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UK’s best indoor plant pots for the home – ceramic and plastic compared

This article was last updated on April 23rd, 2022 at 6:00 am

Personally, I can’t get enough of greenery. The second I get the chance I am off out for a hike getting myself as close to nature as possible. That’s why my garden is lovely and green, full of life, plants, flowers and trees are prominent. It’s wonderful and if I can’t get out into the real wilderness I’ll go outside and relax in the garden, that is until Winter hits us and knocks out most of my garden colour – and thats where indoor plant pots for my home keep the party going! As well as bringing in some of my outdoor plant pots too.

Indoor plant pots with greenery look superb

And before we really get into the review let’s look at some of these best indoor plant pots available:

Best indoor plant pots – editor top picks:

Best plant pot overall – LA JOLIE MUSE two indoor Flower Pots
Best indoor plant pot for a large plant – Stewart Piazza (55cm round medium) Planter
Best indoor plant pot for a small plant – T4U 17CM Ceramic White Modern Oval Design Plant Pot With Bamboo Tray
Best indoor hanging pot: – Blume Bae Home 3-Tier Ceramic Hanging Planter for Indoor & Outdoor Plants
Best ceramic pick – LA JOLIE MUSE Large Grey Ceramic Indoor Outdoor Garden Pot
Best self watering indoor plant pot – Lechuza CLASSICO Self-watering Planter
Budget pick – Greemotion Planting Pot

Inside however, that’s a different story. While I may have some plants dotted around the house I don’t have nearly as many as I would like. As for the office, I have zero. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of our time either indoors or at the office. Maybe your office is home based now too. Ok, I lied but I have a fair few around the house, but humour me. Does this sound like you? Is now the time to up your indoor plant game and start improving the air quality inside the home? Air quality is not the only benefit of having indoor plants. They have been known to enhance your mood, reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve your performance at work.

Correctly positioned plants on your desk can enhance you’re work and well being

I think it might be time to invest in some indoor home plant pots, get back to nature and see what all the fuss is about. Whether you are someone who wants to go all out and buy some larger plants, a minimalist looking for plants but doesn’t like clutter, someone on a budget or someone who doesn’t have much time to tend to the much needed greenery in the house but has always wanted a room full to the brim with plants, then I have done the hard work of finding all the best indoor home plant pots for you.

Best indoor plant pots buyers guide

There are loads of hidden tricks and tips that’ll help you get the best bang for your buck visually, as well as make the most of what you already have. Have you ever placed a plant to realise it looks astonishingly different to what you saw advertised or your plant quickly grows out of its current pot? Have no fear – here are some of those trade secrets from how to place your plant pot through to when to transplant into larger pots for maximum visual effect as well as how to look after your plants indoors properly.

Where is the best place for a house plant?

As you most probably guessed, sunlight is the main factor when it comes to having happy house plants. But before you choose a location we suggest that you choose the plants carefully first as your house may not be able to provide the conditions needed to grow a particular species no matter how hard you try.

Well placed plants can make you feel better about working from home

Most indoor plants with foliage are going to need an estimated 8 hours of indirect sunlight a day. Indirect light doesn’t mean a dark room. The room still needs to be bright. However, succulents and cacti are going to need continuous daily light. This is why it’s important to check what you will be taking care of first. Be cautious and keep an eye on any plant incase you start to scorch your plant. Most plant life will flourish by west, east or southerly facing windows as a general rule of thumb.

Give your plants about 8 hours sunlight a day as a rule of thumb

Placing greenery around the room is always going to give the illusion of more space as indeed hanging planters will too. However, do be careful to hang the pots in places people will not bump into them.

How often should I water my indoor plants?

This is not going to be a straightforward answer that you can use for ALL indoor plants – it could quite literally be one to three weeks! That is a far too imprecise an answer. Some plants like it wetter than others so you are always best to check out the requirements of each plant beforehand – there’s literally too many lo list so I won’t bore you, just do a quick search. That being said if you are forgetful like myself then you can do these few steps as a simple way to check:

Test the dryness of the soil, it may seem simple but if you just put your finger into the soil it is a good gauge to see if a plant needs a drink or not. You can get reach under and feel if you have a drainage hole, checking if there is any moisture at all. One sensible option is a self watering plant pot:

Lechuza CLASSICO Self-watering Planter take a bit of the skill out of watering

We have all seen the plant that starts to wilt and drop. The leaves begin to change and look sad. Best thing to do in this case is to buy a moisture metre, you could find the wilting is due to overwatering rather than a lack of water. If you feel like you might struggle with all this then the Lechuza CLASSICO Self-watering Planter is a decent option for you since it’s self watering – take a look at the image above to see where plant pots have gone now to make life easier. Let’s face it, it’s not just the lazy option but it can, in effect, teach you how to look after a certain plant.

How do I transfer a plant from a small pot to a larger one?

There comes a time in every plant’s life when it outgrows its original pot and is in dire need of a larger one! Repotting isn’t quite as simple as it seems, it should be but it can be quite delicate. If you can see the roots protruding from the drainage hole, if the plant is drying out quicker than usual or even if it feels heavier than it’s time to think about a larger pot like the Stewart Piazza (55cm round medium) Planter or potentially even larger still, half barrel planters. This is a pretty sensible roundup of how to re-pot houseplants:

Removal of the current pot is done by tipping the plant sideways, gently tapping the base to help it if need be. Loosen the roots gently and be sure to cut off any excess roots that may be hanging around. The old soil is not needed so go ahead and dispose of that and add new soil to the new larger pot. Making sure that you centre the plant and it has enough soil, but not too much, so it allows the plant roots to breathe. You are not trying to pack and pat down as much soil as possible here. Finally after you even out the top soil just add water.

I’ve picked this as my best indoor plant pot set overall – La Jolie Muse is a contemporary and modern company with a whole range of stylish homeware.Their products actually come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back return policy, and we completely understand why. This offer is actually a double pack consisting of one 22cm and one 19cm robust planters that are made from recyclable plastic and natural stone and wood powders which creates an unrivalled sleek and modern finish with a real stone effect.

To be honest there is not much difference in the size and not really sure why they went for such similar sizes with this set but nevertheless they are still gorgeous looking. My personal favourite colour is the speckled black plant pot but it is available in marble pattern grey, matte white, speckled white and weathered grey, all are elegant and unique.

These planters look like they are going to be heavy, but because of the plastic they are in the waterproof category and can be moved no trouble – if you feel the need to change things up then maybe pop them on the decking instead. One of the best features we have seen on plant pots is the semi self watering style. The drainage holes are actually raised to aid with the chosen plant depth and drain the excess water more effectively – you hold on to more water like a self watering trough. I couldn’t really fault this set of pots however some buyers might be looking for a pot that is slightly bigger for larger plants (in which case you want to look at the Stewart Piazza), as these two are fairly lightweight and small.


  • Money back guarantee
  • Double pack
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Five elegant designs
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 4 raised drainage holes that are raised to keep water a bit longer


  • Some buyers may require a heavier plant pot for larger plants

You would think it when looking at it but the Stewart Piazza 55cm round medium Planter is made from a premium plastic that is sturdy, lightweight and frost proof suitable for indoor use and outdoor use. Our best large plant pot for indoor or outdoor use has a 32 litre soil capacity so with larger indoor plants in mind this is certainly one to consider. Coming in three different colours we preferred the granite effect rather than the brown or sandstone. It really does give a more classy feel to the room. There are also slightly smaller options available as well. A 40cm round low, a 40cm round tall and an even smaller 35cm round medium are all still large indoor planters so if 55cm sounds a little too large check the other shapes and sizes first all completed with a singular drainage hole. All are UV protected so don’t worry about the plastic being situated close to a window and the colour fading over time, it will still look great in years to come. I did find that if you are opting to use this pot for something like a large indoor tree you will need to look for an option with more weight.


  • Premium plastic, durable, lightweight and UV protected
  • 32 litre soil capacity
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Various elegant colour, shapes and sizes, all still on the larger side
  • Drainage hole


  • Some buyers may require a heavier plant pot

The T4U 17CM Ceramic White is ideal for housing cacti, succulents or even herbs this small but modern looking oval plant pot looks simply gorgeous on a desk in the office, small side table, shelf or even a window sill. It is a fully white ceramic pot with a singular drainage hole that comes with a small bamboo drainage tray safeguarding any overflow of water you may have. It states that you can use outdoors but with the sheer size of the planter and the bamboo tray we would suggest indoor use only. With a length of only 16.9cm, a width of 8.5cm and a very shallow depth of 5.5cm you certainly want to make sure you re going to use the 4U 17CM Ceramic White Modern Oval Design Plant Pot With Bamboo Tray with shallower species if you were looking for something with more space maybe try the LA JOLIE MUSE Large Grey.


  • Small but modern shape and design
  • Perfect for small places like on a desk in the office, small side table, shelf or even a window sill
  • Drainage hole
  • Overspill bamboo tray
  • White ceramic and bamboo tray looks stylish together


  • Some buyers may require a deeper pot

Blume Bae Home has come in at the top spot in the best indoor hanging pot category. A clear winner with their unique 3-tier ceramic hanging planter. The design is modern and practical. Minimalists will love this space saving contraption. The installable hook can be placed directly into the ceiling or on the side of the wall meaning that you can place it in such a way that it takes up even less space than other hanging pots. Another absolute bonus is it’s three tiers so extra plants taking up the same amount of space, like I said, a clear winner. I love it. The ceramic plant pots themselves are perfect for succulents, cacti, air plants or ivy as seen in most pictures online but other small plants will work just as well. They have been manufactured to the highest quality and you can certainly tell. The pots are not easily chipped or marked and built to last. These cute and stylish pots are made deep to allow room for the roots to grow. They come complete with drainage holes in case of over watering and a drain plug fits perfectly in there. We would have preferred the drainage holes came with a plug which was a bit disappointing but not the end of the world. The environmentally friendly cotton cord looks good against the white ceramic planters and there is even extra cord for those with tall ceilings.


  • 3 tier system
  • Space saving product
  • Can be installed on both the ceiling and the wall
  • Excellently crafted ceramics that are robust and stylish
  • Pre existing drainage holes
  • Hanging cord made with eco-friendly cotton


  • Did not come with drainage plugs

Due to succulent plants being less hassle to maintain, La Jolie Muse have created this sophisticated two tone premium hand poured ceramic plant pot. It comes in a sand or beige colour but we preferred the also spacious bluish, grey with a gold rim planter is to be home to more than just a singular succulent plant instead of using a single 6 inch pot the LA JOLIE MUSE Large Succulent Grey Ceramic Indoor Outdoor Garden Pot has a 20.3 cm space for you to enjoying filling with a variety of species.

With 4mm thick walls it is fairly weighty and feels well made in the hand and that’s part of the reason why it’s my best ceramic pick – it’s built to last and at sensible money that’s no longer easy to find. For indoor use and outdoor use this ceramic planter can really be filled with any type of plant and with a singular drainage hole will drain the water quite adequately. We are a little unsure why La Jolie Muse opted for just one drainage hole in this design, unlike the previously mentioned LA JOLIE MUSE two indoor Flower Pots at the top spot, but we are going to assume it is because this pot is aimed at being a large succulent plant pot and therefore not needing the extra drainage.


  • Large and spacious design for numerous succulents
  • Superior hand poured ceramic that has stylish colours and detailing
  • Durable 4mm thick walls made for indoor and outdoor use
  • Drainage hole


  • Singular drainage hole

Available in a number of pastel colours, slate, nutmeg or our favourite white to name a few It’s also available in three different sizes too – for my money it’s the best self watering indoor plant pot at the moment. This ultramodern ready to use both indoor and outdoor, self watering planter is made from a high quality plastic poly resin that is frost proof, UV resistant and shockproof. Included in the complete package is the substrate which helps stow water and slowly release nutrients. The substrate stops water logging and combats mould growth too. The substrate is spread out onto a separator which is there to form a container for the water allowing the plant to receive just the right amount of water for optimum growth. After spreading out the substrate it did kind of look like it would have been enough but I feel that a bit more would have been nicer, I don’t think it affected the outcome too much. The water level indicator shows the maximum and minimum water levels, therefore an effortless glance at the water level indicator every so often will do the trick! How easy is that? I have to say, I absolutely love this. It’s great for people who love plant life but just haven’t got the time or patience to continually be there for their indoor plants all the time, perfect for the office!


  • Ultramodern design and technology at affordable prices
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Made from a plastic poly resin it is UV resistant, frost and shock proof
  • Comes with a substrate to assist with growth
  • Water level indicator
  • Effortlessly easy to grow plants


  • Extra substrate with would have been better

It’s pretty difficult to describe how I feel about the features of the Greemotion Planting Pot as it’s a very basic pot but the price is difficult to not take notice. Medium sized and uniquely shaped with a matte finish you would not believe you can purchase an indoor plant pot that’s tough, yet lightweight at a measly 0.07 grams and it still holds weather resistance qualities, if you decide to pop it outside on more than the odd occasion. Made from a high quality plastic this best budget pick really is unbelievable. It is hard to fault, for such a basic product, I mean there’s hardly anything to it – cleaning is pretty straightforward too as pots go. It does the job it is needed to do at an affordable price for everyone. You’re either going to love it or hate it.


  • Unique shape
  • Matte finish
  • Tough and lightweight
  • Weather resistant
  • Made from high quality plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely inexpensive


  • No drainage hole

Other things to consider when buying an indoor home plant pot is the extensive care that actually goes into keeping these plants alive. As previously mentioned placement for sunlight and temperature, watering and repotting are all key factors in plant care. Additionally, pruning, dust removal and inspecting each plant for disease and insects also play a part in keeping your indoor plant life green and healthy. Typically pruning takes place at the start of each growing season but again this could be slightly different for each plant so best to check the species. Checking for dust is a simple task and just requires you to rub the leaves gently with your fingers. If dust is present it’s time to grab a cloth and clean the leaves individually. Which brings me on to the next point, do not use a feather duster on the plants. This is a sure way to spread bugs and other nasties onto the plants. Always use a wet cloth. You can check for insects when you water and again the changes in colour or dropping of leaves could be a good indicator to take a closer look for anything crawling about.

Taking the time for proper care and giving indoor plant life the care and attention it needs almost always gives you the wondrous results you seek. Just like most things in life, you get out what you put in.

I hope you can bring some nature into your home with lots of rustic and modern styles to choose from and with our help we guarantee you can find the perfect indoor home plant pots.

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