewed

This article was last updated on November 22nd, 2021 at 4:16 am

Improving your short game is all about practice, practice, practice. It takes untold hours to become better at the incredible, yet ultra-frustrating game we call golf, and most of us just don’t have the time to make it all the way down to the golf course. This is why the best golf putting mats are an essential addition to your home (as well as golf nets for the garden), giving you the chance to work on your putting right from your living room, and with uncertainty over covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, there’s never been a better time to invest in one and that means indoor golf putting mats which gives you control over the weather. As well as outdoor golf putting mats for better weather and there’s those that can be used for both.

Golf putting mat for indoor use
Golf putting mat for indoor use

If you’ve never tried practicing on one of the best golf putting mats, you should really give it a try – they are designed to replicate the feeling of putting on a real green, and give a much better representation of it than your bumpy, back garden, lawn. I took it one further after and showed you how how to make a golf green in your garden. 🙂 I have to say I prefer the outdoors but you take what you can get…I even built an indoor garage golf net setup too…

Interested to play golf at home and mimic the real thing? Then read our reviews of the best golf putting mats that you can buy right now, and even have them delivered right to your door but before you do, it’s worth understanding the pitfalls and caveats so feel free to have a read of my best golf putting mat buyer’s guide too.

Best golf putting mats: indoor and outdoor – editor top picks

Best putting mat overall: FORB Home Golf Putting Mat
Best indoor golf putting mat: SKLZ Accelerator indoor golf putting mat – great balance of price and usability
Best golf putting mat for indoor and outdoor use: FORB home golf putting mat for indoor and outdoor use– must have if you want to be able to play inside and out
Best outdoor golf putting mat: FORB Home Golf Putting Mat
Budget pick: PUTT-A-BOUT Golf Putting Mat, 3 x 11
Professionals pick: PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat or the PROADVANCED ProInfinity Mat used with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer
Putt trainer enhances all putting mat selections: PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer

Best Golf Putting Mat Buyer’s Guide

To make sure you are ‘putting’ your money in the best place, we have put together this handy little buyer’s guide that will hopefully guide you towards the best golf putting mat to suit your needs.


As you’ve probably already realised, the price range for golf putting mats is quite a wide one, with the cheapest being around twenty pounds and the most expensive costing hundreds. If you’re on a budget but want the real deal I would probably go for the PUTT-A-BOUT Golf Putting Mat or the SKLZ Accelerator indoor golf putting mat.

If money isn’t a problem and you’re just looking for the best of the best then the PROADVANCED ProInfinity Mat is top or the PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat used with the PuttOUT Pressure Trainer is a solid choice and worth a read.

It is our advice that you avoid the really cheap mats as the material used for the surface is nothing like that of an actual green, and the product is unlikely to last very long.

On the other hand, there isn’t too much difference between a mat surface that costs 50-70 pounds and one that costs 100-200, but the more expensive ones tend to have more extras.

Golf putting mat is 3 metres and cost about £50-60
Golf putting mat is 3 metres and cost about £50-60

You’ve got to think about how much use you will get out of your mat, and also if you really need all those extras that come with the expensive sets. At the end of the day it’s your money and choice, but we hope we gave you something to think about.

Indoor or outdoor use?

One of the most important things to consider is the type of putting mat you’re looking for. If you want indoor only then you’ll probably turn your eyes to the SKLZ Accelerator indoor golf putting mat or perhaps the PUTT-A-BOUT if you’re looking to save money. If you want outdoors then I would go for the FORB Home Golf Putting Mat or if money no problem then the PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat.

For both indoor and outdoor, and on a budget I would personally say the FORB edges it though and any mat with solid rubber on the back will stand up outdoors – it does raise the question though, if left, and gets muddy and dirty – will you bring it back in? 🤔

Space available in your home?

Before you go out and buy that 13ft long by 4ft wide putting green, you have to consider where you are going to put it. These things can take up more space than you think, so you should get the tape measure out before ordering – look how long the FORB is:

FORB is seriously long at 12 foot

If you plan on using the mat out in the garden, or on the patio, you will of course have more space, but then you need to make sure that the mat is going to be ok to be used outdoors.

Clearing out some space in the garage, or using a spare room is always a good idea if you don’t want to have a fight with your spouse every time you practice.

What skill level you need?

We all like to think we are better than we are, but when buying a putting mat, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. If you still struggle with very short putts, there’s no point buying a huge practice mat.

The same goes for those mats that have ways to make things more difficult like inclines and breaks (you want to look at the PROADVANCED ProInfinity Mat – it’s got a lot going on). They’re great for more advanced players to practice on, but not really for beginners who still need to get a grip of the basics.

Holes pre cut on golf putting mat – a more difficult game

Having said that, the guideline markers on some of these putting mats are really helpful to up and coming players, while experienced people might prefer a blank mat with no markings for a more realistic practice training session.

How fast do you want the ball to run?

Different home putting mats have different run speeds, so you should read the product descriptions and also customer feedback carefully before deciding on a product. Then there are mats like the ProInfinity product that allow you to adjust the speed by brushing the surface down. You do have to pay a premium for this feature though.

For a number of reasons on this update I have decided this is my pick for the best indoor golf putting mat this time around and it helps that I’ve tested a few thoroughly now and know what’s what. It very narrowly pipped the SKLZ Accelerator. Mainly because the FORB can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as having different sizes so fits for most people, but more on that later in the review.

With the Forb home golf putting mat, there’s no need to go out and buy flat putting cups before you practice as the holes are already pre—cut into the surface for you. The three holes, measuring 4.5 inches in diameter, are spaced in a triangular formation at the end of the mat, which is both wider than the rest of the mat and also raised up on an incline. This gives you plenty of variety in your practice as you can choose to tackle different holes from a multitude of different angles, and the 2 inch upward slope means that you have to judge how much power you put behind the shot – great for mimicking and improving your speed of putt.

Forb golf putting mat
Forb golf putting mat – it’s long

The run of the ball on the polyester surface is nice and true, and this is no doubt helped by the thick (5mm) EVA foam underlay. I thought this would make rolling and unrolling the mat more difficult, but I was wrong, it is easy to lay out and there are no creases or wrinkles once I properly flattened it out.

Forb golf putting mat - no wrinkles
Forb golf putting mat – no wrinkles

The Forb home putting golf mat is available in either 10ft x 2.6ft, or 12ft x 2.6ft sizes, with the larger of the two costing around 15-20 pounds more. This isn’t a low-budget mat by any means, but it isn’t what I would call overly expensive, and the quality of the product as a whole doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve spent too much.

This is a top quality putting mat for you to agonise over (between this and a few coming up), choosing the right product for you out of all of these featured today certainly isn’t going to be easy so worth reading on…

One of the best golf putting mats out there is the SKLZ Accelerator mat but right off the bat I should mention this is for indoor use only (hopefully that saves someone wasted time reading). The fabric of the mat does a really good job of mimicking the feel of a golf green, and the ball rolls smoothly across it without being misdirected like it can with some of these products. I had this as top pick before and although it’s runner up this time around, it’s also definitely my choice for budget option as well.

On the mat are markings for keeping the ball straight down the centre towards the hole, and these are separated at 3ft, 5ft, and 7ft intervals, so you can accurately judge your distance. The SKLZ Accelerator putting mat is flat until just before the hole, when it suddenly goes up an incline. This serves two purposes: firstly, it replicates an uphill put, as we all know putts are very rarely flat affairs; and secondly it acts as a way to return the balls to the player after a successful shot via a plastic runner. It’s a simple design based on gravity, but it works really well.

When you’re done playing, this putting mat is a doddle to pack away, and only requires you to roll it up and put it somewhere out of the way. You do have to take a little care rolling it so as not to twist or kink it, but apart from that, it is a very simple task.

The only downside to this product, and I am being overly picky here, is that the ball makes a noise as it runs back to you over the plastic runner. It’s a little bit annoying, but you soon get used to it.

Another top notch product that I can’t really fault too much. Well worth the money.

SKLZ Accelerator

As well as being the perfect partner for PuttOUT Pressure Trainer, the company’s Pro Golf Putting Mat is an excellent training product in its own right. Before we get moving with this though I would mention it’s better for indoor use but can also be used outdoors – though I would advocate a flat surface such as concrete levelled to do so (the garage would be ideal too with a smooth floor). The quality of putting matts varies wildly, especially when we are talking about how realistic the run of the ball is across the surface, but PuttOut have nailed it with this one. This will definitely help with your speed on the green

With a stim meter reading of 10, it has been designed to accurately portray the same feel that you get from a medium to fast green. To make sure the surface is as flat as possible, the underside of the mat is made from thick and heavy rubber, letting you play on pretty much any surface available.

Printed on the cut-pile surface are various markings to help you with distance, alignment, and even markings to place your target holes on. They are all very clearly marked out, and seem to be made to last.

The Pro Golf putting mat comes pre-rolled up and inside a drawstring carry bag. The bag is made from very light material, but doesn’t feel flimsy at all, and I thought this was a nice touch. Once removed from the bag, you simply untie the mat and it rolls out completely flat the first time, and every time, with no hassle whatsoever.

Rolling back up is just as easy, and you can just slip it back in the drawstring carry bag for storage. A piece of cake. There are no putting cups included with this mat, but you can use any brand of flat cup that you like. For best results though, I would recommend using the PuttOut Pressure Trainer.

With products like this on the market, it really is a good time to be a golfer, and if covid-19 restrictions force us to stay at home; well, we might just have to pop out the Pro Golf putting mat for a few hours, mightn’t we?

PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat

If you’ve got the room, or if your other half won’t mind you removing most of the furniture while you practice, the Putt-a-bout golf putting mat is a good option. Because of its larger than normal dimensions of 3 feet wide by 11 feet long, it gives you the option of practicing longer putts, and also from a variety of angles, rather just straight on.

Like the PuttOut Pro Golf putting mat, this one also has a rubber underlay. It’s not quite as thick as other products, but it still helps to make sure that this mat rolls out well and stays flat, and I had no complaints at all. Rolling it up was no bother either.

Another clever design feature is the two different run speeds of the ball depending on which end of the mat you play from. I really like this idea and think it gives more value to the product as a whole.

There are no markings on the Putt-a-bout putting mat, and this being a positive or negative thing is down to personal opinion. Some people like the markers to help them with their practice drills, while others prefer the realism of having to use their instincts.

Unlike many of these products, this mat contains two putting cups included in the packaging, and you can choose to place them anywhere you like on the large mat. It’s a small extra, but one that’ll be appreciated by customers.

I was surprised that a putting mat this size, for such a low price, was as good quality as it was, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise and I’m definitely not complaining. Like I said earlier, if you’ve got the space for this mat, and you don’t mind the lack of guidelines and markings, it is one that you should give some serious consideration to.

If you don’t mind spending the extra money, it is hard for me not to recommend the ProInfinity putting mat from ProAdvanced. No other putting that I have personally tried out offers the versatility that this one does, and it is ideal for both beginners and experienced players alike.

The velvety surface material is sourced directly from japan and it really does feel different to other mats. Not only that, but when brushed with the included roller tool, you can adjust the run of the ball through 4 different speeds from 8 to 12.5. Another helpful quality that this surface material has, is that it shows you the trail of the ball from your last shot, so you can see clearly what you need to work on.

The speed of the run is just one of the things you can play with to make your puts more fun or challenging. Included in the box are plastic components that you can slip under the mat to create different sized slopes, and also some foam wedges to simulate breaks. All of this really helps you to prepare for those trickier puts once you get back to the golf course.

You will also find a metal basket goal target, and raised silicon hole cup to place on the well-marked out mat. The markings include those for alignment, and different shaded bands for distance that are also marked with large numbers.

To stop you having to chase your balls all over the house, there is a plastic backstop included in the pack, but this only works if you are at least a little bit accurate, and you’ll still have to go find your ball if you hit it well off target. Not that I would know anything about that, of course.

This is a great practice mat. It’s not the cheapest out there, but it does have some very interesting features and extras that might convince some people to shell out the extra.

New to the top picks is the Ram Golf PROFESSIONAL Dual Grain Putting Mat. Off the bat I can tell you I really like this professional pick as it cuts the price of the others in this category considerably. It has a nice feature for dual speed putting. With the artificial grass grain running hard one direction, it gives you a slick and rough grass effect to mimic two different putting speeds. With a couple of slope ramps that are removable so you can create your own inclines and breaks. Overall, it’s a pretty decent product for indoor use.

The distance markers are a nice touch too. This will help you gauge back swing and distance – ideal for those that are genuinely trying to fine tune their game and as mentioned before, with the fast and slow putting green options it gives a genuinely realistic outdoor experience.

On the downside a couple have mentioned it’s too fast when compared to UK golf courses. I have to say this is an isolated thing of the hundreds sold and it wasn’t my experience. All in all I feel like this is a buy rating but I still prefer the top picks.

Ok. So, I know this article is about the best golf putting mats, and this isn’t one, but I just think this is an invaluable piece of kit that all golfers should have, and would partner perfectly with any of the putting mats we review on this page. The Pressure Putt Trainer is a simple, low cost, way to seriously improve your putting skills. It requires no batteries or power source, can be set up in seconds, and can be used with mass from any brand, or even a flat carpet.

How it works is that you aim for the hole in the centre of the device just like you would a normal hole on a green. The curved design of the Pressure Putt Trainer will only retain the ball in the hole if it is an absolutely 100% perfect put, otherwise the ball is returned towards you. This hole is coverable with the built-in cover if you prefer not to use it.

That’s not all though, the ball is returned the same distance that it would have overrun the hole if it had been on a real course. This is perfect for assessing your performance and advancement in the game. Any missed puts are rejected off to the front and side of the device. So, you will have to go and collect the balls, and I thought this is a nice touch: you either get good with your lines and seed, or you go walkies to get the ball. In other words, you are rewarded for getting better by having the ball return towards you.

Made from polycarbonate and elastomer, this is not a flimsy bit of kit and will last a long time if used and stored correctly. Storing and transporting the Pressure Putt Trainer is really easy too, and the thing simply folds up flat so you can slip it into your golf bag.

A simply outstanding and ingenious product that really works. You shouldn’t be without one.

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