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4 Best Belt/Disc Sander Combos Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

Disc sanders are used to smooth and/or shape surfaces on various materials, most common of which is wood. Disc sanders use a circular piece of sandpaper attached wheel which is powered and rotated by either an electric motor or by compressed air. The pieces of sandpaper can be replaced when needed and changed for different types depending on if you want to do some rough or fine sanding. They are usually stationary tools but there are handheld models out there. These days it’s common to see a combination tool with a belt sander and disc sander components.

Comparison table: 4 Best Belt/Disc Sander Combos Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Sealey SM750 Belt/Disc Sander

  • Powerful induction motor with smooth
  • 250W/230V Induction motor.
  • Belt Size: 25 x 762mm.
  • Disc Size: 125mm.
  • Sanding disc table tilts to 45° and is supplied with mitre gauge for accurate angle sanding....

Clarke CS4-6D Woodwork Carpenters 4

Clarke CS4-6D Woodwork Carpenters 4" x 6" Belt DISC and Sander 6500412

  • 370 Watts, 230V motor
  • 4" x 36" (100 x 914mm) belt tilts & locks at any angle from 0 to 90°...
  • 6" (150mm) diameter disc rotates at 2850 rpm
  • Supplied with removable sanding table (225 x 160mm) for use with either sanding belt or disc...
  • Safety features include finger guard on belt

Silverstorm 972660 - 350W Bench-Mounted 390mm Belt & 150mm Disc Sander 230V

  • Dual position multi-angle 390 x 125 mm table with mitre guide
  • Belt sander surface can be tilted 0
  • Long-life induction motor with sealed bearings
  • 390 mm length belt sander and 150 mm diameter sanding disc
  • Sealed, dustproof switches

Here you can read our reviews of the disc sanders we have deemed to be the best value for money. The reviews consist of a short write up followed by bullet points to make the best features easy to see. If you are interested in any of the products featured, would like to read more information on them, see more images, or would like to read other customer’s feedback, simply click on the links provided.

1. Silverstorm 972660 – 350W Bench-Mounted 390mm Belt & 150mm Disc Sander 230V

Like a lot of products in this category, the Silverstorm 972660 is a useful combination of a belt sander and disc sander. This 350 watt induction motor has been made with sealed bearings which prolong its working life by keeping dust and moisture out. The 915x100mm belt sander that can be tilted and used at any angle from 0-90 degrees so you can stand up pieces of wood, plastic or other material and sand them. Then there is the 150mm sanding discs that are fixed by a hook and loop system for quick and easy changes. This machine’s table is dual position and can be adjusted to work at multiple angles and there is also a mitre guide to help you. Some of the other nice features are rubber mounting feet to keep your working area free of scratches, and a dust proof on/off switch. Load free, the belt sander works at 5 metres per second, while the belt sander’s speed is 1450rpm.

  • 230V 350W electric induction motor with sealed bearings for longevity
  • No load speeds for the belt sander and disc sander are 5m/s and 1450rpm respectively.
  • Belt sander can be tilted and used in the range of 0-90 degrees
  • The table is dual position and angle adjustable
  • Easy to change sanding disc thanks to a hook and loop system
  • Rubber feet protect the workspace from damage
  • Dust proof on/off switch

Sealey have been making quality tools for nearly 35 years and they are a brand you can trust. This belt and disc sander combo has great build quality and has been made to stand the tests of time. It is a bench mounted tool but it is also compact, semi-portable and only weighs 7kg. Despite its small size, it delivers excellent performance and will sand wood, plastic and metal with ease. It is powered by a 230V, 250W induction motor that has been made with bearing mounted drive pulleys for smoothness and noise reduction. The belt sander measures 762x25mm and has a 845 metres per minute no load speed. The 125mm disc sander runs at 2850rpm. The sanding table can be titled and used at 45 degrees and there is a mitre guide included with this tool. This sander is fitted with shock absorbing feet and I have to say, they do good job of it. All in all, this is a great little belt/disc sander combo and will see you getting plenty of life out of it.

  • Made by a trusted brand
  • High quality construction and durable
  • 250 watt induction motor with bearing mounted pulleys means it runs quietly
  • Compact and lightweight at only 7 kilograms
  • Fitted with a 762x25mm belt sander that runs at 845 metres per second and a 125mm disc sander running at 2850rpm
  • 45 degrees tilting work table and mitre guide
  • Shock absorbing feet

With a 370 watt, 230V electric motor, and constructed from cast iron, this sander from Clarke international is a powerful and sturdy bit of kit. The 914mm x 100mm belt sander has a speed of 450 metres per minute and is fully adjustable and lockable anywhere between 0 and 90 degree angles. The 150mm disc sander is good for working on smaller pieces but still has a decent no load speed of 2850rpm. A nice feature is the removable sanding table, which allows you to switch it between both types of sander easily, and as needed. For safety, the sanding belt has finger guards and the disc sander has guarding all around it. There is also a lockable on and off switch.

  • Powerful 370 watt electric motor
  • Cast iron construction
  • Adjustable and lockable belt sander 0-90 degree angles
  • Running speeds of 450 metres per minute for the belt and 2850rpm for the disc
  • Removable sanding table to be used with either sander
  • Finger guards, disc guard and lockable switch as safety features

4. UK Performance Parts 300w 230 Volt Combination Belt Disc Power Sander

Like the Sealey sander combo, the motor in this product also has a bearing mounted pulley system that keeps operation noise minimal while delivering smooth power to the sanders. Also like some of our other products we’ve reviewed, the sander table tilts from 0-45 degrees and can be locked and used anywhere along the way. The 127mm disc sander has a speed of 2950rpm with no load, and the belt sander measures 760mm x 25.4mm. This is a compact dual sander and is a good choice for DIY enthusiasts that want a tool that doesn’t take up too much space. The motor powering this tool is a 300 watt, 230V electric unit that delivers more than ample power for sanding wood and plastic.

  • Runs quietly thanks to bearing mounted pulley system
  • Table tilts 0-45 degrees and locks at any angle
  • 300 watt electric motor
  • Disc sander has a no load speed of 2950rpm
  • Two separate sander tables
  • Compact and easily stored away
  • CE/GS certified product

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