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UK’s best fly zappers are electric fly killers that’ll kill mosquitos in your home too

This article was last updated on August 10th, 2022 at 4:50 am

I once saw a documentary about what happens when a fly lands on your food and is allowed to stay there. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but let’s just say that it’s something you definitely don’t want to be happening to anything that you will put in your mouth, so much so I wrote an article about how to get rid of flies in your garden!. With this in mind, you need to find something that will get rid of these unhygienic, fly nuisances, and the good old rolled up newspaper might be a classic, but it’s definitely not the most efficient and when a static electric fly killer (or those nasty sticky looking things) isn’t proactive enough, maybe you look to the very best fly zapper, and did you know there’s racquet to run around the home batting flies and mosquitos!

My kids love fly zapping – the ultimate electric fly killers and fun too!

Before I go any further I just want to put out a warning: do not touch the mesh of fly zappers, and especially the mains electric versions – these are dangerous units and electrical safety must be taken seriously. And never clean these with electric turned on! They are dangerous and must be respected.

After extensively testing both static electric fly killers and racquets (you know those fly zappers) I can tell you both ‘serve’ a completely different purpose 😀 Alright, give me credit that was a great pun 🙂 But yeah, my thorough testing has showed me that the static electric fly killer such as the ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer is supremely effective against everything EXCEPT flies – mosquitos and random fire flies don’t stand a chance. This is a proven fact from my testing over the past two years.

I have tested the the ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer for two years now

Whereas, the Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper USB Rechargeable Mosquito Racket is considerably more effort but far far more effective against flies.

The Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter has been my go to tool for disposing of flies in the kitchen, bedroom, and lounge and is SUPER effective against flies specifically – tested and proven!

On a side note, the kids absolutely love them – the littler ones run about swatting all day and I bought them what I believe to be the best fly zapper after EXTENSIVE testing 🙂 Won’t believe the fun the kids have with these.

There’s been an amazing and unexpected bi-product – the kids have a new found respect for electric. These fly zappers are only powered with AA batteries or a rechargeable USB battery so harmless to us, but I’ve still explained to them electric shocks and is dangerous. The kids seeing a fly fall straight out of the sky after that scary electric sound has also taught them a new respect for electric sockets too! I’ve included a few static fly zappers too incase you’re not so agile for a round look at the products available. And it’s worth understanding the differences as these are mains plugged in and not to be confused with the racquets – check my best fly zappers buyers guideHere’s a look at the static unit I’ve just tested too:

Static electric fly killers do all the work for you – this one I tested works very well.

PROTIP: Extensive testing has shown me that UV light does not pull in flies. I left my ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer running for 4 days straight, and whilst mosquitos and other random bugs literally used it as a homing beacon, flies were not interested at all. In the space of 3 days I only took down 2 flies. I also tested at night in the dark turning the UV on. Whilst this was even more effective against mosquitos, and other flying bugs, flies themselves would just not take the bait! So I realised the best way to deal with them was an electric fly killing racquet. However, the combination of the two was by far the most effective electric fly killer setup!

With that said, I have rated the best fly zappers based on safety for the user, effectiveness at killing flies and mosquitos, price, reliability, sturdiness of the racket, and how long the battery lasts.

Best fly zapper: Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper USB Rechargeable Mosquito Racket [personally tested and proven] Easily the best fly killer

Now rated 2nd behind the Faicuk: ZAP IT! Bug Zapper [personally tested and proven] – great unit but Faicuk can’t be ignored on price!

Alternative if the ZAP IT! Bug Zapper or Faicuk is unavailable: The Executioner Fly Zapper Mosquito Swatter Racket or the  ZOMAKE Detachable Electric Mosquito Fly Swatter

Best electric fly killer (mains electric): ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer or if you want a bit cheaper try the Exatfina [personally tested and proven – I have used the ASPECTEK for two years]

Best heavy duty commercial fly killer: Concise Home Insect Killer – follow the link and you can select a far heavier duty model or the ASPECTEK

Best budget: Faicuk – rarely is the best pick also the budget! A right result 

Best fly zappers buyers guide

If you’re still not sure which product deserves your money, take a quick look at our fly zappers buyer’s guide. We have briefly covered a few of the things that you might want to consider. The problem with electric fly killers are they are packing some serious volts, this means serious danger in some cases – particularly the mains electric versions, much less of a concern is the fly swatters.

Serious volts on the mains fly killers so be careful

One thing I have to say about the static electric fly killers is the need for a real sense of care. I’m not kidding – the fact that the units all come with over the top warnings – massive dangerous looking thunderbolts is no game:

ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer electric and water warnings are not to be taken lightly

You’ll seriously get a shock if you start trying to fish out a dead fly with a metal instrument and the unit is turned on – I am sure you won’t be that crazy 😀 but if you are, don’t say I didn’t warn you in advance – the fly zappers I’ve given the kids I’ve turned on and put my hands in – nothing happens – that’s not advice, that’s an observation of my units 🙂

What type of fly zapper?

The two main types that you are going to see are the tennis racquet style swatters, and the stationary fly zappers come electric fly killers that are most commonly boxed or cylindrical shape, but there are some models that try to get away from this – though not many. Both types have their pros and cons. The swatter types are smaller and lighter, and can be hidden out of sight easily until you need them. You can specifically target insects that you see and chase them down to kill them too. The downsides are that they run on batteries so you will either have to keep the internal battery charged, or keep plenty of spare batteries at hand. You also have to physically swing the zapper around, and while it is fun for some, others prefer to sit back and do nothing. That’s the fun of it for the kids though:

My son loves to use the fly zapper – he does all the hard work for me and loves it 🙂

I just sit back and wait for the inevitable ZAP 😀 or crackle if you prefer. It really does sound quite aggressive when you snag one – you can see why they are so effective.

How to use a fly zapper?

The bat em up versions are really easy – you’ve normally got two settings for power on mode – on1 and on2 – setting two almost always turns on a light as well:

Setting number two on a fly zapper turns on a small light

Then it’s a simple case of holding in the button that winds up the power on the electric mesh – you may hear a small whine as the power builds up – I did on one of the models I tested but not the other so often:

Hold in the power button – as you can see the light indicates its working and the electric will get you a fly

Then after that you need to get your little ones to bat ’em – make sure they realise not to touch the electric mesh – once they hear a mosquito get sizzled they soon realise just how powerful these are and to treat them with respect!

My daughter testing her swing with this fly zapper – yes that is my home brew kit you can see in the background 😀

Electric fly killers

Stationary zappers (or electric fly killers) don’t require you to do any of the running around, but then you are only going to kill the insects that fly into the device by themselves. These machines are larger and can be a bit of an eyesore too, although modern ones tend to be a bit more stylish – they have a blue light and that’s ok for us at night but some won’t appreciate it! It’s pretty easy to put up with in the day though:

Electric Fly killer blue light is pretty manageable during the day

The best thing about these zappers is you just plug them into the mains and let them work – then empty the tray of flies and mosquitos in the morning! They always are simple to unclip and reset – here’s a look at the model I used, just a matter of twisting it free, throwing the bugs away and starting again:

Unclip your bug tray with a simple rivet system and then empty your bugs – that simple

I’d recommend doing it outside though, when I took this picture a plume of wings came out that were practically vaporised – not nice 😀 get that dust outside is my tested and proven advice 😀


There is quite a difference in price between the swatter zappers and the electric fly killers, so that is your first decision to make. How much of a problem do you have with flies, mosquitos, etc. and is it worth spending a lot of money on? The electric fly killer of mine really works – no question on that, from personal experience I can tell you at the worst of times I can wake up with a few dozens critters in the cooked box.

Even after you have decided which type of fly zapper you want, there are a lot of different models, again with varying prices. I always recommend not going for the absolute lowest priced model of anything as the chances are it won’t last long. Something mid-range is about right as there’s no need to spend a fortune on these products as they are quite similar to each other.


Although looks are more important if you are going to buy a stationary fly zapper than a swatter one, there are still some design features to look out for on them. Some swatter zappers will have built in lithium ion batteries that you can charge via micro USB cables, and this is always a plus. Having to buy new batteries can be such an annoyance. Then there are models that have LED lights in the handle so that you can use them in dark places. Personally, I only see the advantage of this if you are using it in bed, or if you are going camping, but it can be useful – edit that – after two years of testing you see the silhouette of flies and mosquitos too in the dark!

Some electric fly killer zappers have an LED light at the base

The electric ‘killing mesh’ in these products can also differ. Some products like The Executioner have only a single layer, while others have outer safety layers on top. While the idea of safety is great, and necessary if you have kids, it does often limit the performance of the swatter zapper. Of course, the opposite is true of the single layer type; they tend to kill insects, especially larger ones such as flies better, but can also give you a painful shock if you are not careful.

Below you find a selection of the best fly zappers you can buy, complete with a full review about the pros and cons of each. Enjoy.

For a long long time the ZAP IT! Bug Zapper was my top pick. But since the Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter has come along at under half the money, and still has all the effectiveness against flies, I can tell you this is well deserving of jumping into top spot despite it’s direct competitor being around for so long and being very reliable. This model has quickly grown in popularity – I bought it to test as it was an Amazon top seller.

The Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter is now my favourite after testing and many people online agree with me – this is top rated all over the internet too

Despite this being my top pick I have to start with the downsides to using this fly zapper. Firstly when you compare it to a 20W ASPECTEK it is no where near as powerful. When you zap a fly it sometimes doesn’t kill it outright, but it burns a wing and falls to the floor – you need to give it a second zap to finish the job. Another thing that blew my noodle. I zapped one and for all the world it looked a goner – and then out of no where it turned back over and flew off 😀 – so yeah. Whilst being considerably safer than the heavy duty versions it can sometimes require a second zap.

And the other issue is – do not let the kids get carried away as I did. They were running about the house and swatted over my flower pot. My mistake but you can certainly learn from it – caution is required! But from here on, I only have praise for my top pick!

I spent two days with the ASPECTEK burning 20W an hour and it didn’t mop up all the flies in the kitchen. So enough was enough. I pulled out this racquet and pro-actively went after them! And in about the space of 15 minutes I had already ended 4 or 5 flies, which was double it’s direct competitor had managed burning way more electric! Now obviously the ASPECTEK had taken out all sorts of flying bugs in that time as you can see from my in depth review, but my point is if you’re targeting flies with an electric fly killer, this is your best option and believe me when I say I have tested throughly!

There’s two power settings – I honestly can’t tell the difference when I zap the flies so I put it on the more powerful setting always. You simply hold down the electric lightening looking button and that sends electric through the mesh – a great safety layer so you don’t have electric live all the time:

There are two power settings and you hold the lightening button to deliver electric when swatting

There’s an LED light. I’ve yet to understand the use of that unless you’re targeting mosquitos blindly in the dark – it does seem to draw them and any other bugs more quickly – a bit like the UV light electric fly killers when you compare them. I’m not going to call it a benefit or a negative, just that it has one:

The LED light helps a little when targeting mosquitos but I’m not excited by it

So what else do you get? Well the first thing to consider is this is USB rechargeable like all of the best models when compared directly. I put mine on charge for a few hours on the manufacturer when it first arrived – I am not sure how long optimum charge is but my light had already turned red at this point and I was off to the races 🙂

The battery isn’t a standard size so when it requires replacement you’ll need to go back to manufacturer – I have had this months now and the battery seems to be fine – I get hundreds of zaps before it needs a charge.

The battery isn’t a standard size but so far keeps recharging perfectly well

Probably my favourite feature on this zapper is the mesh, when I compare it to the best available it’s equally as fine and I’ve never had the situation whereby a fly has got through – it’s just too small. And for that matter even smaller bugs would struggle to miss the mesh:

The mesh is very fine and flies do not get through without being zapped

And that is pretty much it! My new top pick for electric fly killer! It really is a cracking fly zapper and if you’re targeting flies specifically, very difficult to beat on price point!

The Zap-it! Fly zapper is another best-selling tennis-racquet style insect killer and after long deliberation and two years between now and the last time I reviewed these fly zappers I’ve given this top spot (edit: in my latest update this is now 2nd but a very good unit that is now only not top because of price point). I still feel from extensive use it just about edges the The Executioner price aside and I still think as a zapper it’s probably slightly better than my top pick but I can’t ignore the money side of things. Before we get into it lets take a little look on a big fly:

It has some nice little features to set it apart from most of its competition, but also a few things that I didn’t find quite as appealing. Allow me to explain.

First the positives; the Zap it! Is very sturdy and well made, and looks the part, with the big letter ‘Z’ in the centre of the racquet. It also features a mini flashlight on the handle so it would be handy if you are out camping at night and are getting attacked by gnats and mosquitos.

The best feature, for me at least, is the fact that this fly zapper doesn’t require batteries and can be recharged from the mains. There are lights to show you when the internal battery is running low and needs charging, and to show when it is fully charged. A fully charged battery is claimed to give you approximately 10,000 zaps before you have to recharge via a USB charger.

Now, for the things that I didn’t like. The main issue I had with this fly zapper is the mesh. Unlike the Executioner product that only has a single layer, this one has three.
The reason for this is for safety, which I understand and appreciate. However, the same thing that makes it safe for you, is the same thing that makes it safe for the insects, and so the killing efficiency of the Zap it! Fly zapper isn’t as good as it should be, despite it having a 4000-volt electrified grid. I’m not saying it isn’t effective, it’s just not as efficient as the Executioner product.

So, to sum up, Zap it! Fly zapper, I would say that it has some great features like the USB charging and lithium ion battery, and the built-in flashlight for nighttime use, and it does do what it is designed for. I just wish the makers would have given it a single layer killing grid instead of the enclosed one as it would have made this an unbeatable product.


  • Rechargeable battery so not extra outlay
  • Full charge indicator
  • 10k Zaps before recharge!


  • Might not be quite as efficient as the Executioner but all round for me my favourite

You’ve probably seen this type of fly zapper before, either at the supermarket, or more commonly, at pound stores or open markets; they resemble a tennis racquet with electrified wiring in the centre. You might have even bought one in the past and, like me, felt a bit under awed at its actual performance. But, make no mistake. The Executioner is not the same as those low powered, cheaper models, no sir.

First of all, it feels like a much better – quality product before you even turn it on. It has a nice, comfortable handle, and just feels more substantial and a lot less flimsy than ones I’ve bought at the supermarket in the past.
Then there is the power. Once you push in the small button on the handle, you see the charging light come on and can actually hear a whining noise as the fly zapper charges up the shock.

Once it’s ready a light swing through the air in the direction of the flying pest that is bothering you is quickly followed by a visible mini-flash and a loud ‘crack’ as the insect touches the electrolysed 1.5mm zinc steel grid and is killed. Smaller insects like gnats and mosquitos are sometimes vaporised completely, while large ones like wasps might just be heavily stunned by the first shock, and need a second to finish them off.

The makers of the Executioner fly zapper claim that the product has great longevity and will last for 100,000 zaps. I can’t attest to if this is true or not, but the product does seem very well made, and I don’t have reason to doubt their claims. The Executioner fly zapper runs off two AA batteries, and the makers have been kind enough to throw in a couple as part of the price. This fly zapper is available in 5 different colours, and also a slightly more expensive ‘pro’ version which is larger and made from very strong ABS plastic. I was very impressed with this model after being so disappointed with cheaper products in the past. From now on, I’ll be spending a bit more on my fly zappers.

Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Fly Zapper Mosquito Swatter Racket


  • Made with long lasting ABS Plastic, the Executioner fly swatter by Sourcing4U is the best model of fly swatters yet.
  • With its superb build quality, this genuine brand Executioner is ideal for home, office, camping, barbecues and any other outdoor activity.
  • Unlike old models, the Executioner boasts of a single zap layer of 1.2 mm zinc steel, guaranteeing death to bugs at first zap.
  • Its usage is very simple – just push the on button and swing the racquet at the offending insect.
  • It comes with a LED warning light that turns on when the button is pushed and off when it is released.
  • The Executioner is given to you only after passing rigorous tests to make sure it meets the standards you expect.
  • It is fully CE approved and passes all trading standards.
  • It is backed with a 1 year full warranty.
  • Along with the handheld zapper you are provided with two branded alkaline batteries


  • Flies and wasps need a second hit – that can be dangerous with a wasp!

Since I bought and tested this through a couple of years, my opinions have changed considerably. It’s been a fantastic electric fly killer but not perfect:

The ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer has really helped control the number of bugs in our house but has not been perfect

So I’ve updated this product to reflect my extensive experience and it’s actually quite interesting to read my original review lower down, where I had just bought the unit to see how things have progressed:

New additions to this review since testing:

If swinging a racquet around sounds a bit too energetic for you, maybe a stationary fly zapper like the excellent Apectek fly and insect killer might be more up your street – but be WARNED – flies take ages to find their way into this electric fly killer! And I want to be clear, it is VERY effective at killing flies once they finally land on the mesh, but until then it is extremely frustrating. Here’s a look – you can barely recognise a fly once it’s been zapped:

ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer zaps flies so hard they are barely recognisable

In my case I had half a dozen flies in the kitchen, as a test, I left the machine on two days and only got 3 flies. The bottom was littered with other bugs and mosquitos though. I would have to say I was a little nervous about leaving this on during the night hours but I moved it into a location that was safe away from anything flammable. The tray at the bottom saw lots of action in that time, mainly mosquitos and other random flying bugs – sadly it didn’t get all the flies.

A couple of days testing the Aspekt fly killer left a load of bugs frazzled in the collection tray

And I am going to re-iterate this, before I get going my biggest gripe with these is they do not attract flies. You are completely reliant on the flies making their way to the zapper. The UV light doesn’t interest them at all. For all other bugs it is incredible and nothing, but nothing will prepare you for the loud crackle! It always makes me jump, even if it’s just gone off, then 20 seconds later. Wait and see when you buy one 😀

Something else I would say is worth considering. Does UV light bother you? In daylight hours it is absolutely fine to me. In fact I barely notice it on. The natural light is stronger than the UV, or even with the normal kitchen down lighters on the UV effect is minimal:

When I have the lights turned on I find the UV light to be of minimal distraction and no problem

But what I don’t like and will not work is if I am trying to sleep or have a nap on the sofa, and certainly not in the bedroom. You will find the UV light too much of a distraction even if you’re not particularly sensitive to light like me. But the wife can’t even nap in the lounge with this on in the kitchen:

What I do not like is when I have no lights on – it is not convenient and certainly no good for a bedroom as the light will distract you

Something you might consider is having this thing hanging. I have to say when I compare it to the competition I really do like their hook and chain system. It feel more than robust enough. Though I’ve actually never hung it for fear one of the kids throws a ball at it or worse, whacks it with a stick by accident and breaks the UV light bulbs 😀 . If you don’t have that worry then the strap is more than up to the job:

The hooks to hang this electric fly killer are more than solid enough

I’d say in terms of cleaning I haven’t followed the instructions mainly because I haven’t had the confidence to take the unit apart. What I normally do is carry it out to our wheelie bin and then turn it upside down. Give it a little shake out and that gets rid of the burnt insects. If there’s anything that won’t shift I use my compressor to give it a bit of a blow with air.


I’d say this is probably the best static electric fly killer available to you at the moment and pretty similar to the Concise in that you’ve got the variable Wattage options, and whilst I’ve picked the mid range to test, there’s no question, the more watts the better after thorough testing:

ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer

Original review: Available in 20 watt and 40 watt versions, this product leaves you to sit back passively while the zapper does its work, leaving you only to clear out the dead insects from time to time.
The product is a combination of a 2800V electrified grid, and some tubular ultraviolet bulbs, encased in a protective cage for your safety.

The insects are drawn to the machine because of the ultraviolet lighting, and then zapped and instantly killed by the powered grid. It’s simple and extremely effective.
To clean out the fly zapper, you simply turn off the machine, remove the bottom tray and empty it into the bin.

The Aspectek fly zapper can be placed on the floor or any hard and flat surface, or if you prefer, you can hang it up by the metal chain that comes attached to it. Standing 10 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 3 inches deep, the 20watt version we looked at was a good size for people who prefer something that is a bit more inconspicuous, whereas the 40watt version has larger dimensions of 12.8” x 25.6” x 3.5”.

Overall quality of the Aspectek fly zapper is very high. Even down to the way the LED bulbs slot into their holders and are easy to change – just remove the back panel and twist them out – here’s a quick demo of that – I warn you to turn volume down though really annoying music sorry about that:

The casing feels strong, and there was nothing that gave me cause for concern.

This product comes with a power cable and plug and runs off the mains, but don’t worry, it doesn’t use much electricity to run, and you won’t be seeing any huge differences in your electricity bill. The power cable is only a metre long though, and that might cause some problems with where you can place the zapper unless you use an extension lead.

A great product that is well built, works very efficiently, and really does what the makers claim it does. Available at a fair price point too. What’s not to like?


  • Easy to use just turn it on
  • Safe if kept up high from kids
  • Tray removes easily


  • I’d pick the 40 Watt after testing this model next time

Inexpensive and stylish are the two words that spring to mind when I think of the Exatfina mosquito killer lamp. Its modern design really is a nice break from the usual ‘box’ type of fly zappers that are so common. This design also has its practical uses too. Instead of only having one angle where insects can head towards the UV lights, this cage like structure allows for 360 degrees of bug killing opportunity.

Now, I have to state that this is called a mosquito killer for a reason, and that is because it is intended to deal with those bloodsuckers more so than house flies, and even though the shock is between 1500 to 1800 volts, it tends just to stun flies rather than kill them outright remember despite the huge volts, it’s only 14W.

As a mosquito killer it works fantastically, and would be a welcome addition to the bedroom in summer when most of the biting insects seem to be on the prowl.

The UV light emits a wavelength of 365nm over a maximum area of 85 square metres, and it really does do a great job of attracting mosquitos. We tested it on a camping trip to Spain, and the only thing that kept us awake was the crackle of the insects on the zapper. The noise that the mosquitos, flies, etc. make when they are shocked is quite loud, but this is the same for all of these products and you do get used to it quite quickly. The dead bugs are collected in a small tray which can be pulled out from the bottom and removed for emptying and cleaning, and this is a very easy task.

You have the choice of leaving this product free standing or hanging it up, but for some reason the makers have yet again decided to only fit a 1 metre or so power cable, so you might need an extension lead if you are hanging it up high. The bottom of the product has been made to be anti-slip, so you can feel safe to leave it on tile surfaces. The outer cage of the zapper is there as a safety feature and will prevent young kids and pets from accidentally hurting themselves.

Quality-wise, Exatfina has done a great job. The ABS plastic used for some of the components is strong and durable, and this applies to the metal parts of the device too.
If you want something that looks good and kills mosquitoes and other small insects, this is a good purchase. If it’s larger insects such as big moths and flies that are your problem, I’d look somewhere else.


  • This model can be hung
  • 1 metre cable may be enough – wasn’t for me


  • Not the best for bigger bugs – go for the 40W version which is more commercial

As far as tennis racquet style fly zappers go, the Zomake electric mosquito & fly swatter is a real bargain. Costing sensible money, it has a build quality that can match much more expensive models, and also a performance that outdoes a lot of them!

The powerful 3000V killing net gives off a fairly loud crack when anything comes into contact with it, and pretty much everything we hit with it dies first time, even large flies. The only downside is you quickly have to get used to the smell of barbecued insects!

Thoughtfully, the killing net is encased in a couple of other layers for the user’s safety, and the materials used feel nice and solid. With this solidity does come a bit of extra weight, but it is not anything to worry about, and actually makes you feel like you have a durable product in your hands.

Zomake’s fly zapper is a good size, with dimensions of 53cm by 22cm, giving you a bigger surface area in which to catch those tricky flies in the kill zone, and more length in the handle so you don’t have to get your hands too close to wasps and other biting/stinging insects. At the top of the handle is a small LED flashlight so you can use the Zomake device in the dark, and even use it to attract the insects. If you want to use it in the daytime, you can save battery power by selecting to have the light switched off at the click of a button. Talking of battery power, this fly zapper comes with a built in 1,000mAh lithium ion battery that you can recharge using a micro USB cable, and a green LED light on the handle will tell you that the battery is charging successfully. A full charge will only take about an hour, and then you will get a lot of use out of that single charge. On the one we tested, we used it for about a week and it still hadn’t run out of power by the end of it.

In short, this is one of the best fly zapper swatters I’ve used and it is available for a very affordable price.

Similar in many ways to the fantastic ASPECTEK fly zapper, this model from Concise Home Insect Killer is available at a price that is around 12 pounds lower than its competitor. The Concise Home Insect Killer features the same 2800V electrolysed killing grid too, making it a very efficient killer of flies, mosquitos, moths, and many other flying insects.

Inside the casing and behind the electric grid, there are two tubular UV bulbs that emit a 365nm frequency. This is designed to attract flies and mosquitos in a 50 square metre radius, and I found that it actually does work quite well, as long as you don’t have bright lights on in the same room or fans blowing nearby.

The safety grid on the front of the fly zapper has been well thought out and the spaces between the bars are very small, and not even a small child will be able to get their hands into the dangerous parts.

The white, aluminium casing makes the product lightweight, yet still strong, and resistant to rust should you want to use this outside on the patio or balcony for extended periods.
The easy to slide out collection tray makes getting rid of the dead flies a doddle, and of course makes keeping it clean easy too. There is also a small cleaning brush included so you can wipe any charred remains of mosquitos off the grid and bars. The 1 mere power cable that comes with the Concise Home Insect Killer model isn’t the longest, but it is better than a lot of similar products so I was happy for small mercies. I was also happy to see that it came with a UK three-pronged plug already attached too.

For less than twenty-five pounds you will have to search far and wide to find a better stationary fly zapper. It is well built and performs better than expected.

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