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UK’s best hedgehog houses that are predator proof

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Here’s something for our little spiky friends. Whether you have one as a pet yourself or you just like to do your part for your friendly garden visitors, we’ve got the scope on the best hedgehog houses. Personally, I’ve had a couple of hedgehogs come to the garden so I thought I’d look into ways of leaving out food and some kind of shelter for them as I really wanted to film my hedgehogs with my wildlife camera. Honestly, worth getting one of these just so you can hear a hedgehog snore – a very cute sound – I intend to setup a bit like a bird box camera for some super footage. These houses are a great option if you want to provide a little home or just have a predator-proof space to leave food and water out on a nice bed of straw. Here’s what I came up with, against the wall for wind protection, off the ground with a slab to stay dry(placement is crucial to get an inhabitant so please see my what you need to know about hedgehog houses to ensure you’ve the best chance of properly using yours:

Hedgehog house – this is my personal hedgehog house, fingers crossed I get a visitor this time 🙂

Notice how I place the entrance into a shrub, they are shy creatures and like to move with cover – I think given the conditions in my garden I’ve got this right, you could also add a fleece lining – some go overboard and heat it as well – maybe I feel like it’s over the top as I’m in the South of the UK where it’s milder! I would say you’ve done enough at this point though wherever in the UK to get a visitor 🙂 Below isn’t my hedgehog house but I am praying I can update with a snap like this one below myself at some point – how lovely 🙂

best hedgehog house that will attract hedgehogs to your garden

Best hedgehog houses in the UK – the top picks:

Best hedgehog house: The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter

Safest hedgehog house: Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House Golden Brown With Anti Bacteria Coating – hinge locked with solid base and small entrance are the key ingredients to a safe predator proof hedgehog house. If you want the best of the best, this is it for the UK market.

Best natural hedgehog house: Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House Shelter and the Selections Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof

Budget pick: Selections Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof

What you need to know about a hedgehog house

Here I’ve got a few things to share that I’ve picked up along the way from testing these hedgehog houses. The key thing – to prioritise the safety and comfort of our little hedgehogs! Assuming you follow the most important points, you’ll have hedgehogs nesting in no time. The first thing to consider is siting your house, it needs to be out the wind and facing into dense shrubbery as this will give a hedgehog the most confidence. After that, there are a whole host of important factors that I don’t want to repeat. With this all said, even setup in the open you’re still likely to get some magnificent footage like this chap:

Where and how to place a hedgehog house

Don’t underestimate the importance of hedgehog house placement. This pretty much will be the difference between a visitor and not. There are a few things you should be looking for. Firstly, raise your hedgehog house off the ground with a slab if it’s not got a base. This will keep your house dry and feel far more inviting for a hedgehog – no one wants to sleep in the wet! if it has got a thin base there’s no harm lifting another inch with a timber batten either:

Wouldn’t hurt to lift your hedgehog house up a bit off the ground to keep moisture away

The above picture is also the perfect example of how not to do it. Firstly, you want the entrance tucked away to the side or behind, and covered in leaves and twigs if not a natural environment – the entrance leading out to undergrowth will give you the edge in finding an inhabitant too. Again looking at my hedgehog house it’s pretty much by the book:

Hedgehog house – entrance wind shielded and into protected shrub – raised, stone on top to prevent predators flipping it,

If you’ve got a hedgehog house without a base and it’s not heavy, I highly recommend a stone on top, as much as fox deterrents work, they will have a go! The only thing to mention really is the noise, try to pick the quietest area of the garden – like us when sleeping, we do not want to be disturbed so that’s pretty much common sense.

Keeping it clean

I’ve picked up a few different tips from customers about keeping your hedgehog house clean, because hedgehogs are not the tidiest of creatures.

So when it comes to looking for your hedgehog houses, bear in mind that you do want something that’s easy to access (i.e. with a roof that comes off or is retractable) so that you can clean the house and put down some protective flooring especially if you plan to feed hedgehogs.

Which leads me onto my second point that you might want to think about getting some extra flooring, not just for added hedgehog comfort and protection, but to keep your house from getting too mucky or from developing a weird smell. Even something as simple as a bin bag liner would make the difference.

Floor or no floor

So do bear this all in mind when deciding if you want your house to come with a floor or not – there’s way round either option.

The benefits of the house coming with the floor is that you can also prop the house on something to raise it slightly from the ground. In theory, this doesn’t have to be necessary but it is useful to be able to give a little extra protection from moisture as mentioned above, not just to the hedgehogs, but to the house in terms of weather protection and stopping rot from underneath too.

However, this is easy to work around by adding flooring or just choosing your spots wisely – I always size a hedgehog house with no floor on concrete raised as you can see above and would work perfectly for the Brushwood option if you want a rustic look.

Stop predators

If you’re trying to keep cats out I would recommend a cat scarer. I would also say the same for fox repellants too as they are known to attack younger hedgehogs. The one thing that really gets hedgehogs out your garden is dogs. I know because my neighbour was bragging about how he got rid of moles and hedgehogs with them. I’m not entirely sure why he wanted rid of the latter but still, keep your dogs away if you want hedgehogs to thrive in your garden – the alternative to making sure your visitors are safe is buy the RiversideThat’s practically impenetrable for wildlife

Following on from attacks, place your entrances in thick cover and weigh down your house with a heavy stone. This will stop a predator brute forcing their way in.

So with that in mind, I’ve rated the best hedgehog houses based on ability to protect from predators, how well they entire hedgehogs to your garden, the build quality, price point, and how well they age over time. From rustic to built up, from natural shelters to houses, from twig-effect wood to more heavy-duty wood. We’ve got a great selection of predator-proof hedgehog houses for your gardens to keep your hedgehogs safe and fed. (Number one on the list is a very popular hedgehog house so get excited about this one.) 🙂

1. Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House Golden Brown With Anti Bacteria Coating

Priced to the upside, we’ve got the more expensive option with the Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House – don’t worry though there’s bargains to come it’s just this is the safest so I owe it to the hedgehogs to put it first! First impressions, it looks really well made and great quality. The roof looks very sturdy too as it’s made of timber lined with felt for waterproofing. The only model equally as good is the The Hutch Company Hedgehog Housebut that’s pound for pound – and this is many more pounds :). This pips them in terms of safety with a security latch and a smaller entrance. The slatted area is nice, a cat will have an almost impossible task of navigating the corner – it’s one of the only units in the UK that is out and out Predator proof – however, shockingly to me they don’t always attack each other – look at this:

I noticed that this one comes with a lock for the roof – good for adding more security to your house when it comes to bigger animals. Not sure the lock does any more than that – as I can’t imagine anyone would want to steal your hedgehog food 😀 but seriously, until predators work out how to open that lock, they are safe as houses – and I am not talking the story of the three little pigs 🙂

This one also comes with a floor which is a great addition for practical reasons – it’s safer for your hedgehog and more likely to stay dry – I have to say, raising it a touch wouldn’t hurt to prevent the onset of moisture and rot in the base.

The roof has also helped to keep the house waterproof – I’ve had it out in very heavy rain and everything inside is still dry – going back to the floor, if you want to prop the house up on something else as mentioned for added protection against moisture, your hedgehogs will appreciate that.

Many have had to be patient with this one but it paid off because in the end they did wake up to find a little visitor sleeping in the house! This one is obviously pricier than the last but it’s definitely a good option to consider for its sturdiness. Very impressed with the quality and it looks pretty smart in the garden as it’s a nice colour wood and the slate roof looks smart. A good size, too.


  • Safest predator proof hedgehog house in the UK
  • Well built and water proof
  • Slatted walls difficult to navigate for predators


  • Some mention takes a while to get visitors

With a lot of surrounding buzz from our customers, the Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter was an exciting one to try out – you only have to look at all the positive reviews to see this is the best online seller, and definitely the best amazon offering pound for pound (but it’s not the best of the best to be fair – more on that soon!) You’re probably going to want to cover this up a bit and try to aim the entrance toward some thick bushes, and give it a bit of a natural feel – some don’t but I notice visitors will come more quickly this way.

So the first thing I noticed about this one is that it comes ready assembled, which is always a bonus. It was very nicely packaged and looks really well built – seems very sturdy and feels like great quality, although of course time will tell. Also, the roof is really easy to fasten on and off (but not so easy that any animal could get in there, so no worries if you’ve got any cats).

Overall, really impressed with the design and quality. Especially as it’s priced sensibly for most budgets, which comes out at mid-range from this selection of hedgehog houses. The only reason you don’t buy this in my mind is you prefer a more rustic look like the Brushwood, or you fancy spending the extra to get the best security and quality for your hedgehogs then it has to be the Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House

It looks really smart, and the size (260 x 340 x 400mm) is great as it fits into relatively small spaces comfortably. Works great as a feeding space as no other animals can get to the food apart from your hedgehogs. Doubles up as their sleeping stations as well as. The house is very well protected so you don’t have to worry about your hedgehogs – you can always pop a rock or slab on top to double down on security.

The roof has a felt layer to keep it waterproof and a slanting roof to keep the rain off. The house has a floor as well, which is a nice touch and very useful because if you wanted to add a bit of extra protection, you can always raise the house a little with a couple of blocks underneath.

The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter


  • Best value for money hedgehog house
  • Well built
  • Predator proof


So this one’s obviously a little different from the first two because of its shape and design. With the dark wood giving the house a more rustic feel, the Tom Chambers Rustic Hedgehog House is a pyramid shape as opposed to a box in a pretty simple design.

I was a bit sceptical because of this but I actually think the simple design makes it feel that extra bit sturdy and heavy – and heavy is always good with regards to predators.. It works well in the rain and no one has complained it’s let any water in which is great that I’m aware of.

Just be aware that this one is a bit more rustic, as the name suggests, and so isn’t as built up. There are no internal walls or flooring which is a bit of a negative when comapred to the Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House which is the yardstick of hedgehog safety. However, with that said, this hasn’t seemed to impact the house’s job in attracting hedgehogs and protecting them against bigger animals. Also, you can, as I’d recommend with even the floored houses, put down straw or some dry leaves as this will encourage use and provide more protection and comfort (as well as a barrier to protect the house against hedgehog mess).

I have noticed that some customers recommend placing a brick on top of the house to keep bigger animals like cats etc from moving the house as the lack of flooring could provide some access. I’d say you don’t have to as this is relatively heavy but it’s definitely worth bearing in mind if you think you need added protection. I wouldn’t let this put you off the house though, especially given the low price.

I just love the look of it – looks great and blends well with the garden if you’re looking for something sweet and discreet. Just depends what you’re after in terms of design.


  • Heavy design well thought out for predators
  • Will last many years


  • Other options better in my opinion
  • No base so not great for predators

Another rustic looking one, the Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House Shelter is similar to the last in its shape and look because of its rounded, rustic design – if you like the whole rustic thing it’s probably a flip between this and the Selections Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof

The big difference with the more modern looking houses is in the design and material, as this house is a good one if you’re looking for something discreet that will camouflage into your garden – it’s exactly the way I chose to deal with mine but I will say, I have had to put a slab on top of it as my conscience wouldn’t be able to take a little hedgehog being attack as a result of me lulling it into a false sense of security. I will definitely add more leaves and twigs though as time goes on and it’ll make a sort of compost heap for them to feed from too.

I really like this effect – looks really good in the garden and it’s very sweet and woodland-like – With natural brushwood, the house has an organic, twiggy effect built onto a wire frame, and I was surprised that it is still actually waterproof. It can be out in heavy rain for a couple of days now and nothing’s damp inside.

I’ve added some flooring (straw etc) because this one doesn’t have a floor either. This also does help with extra waterproofing because I’d be a little sceptical with this against heavy rain – although I’ve heard good things, a bin bag liner or something would add extra protection.

The house is really well made and stable which is impressive considering this is the cheapest out of the selection. It’s also very spacious! Enough room for a few hedgehogs if you’ve found yourself with a few visitors.

Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House Shelter


  • Beautiful rustic option
  • Looks perfect in a natural environment
  • Well priced


  • No base and lightweight so must be secured down

5. Selections Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof

I thought I’d include another one of the same price. I love the Selections Wooden Hedgehog House because of its design – a very sweet house-style with a foliage and wooden bark roof.

Might want to bear in mind that this one is the smallest out of the selection – but I think this can be judged from the pictures if you imagine the house after you’ve put straw and flooring down, so it’s more one for hedgehogs to burrow into. Not one for multiple hedgehogs but the benefit is that you can put fit it into a small space and it looks very attractive.

The roof has held up against light rain but I’d worry about it and heavy rain because of the way the bark links together – time will tell with this one.

I’d say overall this hedgehog house is very sweet to look at and so aesthetically it’s worth the price but if you’re serious about feeding and housing multiple hedgehogs, then this might not be the one for you.


  • Another lovely rustic choice
  • Looks spot on in any rural garden setting
  • Best value for money and budget top pick


  • Not very deep so I worry predators may be able to claw their way in

So this house is an interesting one to throw in the mix. At the pricer end of this selection, the Wildlife World Hoglio Hogliow Hedgehog Home is a really interesting look and style. Looking kind of like a sellotape dispenser in my opinion, this one’s a timber and plastic mix.

Something else unique about this house is that lid swivels rather than lifting off completely as it’s attached at the thin end with a screw. I just think this is a nice touch and another one you could put something on top of for extra security. Although it’s worth saying that if you’re looking to be able to completely lift the lid then this might not be right for you.

The actual house is well built as it’s got the plastic layer to protect the wood, which adds a waterproof element and helps to prevent the wood from rotting. I like the curving shape – a good design for providing extra protection against predators and keeping the hedgehogs safe from the weather. It also gives them some extra warmth for them.

The green colour also helps the house to camouflage slightly in the garden (if you have grass/plants) which is nice if that’s what you’re looking for.


  • Interesting design
  • Pivot lid easy to see what’s going on


  • Nt very natural looking – needs covering in my opinion.

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