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Best topiary shears [UK]: Top cordless topiary shears reviewed and compared

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Whilst there are plenty of power tools out there, it’s safe to say that electric shears are a godsend for those gardeners who are ambitious with their greenery, especially when it comes to topiary. If you have shrubs or trees then you’ll have definitely come to a point where you realise you need to get trimming, but what’s the best way to do it? Do you need long trimmers? Some big cutters? How does this link to topiary? Well, these are very important questions, but the simple answer is that there are specialised topiary shears (both electric and hand) that are available for you.

What are topiary shears?

Topiary shears work in the opposite way to long reach hedge trimmers and cordless pole hedge trimmer for an up close and accurate trim. They are often cordless and do the finesse jobs petrol hedge trimmers aren’t designed for and when cordless hedge trimmers are too clumsy you’ll opt for topiary shears to shape and carefully trim shrubs and bushes.

Even if you’re just tidying up some hedges or shrubs, you’ll still need some topiary shears so you can get it done properly. They’ll allow you to make your greenery look neat and not overgrown, and if you want to style any shrubs or bushes into particular shapes, they’re exactly what you need. They don’t cost a stupid amount of money but make all the difference when it comes to keeping on top of your gardening work without much effort.

Most cordless topiary shears are fairly compact and lightweight, making them ideal as tools to use in the garden. You could use hand shears, but they really aren’t much cheaper and for the rice, you’re better off buying a cordless power tool version. This will save you time and effort in the long run but will still get the job done.

Best topiary shears top picks

  1. NETTA 7.2V Cordless 2 in 1 Lithium-Ion Grass and Hedge Trimmer (best topiary shears in the UK overall)
  2. Terratek 2 IN 1 Pro 7.2V Cordless Hedge Trimmer (best value topiary shears)
  3. Ryobi OGS1822 One Plus Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear and Shrubber (best cordless topiary shears choice for professionals)
  4. Bosch 600833172 Cordless Edging Shear Set (most reliable topiary shears for finicky work) 
  5. MYLEK Cordless Hedge Trimmer (cheapest topiary shears that still work well)
  6. AOKEY Hedge Trimmers, 7.2V Cordless

Whatever you choose, there are quite a few options and many brands that sell topiary shears, so it’s important to know what you’re getting. To help you out, we’ve reviewed the best 6 we found on the market currently and provided a topiary shears buyer’s guide at the end of this post to help you know what to look for. Read on for more!

Comparison table: Best topiary shears [UK]: Top cordless topiary shears reviewed and compared

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Bosch 600833172 Cordless Edging Shear Set

The best brand on our list is unsurprisingly Bosch. Their Bosch 600833172 Cordless Edging Shear Set is unsurprisingly a super bit of kit but we feel when compared to the Netta it's just a bit too much money. If you want a reliable brand with proven customer care and decent returns policies then you'll probably end up buying Bosch for your topiary shears. The battery is great, the performance is excellent overall and very precise. It's not just my opinion either, thousands of happy customers use these topiary shears.

NETTA 7.2V Cordless 2 in 1 Lithium-Ion Grass and Hedge Trimmer

Our best pick for best topiary shears falls at the lap of the NETTA 7.2V Cordless 2 in 1 Lithium-Ion Grass and Hedge Trimmer. As a versatile trimmer and well priced with a fair bit of battery power (plus reasonably quick charging) this little trimmer will really get your garden into shape. The fact it has different attachments for longer reach is just an added bonus and they are quick change too. You can expect a decent, accurate, and clean cut. I'd have no hesitation recommending this for precision work.

AOKEY Hedge Trimmers, 7.2V Cordless

The AOKEY Hedge Trimmers, 7.2V Cordless throws a bit of a curveball with a few reports of reliability on the trimmer and charger (which by the way takes a good four hours so this tool isn't for someone in a rush). However, when compared to those that have good experiences it definitely makes this set of shears a good alternative to look at and a diamond in the rough. Overall it's a good mid range set of topiary shears running off 7.2V so more power delivery than the cheaper options.

Ryobi OGS1822 One Plus Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear and Shrubber

The Ryobi OGS1822 One Plus Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear and Shrubber is an exceptional tool and I've been quite harsh on the full review, however, with that said directly compared to it's competitors without considering costs you'll likely realise this is the best topiary shears alongside the Bosch option. The motor is so powerful you have a near full set of hedge trimmers included too. That pretty much says it all. The motor is more than capable of close accurate trimming.

MYLEK Cordless Hedge Trimmer

On a tight budget you can get sensible work from the MYLEK Cordless Hedge Trimmer. You have to question warranty and customer service, as with all new brands, but until they prove otherwise, I rate these the cheapest sensible topiary shears in the UK for now. The blades change pretty easily and it has a decent runtime of 50 minutes or so. At 3.6V they are not the most powerful but it is what it is. You get what you pay for and if you're not doing heavy work, or the jobs you need to do are awkward, this light weight option might work for you too very nicely especially since they are cordless too.

Terratek 2 IN 1 Pro 7.2V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Terratek 2 IN 1 Pro 7.2V Cordless Hedge Trimmer is my second favourite set of cordless trimmers for topiary work. They are well priced and when compared only slightly give up a couple of key features to the Netta but theres not much in it and if the Netta was out of stock, with these being priced the same, this is where I would turn for value for money next. If not for the balance and the handle not quite being as good as the Netta this would have ended up my top pick! It's still a seriously accomplished set of topiary shears.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 7.2V, Run Time: 50 minutes,Charge Time: 4 hours

In our first-place spot is the NETTA 2 in 1 trimmer, and lets just say, it’s definitely well deserved. This compact tool is super value for money and has over 1000 ratings with an average of 4 and a half stars, with many reviews noting how powerful this little thing is and how it makes trimming and sorting your greenery a lot easier and quicker than other tools.

The reviews don’t lie either, as you can really feel the power with this tool, most likely due to the fact it’s got a 7.2V motor. This is the recommended amount of power for topiary shears and is actually higher than quite a few other options on the market, but it definitely makes all the difference. It’s easy to operate and the blades are dead easy to swap, making life a lot easier and hassle-free when you need to change from trimming to cutting.

It has a run time of 50 minutes and a charging period of 4 hours, which may seem a while, but chances are you won’t be using this for over 50 minutes, especially since topiary is about detail and accuracy rather than quantity. Either way, it has an LED light on the front that indicates its battery level and it’s easy to charge, so this makes things a lot easier. It has a two-way switch too which makes it feel a bit safer when you’re using it.

Since you can really feel its power, you feel comfortable going along your hedge/shrub with it and it really does make a difference. It cuts through greenery well and even though it takes a little longer on thick greenery, it still gets through it with ease. The blades have a good amount of weight to them too, which is always reassuring with power tools as it indicates good quality. Its handle feels comfortable and so it has its ergonomic features, as well as being lightweight enough to feel like you can be flexible with your cutting if you need to.

Overall, this product is definitely the best option for topiary shears for a couple of reasons. The first is its efficiency due to its power, as this really does get the job done and it does it well, leaving no uneven patches and leaving your greenery looking neat and tidy. Secondly, for the price you pay, it really is a fantastic bargain. Whilst not much can be said for its long-term reliability, some reviews have noted that they still have theirs a year on, and since you won’t be trimming your hedges consistently, long term reliability shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

It doesn’t really have too many downsides at all, apart from the occasional review noting broken parts upon arrival and broken machines (again, likely due to the shipping), but none were seen regarding the products function and value. Overall, a great bit of kit and exactly what you need if you need to get on with topiary or greenery trimming as soon as possible. It’s also great for those who are just getting into hedge trimming and topiary, especially if you don’t want to invest loads of money at first…we highly recommend it!

Specification: Warranty: yes (2 years), Power: 7.2V, Run Time: 60 minutes,Charge Time: 3-5 hours

In our second-place spot is the Terratek 2 in 1 pro, which is actually very similar to the NETTA trimmer in first place. It costs the same price when compared to our top pick the Netta and has a 7.2V motor to ensure you get the power you need. It has interchangeable blades and gets the job done, so in that sense, it’s just as good as our first-place spot.

However, the handle isn’t the most ergonomic and is a little difficult to balance compared to the NETTA trimmer, so prolonged use on your hedges or bushes could get a little uncomfortable after a while. On top of this, the blades aren’t as easy to change as it first appears, but you get the hang of it after a while. Since you’ll have gloves on anyway the ergonomic aspect isn’t too important, but combined with the weight, it is slightly noticeable.

Aside from that, it’s a great little tool which has been noted for its utility when it comes to small cuttings and accurate trimming, so it’s perfect for topiary. Its battery indicator and 60-minute run time (3–5-hour charge time) makes it easier to manage its charge and use. It looks pretty good, feels powerful and does its job, and apart from those couple of minor issues, it’s a great tool. The reason it’s in second place is because it’s a great price and good value for a tool of that power, but it’s just lacking a couple of qualities that our first-place spot has.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 18V, Run Time: N/A,Charge Time: N/A

Next up is the Ryobi cordless shear and trimmer, a great bit of kit and a handy tool for any gardener to have. Everyone knows Ryobi, so you can feel confident that you pay for what you get, and that’s quality and power. This 2-in-2 tool has an 18V motor to ensure that it’s powerful enough to cut through as much as possible, the most powerful motor in our list.

The batteries work with their cordless hedge trimmers and cordless pole hedge trimmers too which is a nice bonus so you can save on batteries/chargers.

It’s slim, lightweight and looks good (Ryobi green always looks professional!) and you can definitely feel the upgraded power. As with the other options in this list, you can swap the blades round depending on your use, both of which are made of durable steel to last you a long time. Its handle has a rubber grip for maximum comfort and the lightweight, compact nature of the product makes it easier to use and manage.

The only reason it’s in third place is because it’s more on the expensive side for topiary shears, which is actually pretty good for Ryobi. However, for this price, it’s been noted to only cut through thinner stems and shoots, and for the 18V power, I’d expect a little more.

Either way, it still does a perfectly decent job and has gone down well with its users (aside from its underwhelming power), it’s just not as good value for money as other options on this list. If you have cordless Ryobi products already and you aren’t on any budget, then this tool will get the job done for you.

Ryobi OGS1822 One Plus Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear and Shrubber

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 3.6V, Run Time: 50 minutes, Charge Time: 3-5 hours

Next up is actually amazon’s choice for topiary shears and unsurprisingly, it’s made by Bosch. Bosch is notorious for providing high quality, long lasting products that get the job done with few problems. This is more on the expensive side, but it’s still not ridiculous. Since its Bosch too, its price is justified, just not good if you’re budgeting.

It’s lightweight and compact enough to make using it flexible and versatile, so life is a lot easier. It’s not the most ergonomic but not terrible, so this didn’t feel like an issue. It has an anti-blocking system and steel blades which are easy to change and attach, so really, it’s got what you need in terms of functionality. It’s been noted for its ability to charge fast and run for a while in the reviews too, which is a great feature of Bosch products.

So why is it in fourth place? Well, for one reason only, and that’s because it only has a 3.6V motor. Other options in this list have this power level too, but for Bosch, and for the price you’re paying, it’s a little low in our opinion. Although it still gets the job done and you can cut/shape your greenery perfectly well with it, more power is always better, and we would expect it from a Bosch tool.

Nevertheless, a perfectly reliable tool and gets the job done, just not as powerful as it could be, especially for the price!

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 3.6V, Run Time: 50 minutes, Charge Time: 3-5 hours

This option is the cheapest in our list but still gets the job done, so if you’re on a budget but still need to do some trimming, then this is for you. As you might expect, it has a 3.6V motor, which is on the lower range of power but expected for this price. Its 2-in-1 has two adjustable blades which are versatile and strong and it’s easy to operate. It’s lightweight and versatile, as well as comfortable on the hands due to its ergonomic design.

It should last you for 50 minutes in terms of run time, and it’s been noted to not take a long time to charge either, so its battery is clearly pretty good. It doesn’t have an excess of reviews, but the ones that are there provide a good insight, and they note how good this little tool is for doing its job and how it really is value for money. It might not be the most powerful, but it gets the job done perfectly well, so why fifth place?

Well, with any cheaper product such as this, and by brands that aren’t as well known at all, you always have the worry about future reliability and warranty, safety, etc. If it’s made cheaper then it might not last you as long, especially components such as the blades. On top of this, it’s not actually as versatile as stated, as to use it you need to activate the main switch and lock switch simultaneously and this can be a strain on the hands.

Either way, if you really don’t want to spend much or you won’t be doing topiary anytime soon, then this is the product for you. We’re not saying it won’t last, we’re just saying with any cheaper product or cheaper brand, you don’t know anything about its long-term reliability. It’s still a great tool though, so we definitely recommend it!

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 7.2V, Run Time: 50 minutes, Charge Time: 4 hours

In last place on our list is the AOKEY 2-in-1 cordless hedge trimmer, another great tool with 7.2V of power that can get the job done. It’s priced middle range; not too expensive but also not too cheap, so you’d still expect good quality from it. It certainly delivers in terms of function and is great for small trimmings, small jobs and of course, topiary.

It lasts up to 50 minutes and has a 4-hour charge time, so it certainly could be worse. It has interchangeable steel blades which are easy to switch, and overall, it’s easy to operate and is lightweight enough to use for an extended amount of time. Its additional safety features give you a little more reassurance that you’ll be okay using it too.

Okay, so, why last place on the list? Don’t get us wrong it’s a great tool and we’d recommend it, especially with a 7.2V motor, but there’s a couple of things. Firstly, it’s an awkward price as you still expect high quality but not the best, and it just feels like the products in 4th and 5th place which are much cheaper and still decent quality.

Some have reported technical issues during use too, so we’re not sure on its reliability. The charger has been known to be occasionally problematic, so this makes life a bit more difficult than it should be if this is the case.

For its price, you’d still expect these issues not to be present, but since it’s mostly due to manufacturing or issues or product-specific issues, it doesn’t mean yours will be like that. To be honest, it may be last on the list, but it’s still a really great tool and is powerful, ergonomic and quite frankly everything you need in topiary shears…we recommend it just as much as the other options in this list!

AOKEY Hedge Trimmers, 7.2V Cordless

Topiary Shears – Buyer’s guide

Before you get buying your topiary shears, there’s some things you should be looking for and be aware of. When it comes to power tools, this is always the case, as there are many features of electrical products that you must acknowledge and that can make a difference overall.

Don’t worry though, we’ve outlined just a couple of key features you need to look for when buying cordless topiary shears to help you get started. They all have the same function and all work well either way, but some are better than others, and of course we want you to get the best for you!


It’s been mentioned already and it’s probably no surprise, but power is key in any power tool. The options in this list, and any others that are out there, are typically 3.6V or 7.2V. This depends on the motor and with more power comes increased chance of a better job, as the blades can cut through faster and with more strength. It doesn’t always guarantee it, but if you have a choice between the two, then a 7.2V motor is best. 3.6V will get the job done, just maybe not as well.

On top of this, a more powerful motor usually indicates better electrical quality, so it actually means it could last you longer than a product with a 3.6V motor. This isn’t always the case of course, but with a less powerful motor, the lack of power can sometimes influence your blades and could even damage them if you’re not careful, so just watch out for this. If you want power you’re going to go for the 18v Ryobi OGS1822 One Plus Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear and Shrubber. Either way, both powers get the job done and you should be careful when approaching the topiary as it is, but a higher power motor is better.

Comparing ergonomics of these topiary sheas

This includes a couple of areas, but since you usually have a run time of over 40 minutes with the NETTA 7.2V Cordless 2 in 1 Lithium-Ion Grass and Hedge Trimmer (and you’ll be using it for that amount of time), the tool itself needs to feel comfortable. When browsing, check to see if your product has an over mould or rubber grip and If not, see if it has any other ergonomic handle design. This makes using topiary shears more comfortable on the hands, gloves or not, which can therefore affect how well your trimming goes.

Furthermore, it’s ideal if the product is lightweight and well balanced, as this will also make using it far easier which is where the Terratek 2 IN 1 Pro 7.2V Cordless Hedge Trimmer falls down a little. Since these are small, portable tools they shouldn’t be that heavier, but some are heavier than others. Always check the reviews to see if anyone talks about it being too heavy because if not, then chances are it’s not even noticeable.

Overall, ergonomics is key to any portable power tool, but with the vibrations that you’ll feel from topiary shears, it’s important to be comfortable!


You’ll most likely get cutting and trimming blades that you can easily swap around, but just try and make sure that the blades themselves are good quality. Most will be durable steel or something similar, so make sure that this is the case. Make sure to also check the reviews to see if anyone says anything about the blades, as sometimes some blades can be made from good material yet be problematic when you use them. Again, most blades will be fine and made of strong enough steel material, but it’s still something to be aware of but you can always be sure of quality from bands like Bosch and the Bosch 600833172 Cordless Edging Shear Set are no exception.

All in all, these are some key features to look out for when it comes to any power tool, but for topiary shears it’s even more important. This is because topiary shears are pretty precise in terms of function, so these aspects directly affect how well it performs and how useful it becomes to you. Using our list of the top 6 recommended products on the marketplace, as well as the buyers guide you’ve just read, you’re ready to get buying your topiary shears.

Good luck and happy trimming!

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