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Best mouse repellent [UK]: Top sound mouse repellent plug ins and sprays

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You have to admit it; up close and personal, mice are pretty cute. But what certainly is not cute is reaching into your cupboard to grab some morning cereal, only to spot hundreds and thousands of tiny droppings. Yuck. Likewise, no one is a fan of the sound of scurrying whilst you’re trying to reach the land of nod.

For this very reason, the mighty mouse repellent was created, intended to keep mice at a comfortable arm’s length and where they belong; outside. However, if you have ever tried to get rid of mice before, you will be well accustomed to how much of a nightmare this can be. They simply do not want to leave. Of course, calling in an exterminator is a very simple answer to this sticky situation, but it’s an expensive and somewhat unethical solution, so there must be a better way.

You might think that turning to the good old-fashioned mouse trap is the way forward but wake up people! It’s 2021, and we are not a fan of animal cruelty anymore. Besides, whilst a mouse trap is effective in removing the problem, it does not prevent the problem from returning again. What we really need is a mouse repellent, which stops our little furry friends from even crossing the boundaries of our homes. I am on the hunt for a cost effective, ethical and easy solution to these peeving pests, providing you with the crème de la crème of mouse repellents.

What are ultrasonic mouse repellent plug ins?

The first life-saving solution to this problem is ultrasonic mouse repellent plug ins. But what are they? Essentially, they are discreet plug ins which emit high-frequency sound waves, at about 65000 Hz and operate much like a cat scarer or fox repellent when compared, they simply have different frequencies for different pests. This sound wave is far too high for humans to hear, but for teeny-tiny animals like rodents, it’s unbearably high and irritating to their ears. The idea is that this sound will stop mice in their tracks and prevent them from entering your home.

The major advantage to an ultrasonic mouse repellent plug in is the fact that it is a super easy and cost-effective method of pest repellent. It only requires one purchase, and then all you have to do is plug it in and watch it do its thing. It’s also completely ethical and guarantees that no pests will be hurt in the process, although we can’t account for their feelings. Another advantage to this method applies specifically to pet owners. People often resort to putting chemicals around their house as a method of repelling pests which, whilst being effective, can be just as dangerous for your pets as it is for the mice.

In terms of disadvantages, some people are sceptical about the effectiveness of this method. There is little scientific evidence to certify that ultrasonic mouse repellent plug ins actually work, however customer reviews would suggest otherwise. Hundreds of people, previously plagued with pest problems swear by this method of repellent, so I’m optimistic.

What are mouse repellent sprays and comparing them to ultrasonic repellents?

Mouse repellent sprays work to repel pests with a smell which will irritate the mouse’s senses, but they are not toxic, therefore they are still ethical. Typically made using peppermint oil, the idea is that the smell will be pleasant for the human, but unpleasant for the mouse, which is a win-win. A little goes a long way with mouse repellent sprays, and it is advised that you spray in the typical areas of entry for the mice, such as doorways, cracks in the floor and holes in the walls.

They are a great alternative to the old-fashioned mouse trap or rat trap, as they don’t actually kill the mice (much like the ultrasonic versions), meaning you won’t have to deal with any stiff corpses on your Saturday morning :D, which is always a plus. Furthermore, when comparing directly to ultrasonic mouse repellent plug ins, mouse repellent sprays don’t require any electricity, costing you less and making it a portable option which will come in handy if you’re looking for pest protection on the move.

However, there is usually a high chemical content in these sprays, so it is not advised to use them if you have a house full of pets and/or children, although there are some brands which are toxin-free. Furthermore, the jury is somewhat out about the effectiveness of this solution. Like ultrasonic mouse repellent plug ins, mouse repellent sprays are a totally ethical solution, but with this comes the risk that they may not protect your household 100% from rodents. As previously stated, getting rid of mice is an incredibly difficult process, and without actually killing them, it’s hard to make any guarantees. However, you can guarantee that mouse repellent sprays will help to alleviate the problem, as, unlike humans, mice seriously do not enjoy the smell of peppermint.

The best mouse repellents UK:

  1. RUNADI Pest Repeller – Mouse Repellent – Ultrasonic Rat Repellent for Rodents and Insects Best mouse repellent plug in
  2. TFR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 2 packs
  3. The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher Spray (Refreshes Sachets, Deters Rats and Mice, Poison-Free, 30 Days Protection
  4. C&G Home and Garden – Organic Rodent Repellent (Best mouse repellent spray)
  5. RepellShield Mouse Repellent Spray

Comparison table: Best mouse repellent [UK]: Top sound mouse repellent plug ins and sprays

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

TFR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 2 packs

TFR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


  • Low energy consumption
  • Great value


  • Only comes with 2 devices
  • Takes a week to be effective

RUNADI Pest Repeller – Mouse Repellent – Ultrasonic Rat Repellent for Rodents and Insects

RUNADI Pest Repeller


  • Comes in a pack of 6, meaning good coverage
  • Good value, considering how many devices offered


  • Small range
  • Takes between 2-3 weeks to be effective

RepellShield Mouse Repellent Spray

RepellShield Mouse Repellent Spray


  • Non-toxic and 100% chemical free
  • Works on bed bugs too


  • Only contains 250ml of product
  • Not the best value for money

C&G Home and Garden - Organic Rodent Repellent

C&G Organic Rodent Repellent


  • Great bang for your buck
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • The effectiveness is not scientifically proven
  • Not the cheapest repellent spray on the market

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher 500ml Spray

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher Spray


  • Cheapest repellent spray on the market
  • Free of poison and chemicals


  • Works best with rodent deterrent sachets, which are sold separately
  • Not as strong as other solutions

The best ultrasonic mouse repellent plug ins

Specification: Work for: various insects and rodents, Wide coverage: ‎, 115 m2, Safe for children and pets: yes, Warranty: lifetime

Starting off with one of the best ultrasonic mouse repellents on the market, the RUNADI pest repeller gains its solid reputation from a combination of strong performance, good value for money and repute for safety. Working well with rodents, insects, and even some birds, this repellent is multidisciplinary, protecting your home from a wide variety of pests.

They state that their ultrasonic repellent does not penetrate through walls, which is exactly why they sell the product in a pack of six. I’m a fan of their honesty and feel reassured that on buying this product you won’t have that irritating feeling of “I should have purchased more than one of these.” The fact that they provide you with six individual repellents means that you can place one in each of your rooms, or even two in the same room if you have a particular, isolated problem. However, with a 1200 square-foot range, you shouldn’t need more than one in a room, which is always a relief.

Despite saying this, it is worth mentioning that this range, whilst good, is not the best on the market. I suppose they make up for it with the inclusion of six individual repellents, but it is still worth bearing in mind that the range is on the short side.

Furthermore, it does take between two to three weeks for the devices to get to work. Now, in the ultrasonic mouse repellent world, you should expect a week or so of settling in time, so I won’t be too harsh on RUNADI for this. However, two to three weeks is a fair amount of time, so if you’re looking for a fast solution, perhaps this is not the product for you and when compared to The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher Spray it’s pretty slow!

Specification: Work for: various insects and rodents, Wide coverage: ‎, 149 m2, Safe for children and pets: yes, Warranty: 1 year

Likewise, the TFR ultrasonic pest repeller boasts of scaring off all sorts of critters; everything from ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches to mice and rats. Is anyone else’s skin crawling just thinking about all of these pests?!

Reaching a 1600 square-foot distance, the TFR ultrasonic pest repeller has a wider range than RUNADI’s product, which could explain why they only provide two products in one pack.

Furthermore, it only takes one week for the positive results of this product to be felt in the household, so it’s a quicker acting solution than RUNADI. The sound and sight of mice and insects is pretty unpleasant, so seeing quick results is a pretty important factor when it comes to pest repellent products. For this reason, I rank the TFR ultrasonic pest repeller as one of the best repellents on the market.

Even better, on average, the plug consumes less than 1W of energy, so there won’t be any nasty surprises on your monthly electricity bill. Despite this low energy intake, the output is an impressive 20-80 KHz, which is enough to put hairs on the chest of any small rodent or insect.

This product is also one of the cheapest repellents on the market, it’s a great option for those on a budget. However, if you have a large space to cover, then two repellents may not be enough, so it could be a good idea to invest a little more money and go for a brand like RUNADI, who offer six plug ins.

TFR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 2 packs


The best mouse repellent sprays

Specification: Work for: rodents, Length of protection: up to 30 days, Safe for children and pets: yes, Pack size: 500ml

We will start off with The Big Cheese; not necessarily the most effective of all of the spray repellents reviewed in this article, but certainly the best named. It’s one of the cheapest mouse repellent sprays on the market, making it affordable for pretty much any budget. At this price, reviewers can certainly afford to be a little more forgiving.

However, you do get an element of bang for your buck with The Big Cheese. They claim to offer up to 30 days of protection, meaning a little goes a long way with this product. In theory, users should be able to spray their problem areas and leave them for up to a month, and they will still see results which, if true, is impressive. The spray is free from poison and chemicals, making it safe for pets and children, whilst still being effective against pests.

Like most mouse repellent sprays, The Big Cheese uses peppermint oil to disorientate and irritate critters, however this spray is slightly weaker than the other top repellent sprays, therefore it may be less effective on bigger pests like mice and rats.

Furthermore, The Big Cheese suggest using this spray in conjunction with their rodent deterrent sachets, which are sold separately, at a price of £4.99. This somewhat diminishes the alluring low price of the product and shows that, used in isolation, the spray is not as effective as others on the market.

Despite this, bottles contain 500ml of product, which is certainly generous for the price.

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher 500ml Spray

Specification: Work for: rodents, Length of protection: N/A, Safe for children and pets: yes, Pack size: 250ml

RepellShield’s mouse spray claims to be effective at deterring all sorts of pests; working especially well on critters such as bed bugs – blasted things!

The spray is 100% natural, with no nasty toxins or chemicals so, much like The Big Cheese’s spray, this product is safe to use around kids and pets – unless of course you have pet rats! They suggest spraying the product once every 40-50 hours, which is certainly more often than The Big Cheese’s instructions, but it sounds a lot more realistic to me. Besides, this is still, on average, once every two days, which is hardly a massive commitment.

Admittedly, RepellShield’s product will cost you more than double the price of The Big Cheese’s spray, coming in at reasonable money for a 250ml bottle. This makes it double the price and half the product – not great. Despite saying this, the solution is stronger than The Big Cheese’s, so in theory it should be more effective. As per usual, it’s a case of getting what you pay for.

Specification: Work for: rodents, Length of protection: up to 30 days, Safe for children and pets: yes, Pack size: 500ml

My favourite of all of the mouse repellent sprays is without doubt the C&G Home and Garden spray. It offers totally natural protection from pests, with a toxin and chemical free formula made of peppermint and cedarwood extracts, which give off a surprisingly refreshing and pleasing smell – to us humans at least!

They suggest spraying the product every 3 days, which would suggest that the product is even stronger than both the RepellShield and The Big Cheese’s sprays, meaning there is a higher success rate associated with this product.
Furthermore, the bottles of spray contain 500ml of product, making it cheaper and better value than RepellShield’s spray. Who doesn’t love getting real value for their money?

They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you still have pests bothering you after a month of using the C&G Home and Garden spray, you will get a full refund. That certainly puts my mind at ease.

The only real disadvantage to this spray is the fact that, like all mouse repellent sprays, the effectiveness is not scientifically proven. Admittedly, the only way to fully prevent mice is with mouse traps, but if you’re looking for an ethical and affordable solution, then the C&G Home and Garden spray is the one for you.

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